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JOHN HOLDEN, UNIONIST: A Romance of the days of Forrest's Ride with Emma Sanson. Illustrations by Charles A. Corwin and Charles Edward Boutwood.

By De Leon, T.C.

G.W. Dillingham, New York:, 1910. pp. 338 +Plus 10 leaves of plates. 12mo. 190mm. Original publisher's pictorial full grayish-green cloth binding decorated with a color illustration and lettered in blue. Illustration is of a severe looking man wearing work clothes and standing with his arms crossed. Cover colors are bright and illustration is crisp. Spine color bright. Corners sharp. Dust jacket present and is decorated similarly to the binding with the same illustration of the severe man. DJ mildly soiled with some loss at base and head or spine. Contents clean. Second printing of first edition. Manuscript ownership on inside flyleaf of 'J.A. Munson' Hardbound. Very Good. Thomas Cooper De Leon (1839-1914) was an American journalist, author, and playwright. NW62. 1st Edition. Hardcover. Very Good/Dust Jacket Included.


THE LIFE AND SERVICES OF ANDREW G. CURTIN. An Address . Delivered in the House of Representatives at Harrisburg, PA, January 20, 1895.

By McClure, A.K.; Curtin, Andrew G.

Clarence M. Busch, State Printer, Harrisburg: ., 1895. pp. 35 + Frontis. Thin 8vo. 245 mm. Original full cloth binding. Gilt memorial emblem on front cover. Early stamped ownerships and presentations. Hardbound. Very Good. Andrew Gregg Curtin (1815/1817?-1894) was a staunch supporter of the Union and served as the Governor of Pennsylvania throughout the Civil War. Alexander Kelly McClure (1828-1909) was a journalist, editor, writer, politician, and historian, active in PA Republican Party politics. He was prominent supporter, and later biographer of President Abraham Lincoln. PA 33. Hardcover.


REPORT OF THE COMMISSIONER OF PATENTS FOR THE YEAR 1854. Arts and Manufactures. In two volumes.

By Patent Reports.

Beverley Tucker, Washington: ., 1855. Two volumes. pp. vii, 776; xxxii, 332. Includes a great many technical drawings. 8vo. 240 mm. Original cloth bindings, decorated in blind and lettered in gilt. Non-uniform. Hardbound. Very Good. NOTE: Early embossed ownership of Montgomery Cunningham Meigs (1816-1892) a career U.S. Army officer and civil engineer, who served as Quartermaster General of the Union Army during and after the American Civil War. Despite his Southern birth, Meigs strongly opposed secession and remained loyal to the Union; his record as Quartermaster General was regarded as outstanding, both in effectiveness and in ethical probity, and Secretary of State William H. Seward viewed it as a key factor in the Union victory. The ownership stamp highlights his favorite pre-war engineering project - the Washington Aqueduct (1852-1860). He supervised the construction of the monumental Union Arch Bridge across Cabin John Creek, designed by Alfred Rives, which for 50 years remained the longest single-span masonry arch in the world. It also mentions his service (1853-1859) supervising the building of the wings and dome of the United States Capitol. A remarkable record of 19th Century American invention and ingenuity, in an example associated with one of the most important figures of the Civil War era. BOX 66 Basement. Hardcover.


A NEW UNIVERSAL GAZETTEER, Containing A Description Of The Principal Nations. Brought Down To The Present Period By John Marshall.

By Brookes, Richard; Marshall, John (1783-1841).

Marshall, Williams & Butler, Philadelphia: ., 1840. 816 p. Illustrated with two hundred small engravings. Lacks marbled front fly leaf. Double column. Foxed. All edges marbled **Two Civil War era autograph ownerships. Large 8vo. 250 mm. Disbound. Text Good. Title continues: 'Containing A Brief Dictionary Of Commerce, Giving An Account Of All The Moneys In The Known World.' S&S/AI 40-1033. Disbound. Poor. PAIMP 21.


THE PENINSULA. McClellan's Campaign of 1862. Campaigns of the Civil War - III.

By Webb, Alexander S.

