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The Fight Against Racism

By Alex Callinicos

U K: Socialist Worker A socialist worker pocket pamphlet. Light rubbing to the spine. 14 clean pages.. Stapled Card Covers. Good. Politcs.


The British Survey - Popular Series No 241 - from Marx to Khrushchev

London: The British Society for International Understanding, 1964. 16 pages including the covers. The pages are firm. Illustrated.. Stapled Paper Covers. Good. Polotics.


Can Socialism Come Through Parliament?

By Pat Stack

London: Socialist Worker Party - Pamphlet Pocket pamphlet series. Bright and clean yellow covers 16 pages.. Stapled Card Covers. Very Good. Politcs.


No to War in the Gulf - Why Britain and the US Should Get Out

U K: Socialist Worker 32 clean, firm pages. No creases. No date to the pamphlet.. Stapled Card Covers. Very Good. Politcs.


Hisorical Inevitability - the Memorial Trust Lecture No. 1 - 12th May 1953

By Isaiah Berlin

London: Geoffrey Cumberlege, Oxford University Press, 1954. 80 pages with paper cover. I am not sure if the outer cover has been removed or lost or if this first edition of this lecture was printed to start with the first page being the cover page, without any other cover. Howerver, the lecture is complete, but hence the low price. College stamp to the title page.. Soft Cover. Good. Politcs.


Socialism and War

By John Rees

Socialist Worker Party - Pamphlet Very bright and clean red covers, Stapled. 16 pages. No date.. Stapled Card Covers. Very Good. Politcs.


Socialism and War - New Edition

By John Rees

Socialist Worker Party - Pamphlet, 1998. 24 clean pages. Clean covers.. Stapled Booklet. Very Good. Politics.


Northern Ireland - Can Protestant and Catholic Workers Unite?

By Mark Hewitt

Dublin: Socialist Worker Party - Pamphlet, 1993. Stapled booklet. 42 pages. Slightly 'dusty' covers. Pages clean and firm but poorly collated - the pages being slightly bigger than the covers.. Stapled Booklet. Good. Politics.


Spain 36 - Workers in the Saddle

By Charlie Hore

Solialist Worker Pamphlet 30 clean pages. White and red paper covers.- this pamphlet gives a brilliant introduction to the events of the mid 1930s in Spain.. Stapled Booklet. Very Good. Politics.


The Struggle for Workers Power

By Charlie Kimber

Socialist Worker Party - Pamphlet 16 clean pages. Bright and clean green covers. No creases. no date but circa 1990.. Stapled Booklet. Very Good. Politics.


Stop the War - Why Bombing Brings More Horror

Socialist Worker Party - Pamphlet, 1999. No creases to the covers. 32 clean, bright pages.. Stapled Booklet. Very Good. Politics.


Instruction Manual and Repair Parts List

By Penn Reels

U K or Poss. USA: Penn Fishing Tackle Mfg Co, 1973. catalogue 35B. 38 page booklet - browning. Cover coming adrift from the inner pages. Small thumb sized loss to back bottom corner. The booklet has been folded at one time. In quite a delicate condition - now in a protective clear bag. Adverts for big game fishing and all types of fishing reels and equipment. Instructions and repair.. First. Stapled Paper Cover. Good. Fishing Ephema. Fishing Parts List Insruction Manual. Catalogs: Sport, Collectables, Pamphlets, Fishing.


Foyles Christmas Book Guide 1956

London: Foyles, 1956. A 20 page Christmas Book Guide - a list of specially recommended titles obtained at ' The World's Greatest Bookshop '. Also the delivery note of the booklet dated Dec. 1956. ( which details a special offer - Pierre-Joseph Redoute 's famous Roses -- 24 lavish colour pltes , all eminently suitable for framing !! for 4s 6d for the first book when you introduce a friend to the club ) The price guide includes such books as Biggles , JazzDavid low's autobiography , Agatha Christie , a list of the Foyles Handbooks and much much more. Two columns per page , several books with their prices to each column . --- The pamphlet is clean, stapled and with very little wear. An excellent collectable.. First. Paper Stapled Covers. Very Good. Book List Pamphlet. Foyles Book Guide Pamphlet Booklets. Catalogs: Collectables, Pamphlets.


Living Religions of the East - Six Talks to be Broadcast from Daventry (5 XX) on Tuesday at 8 o'clock 19th May - 23rd June

By Sydney Cave

London: British Broadcasting Corporation. This 43 page leaflet has no date , but could be of the 1940's. The paper covers are a little ' dusty ' and there is a tiny closed tear to the lower edge. One small mark to the cover. Stapled together , the leaflet consists of the six talks to be broadcast from Daventry. There are illustrations. The talks are 1. the study of religions of the East. 2.the living religions of the East. 3. Hinduism. 4. Buddism. 5. Zoroastrianism. 6. Islam. Also the booklet provides notes for further reading. ---- original price 2d. ---- In good condition for its age.. First. Paper Stapled Covers. Very Good. Talks Pamphlet No 70/religion. Pamphlet Leaflet Brochure BBC Talks Religion Zoroastrianism. Catalogs: First Editions, Religion, Collectables, Pamphlets.