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Indian Legends of Martha's Vineyard

By Dorothy R. Scoville

Very Good+ First Edition Twelve Algonquin Wampanoag tales told to the author on Mystical Martha's Vineyard off of Cape Cod 28 pp. Photos Native Pokanoket with with translation.Map with indian place names. Booklet Place Names tales of 'Witch Pond' 'Moshop' more published on Martha's Vineyard.Small Printing Clean pages a little shelf handling soiling. NO markings NOT an institution copy either


Rural Indigenousness: A History of Iroquoian and Algonquian Peoples of the Adirondacks (The Iroquois and Their Neighbors)

By Melissa Otis (author)

Collectible Fine condition Decorative Hardcover. 377 pp.Illus. Maps Clean NO writing Great resource to learn the Mohawk and Oneida Iroquois history and genealogy as well as the Algonquin Abenaki and Mahican peoples that lived and do live in the Adirondacks and Lake George and Lake Champlain corridor as well. Great old photos as well. Fine shape.Three Geese in Flight Books watering the Tree of Peace since 1977 and packing our books well


Attack on Quebec : the American invasion of Canada, 1775

By Harrison Bird

Collectible Fine Hardcover Fine Mylar Protected Dust Jacket.Price Intact. NO writing 255 pp. NO markings of any kind.Map endpapers. Pristine. Among the Americans it was seen less an "invasion" and more a "Liberation" which indeed was its intention. Wrapping with care since 1977


The Atlas of North American Exploration From the Norse Voyages to the Race to the Pole

By Glyndwr.; Malcolm Swanston; Isabelle Lewis; Jacqueline Land Williams

Fine First Edition Hardcover Near Fine Dust Jacket Stated "First Edition" Clean 224 pp. Color Maps on every page. Book clean NOT a library copy Dust Jacket Near Fine One tiny tear on back jacket and handling but NO chips Near Fine A well written Amazing maps French, Dutch, Spanish British even Norse and a bit of St. Brendan


The Works of John Dee: Modernizations of his Main Mathematical Masterpieces

By James Alan Egan

Collectible Fine Condition Large 252 pp. Many of John Dee's great works translated into modern English. A "Monas Hieroglyphica" in large letters in modern English, Euclid more! Many of his illus and maps!


Colonel Jacob Klock

By A. J. Berry

Collectible Fine Condition 118 pp Clean Brilliant stuff if you love the Revolutionary War in the Mohawk Valley and surrounding area and if you have Dutch and German or Oneida and Mohawk descendants this is a gem Primary documents, pension applications, letters, Dutch Militia War records Stone Arabia Klock's field, Colonel Jacob Klock. A lot packed into this 118 page book. NOT a library copy. Since 1977 packing with respect to you and the book


Sails and Steam in the Mountains: A Maritime and Military History of Lake George and Lake Champlain

By Russell P Bellico

First Edition 1992 Very Good Clean Trade Paperback NOT a library copy. NO writing 392 pp. B/W Illus. A little shelf wear, tight and clean. Throw the remote control out the window and read this! From Rogers Ranger and the French and Indian War to Ticonderoga in American Revolution to invasion in the War of 1812 Non stop filled with illustrations. Since 1977 we arap with care


Portraits of Jews

By Hannah R. London

Fine Clean hardcover Fine Mylared Dust Jacket Clean jacket clipped. 197 pp. 58 Illus. NO Writing NOT a library copy. Living portraits of important Colonial Americans by Gilbert Stuart portrait painter of George Washington. These faces looking back at you flies in the face of the stereotype which seeks to portray Jewish people as having all arrived in the Twentieth century. In fact visiting Swedish naturalist Peter Kalm comments on meeting Jews in 1744 in Manhattan. Excellent condition as is Mylar protected dust jacket. Red cloth handsomely bound like most if not all Tuttle books in Japan.


The Canadian Frontier 1534-1760

By William J. Eccles

First Edition Hardcover Fine Clean Hardcover Near Fine Dust jacket. Clean 233 pp. Maps Tight binding Jacket price snipped and tiny chip at leading edge. From the earliest North American explorers to the Jesuits and hidden templar related orders in Montreal to the Mohawk and french and Algonquin wars. This fine history told from the Canadian perspective screams out for popcorn. Great copy too Wrapping with care since 1977


Lafayette: Hero of Two Worlds

By Olivier Bernier

Near Fine First Edition Hardcover Near Fine Dust jacket NOT a library copy Stated "First Edition" Number line 10987654321 Clean pages it would be listed as "Fine" but for price cut on jacket. Excellent condition and a fantastic look at Lafayette during the Revolution but his story after as a champion of Liberal causes including the State of Israel! His return fifty years after revolution as a "Rock Star" Great book but you might cry. We wrap with care to protect your dust jacket since 1977