Charles Scribner's Sons, New York: ., 1892. pp. x, 219, (4) [Publisher's catalogue] + Folding map. Text illustrated with maps. XLib. Bookplate of R.E. Chislett. 12mo. 190 mo.Original full dark blue cloth binding, lettered in gold. Front board decorated in blind with rifle, sword and bayonet. Extremities only slightly worn. XLib. Hardbound. Very Good. W25 / YORK HS. Hardcover.


THE SOUTHERN REBELLION. Very Rare Original Parts Issue.

By Crafts, William August.

Samuel Walker, Boston: (-1867)., 1862. Fifty parts (some bound two in one). pp. 648; 652. Highly illustrated. Original paper wraps. 4to. In our set the issue with parts 41 & 42 is missing, as id the paper cover to partt one. This is a set almost never found complete (if at all). The true first edition of this famous history of the Civil War illustrated with numerous steel engraved plates. . Sabin 17349; Dornbusch III:181; Nicholson, 172-73. RARE. A truly remarkable survivor. OVERSIZE 6 / YORK HS. 1st Edition. Soft cover.


THE PAINTER, GILDER, AND VARNISHER'S COMPANION. 8th Edition. To which are added Complete Instructions in Graining, Marbling, Sign-writing, and Gilding on Glass.

By Painter's Companion.

(Collins, Printer for) Henry Carey Baird, Philadelphia: ., 1861. Complete title: The Painter, Gilder, and Varnisher's Companion: Containing Rules and Regulations in every thing relating to the arts of Painting, Gilding, Varnishing, and Glass-staining : Numerous useful and valuable receipts : Tests for detection of adulterations in oils, colours, etc. : And a statement of the Diseases and Accidents to which painters, gilders, and varnishers are peculiarly liable : with the simplest and best methods of prevention and remedy. pp. 216; 24 (Publisher's Catalog). 12mo. 180 mm. Original full cloth binding. Hardbound. Very Good. An excellent example. This Civil War era guide was meant to be a practical pocket manual for craftsmen. It is especially interesting that it includes a section on occupational health issues in these trades. Nice copies are very uncommon, as they were usually used very hard. PA 30. Hardcover.


REVISED REPORT OF THE SELECT COMMITTEE RELATIVE TO THE SOLDIERS' NATIONAL CEMETERY. Together with the Accompanying Documents, as Reported to the House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

By Pennsylvania. General Assembly; Soldiers' National Cemetery, Gettysburg; Willis, David, et. al.

Singerly & Myers, State Printers, Harrisburg: ., 1865. pp. 212 + Lithographed frontis and two maps and plans. Includes: the text of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address; lists of the names of the soldiers who are buried there (and in nearby cemeteries) with the name of each soldier's regiment; and a very interesting list of Articles found on the dead buried there. Sabin 27247. YORK HS. ** PRICE JUST REDUCED!! W26. Hardcover. Very Good.


THE CONFEDERATE RECORDS OF THE STATE OF GEORGIA. Volume I. Compiled and Published Under Authority of the Legislature.

By Georgia Legislature; Candler, Allen D.

Charles P. Byrd, State Printer, Atlanta, GA: ., 1909. 773 p. 4to. 255 mm. Original full blue cloth binding. Mildly XLib. Hardbound. Good. Volume one of an important set issued in five volumes between 1909 and 1911. This first volume includes the laws and acts supporting the rebellion and secession. ie: Message of Governor Joseph E. Brown on Federal regulations, November 7, 1860; Resolutions of various counties; Address of Thomas R.R. Cobb; Address of Alexander H. Stephens; Act calling convention; Journal of Secession Convention; Acts relating to public defense; etc. Scarce. OVERSIZE 5/6 / YORK HS. Soft cover.


REPORTS OF THE COMMITTEE ON THE CONDUCT OF THE WAR FORT PILLOW MASSACRE RETURNED PRISONERS. Published by the House of Representatives 38th Congress, 1st Session Report No. 65 and No. 67.

By Civil War. Fort Pillow.

