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Fifty Years of UFOs - from Distant Sightings to Close Encounters
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Fifty Years of UFOs - from Distant Sightings to Close Encounters

By John And Anne Spencer

London: Boxtree, 1997. Excellent glossy pictorial boards in an excellent jacket with no creases. 192 bright illustrated pages. A serious and considered book from two prominent authors who are very well respected in this field.. Hard Back. Very Good/Very Good. 11 1/2 in x 9in . Paranomal.


UFOs 1947 - 1987 the 40 Year Search for an Explanation

By Hilary Evans - Editor with John Spencer

London: Fortean Tomes, 1987. An ex-library copy of this book. Withdrawn stamp. ffep missing. The cover has been laminated by the library, and this now has some creasing. 383 pages. Illustrated. This is a used book, but is a good study copy,. Large Trade Paperback. Fair. 9in x 7in. Paranomal.


The Loch Ness Monster

By Elwood D. Baumann

London: Franklin Watts, 1972. An ex-library copy of this book. Withdrawn stamp. ffep missing. Very clean black boards with title to the front and to the spine. 153 clean pages. Illustrated.. Hard Back. Fair/Good. Paranomal.


The Earth Watchers

By Brian J. Ford

London: Leslie Frewin, 1973. An ex-library copy of this book. Withdrawn stamp. 189 pages. The jacket is clean and complete with some light edgewear. Good study copy.. Hard Back. Good/Good. Paranomal.


Abductions - Encounters with Extraterrestrials

By Edith Fiore

Guild / Sidgwick and Jackson, 1989. An excellent copy of this book. Black boards with bright gilt title to the spine. 342 very clean pages. Illustrated. The jacket is also in very good condition, with no wear or creases.. Hard Back. Very Good/Very Good. Illus. by Alun / David Lewis. Paranomal.


Unexplained! -  347 Strange Sightings, Incredible Occurrences and Puzzling Physical Phenomena
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Unexplained! - 347 Strange Sightings, Incredible Occurrences and Puzzling Physical Phenomena

By Jerome Clark

Visible Ink, 1193. An unread copy of this book in stock now. 443 pages. No creases or wear to the covers.. Large Trade Paperback. Very Good. 9in x 7in. Paranomal.


Encyclopedia of the Unexplained

By Jenny Randles and Peter Hough

London: Michael O'Mara Books, 1995. An unread copy of this book in stock now UK. 240 very clean pages. Fully illustrated. The jacket is also in very good condition with no creases.. Hard Back. Very Good/Very Good. Paranomal.


Laser Beams from Star Cities?

By Robin Collyns

London: Pelham Books, 1975. An excellent copy of this book. Very clean brown boards with gilt tltle to the spine. 128 very clean and bright pages. Illustrated. Presented in a very good jacket with no creases.. ISBN: 0720707560. Hard Back. Near Fine/Very Good. UFOs. UFO. Catalogs: UFOs/Mysteries, Paranormal.


Flying Saucers Come from Another World

By Jimmy Guieu Translated By Charles Ashleigh

London: Hutchinson, 1956. Red boards. No jacket. Ex-library copy. FFep missing. Library stamp. 'dusty' closed page edges. Good reading / study copy.. Hard Back. Poor. Paranomal. Paranormal. Catalogs: UFOs/Mysteries, Paranormal.


The UFO Encyclopedia

By John Spencer

Guild, 1991. A very good copy of this book in a very good jacket with no creases or faults. 340 pages. Pages browning to the edges.. Hard Back. Very Good/Very Good. Paranomal. Science Fiction Alien Abduction. Catalogs: UFOs/Mysteries, Paranormal.


Alien Liaison: The Ultimate Secret

By Timothy Good

London: Century, 1991. Binding is dark blue cloth with silver lettering to the spine; spine very slightly cocked from being read. Some minor shelfwear to the dj, particularly to the spine. 242 pages including the index.. ISBN: 0712621946. First. Hard Back. Very Good/Very Good. 9 1/2" x 6 1/2". UFOs. UFOs. Catalogs: UFOs/Mysteries.


Saucer Wisdom

By Rudy Rucker

London: Earthlight, 1999. 278 pages. . ISBN: 0684860333. First. Large Soft Cover. Near Fine. 9" x 6". Science Fiction. Sf Science Fiction. Catalogs: Science Fiction, First Editions, UFOs/Mysteries.


