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Meyn Mamvro No.43 Autumn 2000 Ancient Stones And Sacred Sites in Cornwall

By Cheryl Straffon Editor

Fine collectible condition 25 B/W Illus pages. Cornish Earth Mysteries, Witchcraft and Standing Stones and Sacred alignment journal focus on ancient Cornwall. One of the essays is "Caer Bran" by Craig Weatherhill who wrote a famed book on Land's End Standing Stones. Limited printing of these


The Ley Hunter 121 Summer 1994 (Paperback)

By Paul Devereux

Collectible Fine Condition 41 pp Clean free of markings Great and I do mean great photos of Fairy Paths in Sligo, "Pilgrimage in Java"," Dutch Corpse Roads" B/W illus much more What the Beatles were to the "Sixties" "The Ley Hunter" was to the Earth Mysteries, Megalith alignment and Spirit Paths Three Geese in Flight the Flag of the unseen since 1977


Tintagel and the Arthurian Mythos

By Paul Broadhurst

Collectible Signed Hand Numbered "520"Limited Edition. Near Fine Clean NOT a library copy Trade Paperback. Color Plates 203 pp.This makes any journey to Tintagel deeper. Illus Five star customer service since 1977


The Story Of Glastonbury And The Grail Or The Light Of Avalon
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The Story Of Glastonbury And The Grail Or The Light Of Avalon

By Melchior Macbride

Collectible Rare Original Grey Card Stock Covers Second Edition 105 pp. Frontis Illus. NOT a Library copy Occasional page foxing. Shelf aging 3/4 chip on bottom of book foxing Near Very good some cover soling and light crease on cover edge Signature at top of cover. This is the very uncommon "Second cheaper edition" as stated under author's name Red titling.Author's real name "John Purcell Quinton" Fascinating Grail Play about Joseph of Arimathea (Jewish Christian) entry into Britain and British Druidism Bardic Gorsedd, Mary and Arivagus and Boadicea Arthurian legend and five star customer service since 1977


Men Went to Cattraeth
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Men Went to Cattraeth

By John James

Very Good First Mass Market Paperback Edition 1972 Clean Pages NOT a library copy NO signatures. Really tough ass battle scenes as the Bard Aneirin tells of the Gododdin and the ride of three hundred Celtic warriors hoping to do what was too late to do. Very good clean tight shape. We wrap with care since 1977


Celts and the Renaissance, The

By R. O. Jones (Editor), Glanmor Williams (Editor)

Collectible Near Fine Hardcover Near Fine Intact Dust Jacket NO Chips NOT a Institutional copy.177 pp. Six Essays on the rise of Celtic literature reaching a wider world because of Renaissance Printing The book studies each traditional Celtic culture from ireland, Cornwall, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, Isle of Man. Excellent condition too


Haunted Landscapes: Cornish and Westcountry Tales of the Supernatural

By Donald R. Rawe

INSCRIBED and SIGNED Donald R. Rawe. Collectible Fine Trade Paperback First Cornish Edition 167 pp. Clean Pages. NOT a library copy. Nine short stories dealing with the supernatural by Cornish Author, Bard of the Gorseth, Publisher and Playwright Donald R. Rawe. Wonderful cover painting by Melanie C. Rawe. Three Geese in Flight Celtic Books since 1977


The Tudor Navy
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The Tudor Navy

By Arthur Nelson

Collectible Fine Large Hardcover Fine Dust Jacket NOT clipped NOT a Library copy 224 pp. Many Illus. Drawings,Maps of Elizabethan era warships, plans and Armada battle engravings. Handsome to flip through visually and exciting and educational to read the history of Tudor and Elizabethan Naval design culminating in the defeat of the Spanish Armada. Well written and exciting by a British naval historian. Much on Drake. Since 1977 wrapping with respect


Proceedings of the Harvard Celtic Colloquium, 29: 2009
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Proceedings of the Harvard Celtic Colloquium, 29: 2009

By Kassandra Conley (Editor), Erin Boon (Editor), Margaret Harrison (Editor), Elizabeth Moore (Editor), Yann Bevant (Contributor...

Collectible Fine Decorative Hardcover Clean 297 pp. NOT a library copy. Sixteen Essays by different scholars from the Proceedings of the Harvard Celtic Colloquium Volume XXIV, 2009 From Welsh Fairy lore to William Wallace to a little known Breton Arthurian work "An Dialog etre Arzur Roe d'an Bretounet ha Guynglaff and it's connection with Arthurian Legend" Much more. Pristine condition. Three Geese in Flight Celtic Arthurian lore since 1977.Passionate customer service "


Celtic Myth in the 21st Century: The Gods and their Stories in a Global Perspective (New Approaches to Celtic Religion and Mythology)
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Celtic Myth in the 21st Century: The Gods and their Stories in a Global Perspective (New Approaches to Celtic Religion and Mythology)

