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Cures for Love
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Cures for Love

By Stendhal

London: Penguin Great Love, 2008 A new and unread copy of this book. Cover price £4.99p


Bloomsbury Guide to Erotic Literature

By Jane Mills

Bloomsbury, 1993 An unread copy of this book in stock now. Later printing. 374 pages. illustrated. This is a very heavy book and has been priced to include any extra postage UK.


Sources for English Local History
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Sources for English Local History

By W. B. Stephens

U K: Manchester University Press, 1973 No creases to the covers or to the spine. 260 clean, firm pages.


Factfinder - Our World in Facts and Figures
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Factfinder - Our World in Facts and Figures

By Compiled By Norman Barrett with Arthur Butterfield, Jean Cooke, Lionel Grigson, Mark Lambert, Theodore Rowland Entwistle, Christopher Tunney

U K: Galley Press, 1988 A very good copy of this book. Glossy laminated boars, with six bright pictures in boxes.(relating to the contents of the book) 309 clean bright pages packed with dates, facts and figures divided into catagories. one small mark to ffep. - Our World, Science, Technology, The Arts, History, Transport, Government, Communication, People, Sport. . an excellent book for anyone setting quizes or competions or just interested in facts and figures. original price in 1988 was £8.99.


Great Britons - 20th Century Lives

By Harold Oxbury

Oxford University Press, 1985 A very good copy of this book. 370 pages inc index. The jacket is also in very good condition and is now protected by mylar clear book covering. Very well illustrated. an illustrated biological dictionary recording the lives of 645 men and women, all of them British subjects, who died between 1915 and 1980. From all walks of life, these people have made their mark in this century. A wonderful reference book for students, journalists, speech writers and anyone needing to research biographical facts.


The Soviet Union

By Ellen Phillips (editor)

Amsterdam: Time Life - Library of Nations, 1990 An excellent copy of this book in a very good jacket.160 bright pages packed with fantastic photographs and text. Maps to inner boards and endpapers. This edition has been revised and updated,


The Wine Quotation Book - a Literary Celebration

By Jennifer Taylor (editor)

U K: Robert Hale, 1994 An excellent copy of this book in a very good jacket. Remains of shop label to the back cover, 'else 'fine'. Black and white sketches compliment the text. 96 very clean pages.


Ariel Owner's Guide - Model LH 200cc O.H.V. Single Cylinder COLT

Selly Oak, Birmingham: Ariel Motors, 1958 A very used copy of this motorbike owners guide.54 pages. Oily fingerprints to the covers and some throughout. Some of the pages must have got damp and once have been stuck together and now they have been pulled apart the text is readable, but faded on several pages. Page 24 taped to page 25. Page 52 and 53 has some loss to the text. -- This is a poor copy of this book and is sold as such.


Facts in Focus - Third Edition

By Central Statistical Office

U K: Penguin Bookss in Ass. With H. M. Stationery Office, 1975 A very good copy of this book. No creases to the covers. One very mild crease to the spine. Tight clean pages, browning to the edges. 245 pages. - reduced postage.


Shakespeare's Insults - Educating Your Wit

By Wayne F. Hill and Cynthia J. Ottchen

London: Edbury, 1996 A very good copy of this book. Light reading creases to the spine. The cover is uncreased.308 tight clean pages.


Exhibition Guide to the Quaker Tapestry

By Margaret H. Simpson, Betty Harris, Harold Nichols

U. K.: The Quaker Tapestry Team, 1991 An excellent copy of this book. 61 very clean pages. No creases to the covers. Drawing of each panel per page with description.


Encyclopedia of Science Fiction

By Robert Holdstock - Foreword By Isaac Asimov

London: Cathay Books, 1983 219 pages plus index. Wonderfully illustrated pages of science fiction from the artists of the genre. Orange boards. Small 'dusty' mark to cover edge and 'dusty' to the top of the spine, otherwise excellent. The jacket is in very bood condition. A litle light edge wear. --- This exceptional book unfolds new exciting material on the major aspects of science fiction. The collected thoughts and experiences of eleven outstanding contributors are blended into twelve concise but constructive sections each supplimented by magnificent and illuminationg illustrations. This is a remarkable volume which delves into every conceivable crevice of the SF world.The origind of sf are examined and many authors are analysed. There is an in-depth study of aliens, hardware, locations, alternative worlds, biology, space technology, sociology, ecology and the many complimentary fields. A short ref. section covering collectors items, cults, magazines, film titles and sf awards concludes this impressive volume. --- This is a heavy book and has been priced to cover extra postage UK or surface.


Breese's Guide to Modern First Editions - 2000 Edition

By Martin Breese

London: Breese Books This is the revised and expanded editition of this book.It is the essential guide for book collectors and provides a price guide to nearly 2000 modern first editions, by over 200 of the world's most collectable authors. All values are provided for books with or without dustjackets. -- No creases to the spine or to the back cover. One very light corner crease to the front bottom corner.307 bright clean pages inc. index, plus some pages of adverts.


Pears Cyclopaedia 91st Edition 1982-83

By Christopher Cook and L. Mary Barker

U. K.: Pelham books, 1982 An excellent copyof this book. Very clean, tight pages.


Euthanasia - Issues Vol 4

By Craig Donnellan

Cambridge: Independance, 1997 An ex-library copy of this book in a clean and tidy condition. Withdrawn stamp. 40 bright pages.- comprehensive reference source addressing contempory social issues.


Love Around the World - A Riveting Review of the Lores of Love

By Lailan Young

U. K.: Coronet, 1987 320 tight clean pages. Very light reading crease to the spine. No creases to the covers. Illustrated. Slight 'wave' to the back of the book due to poor storage.


The New Penguin Guide to the Law

By John Pritchard

U. K.: Penguin, 1992 An excellent copy of this book. 1071 tight, very clean pages.


Trah Cash Fizzbos Flatliners - a Dictionary of Today's Words

By Sid Lerner and Gary S. Belkin

USA: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1993 221 very clean pages. No creases to the spine or the covers. - A dictionary of new words and street slang with a great many more terms.Each definition is clearly written and enhanced with examples of actual usage, interesting historical background and easy to read pronunciations. Ideal for writers of fiction stories or modern songs.


Notes & Queries Vol. 3

By Brian Whitaker

U K: Fourth Estate - A Guardian Book, 1992 A very good copy of this book. Very gentle reading crease to the spine. The covers are uncreased. 248 very clean, white pages. ---- Questions and answers from the popular Guardian column.


100 Great Kings, Queens and Rulers of the World

By John Canning - Editor

London: Black Cat, 1979 an excellent copy of this book. 696 clean , firm pages , including 24 pages of half-tone illustrations. The jacket is in very good condition , but does have some edge wear to the top. --- One hundred articles describe in firm outline the personalities and achievements of the world's greatest kings , queens and rulers. Each person has several pages dedicated to them , such as Cheops , the builder of the great pyramids , Frederick the Great , Genghis Khan , Brian Boru , King Wenceslas , Abd Al-Rahman , Saladin , Harun-Al-Rashid -- and more modern times such rulers as the Emperor Meiji , Kemal Ataturk and George VI. ------ Brutality , lust , megalomania crowd these pages , but also heroism , unyeilding will-power , devotions to duty , and sometimes the silver thread of the spirit gleams. --- This is an excellent reference book , seriously written to dip into or for study.