Light Years: The Best Documented IFO Case Ever

By Gary Kinder

London: Viking, 1987. Some very mild bumping to the base of the spine, otherwise fine. Dj is protected inside a cover. "in 1975 a Swiss caretaker named Eduard 'Billy' Meier disappeared on his motorbike into a forest near his village. He returned with several clear photographs of a large, silvery disk hovering in the sky. Over the next five years Meier produced hundreds of bright, detailed photographs. He also recorded the sounds of 'beamships', collected several metal samples, and made films of the ship in flight. Dozens of witnesses have seen the beamships and corroborated Meier's fantastic story. His evidence, investigated by a professional security team, has been examined by scientists at IBM, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Arizona State University, and the McDonnell Douglas Company.". ISBN: 0670818860. First British. Hard Back. Very Good Plus/Near Fine. UFOs. UFO. Catalogs: UFOs/Mysteries, Astronomy, Paranormal.


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By Whitley Strieber

New York: Berkley, 1990. A mild crease to the bottom right hand corner of the front cover, otherwise bright, clean and tight. The Roswell Incident: In 197 something totally unusual crashed into the New Mexico desert, scattering debris unlike anything previously found on earth - oddly marked scraps of a substance thinner than silk and utterly indestructible. Claiming it was a new kind of weather balloon, the Government sent in experts to analyse the wreckage and hush up their findings - in an operation code-named Majestic. It was then that the most extraordinary events of all began to occur... This fascinating novel takes the reader into the hidden world of what might really have happened there, recreating the crash-landing that yielded three corpses, two obviously alien and one strangely human; the 'shoot to kill' orders passed down from the US President; the cover-up campaign to force witnesses to recant their public testimonies - and the sheer inferiority of US armed forces against the powers of the aliens.. ISBN: 0-425-12295-6. First Paperback. Mass Market Paperback. Very Good Plus. UFOs. UFO ET Roswell Sf Science Fiction. Catalogs: Science Fiction, UFOs/Mysteries.


The Seventy Great Mysteries of the Ancient World: Unlocking the Secrets of Past Civilizations
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The Seventy Great Mysteries of the Ancient World: Unlocking the Secrets of Past Civilizations

London: Thames & Hudson, 2003. Binding is dark blue cloth with gilt lettering on spine; 304 pages including the index, with 431 illustrations, 177 in colour. Weighing 3lb 9oz, this book would incur additional postage charges. Drawing on modern science and the latest research, leading authorities explore history's most baffling enigmas, beginning with the truth behind myths and legends. Was there ever a Garden of Eden? Is there a basis in fact behind the story of Theseus and the Minotaur? What became of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel? What is the significance of the Aborignal Dreamtime? The book then examines some of the most contriversial issues in Stone Age archaeology today, such as the beginnings of language, the fate of the Neanderthals and the meaning of cave paintings. The much-debated first settlement of Australia and the Americas, and the controversial Kennewick skeleton are considered, as are the beginnings of farming and the significance of the European megaliths. Ancient civilizations present equally fascinating mysteries: were the Egyptians black Africans? How did Tutankhamun die? What happened to the lost legions of Rome? Why did the Incas sacrifice children? What was the purpose of the world-famous Nazca lines? The book pays close attention to puzzling sepulchres like Tomb 55 in Egypt's Valley of the Kings - possibly the pharaoh Akhenaten's burial place - and the undeciphered scripts, from Etruscan to runes and rongorongi. Finally, it examines the controversies surrounding the collapse of such civilizations as the Minoan, the Maya and the Moche of Peru, and asks what role cometary impacts might have played in human history.. ISBN: 0-500-51050-4. Reprint. Hard Back. Near Fine/Near Fine. 10" x 8". History. Myths Legends Mysteries Arthur Grail. Catalogs: History, UFOs/Mysteries, Mythology.


