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(Railroad History): Map of the Pennsylvania Rail Road, from Harrisburg to Pittsburg; and of the Columbia & Lancaster & Harrisburg R.R.s from Philadelphia to Harrisburg

By Haupt, H. (Herman)

Philadelphia: T.K. and P.G. Collins, Printers, 1855. Map with folds as issued, original hand coloring, with a couple of chips at edges but overall in very good condition and image clear. The long, folding image measures roughly 20 x 178 cm. (8 x 70 inches). This is in the original stiff paper covers (9 x 6 inches), titled "Guide for the Pennsylvania Railroad with an Extensive Map; including the Entire Route, with all its Windings, Objects of Interest, and Information Useful to the Traveller." Although the cover is taped (coming loose) at the spine, it is present with a clearly legible title, and all 40 pp. of the textual guide are present and in very good condition. There is a pencilled textual annotation at the top of the title page. This is one of the earliest regional railroad brochures of the region. Reference: LC, "Railroad Maps of the United States," entry 517, p. 87. The map shows county boundaries, cities, towns, boundaries, drainage, and the names of individual lines with mileage between stations. Herman Haupt was, at this time, Chief Engineer for this railroad; later he was a general in the Union Army, and was responsible for revolutionizing military transport using the rail lines.. First Edition Thus. Original Wraps. Very Good. Map.


[Revised Facsimile, Washington, DC]: Plan of the City Intended for the Permanent Seat of the Government of the United States

By L'Enfant, Pierre Charles

Washington (DC): U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey, 1976. L'Enfant's original landmark plan of August 1791 was copied and reproduced in 1887 by the U.S. Coast & Geodetic Survey. According to F.M. Thorn's (Superintendent) note on the map, this reproduction " as nearly complete and exact as trained skill, care, and the use of the best appliances can make it; that it contains no lines, letters, or figures which are not legibly indicated on the original; and that nothing has been inserted or supplied from inference." Copies of the plan were made between 1893 and 1991, and color was added in 1958. (The original plan was transferred to the Library of Congress in 1918). This particular copy was issued in 1976, for the US bicentennial celebrations. The image measures 30 x 46.5 inches (76 x 118 cm) and has been stored rolled, in very good (or better) condition. The map also displays a report of B.A. Colonna, Assistant, US Coast and Geodetic Survey, in charge of the office and topography. (Reference: Scott Berg, "Grand Avenues: The Story of the French Visionary who Designed Washington, D.C.," Pantheon, 2001.)


(Map of colonial northeastern Canada): Partie Orientale de la Nouvelle France ou du Canada...Terre-Neuve...Nouvelle Ecosse Acadie...T. Conrad Lotter Graveur et Geogr
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(Map of colonial northeastern Canada): Partie Orientale de la Nouvelle France ou du Canada...Terre-Neuve...Nouvelle Ecosse Acadie...T. Conrad Lotter Graveur et Geogr

By Lotter, Conrad (Seutter, Albrecht Carl)

Augusburg: Tobias Conrad Lotter and Albrecht Karl Seutter, 1756. Very good copperplate engraving with a right marginal tear not affecting image, repaired verso with archival tape. Some restoration to left margin (not affecting main image), and entire map backed with archival paper. Strong image. Small embossed stamp left lower margin (faint), with attribution to Seutter in left lower margin just below neatline. The date is approximate, and predicated on Lotter's partnership with Seutter from 1756-62. Earlier states appeared in a number of Seutter atlases. Ref: McCorkle, New England in Printed Maps, entry 730.4, p. 90. The image depicts an area from parts of Labrador to Nova Scotia. The map has outline and minimal wash color, with an elaborate, allegorical cartouche. Lotter was Seutter's son-in-law. The map image measures 58 x 50 cm..


(Map of Aspen District, Colorado- 2 Map Geological Set): Aspen Mountain (Sheets XXV & XXVI)

By Spurr, Josiah Edward (lithography by Julius Bien & Co

Washington DC: Dept. of the Interior, United States Geological Survey, 1898. Near fine pair of geology sheets with original printed color (quite decorative), from an 1891 survey. Very detailed, with a small view of Aspen mountain central to map. Major mining shafts shown, with major fault lines and color coding of applicable mineral resources. Small expanse of Colorado Midland Railroad at northern edge of map. Relatively scarce item, with Morris Bien as topographer. Scale 4.25 inches per mile. Each map (the second item displays cross sectional details) image measures about 16x13.75 inches. The price is for the pair. There is a small library stamp in the margin of plate XXVI, with no image intrusion..