House of Representatives, Washingon, DC: ., 1864. Two reports in one volume. pp. 128; 38 + 8 p. of illustratations showing emaciated white soldiers with identifications and details. 8vo. 230 mm. Original full cloth binding. XLib. "On April 12, 1864, some 3,000 rebels under the command of Nathan Bedford Forrest overran Fort Pillow, a former Confederate stronghold situated on a bluff on the Tennessee bank of the Mississippi, some 40 miles north of Memphis. The garrison consisted of about 600 Union soldiers, roughly evenly divided between runaway slaves-turned-artillerists from nearby Tennessee communities and white Southern Unionist cavalry mostly from East Tennessee. Under a flag of truce which his men violated by creeping up on the fort, Forrest demanded the garrison's surrender, threatening that if it refused he would not be responsible for the actions of his men. Believing Forrest was bluffing, Bradford refused, whereupon the Confederates swarmed over the parapet. The overwhelmed garrison fled down the bluff to the river, where they were caught in a deadly crossfire. Forrest's men continued to shoot well after the Federals had thrown down their weapons, and many men were killed in hospital tents or as they begged for mercy. By the next morning only about 65 blacks had survived a massacre that had continued intermittently through the night. More than seventy percent of the white survivors would perish in rebel prisons. The Confederates lost about 18 killed. Northern Radicals seized on the massacre to inflame a wavering Northern public. Though Forrest initially described the river as "dyed with the blood of the slaughtered for 200 yards," and his field commander bragged that his men had taught "the mongrel garrison" a memorable lesson, Forrest and his staff later either denied there was a massacre or blamed it on the garrison itself." - From Black Past W21 / YORK HS. Hardcover. Good.


REPUBLICANISM IN AMERICA. A History of the Colonial and Republican Governments of the United States of America, from the year 1607 to the year 1869. To which are added Constitutions, Proclamations, Platforms, Resolutions. Also, a Brief History of All the Existing Republics in the World.

By Rolander, Guy McClellan.

J.M. Stoddart & Co., Philadelphia: ., 1872. 665 p. + Plus 10 powerful portrait engravings (a few from lifetime photographs, including a fine engraving of Lincoln from a Brady photo). Original full cloth binding, lettered and decorated in gold gilt. 8vo. 240 mm. Mildly XLib. A handsome piece of post Civil War political and historical propaganda. "Of all the political organizations in America, none has had so hard a struggle for national existence as that known as the Republican Party of today; nor has any political party in any country or age achieved so much for the advance of human liberty and the elevation upon a common platform of the religious and civil equality of all men before the law." - Rolander Guy McClellan. DC16 / YORK. W26. Hardcover. Very Good.



By DeBow, J.D.B. U.S. Census 1850.

Robert Armstrong, Public Printer, Washington, DC: ., 1853. pp. cxxxvi, 1022. Slightly age stained. Large, thick 4to. 320 mm. Original leather backed marbled boards binding. Joints fragile. Mildly ExLib. Fuller title: The Seventh Census of the United States, 1850. Embracing a statistical view of each of the states and territories, arranged by counties towns, etc., under the following divisions: 1. Populations by counties - classification of ages and color-aggregates; 2. Population by subdivisions of counties; 3. Nativities of the populations; 4. Births, marriages, deaths, dwellings, and families; 5. Progress of the populations; 6. Deaf and dumb, blind, insane, and idiotic; 7. Colleges, academies, schools, & c; 8. Attending school, during year, as returned by families; 9. Adults in the state who cannot read and write; 10. Professions, occupations, and trades of the male population; 11. Agriculture-farms and implements, stock products, home manufactures, &c.; 12. Newspapers and periodicals; 13. Libraries other than private; 14. Churches, church property, &c., With an Introduction, embracing the aggregate tables for the United States compared with every previous census since 1790 - schedules and laws of congress relating to the census in the same period - ratio tables of increase and decrease of cities and states, etc., by sex and ages, and color - table of population of every county, town, township, etc., in the United States, alphabetically arranged--together with some explanatory remarks and an appendix, embracing notes upon the tables of each of the states, etc. A detailed state by state (and county by county) study of the population of the United States in 1850, free colored, and slave. James Dunwoody Brownson DeBow (1820-1867) was a resident of New Orleans. He gained great fame and influence as editor of DeBow's Review. His ideas laid a foundation for the Missouri Compromise. He also served as Superintendent of the United States Census (1853-1857). W30 Rt. Hardcover. Good.