The Flood from Heaven: Deciphering the Atlantis Legend

By Eberhard Zangger

London: BCA, 1992. Binding blue cloth with gilt lettering on spine. Dj now protected inside a cover. The Atlantis legend originated with Plato's accounts written about 2,500 years ago. These were so detailed and convincing that many believed that an Atlantis must have existed. But until now no one has been able to identify its nature and location, although the theories about it abound and indeed our fascination with it continues unabated. The most popularly accepted view is that Atlantis was a continent in the Atlantic ocean, containing a prosperous and advanced civilization, which was wiped out by a single catastrophe over 11,000 years ago. During this disaster the continent drowned in the ocean, where it has remained concealed until the present day. Now Dr Eberhard Zangger, a well-known geoarchaeologist, with many years of fieldwork experience in the Mediterranean, has discovered the true nature of Plato's story and the real location of Atlantis. His refreshingly novel and amazingly simple ideas are set out for the first time in his book, which may have a greater impact on the future study of Mediterranean prehistory than Schliemann's discovery of Troy.. Book Club. Hard Cover. Near Fine/Near Fine. History. Atlantis History. Catalogs: History, UFOs/Mysteries.


The Bermuda Triangle: An Incredible Saga of Unexplained Disappearances

By Charles Bertlitz

London: Book Club Associates/Victor Gollancz, 1975. There is a small previous owner's inscription on the inside front cover. The dj has some small creasing at the top of the spine, otherwise it is a good, clean condition.The book reviews the bizarre events surround the Bermuda Triangle including the disappearance of a squadron of five navy aeroplanes while on a routine training mission, a totally abandoned ship with no trace of passengers or crew, and a submerged vessel which rose inexplicably from its grave beneath the sea. Included too are interviews with people who have made harrowing escapes from the Bermuda Triangle; not least a man who has twice experienced its cataclysmic forces and lived to tell the tale. Are the many UFOs that have been sighted in the area hijacking aircraft and taking samples of our civilization away with them to other galaxies? Are electromagnetic aberrations from power sources of ancient and highly advanced civilizations causing space-time warps that transport aeroplanes and ships into other worlds? Are the losses somehow tied in with the lost continent of Atlantis? In this extraordinary study, a man with a wide knowledge of the unexplained mysteries of our world demonstrates again that the universe is stranger than we can possibly imagine. The book includes maps, photographs and drawings.. BCA. Hard Cover. Very Good/Very Good. Illus. by J. Manson Valentine. Unexplained Mysteries. Catalogs: UFOs/Mysteries, Aviation.


Phillip Schofield's One in a Million

By Peter Hough, Phillip Schofield

London: Michael O'Mara, 1996. One in a Million explores over 100 stories, many of them contemporary, demonstrating what a strange world we inhabit. There seem to be forces at work we do not fully comprehend which fly in the face of science and reason. Like the hit TV series is accompanied, this book is concerned not only with coincidence. It also highlights those special events which defy the norm. The child who was brought back from the dead, for instance, the girl who could only write back to front until she had a bump on the head, and the woman cured of multiple sclerosis when she was struck by lightning.... ISBN: 1-85479-240-7. First. Hard Cover. Near Fine/Near Fine. T.V. Tie-in. Coinidences TV. Catalogs: First Editions, UFOs/Mysteries.


Who Goes There?

By Edward Edelson

London: New English Library, 1980. Edwards Edelson - the award-winning science editor of the New York Daily News - begins with an account of man's first automated exploration of non-earthly life, the voyage of Viking I to the red planet of Mars. He surveys the ancient and modern theories of how life originated on this planet and how it could have occured elsewhere. He examines the sophisticated technology being devised to transmit and receive communication across the farthest reaches of space, probing the unknown for traces of intelligent life beyond the planet Earth. 176 pages, including index. Black and white photographs. This book is looking its age and its pages are lightly tanned, but is fully intact, with little sign of wear and is a very tight copy, probably rarely, if ever, read from cover to cover. No creases on the spine.. ISBN: 450046184. Mass Market Paperback. Very Good. UFO Extraterrestrials. Catalogs: UFOs/Mysteries.


From Atlantis to the Sphinx
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From Atlantis to the Sphinx

By Colin Wilson

London: Virgin Books, 1996. Colin Wilson: We have no way of seeing the universe as a whole and making sense of it. But if, unlike us the ancient Egyptians and their predecessors possessed some knowledge system that offered a unified view of the universe, the insights of Hancock (Fingerprints of the Gods) only go halfway. The aim of this book is to go beyond the conviction that civilisation may be thousands of years older than we suppose, and try to grasp once again the nature of this ancient, forgotten knowledge.". ISBN: 185227526X. First Edition. Hard Cover. Near Fine/Near Fine. Atlantis Pre-History Occult. Catalogs: First Editions, Occult/Magic, UFOs/Mysteries.


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