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Channeled Material From Timeless Books


Right Use of Will : Healing and Evolving the Emotional Body

By DeRohan, Ceanne

Four Winds Publications, 1986. 123 pages, blue cover with gilt lettering and decoration. Bright clean covers, very light corner wear, approx. 6 pages pages have underlining, numerous pages have check marks in margin, name inked out on reverse of front cover. Contents include: Clearing Illness and Habits; Ego; Discipline, Death and REincarnation; Judgment Release; Emotional Release; Influence Away From Free Will; Feminine Principle; Form and Graven Images; Acceptance; Land of Pan; Lemuria; Atlantis; etc.. Soft Cover. Very Good. Used.


Twin Souls & Soulmates : The I AM Presence of St. Germain Channelled Through Azena Ramanda and Claire Heartsong

By St. Germain; Ramanda, Azena; Heartsong, Claire

Triad Publishers, 1998. 148 pages. Covers are clean with light scuff, some edge & corner wear, approx. 28 pages have hi-lighting. Contents include: The Meaning of Relationships; Soulmates; Spirituality and Sexuality; Ecstatic Explosion; Fruit of Passion; I Am Free; St. Germain's Story.. Soft Cover. Good. Used.


Unknown Reality : Volume One & Two (Set): Volume 1 & 2 of a Seth Book

By Roberts, Jane

Prentice-Hall Inc., 1977. 814 pages in the two volumes, Index. Vol. 1 has margin marks on approx 25 pages, boards are clean. Vol. 2 has unmarked text. Boards on both volumes are clean with very light scuff.. Seth channeled through Jane Roberts says, our current concepts of religion and death, sexuality and dreams, creativity and physical health are all underlaid with "unknown" dimensions whose understanding can change the world as we know it. "I am suggesting ways in which the unknown reality can become a known one.". Hard Cover. Very Good/No Jacket. Used.


Lives in Channel

By Maddocks, Eileen

Self Published, 1989. 321 pages. Text is free of marks, covers have few faint smudges, light scuff, corner wear, tiny split at base of spine/front cover, creased spine. Book is the author's true story. Contents include: Fold, Staple and Mutilate; The Garden Blossoms; Collapse; Love and Light; Addiction - A Bridge to Healing; Reparenting for Unlimitedness; My Journey Into Time; The Pact; Be Your Power; We Are a Family; Be Happy; Mastership; Transition; From Broadway to Malden Bridge; A Cosmic Megaphone. . Soft Cover. Good. Used.


Reality Also Has a Drumbeat

By Hatonn, Gyeorgos Ceres; Green, George

American West Publishing, 1992. 223 pages, index. Few very faint smudges to covers, text free of marks. Topics include: An intorduction to "Treasurygate"; Pre-programmed Ballots - After the election; The Ruby Creek sabotage; The Expose of a political pied piper; Bill Clnton a Rockefeller by Bloodline; More Nostradamus predictions; Best ways to handle assets; United Nations declares war on American citizens; British Israel; Secrets of atomic transfiguration - its cause and effects revealed. Soft Cover. Very Good. Used.


From Heaven to Earth : Cheiro Returns
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From Heaven to Earth : Cheiro Returns

By Leichtman, Robert R; Johnson, D. Kendrick; Cheiro

Ariel Press, 1979. 80 pages, glossary. Bright clean covers, text clean but for one page with margin mark. Transcript of a conversation between Dr. Leichtman and the spirit of Cheiro. Cheiro discusses the esoteric uses of mantic devices, as well as their more common applications. . Mass Market Paperback. Very Good. Used.


Ascension : The Doorway Home Volume One, 1
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Ascension : The Doorway Home Volume One, 1

By Weyrick, Jeannie; Putman, Richard (Dito)

Wappingers Falls, NY, USA: World Light Pub, 1995. 219 pages, Glossary. Clean inside & out, light scuff to covers, very light corner wear. Book contains letters that were written on a computer bulletin board between the author and a man named Dito. Contents include: Introduction by Dito; The Letters; Epilogue.. Soft Cover. Very Good. Used.


New Guide for Students in God's Golden Age

By Eolia, St. Germain; Kromer, Phyllis

Grass Valley, CA, U.S.A.: Blue Dolphin Press, 1984. 142 pages. Few faintsmudges/spots to covers, hi-lighting, underlining & margin marks. Information received by Phyllis Kromer from St. Germain Eolia. . Soft Cover. Good. Used.


Ascension Handbook : Material Channeled from Serapis
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Ascension Handbook : Material Channeled from Serapis

By Stubbs, Tony

Livermore, CA, U.S.A: Oughten House Publications, 1994 137 pages, appendix. Clean inside & out but for notes written on first page, crisp copy. Filled with exercises and techniques, book is a practical "how to" manual for ascending Lightworkers for increasing the frequency of energy-bodies to emerge as self-realized Masters. Ascend with grace, ease, and fun. Contents include: What is Energy?; The Nature of Matter-Holograms, Standing Waves, & Energy Fields; Three Great Myths: Love, Truth, and Power; Ascension: How to do it; Unity; Being all that you are; Life after ascension; etc.. Soft Cover. Very Good. Used.


Beyond Reiki : Eternal Light, Divine Rays of Healing Light to Activate the 12 Inner Planetary Energies According to the Divine Blueprint for Mankind

By Kumara Shimara

Suffolk, England: Golden Ray Publications, 1999 194 pages, B/W Photos. Bright clean, covers, text free of marks, crisp copy. Contents include: Message from the Ascended Master El Morya; Gaia, a Higher Octave; Alpha; Higher Purpose of Reiki; Gaia; Moon; Sun; Mercury; The Saturn Ray; Venus Ray; Chiron Ray; Pluto Ray; Neptune Ray; Mars Ray; Uranus Ray; Jupiter Ray; Sirius Ray; Omega; Giai, the Earth Element Healing Ray; Working with Healing Energies; Distant Healing; Difference Between Gaia and Spiritual Healing; Auras, Chakras and Subtle Bodies; etc.. Oversized Soft Cover. Very Good. Used.


Arthur Ford Speaks from Beyond

By Sullivan, Eileen; Ford, Arthur A

Chicago, IL, USA: J. Philip O'Hara, 1975 186 pages. Boards are white with few faint smudges, text is free of marks. Contents include: Transition; What is Death?; Communication and Related Thoughts; Fear of Death; Soul in Limbo; Thoughts on Soul Education; Era of the Soul; Paths; Evil Spirit?; The Soul on Earth; Where Do We Go From Here?; Soul Travel; Human Responsibility; Mr. Moon Speaks on the Saving of the Soul; Life Everlasting; Destiny of the Soul; etc.. Hard Cover. Very Good/No Jacket. Used.


Living Toward Mastership

By Armstrong, Beulah

Los Angeles, CA, U.S. A: DeVorss & Co., 1937. 121 pages, blue cloth boards with gilt lettering. Light scuff at cornes & edges, small light scratch & tiny light spot on front cover, rear cover has small light mark, two address labels on front endpaper. Questions & answers given in channeling sessions through Mimiam. Contents include: Means of Travel and Communication; Creation; Spiritual Healing; The First Plane; Characteristics of First and Second Planes; Inventions; A Great Assembly; Work of Great Leaders; Creative Power; Confusion in the Astral Plane; A Glimpse into the Future; etc.. Hard Cover. Very Good. Used.