By Emily Lyle

Collectible Fine Condition First Edition 218 pp. NOT a library copy. NO writing NO signatures Twelve Essays by different scholars each as good as the next. A few "The Celtic Dragon Myth Revisited" Joseph Falaky Nagy "Identity, Time and the Otherworld: An Observation on The Wooing of Etain" John Carey "The Armorican Voyage to the Afterlife" Fanch Bihan-Gallic Another ob St. Patrick Another on the Tain, The Mabinogi Much more. Fine shape. Three Geese in Flight Celtic Mythology since 1977 wrapped with care


Celts and Their Games and Pastimes

By Egan, Sean

Collectible Fine First Edition Decorative Hardcover Clean pages with slight cover soiling. 191 pp. NOT a library copy From Irish Hurling to Scottish Golf to Cornish Wrestling, which George Washington was a champion of this form in Virginia.Rare very small printing. Wrapping with care since 1977


Jersey Folklore & Superstitions Volume Two: A Comparative Study with the Traditions of the Gulf of St. Malo (the Channel Islands, Normandy & Brittany)

By G. J. C. Bois

Fine Hardcover Fine Dust Jacket Clean 710 pp. NOT an Institutional copy NO Writing. Amazing anthology from the Channel Isles, Brittany and Normandy of Werewolves, Ghosts but also Folklore of Morgan le fay, the Korrigans, the Fairy Folk of Brittany Even the Barenton Fountain. Over 700 pages of lore Amazing resource of little seen. Three Geese In Flight Celtic Folklore since 1977


The Pirate and Prophecy: Of the Keigwins of Mousehole and the Spanish Raid on Cornwall

By John Wilkinson

Collectible Fine Hardcover Fine Dust Jacket NOT a library copy INTACT Dust Jacket. Clean 361 pp.First Cornish Edition "In 1595 in revenge for the defeat of Spanish Armada Spanish Slave galleys raided Cornwall capturing slaves trade and killing (As Monty Python said 'No one expects the Spanish Inquisition') Cornishmen. Here is that story and history Excellent reading including the Cornish Merlin prophecy....Three Geese In Flight passionate about our books wrapping carefully since 1977


Lives Of The British Saints. A Llanerch Facsimile Reprint Of The Text & Text Illustrations Of The 1907-1913, 4-Volume Edition, In Eight Parts

By Baring-Gould. S. & Fisher. John

Collectible Fine Handsome Eight Volume Trade Paperback Complete Set A Reprint Of the Original Rare Welsh Set.This reprint is hard enough to find and a fraction of the price. These are published handsome books in clean tight condition. The folklore of the Welsh and Cornish Celtic Saints in here is amazing and extensive the Arthurian material alone is worth the read. Please expect extra postage Three Geese In Flight Celti Myth since 1977 with passionate customer service


St Samson of Dol and the Earliest History of Brittany, Cornwall and Wales

By Lynette Olson

Collectible Fine Condition Clean 219 pp. Excellent anthology of essays on the controversies in Early Medieval Cornwall, Brittany and Wales about the extent of the travels of these Celtic saints who set up monastic sites during the Arthurian era. The arguments pro and con. Collectible condition at great price. Three Geese In Flight offering what we are passionate about since 1977


Saints' Cults in the Celtic World (Studies in Celtic History)

By Steve Boardman

Fine Decorative Hardcover Collectible Condition Clean 217 pp. NOT a library copy. Ten Essays by Great Modern Celtic Studies scholars. From "Bishop Kentigern Among the Britons" to "The Cults of Saint Patrick and Palladius in early Medieval Scotland" Eight more Fine collectible condition Beautiful cover Illustration. Celtic studies with Five Star customer service since 1977


The Tinners' Way

By Craig Weatherhill

Fine Clean Collectible Hardcover Fine Dust Jacket Price Intact NOT a library Copy Clean 198 pp. No Writing. A Cornish "Otherworld and Time" sort of "Dark is Rising" sort of series. Here is the third in the Lynonesse Stone Trilogy..Like new book and jacket. Three Geese In Flight Celtic and Arthur since 1977.


The Cornish Ordinalia: A Critical Study

By Jane A. Bakere

Fine First Welsh Edition Hardcover Clean 191 pp.Fine Dust Jacket Intact Frontis Illus. Plan of Perran Round. NOT a library copy. Mysticism within the Cornish religious texts is underappreciated. Not here. Fine condition as well.We pack with care since 1977


St David of Wales: Cult, Church and Nation (Studies in Celtic History)
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St David of Wales: Cult, Church and Nation (Studies in Celtic History)

By J. Wyn Evans

Fine First Edition Collectible Condition Hardcover 391 pp. Clean pages NOT a library copy. NOT a remainder Twenty One essays bt the cutting edge modern scholars on Early Medieval Celtic Saints of Wales, Brittany. and Cornwall. The focus is Dewi Sant or St. David and his mother Non. Great shape and great price Three Geese in Flight Celtic studies since 1977 with passionate customer service


Two Lives of Gildas

By Saint,of Llancarfan; Ruys, Monk of Caradoc

Fine Clean Trade Paperback 110 pp..Hugh Williams translations of the Two Lives and Commentary. A whole very interesting section about King Arthur.taking pennance from Gildas different from Cambrensis! 110 pp. Clean text NOT a library copy.


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