(Map of early USA): Etats-Unis de L'Amerique Septentrionale Avec Les Isles Royal, de Terre Neuve, de St. Jean, L'Acadie &c

By Delamarche [Charles Francois]

Paris, 1785. Very good condition, early outline hand color, nice margins, published when Delamarche was at "Rue du Foin St. Jacques au College de Mtre. Gervais." Minimal foxing and marginal browning. The main focus of the map is east of the Mississippi River, and includes southeastern Canada. There is a table of the post-revolutionary war states and respective capitols in the lower right corner. One other interesting feature, below the list of states, is another list of "proposed states." These entries are from the Land Ordinance of 1784, which was superceded by the Northwest Ordinance of 1787. Thomas Jefferson was involved in these matters, and some of the proposed states (as of the 1784 document) as listed on this map, were: Silvania, Michigania, Chersonesus, Arsenistpia, Metropotamia, Illinoia, Saratoga, Washington, Polypotamia, and Pelisypia. Map reference: McCorkle 785.5. Reference re: 1784 Land Ordinance: McCormick, William and Mary Quarterly, vol. 50, 1993, pp. 112-122. The image measures 18.5 x 24.25 inches (47 x 62 cm.). . Map.


(Maps, Western Canada): Index to Captain Palliser's Reports, showing the date of each journey, the route, and the page in which it is described in the copies of the reports laid before Parliament on the 19th May 1863

By Palliser, John

London: Printed by George Edward Eyre and William Spottiswode, Printers to the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty, for Her Majesty's Stationery Office., 1865. This is just the index with the five folding maps, all in very good or better condition. The bluish-green paper covers are nearly separated at the spine, but generally clean and legible. There is a handwritten signature of Robert Bell, who was the director of the Geological Survey of Canada, a charter member of the Royal Society of Canada. John Palliser was a geographer and explorer (see Oxford Dictionary of National Biography). He was awarded the patron's gold medal of the Royal Geographical Society in 1859. Most of these maps were done by John Arrowsmith, but the imprint on the maps is from Stanford's Geographical Establishment, London. The five folding maps are: 1. A general map of the routes in British North America explored by the expedition under Captain Palliser, during the years 1857, 1858, 1859, 1860. . .(large , printed color, extensive expeditionary detail) 2. Geological sketch map of the south-east of Vancouver Island, and part of the coast of the Gulf of Georgia... 3. Geological sketch map of Nanaimo in Vancouver Island. . .illustrate Dr. Hector's report 4. Plan of Nanaimo, showing the coal mines, from the records and surveys of the Hon. Hudson's Bay Company, and the original observations by C.S. Nicol, manager, and Dr. Hector 5. General section. Vancouver Island to York Factory, Hudson Bay. . .Diagram section of the prairies, Hudson Bay to Rocky Mountains. . . This atlas, a small 13 inch folio, is quite scarce. A few copies are listed in WorldCat. Ref: Sabin entry 58332, Howes entry P42.. First Edition Thus. Original Wraps (Paper). Very Good. Folio - over 12" - 15" tall.


(American Revolutionary War Era Map): Carte nouvelle de l'Ame?rique angloise contenant tout ce que les Anglois posse?dent sur le continent de l'Ame?rique septentrionale savoir le Canada, la Nouvelle Ecosse ou Acadie, les treize provinces unies qui

By Lotter, Matthieu [Matthias] Albert

Augsbourg: Lotter, 1775. Very good, early hand color with modern enhancement. Strong image. Expertly remargined on left (had been trimmed into the printed border). This is just before the outbreak of hostilities. The thirteen colonies are highlighted in this rather decorative map. The image measures 61 x 50 cm (24 x 19.5 inches). References: McCorkle entry 776.19; Sellers & Van Ee entry 141. (The map probably appeared in 1776, and is seen in Seutter's "Grosser Atlas..."). First Edition Thus. Map.


(Map, Revolutionary War Era, Colonial America): Theatre de la Guerre en Amerique
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(Map, Revolutionary War Era, Colonial America): Theatre de la Guerre en Amerique

By Le Rouge, George Louis

Paris: le Rouge, 1777. Very good/excellent, hand colored outlines, trimmed a bit close at margin (due to binding in prior Le Rouge atlas, "Atlas Ameriquain Septentrional..."). Image measuring 62 x 50 cm (24 x 20 inches). This is a clean impression on heavy paper. Three insets: Louisiane, southeast coastal region (Floride), Sault du Niagra. "Par le Sr. le Rouge, ingenieur geographe du Roy." appears after title in upper margin. This is McCorkle entry 777.14, without the "Corrigee...M. Hawkins...". Apparently Le Rouge reworked his early map (Canada et Louisane..) of 1755, and changed the title for this work (McCorkle entry 755.23). Not in Nebenzahl, although several other maps from this atlas appear in the references. The map is cataloged in OCLC. . Very Good. Map.


(Revolutionary War Era): A map of the inhabited part of Canada from the French surveys; wiith the frontiers of New York and New England from the large surveys
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(Revolutionary War Era): A map of the inhabited part of Canada from the French surveys; wiith the frontiers of New York and New England from the large surveys

By Sauthier, Claude Joseph

London: Wm. Faden, 1777. Very good, minimal wash color as issued, with remarks indicating the survey order of Genr. Pownall. This uncommon map relates to the invasion of Canada. A few small archival taped repairs in margin verso. Heavy paper, very ittle browning This is the later state (2nd), with the dedication to Major General John Burgoyne, and the table of the "Winter Quarters of the Kings Army in Canada..." Below the cartouche: London, Published as the Act directs, Feby. 25. 1777 by Wm. Faden, Corner of St. Martin's Lane, Charing Cross. Ref: McCorckle, New England in Early Printed Maps, entry 777.19; Nebenzahl, entry 43. Folds as issued. Image measures 57 x 85 cm (22.5 x 33. 5 inches).. First Edition Thus. Very Good. Map.


(History of Cartography): Lewis Evans His Map of the Middle British Colonies in America: A Comparative Account of Ten Different Editions Published Between 1755 and 1807

By Stevens, Henry N

London: Henry Stevens, Son and Stiles, 39 Great Russell Street Over Against the South-West Corner of the British Museum, 1905. Overall very good copy in original stiff paper boards, with Chiswick Press colophon towards rear of book. 41 pp., 8.75 inch octavo, with some chipping to edge of upper spine. Covers minimally soiled. This small reference monograph is increasingly difficult to find.. First Edition. Stiff Paper. Very Good. 8vo.


(Map/Chart NE Coast USA, New England): Carte réduite des côtes orientales de l'Amérique septentrionale. Contenant celles des provinces de New-York et de la Nouvelle Angleterre, celles de l'Acadie ou Nouvelle Ecosse, de I'&I

By Sartine (Antoine de, comte d'Alby)

Paris: Dépôt des cartes et plans de la Marine, 1780. Near fine, large, striking chart of New England area, from the French Hydrographic Office of the time. Early hand color, No. 163 on upper right corner, "Petit Sculp." lower left, "Prix Trois Francs" lower right. The paper is heavy and clean, with nice margins, and the impression is very clear. Elaborate depth soundings, with little inland detail. According to McCorkle (New England, entry 780.3) this map was issued both as part of "Neptune Americo-Septentrionale" in 1780 and as a separate map. Our variant differs slightly from those in OCLC (added ref: Sellers and van Ee, 215-216). The above date is approximate. The image measures 58 x 86 cm (23 x 34 inches).. Map.


(Map of United States): Map of the United States and Territories, Showing the Extent of Public Surveys and Other Details

By Gorlinski, Joseph (Joe S. Wilson, Commissioner)

Washington DC: Dept. of the Interior (Government Land Office), 1867. Very good condition, minimal browning along folds (as issued), neatly tissue backed (sometimes seen with cloth covers; not present here). Hand colored map depicting Important US survey from various plats; one of earlier maps to begin to delineate the modern American west (Phillips, p. 916). Quite detailed with mineral deposits, railroads, land offices, and more. Many of the grids showing the extant land surveys of the midwestern states are depicted. The map image measures 26x56 inches. .


(Large Linen-Backed Map): "Johnson's" Street Index Map of Boston, Including Cambridge and Somerville. 1883

By Johnson, Thomas R. (Engraved & Printed By Geo. H. Walker & Co.)

Boston: Thomas R. Johnson with W.W. Kellet & Co. (179 Summer St.), 1883. This is a large (49 x 41 inch), uncommon, folding, linen-backed plan of Boston and environs (incl. Cambridge and Somerville), with all street names, major landmarks, in original color folding into the original 10 x 8 inch boards (scuffed, sunned, spine chipped, text loose). The text is all present, and is a full index of all the streets and places on the map. The map is slightly browned, with a few point separations of the linen at the folds (not affecting the map), but overall the map itself is VG-. There are no major stains, no image loss. The title on the map itself is slightly different: "Johnson's" Section Map & Street Index of the City of Boston, Mass..". .


(History, Cartography, Canada): Plans of the First Frech Settlements on the Saint Lawrence 1635-1642

By Bourdon, Jehan

Montreal: McGill University Library , 1958. This facsimile production was limited to 250 copies, and the 9 folding sheets with 10 plans are in their original 17-inch folio paper wrap. Bourdon wore many hats during his life, and these plans were drawn while he was Surveyor-General of Quebec. These plans are "without a doubt the earliest Canadian maps to survive..". Fortified town plans of Montrieal, Quebec, Trois Rivieres and others are shown, and the manuscript plans are reproduced in faded ink with crayon tints. Most of the images measure 12 x 17.5 inches. . Facsimile, Limited. Original Wraps (Paper). Very Good.


(Travel Book, Folding Map of USA): The Illustrated Hand - Book, A New Guide for Travelers Through the United States of America..Railroad, Stage and Steamboat Routes..Accompanied By a Large and Accurate Map

By Smith, J. Calvin

New York: Sherman & Smith , 1849. Green cloth, decorative gilt embossed cloth boards rubbed and scuffed with some staining and sunning, but binding is sound. All 80 pp. text is present (with elaborate place-names and distance tables), in very good condition with minimal browning. The copyright date is 1846. Original endpapers present and browned (more than text). The large map with original hand-colored outlines is VG with minimal browning (dated 1850 on the map itself), on thin paper, with a very crisp image showing west to part of Texas, Western Territory and Nebraska. The image is titled: A New Map for Travellers Through the United States of America Showing the Railroads, Canals & Stage Roads. There are 4 insets: Railroad & Canal Routes from Albany to Buffalo, Map of Oregon California Santa Fe & c., Rail Road Route from New York to Philadelphia, Map Showing the Rail Roads Between the Cities of New York Boston & Albany.... The full image, on thin paper with small decorative b&w vignettes, measures unfolds to 21x26 inches, and folds into the rear cover. Few pinpoint separations at a couple of fold junctures, with no image loss.This is a very unusual item, particularly in this condition. Sabin's 82929 (specifically for this format and set of dates, as there were a number of contemporary variants on this booklet and map) .. 16mo - over 5¾" - 6¾" tall.


(Map of Spain and Portugal): Les Royaumes D'Espagne et de Portugal

By Bonne, Rigobert

Geneva, 1780. VG, b&w as issued. There are one or two minor stains, not causing any serious visual distractions. Majorca (with Balearic Islands) is shown. There are 4 scales. This is from "Atlas de Toutes Les Parties Connues du Globe Terrestre...". The image mea sures 21x32cm (8.25x12.5 inches). The date is approximate..


(Map of Gulf of Mexico and Environs- 2 Map Set): L'Ancien et Le Nouveau Mexique, Avec La Floride et La Basse Louisiane...(Eastern and Western plates)

By Bonne, Rigobert (with Desmarest)

Paris: Hotel De Thou, Rue Des Poitevins, 1788. VG+, b&w as issued, copperplate on heavy paper. A very nice pair of images from "Atlas Encyclopedique...", done by Bonne and Desmarest and published in two volumes in 1787-88. A somewhat unusual set of views (eastern and western plates) of the environs of the Gulf of Mexico, with detail of Central America and the Yucatan, going eastward to the western 2/3 of Cuba. Much of existing Lousiana territory shown on the first map, with the eastern part of Mexico and the southern California penninsula shown (Baja with area of Sea of Cortez). (plate 115), measures 13.5x9.5 inches (34x24cm) for each plate..


(Map of Future USA, Canada): Canada IIe

By unknown

Amsterdam: La Feuille (?), 1750. VG+ w/hand colored outlines. 5 separate scales (Echelle). This French map gives native american tribal locations in some detail, which was a frequent occurence in maps of this type and time. Most of main image is labelled as Canada, with a nice view of the Great Lakes. The Colonies are labelled, with no state borders and nothing to indicate the existence of the USA (the above date is approximate, and the name "Feuille" appears above the centerfold, just to the right of the title, with XXXV appearing in the upper left outside the neatline). The map image measures 29.5x43cm, with hand coloring (the pattern of coloring is typical of the times). The precise origin of this image is not known...


(Map of midatlantic and southeast USA): Middle States

By Olney, J

Robinson Pratt & Co., NY, c. 1837. VG w/ full hand-coloring. Copperplate. Shows New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, most of Virginia and part of North carolina. Detailed. From "New and Improved Schooll Atlas, to accompany the Practical System of Modern Geography." Area from L ake Ontario to Pamlico Sound. Population demographics, topography, waterways. 42x25cm..


(manuscript map- North America): Untitled

By unknown

Unknown: Unknown, 1895. Late 19th century manuscript map (date approximate), with some handwritten reference to George Philip (sic) & Son on verso. Orginal hand coloring with some general browning. The is a tablular index, numerically coded for the USA. Some of the larger states (for example Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Arizona- more names of western states directly on the image) have their names also printed directly on the map. On very heavy paper stock. An unusual image, well drawn, measuring 12x9 inches. .


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