Champlain's Dream

By David Hackett Fischer

Collectible First Edition Hardcover Fine Hardcover Fine Dust Jacket NOT a library copy Clean 834 Pages, NO Writing Number line 10987654321 Comprehensive study of early French exploration and settlement interaction with Algonquin hunters and their wars with agricultural Matriarchal Five Nation Confederacy. Many primary documents translated.Even his little known time in Mexico Epic work Excellent clean First edition. We wrap in paper to protect your dust jacket since 1977


Jewish Landmarks In New York An Informal History And Guide Signed and Inscribed by Author

By Bernard Postal & Lionel Koppman

SIGNED AND INSCRIBED BY BERNARD POSTAL Original Very Good Hardcover Very Good Dust Jacket NOT a Library copy NO writing in book One inch jacket chip at bottom of cover and a few rubs else Very Good. Here is New York before Real Estate Agents took it over. Here are the best Pastrami sandwiches you would never find on TV and some are still there like Bens in Forest hills HERE BEAUTIFULLY INSCRIBED BY ONE OF THE AUTHORS..Three Geese In Flight passionate about our books since 1977


The Letters of Abigaill Levy Franks, 1733-1748
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The Letters of Abigaill Levy Franks, 1733-1748

By Edith B. [Editor] Gelles

Fine Hardcover Fine Dust jacket Clean 186 pp. B/W Illus The Freedom for Jewish People to Live, Work and Worship in New York prior to the Revolutionary War is documented here in the rich life of the Frank family in these letters. It is also written about in the Writings of Swedish naturalist Peter Kalm who was in New York during this time. (Mentioned in the notes here) Collectible condition bound nicely with dust jacket which seems to be sadly fading away in the publishing world. Packing with care since 1977


The Iroquois (Peoples of America)

By Dean R. Snow

Near Fine Clean Hardcover Near Fine Dust jacket 269 pp.Clean Pages NOT a library copy.Illus.Archeology and history from the Sky World to trouble at Oka


Oriskany: A Place of Great Sadness A Mohawk Valley Battlefield Ethnography

By National Park Service

Fine Condition Clean 177 pp Photo Filled Spiral Bound Intense Look at the Battle of Oriskany The Tryon County Militia The Oneida, The Regulars. Battlefield archeology and Iroquois ethnology study of the battle. Worthwhile even for the bibliology alone but it covers "ground" overlooked before in this hellacious battle of Oriskany.


Meriwether Lewis: The Assassination of an American Hero and the Silver Mines of Mexico

By Kira Gale

Fine Collectible Hardcover Clean 552 pp.Fine Dust Jacket Price intact NOT a library copy. Illus. Great book in opening ones eyes to the political machinations of Burr and Wilkinson and the Blessing of good men like Meriwether Lewis to preserve America over greed and how good men get murdered.Great Lewis and Clark narrative Great book with hints of Welsh pre-Colonial existence suppressed for territorial ownership.Handsome Collectible copy. Great photos. Three Geese In Flight Celtic studies since 1977 packed with respect.


Uncas First of the Mohegans
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Uncas First of the Mohegans

By Michael Leroy Oberg

Fine Hardcover Fine Dust Jacket Intact Clean 268 pp. Illus. NOT a library copy The "Last of the Mohegans" begins here with Uncas story. Deep look at Pilgrim New England and the Algonquin speaking people that lived there. Handsome book from the rich dust jacket illus to the fascinating text Three Geese In Flight Folklore since 1977 packing with care


Historic Kingston New York

By Louise Heron

16 pp.Text and B/W Photos of the Dutch Stone Houses Plus Map of Colonial Kingston Street Layout.The seventeenth and Eighteenth Century lives to this day in Esopus or Kingston New York (Our Three Geese In Flight Bookstore was there for a happy while) Beside the fifteen pages of text a street map and photos of the stone houses the British could not burn in 1777. Photos soon


The Life and Traditions of the Red Man: A rediscovered treasure of Native American literature

By Joseph Nicolar

Fine Collectible Special Edition Hardcover Clean 223 pp. pages Photos, Drawings Algonquin design. Small Printed Edition Hardcover of with additional writing by descendants of Joseph Nicolar and Annette Kolodny with a History of the Penobscot Nation. Rare writing of a Native American Shaman of the Penobscot of Maine published in 1893 here published in small run in Clot no jacket published with much additional rare Algonquin New England lore


Contacts Between Iroquois Herbalism And Colonial Medicine
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Contacts Between Iroquois Herbalism And Colonial Medicine

By William N. Fenton

Collectible Fine Clean Condition. Original Gray Smithsonian Card Stock Covers From The Smithsonian Report For 1941, Pages 503-526 (With 5 Plates) Clean 23 pages and Five pages of B/W Photo Plates. NOT a library copy. The interaction of Iroquois Longhouse Herbalist with Colonial Doctors in Albany and Montreal. Sassafras and wild cherry, ginseng are examples. Amazing photos of Mohawk, Cayuga and Seneca Medicine People Onondaga small log cabin Herbs in gardens. Fine condition see our photos.Since 1977 Three Geese In Flight offering books that water the Tree of Peace


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