By Wickersham, James Pyle.

J. B. Lippincott & Co., Philadelphia: 1865., 1865. pp. xviii, 381 + Woodcut frontis of the ideal country school house. 12 mo. Original ful cloth binding. Mildly XLib. Manuscript Ownership of Maggie J. Christy Dr. Wickersham (1825-1891) was a pioneer in teacher education. He established the first state normal school in Pennsylvania and was responsible for the development of the curriculum, which served as the model for other normal schools in the state. He was also the founder of the Pennsylvania State Teacher's Association. He later served as President Arthur's Envoy to Denmark. This is a practical look at all aspects of running schools in the mid-19th century. Hardbound. Very Good + Plus. PA 48. Hardcover. Very Good.


THE FOEDERALIST: A Collection Of Essays, Written In Favor Of The New Constitution, As Agreed Upon By The Federal Convention, September 17, 1787. Reprinted From The Original Text. With an Historical Introduction and notes.

By Dawson, Henry B. (Editor).

(Stereotyped by H. O. Houghton, Riverside, Cambridge, MA for) Charles Scribner, New York: ., 1863. pp. cxlii, 615 + Engraved portrait of Alexander Hamilton. XLib. Broken original full cloth binding; spine missing; front board detached. Hardbound. Fair. Henry Barton Dawson (1821-1889) was born in England and emigrated to New York City in 1834 (in 1863 he resided at Morrisania, NY). He was an editor of the pro-temperance 'The Crystal Font' and 'Rechabite Recorder.' He wrote 'Battles of the United States by Sea and Land' (1858). In 1863 this edition of The Federalist (Foederalist), created an intense controversy with James A. Hamilton and John Jay. Though Dawson intended too expand the work into two volumes - the second was never issued. Scarce. **PRICE JUST REDUCED! AMER BX 11. Full Cloth. Hardcover.. Good.


QUANTRILL'S WAR. The Life and Times of William Clarke Quantrill 1837-1865.

By Schultz, Duane.

St. Martin's Press, New York: (October, )., 1996. 338 p. Illustrated. 8vo. Original binding. Original priced dust jacket. First Edition. Hardbound. Very good. Quantrill's Raiders were a loosely organized force of pro-Confederate Partisan rangers, "bushwhackers", who fought in the American Civil War under the leadership of William Clarke Quantrill. W9 LEFT REAR STK. 1st Edition. Hardcover.


ROWLETT'S TABLES OF DISCOUNT, OR INTEREST. [STEREOTYPE EDITION]. By John Rowlett, Formerly Accountant, Bank of North America.

By Rowlett, John.

