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Silver Creek Resale LLC

Danville, Virginia, USA

Silver Creek Resale LLC specializes in 1st Editions, Eclectic, Sourcing.

About Silver Creek Resale LLC

Silver Creek has been collecting books for the past 16 years as a hobby. This is a small scale part-time business that hopes to satisfy the customer and provide exceptional service. I will also, for an additional fee, attempt to find books that you may not have access to in your area. Please contact me to negotiate the terms for sourcing.

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Silver Creek Resale LLC

1429 Silver Creek Road
Danville, VA 24540 USA
Phone: (434) 548-2271

Terms of sale for Silver Creek Resale LLC

Please review your order prior to completing the purchase to ensure accuracy and unnecessary returns. I will not be in the practice of refunding the shipping costs for items that were purchased in haste or error on the part of the buyer.
30 day return guarantee, with full refund including original shipping costs for up to 30 days after delivery if an item arrives misdescribed or damaged. ***Please read the Return Instructions for information regarding returns***

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We also have a brick-and-mortar store! Visit us at:

1429 Silver Creek Road
Danville, VA, United States
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Interview with Dana Lunsford of Silver Creek Resale LLC

When did you get started in bookselling?
What drew you to bookselling?
I have always had a passion for books and collect them as a hobby. I have so many that I began thinking more about the natural progression and potential for resale. The idea really sparked once I learned about Ebay over 16 years ago. I haven't been a serious seller throughout the years but I have been a steady collector. I would like to pass what I have along to those that appreciate them and maybe make a little money back along the way.
Did you have any mentors in becoming a bookseller?
I have my mother to thank for sparking my interest in books. She was and is still, buying and reading. I have a very large amount of books of hers in storage that I haven't even went through. Who knows what I will find in there!
What are your specialties as a dealer?
I am eclectic and don't look for too many specifics other than what may most interest me personally. I have however gravitated toward more purchases of 1st editions to the point that approximately 95% of my personal inventory are 1st editions. I have traditionally only sold sporadically (a few a year or every few years). I've gotten to a place where I have more time to explore, organize, and take selling more seriously.
What's the most amazing book you've ever sold?
I believe that the first book I sold was the most "amazing" as it solidified my theory that there were still at least a few book "enthusiasts" out there who valued the ability to hold an actual book in their hands! The book was a small Pocket Book 1st Edition of "The Art of Selfishness" by David Seabury. I believe I bought the book for maybe .50 over 16 years ago and sold it for a little over $5. That book is currently selling upwards of $80. I think that is "AMAZING".
What is your favorite part of being a bookseller?
My favorite part of bookselling is sourcing the inventory. I enjoy the "treasure hunt" aspect of walking into a small hole in the wall and walking out with something that not only satisfies me, but has the potential to do the same for someone else once I am ready to part with it.
Do you have an open storefront or have you in the past?
I have a Library in my home. I am currently working on renovations to an outdoor two story outbuilding that I am opening soon to the public as a venue to purchase books in addition to other resale items such as furniture, household decor, and other goods.
If so, do/did you have any bookstore pets?
I do not currently have any official bookstore pets. I do however, have a groundhog who has decided to burrow under the front door of the shop that will need to be relocated... He is very elusive and sneaky.
What is the funniest / strangest / scariest thing that ever happened in your store?
Currently, I am renovating my storefront so I don't have any stories as of yet. So far, the groundhog is about the strangest thing happening at this time.
What is your favorite bookshop (other than your own)?
I live in a rural town that does not have any real bookshops. The one we had closed down years ago. I generally investigate random thrift stores throughout my daily travels for work or pleasure to source the items I sell. I may find a couple books or none. If I happen to be in a bigger city, I can find many more.
What do you personally like to read? Collect?
I tend to gravitate to old books with character and popularity. I have a lot of fiction by Austen, Rice, King, Clancy, Grisham, Sparks, Meyer, Sheldon, Christie, C.S. Lewis, J.K. Rowling, etc. There are so so many!
What's your favorite book you personally own? Would you sell it, if the price were right?
I know I own it...a pretty nice 1st Edition of Ulysses which I would sell if the price were right.
What one book would you buy if price were no object?
If price were no object, I would buy a very early KJV Bible (Gutenburg maybe).
If you were stranded on a desert island and could bring three books, what would they be?
Stranded...three books. From a practical/survival sense-"From The Ground Up" by John N. Cole and Charles Wing and maybe "Plant Propagation: Principles and Practices" by Hartmann and Kester. For pleasure-"Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen.