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Quintus Horatius Flaccus.

By Horatius, Quintus Flaccus.

Birminghamiae: typis S. Baskerville, 1777. Duodecimo. [iv], 300pp. []2, A6-Z6, Aa6-Cc6. With the half-title, lacking in this copy. Contemporary red morocco. All edges gilt. ESTC T46244; Straus and Dent, John Baskerville 116. Reprint of the edition printed by John Baskerville in 1762. .


Antonini Iter Britanniarum.

By Gale, Richard.

Londini: Impensis M. Atkins, 1709. Quarto. [ii], x, viii, 151, [xvii]pp. [A]4, (a)2, B4-Z4. 'Anonymi Ravennatis Brittaniae chorographia,' occupying pages 139-151, has a special title-page. Contemporary calf, with owner's initials J. V. F. and dated 1736. With textual illustrations and three engraved plates, one of which is folding and is a map. Early owner's initials J. V. F. and date 1736 on upper cover. "Errata typographica" is at p. 12 at the end. Publisher's ads in English occupy pages 13-17 at the end. ESTC T90299..


Histoire de D. Ranucio d'Aletes, ecrite par lui-meme.

By Poree, Charles-Gabriel, Abbe.

A Venise: Aux Depens de la Compagnie, 1758. Duodecimo. Two volumes. I: [ii], xi, [i], iii, [i], 308pp.; II: viii, 276pp. Title-pages in red-and-black. With the half-title to volume two present. Contemporary mottled calf. With two plates in volume one and one plate in volume two. Engraved fleuron on title-pages. Cohen & De Ricci 487; Gay & Lemonnier II, 499; Barbier II, 666. .


Histoire du chevalier Des Grieux, et de Manon Lescaut.

By Prevost, Antoine Francois, l'Abbe.

Amsterdam: aux depens de la Compagnie, 1756. Duodecimo. Two volumes. I: [iv], 257pp.; II: [iv], 210pp. With the half-titles present. Pagination errors. Contemporary calf, repaired. From the library of P.A.H. Muschamp, with his bookplate. Harrisse, Bibliographie de Manon Lascaut et notes pour servir à l'histoire du livre 1728-1731-1753., 27. False imprint: printed in France, probably in Paris, based on the typographical material..


Le spectacle de la nature, ou entretiens sur les particularités de l'histoire naturelle, qui ont paru les plus propres à rendre les jeunes-gens curieux, & à leur former l'esprit.

By Pluche, Noël Antoine, Abbé.

A Paris: Chez les Frères Estienne, rue S. Jacques, à la Vertu, 1764-1765. Duodecimo. Eight volumes in nine. I: xxiv, 561, [iii]pp.; II: xxiv, 468pp.; III: [ii], 576pp.; IV: 621, [i]pp.; V: [iv], 596, [iv]pp.; VI: [iv], 61, [iii]pp.; VII: [ii], 555, [v]pp.; VIII: [iv], 436, [ii]pp.; IX: [iv], 388, [iv]pp. With the half-titles present to volumes three, five through nine. Volumes one through three dated 1764; the others are dated 1765. Contemporary mottled calf. Some wear to the bindings. Illustrated. From the library of R. H. Alexander Bennet, with his bookplate. This probably refers to the father, as his son had the same name. A precursor of Diderot's Encyclopédie. Although there are many sets in the trade, a good number of them are made up from various editions. This is an original set..


Monde Primitif, analysé et comparé avec le Monde Moderne, considéréee dans l'Histoire Civile, Religieuse et Allégorique du Calendrier ou Almanach.

By Court de Gebelin, Antoine.

A Paris: chez l'Auteur, Boudet, Valleyre l'aîné, Veuve Duchesne, Saugrain, Ruault, 1776. Quarto. [xxxii], 632pp. Volume Four of Nine. Text is complete in itself. Contemporary half calf over marbled boards. With an engraved frontispiece and eight additional plates, some folding. A very good copy..


Julius Caesar: a tragedy: as it is acted at the Theatres-Royal in Drury-Lane and Covent-Garden.

By Shakespeare, William.