Printed for the Author by C. Sherman & Co., Philadelphia: ., 1842. Fuller title: STEREOTYPE EDITION OF ROWLETT'S TABLES OF DISCOUNT, OR INTEREST; Showing at Sight, the Interest on Each and Every Dollar, From Unit, or One, to Two Thousand; on Every Ten Dollars, from Two Thousand to Three Thousand; on Every Fifty, from Three Thousand to Five Thousand; and on Every Five Hundred, from Five Thousand to Ten Thousand; for Each and Every Day, from One, to Sixty-Four Days, Inclusive; Also, for Every Month, from One to Twelve, and for Eighteen Months, and Two Years; Besides A Complete Cent Table: The Whole Computed at Six Per Cent. According to the Equitable Principles of the Banks; and as Practised between Individuals, throughout the United States, in Conformity to Statute Law; Together with Directions at the End of the Introduction, for Finding, Almost at Sight, (by aid of the tables,) the Exact Bank Interest for any Number of Days, from Sixty-four to One Hundred twenty-four days, &c. Likewise examples contained in the introduction, showing in what manner (by means of the tables) to ascertain the interest at five, seven, and at eight per cent. and a note under the first page of the figure work, explaining the usual mode of Computing Interest of Cents, & Fractions, Etc. Etc. By John Rowlett, Formerly Accountant, Bank of North America. pp. 28, [1], 14-220, [6] (Various cautions 'To the Public.' + Double page broadside printed on yellow paper: Rowlett's Average Time Calculator; On the front pastedown is another broadside: A Practical Banking Time Table; On the front fly leaf is a small broadside printed on brown paper: "Notice. Useful and interesting information. respecting the lawful and unlawful modes of calculating interest. will be found in the preface. A premium of two hundred and fifty dollars, is now again offered for the detection of an error of a cent in the interest calculations, as more particularly described in the preface." Also interesting and significant are the extensive subscribers' lists, which include officers of various American banks, government figures, attorneys, and merchants, etc. - 1799-1802; and another - "Purchasers in the Western States from North to South.". Damp and age stain. 4to. 280 mm. Interesting early full leather ledger book style binding (split sheep), tooled in blind with a wide floral roll around the edges, and a Greek key tool making a frame on the boards. The wide roll on the binding is associated with Heinrich (Henry) Miller, of Lancaster, PA. ** Note also the autographed ownership of: Robert H. Tyler, Virginia House of Delegates" who played an unusual role in the Civil War. Robert Horner Tyler (1838-1902) Captain, Eighth Virginia Infantry in he Civil War, was from one of the best known families in Northern Virginia. In 1863 he was taken from other Confederate Prisoners of War and placed in 'close confinement' as a hostage, with General Lee's son, chosen for execution should the Union go ahead with the Sawyer-Flinn Executions. Union Captains Sawyer and Flynn, were two officers who were to be executed in retaliation for the execution by General Burnside of two rebel spies. In the end, these retaliatory executions did not take place. He autographed this book in the early 1890's when he was a member of the Virginia House of Delegates. Though the ink on the autograph has run a bit it is easily read. AI/S&S 42-4343. Owned by a Famous Confederate Officer, With Broadsides Printed on Different Colored Papers, In a full leather binding from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. **PRICE JUST REDUCED! PA58. Full Leather. Hardcover. Good.



By Holland, Josiah Gilbert (1819-1881).

Gurdon Bill, Springfield, MA: 1866, 1866. pp. 544, (2) [Publisher's catalogue] + Engraved Portrait Frontis and full page engraved plates. Offsetting on title page. Marbled endpapers. XLib bookplates on front paste down. All edges marbled. Large 8vo. Original three quarter leather over marbled boards. Raised bands. Binding somewhat rubbed and worn. Lacks leather spine labels. Remnants of library call numbers. Hardbound. Good +. Useful early biography of Lincoln. **PRICE JUST REDUCED! SHELF W24. Three-Quarter Leather. Good.


McCLELLAN: From Ball's Bluff to Antietam.

By Wilkes, George.