London: Printed for Harrison and Co., no. 18, Paternoster-Row; and sold, likewise, by J. Wenman, Fleet-Street; and all other booksellers, 1780. Octavo. 19, [i]pp. A4-B4, C2. Printed in two columns. Disbound. With one engraved frontispiece plate. ESTC T29284; Cameron, W.J. Wenman's and Harrison's Theatrical magazine, 145 ..


The Perils of False Brethren, both in Church, and State; set forth in a Sermon Preach'd.

By Sacheverell, Henry.

London: Printed for Henry Clements, at the Half-Moon in St Paul's Church-Yard, 1709. Octavo. 24pp. A8, B4. Disbound. ESTC N8926..


Cymbeline. A Tragedy. As it is acted at the Theatres-Royal in Drury-Lane and Covent-Garden.

By Shakespeare, William.

London: Printed for J. Wenman, no. 144 Fleet-Street; and sold by all other booksellers in town and country, 1777. Octavo. 21, [i]pp. A4-B4, C4, [-C4]. Disbound. With an engraved copperplate frontispiece lettered: Published by J. Wenman 1 May 1777, lacking in this copy. ESTC T34530; Jaggard, W. Shakespeare bibliography, p. 301..


A medicinal dictionary; including physic, surgery, anatomy, chymistry, and botany, in all their branches relative to medicine. Together with a history of drugs; ... With copper plates. By R. James, M.D. ...

By James, Robert.

London: printed for T. Osborne; and sold by J. Roberts, 1743-1745. Folio. Three volumes. No pagination. Text in double columns. Modern half calf over marbled boards. With 63 plates. Hazen, pp. 68-73; ESTC N10868; Garrison-Morton 6799. Includes dedication and probably some articles by Samuel Johnson. Originally published in weekly numbers. A very fine copy of a book that rarely comes complete on the market. A very fine copy..


The history of Sir John Oldcastle, the good Lord Cobham. By Mr. William Shakespear.

By Shakespeare, William.

London: printed for J. Tonson, and the rest of the proprietors; and sold by the booksellers of London and Westminster, 1734. Duodecimo. 72pp. The fourth separately printed edition (?). Disbound. With an engraved frontispiece by P. Fourdrinier. ESTC T54739; Maslen & Lancaster. Bowyer ledgers, 2115. The attribution to William Shakespeare is false; probably by Anthony Munday, Michael Drayton, Robert Wilson and Richard Hathway. Part (sig. B) printed by William Bowyer; his records show 10,000 copies printed..


Amyntor and Theodora; or, The Hermit. A Poem. In Three Cantos.

By Mallet, David.

London: Printed for Paul Vaillant, in the Strand, 1747. Quarto. [iv], viii, 92pp. []2, A4-M4, N2. First edition. Disbound. Foxon M44; ESTC T21858; CBEL II, 557..


The Bank Note, or, Lessons for Ladies, a Comedy, in Five Acts. As performed at the Theatre-Royal, Covent-Garden. Partly an Alteration.

By Macready, William.

London: Printed for T.N. Longman, Paternoster-Row, 1795. Octavo. [viii], 84pp. First edition. Disbound. ESTC N81 or ESTC T96400..


Les amusemens de Spa, or, The gallantries of the Spaw in Germany: containing the virtues of every spring, their nature and several uses, the reasons why frequented by persons of the first distinction, besides drinking the waters, ...

By Pöllnitz, Karl Ludwig, Freiherr von.

London: Printed for S. Birt, in Ave-Maria-Lane; and W. Sandby, at the Ship without Temple-Bar, 1745. Duodecimo. Two volumes. I: [iv], 252pp.; II: [ii], 297, [i]pp. I: A2, B12-L12, M6; II: []1, B12-N12, O6 [-06]. Third edition. Title-pages in red-and-black. Contemporary calf, repaired. With eight folding plates in volume I, and eight folding plates in volume II. ESTC T119696. Translated into English by Hans de Veil from the French of Karl L. von Pöllnitz. Upper margin of title-page to volume II repaired with a few letters in facsimile; same area in following page similarly repaired, but missing a few words in a very small area..


The life and strange surprizing adventures of Mr. D---- de F--, of London, hosier, who has liv'd above fifty years by himself, in the Kingdoms of North and South Britain.


London: printed by Elizabeth Sadleir in School-House-Lane; for Patrick Dugan, Bookseller on Cork-Hill, 1719. Octavo. 36pp. A8, B4-C4, D2. Third edition. Wrappers. ESTC T136523. A parody of Robinson Crusoe published the same year as that work, Gildon's pamphlet contains a vitriolic attack on Defoe and his book. No love was lost between the two men, who had a long-standing mutual animus: Defoe had attacked him as a rakehell, and Gildon disliked Defoe's politics. Gildon was fundamentally a hack, who was prosecuted for seditious libel a few years prior to this work, although he avoided prison and pillory. Kate Loveman's Reading Fictions, 1660-1740 contains an interesting analysis of this work, noting how its critique ironically reflects both Defoe's own methods of criticism and the modes and mores of the coffee-houses. Three copies in the UK and two in North America.. Illus. by ..


Timon of Athens: a tragedy: as it is acted at the Theatres-Royal in Drury-Lane and Covent-Garden.

By Shakespeare, William.

London: Printed for Harrison and Co., no. 18, Paternoster-Row; and sold, likewise, by J. Wenman, Fleet-Street; and all other Booksellers, 1780. Octavo. 19, [i]pp. A4-B4, C2. Printed in two columns. Disbound. With the engraved frontispiece portrait of Mr. Barry in the character of Timon lettered: Dodd del., Taylor scu. Publish'd by Harrison & Co. 1st June 1780. ESTC T50343. The text is close to Shakespeare's but not identical, being in small part taken from Cumberland's adaptation..


Joke upon joke. Or the last packet from the land of festivity and mirth containing a select collection of the best bon-mots, repartees, sprightly sayings, ...

London: printed for T. Hurst. Novr. 1st., 1800. Duodecimo. [5], 10-279, [i]pp. Original boards. With five plates, including the frontispiece. ESTC T189198. An extremely rare book, and almost impossible to find in such original condition. Only four copies recorded; two at the Bodleian, one at Harvard, and one at the San Francisco Public Library..


Julius Caesar: a tragedy. By William Shakespeare. Collated with the old and modern editions.

By Shakespeare, William.

London: Printed by W. Bowyer and J. Nichols, and sold by W. Owen, between the Temple-Gates, Fleet-Street, 1774. Octavo. 144pp. A8-I8. With a half-title, missing in this copy. Disbound. With an engraved frontispiece lettered: F. Hayman delin, and W. W. Ryland sculp., missing in this copy. ESTC T29287; Maslen & Lancaster. Bowyer ledgers, 5025. Edited by Charles Jennens, who similarly edited [Five plays of Shakespeare], London, Printed by W. and J. Richardson, and sold by B. White, 1770-1774. The five plays appear to have been issued together following his death, which ended the possibility of an edition of the complete works. The plays were probably also issued separately..


The Merchant of Venice: a comedy; as it is acted at the theatres-royal in Drury-Lane and Covent-Garden.

By Shakespeare, William.

London: Printed for J. Wenman, no. 144 Fleet-Street; and sold by all other booksellers in town and country, 1777. Octavo. 20pp. A4-B4, C2. In two columns. The same setting of type as the single-column format issued by Oxlade in 1777 (cataloged separately). Disbound. The frontispiece plate is entitled "Mr. Macklin in the character of Shylock" and was "Published by I. Wenman 1st June 1777". ESTC T39238. Theobald text. Possibly issued with The devil to pay by Charles Coffey (ESTC). .


King Henry VIII: a tragedy. Marked with the variations in the manager's book; at the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden

By Shakespeare, William.

London: Printed for C. Bathurst, J., F., & C. Rivington, et. al., 1786. Duodecino. 86, [ii]pp. A12-C12, D8. Bookseller's advertisement for the New English Theatre on final leaf, lacking in this copy. Disbound. With one plate, lacking in this copy. Engraved frontispiece plate lettered: Rooker del.; Delatre sculp. Published Jan. 30, 1784 by T. Lowndes. ESTC N4668. With a cast list for the 1785 production at Covent-Garden..


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