(Wynkoop, Hallenbeck & Thomas for) Sinclair Tousey, New York: 1863., 1863. 40 p. 8vo. 235 mm. Original printed wraps, sewn, as issued. On the rear wrap is an ad for Wilkes' Spirit of the Times. The American Gentleman's Newspaper. A Chronicle of the Turf, Field Sports, the Army and the Stage. From the Preface: "The following articles are portions of a series which appeared originally in Wilkes' Spirit of the Times [July 9, 1862-March 30, 1863], and which were devoted to the review of General McClellan and his battles, from the time of the commencement of his career at Ball's Bluff, down to what Mr. Wilkes has justly characterized as 'the unspeakably disgraceful battle of Antietam'. Mr. Wilkes began to criticize McClellan's movements, and in placing a few of his articles before the public, in connected form, it is not out of place to state, that the universal verdict of the country has attributed more influence to them in removing McClellan from command, than all other pressures put together." The Contents include: Philosophy of Idolatry : Is McClellan a hero?; McClellan inside and out; A Refutation; The Opiate of the North; The tragedy at Centreville; The Battle of Antietam; Fitz Napoleon no more; The New Leader; The Modern Arnold; Tete d'Armee; McClellan : a Retrospect; Little Mac; and The Conservative Plot. George Brinton McClellan (1826-1885) George Brinton McClellan was a major general during the Civil War. He organized the famous Army of the Potomac and served briefly (November 1861 to March 1862) as the general-in-chief of the Union Army. Early in the war, McClellan played an important role in raising a well-trained and organized army for the Union. McClellan's Peninsula Campaign in 1862 ended in failure, with retreats from attacks by General Robert E. Lee's smaller Army of Northern Virginia and an unfulfilled plan to seize the Confederate capital of Richmond. His performance at the bloody Battle of Antietam blunted Lee's invasion of Maryland, but allowed Lee to eke out a precarious tactical draw and avoid destruction, despite being outnumbered. As a result, McClellan's leadership skills during battles were questioned by U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, who eventually removed him from command, first as general-in-chief, then from the Army of the Potomac. The author George Wilkes (1820-1885), became co-editor, with William T. Porter, of the "Spirit of the Times" in New York in 1850, and subsequently editor and owner. The publisher, Sinclair Tousey (1818-1887) began as a newspaper-carrier and, in 1840, he established and published in Louisville, Kentucky, the " Daily Times," the first penny paper that was issued west of the Allegheny mountains. In 1853 he became partner in a news agency in New York and, in 1860, he Tousey became sole proprietor of the agency - out of which the American news company was organized, in 1864. He joined the Republican party at its organization, was an enthusiastic Abolitionist, writing and speaking against slavery. Scarce first edition in original state. RARE ANTI-McCLELLAN TRACT. Front case 2 L. 1st Edition. Soft cover. Very Good.


PRISON LIFE DURING THE REBELLION. Being a Narrative of the Miseries and Sufferings of SIX HUNDRED Confederate Prisoners sent from Fort Delaware to Morris' Island to be Punished. Written by Fritz Fuzzelbug, One of Their Number.

By Fuzzlebug, Fritz (Pseud. for John J. Dunkle).

Joseph Funk's Sons, Printers, Singer's Glen, Va: 1869., 1869. 48p. Original printed wraps, stained along the top edge. Publisher's advertisement on the rear wrap. 8vo. Contains a listing of the names of those unfortunate 600, and makes a strong case to refute the notion that Confederate prisoners were well treated by the Union Army. Very scarce. Howes D-577b. Always pro-Union, Alan Nevins describes this only as "An early example of Southern-style prison propaganda; basically a diatribe against Union officers and Negro guards." - Civil War Books I-190. I don't think that it has been previously commented upon that this publisher is usually identified with books that appealed to German-Americans, especially Mennonites. It would be very interesting to research John Dunkle's background. Was he one of the battling Mennonites? Along with this goes two nice articles about the 600 Confederate Officers 'Imprisoned Under Fire' in reach of Confederate guns, on Morris Island, South Carolina by Federal Major General John G. Foster. The Immortal Six Hundred were to serve as human shields in front of the Union Batteries at the siege of Charlston. A remarkable incident of the Civil War, written and told by German-American Confrederates. SCARCE. **PRICE JUST REDUCED! Front case 2 L. Soft cover. Good.


UNDER THE MALTESE CROSS; ANTIETAM TO APPOMATTOX; The Loyal Uprising in Western Pennsylvania 1861 1865 Campaigns 155th Pennsylvania Regiment Narrated by the Rank and File.

By McKenna Charles F.; 155th PA Vols.

The 155th Regimental Association, Pittsburg, PA: 1910., 1910. Lacks first two leaves. pp. xiii, 817 + Plus color plates, folding map and drawings, etc. Profusely illustrated with numerous photographs of the men of the 155th Pennsylvania volunteers, many in their Zouave uniforms. Very XLib. Though the original decorated boards remain, this is best considered as a candidate for rebinding. Small 4to. First edition. 155th Pennsylvania Regiment, which was later known as Pearson's Zouaves, was recruited mainly in Allegheny and Clarion County. They saw heavy, active, and honorable service throughout the war. PA 34. 1st Edition. Hardcover. Poor.


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