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Crystals, Rocks and Minerals From Timeless Books


Sedimentary Rocks in the Field : a Colour Guide

By Dorrik Stow

Manson Publishing Ltd, 2005. 320 pages, index, references, color photos, glossy pictorial boards. Boards are clean with light scuff, lots of underlining in red ink. Contents include: Field Techniques; Principal Characteristics of Sedimentary Rocks; Conglomerates; Sandstones; Mudrocks; Carbonate Rocks; Cherts & Siliceous Sediments; Phosphorites; Coal & Oil; Evaporites; Ironstones; Soils, Paleosols, & Duricrusts; Volcaniclastic Sedoments; Interpretations & Depositonal Environments; etc.. Hard Cover. Good/No Jacket. Used.


Gem Elixirs and Vibrational Healing, Vol. I, Volume I, 1

By Gurudas; Ryerson, Kevin

Cassandra Press, 1985. 296 pages, Index, Bibliography, Glossary, Appendix (this copy has cover with 7 crystals in a circle around a beam of light. Covers are clean with scuff, some edge & corner wear, text unmarked. Text focuses on the practical side of gem therapy. Encyclopedic in content, this text presents 144 gemstones and 81 combinations. Up to 25 issues are examined with each gemstone. Contents include: List of Gem Elixirs That Affect the Nadis; List of Gem Elixirs That Affect the Meridians; List of Gem Elixirs That Affect the Yin-Yang; Cleansing, Protecting, and Storing Gemstones and Gem Elixirs; Preparing Gem Elixirs; Amplification of Gem Elixirs; etc.. Oversized Soft Cover. Good. Used.


1001 Facts About Rocks and Minerals : Backpack Books
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1001 Facts About Rocks and Minerals : Backpack Books

By Fuller, Sue; Maynard, Chris

Dorling Kindersley, 2003. 192 pages, index, color photos and illustrations. Covers are bright & clean, small faint stain on bottom edge, shows just faintly in spine/bottom of few pages, light corner wear, few folded page corners. Topics are covered in encyclopedic and easy-to-understand detail. Rocks are listed by groups of color. . Soft Cover. Very Good. Used.


Book of Stones & Metals
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Book of Stones & Metals

By Heath, Maya

Merlyn Press, 1998. 389 pages, Index, black-and-white illustrations. Book is clean inside & out but for inscription on title page.(may be author's signature, can't tell). Contents include: Path of Preparation; Human Energy System Complex; Conditions of Light; Working with Crystal Energy; Journey of the Spirit; Energy Work with Stones & Talismans; Complex Talismans; The Callings & Their Talismans; Group Work & The Great Gathering; Talismanic Regalia; Stone Families and Types; Non Crystalline Stones of Power.. Oversized Soft Cover. Very Good. Used.


Lazy Way to Crystal Understanding

By Wyrsch, Rudi

Berkeley, CA, U.S.A.: Crystal Network Foundation, 1987 91 pages, B/W illustrations. Contents include: How to choose a crystal; How to understand what crystals do; Frequency of vibration; How to induce deep crystal meditation; The spiritual use of crystal meditation; Crystals and cosmic orgasm; The Silver Cord, The Golden Cord; and the Inner Sound; Crystals and stones and what they do; etc.. Soft Cover. As New. Used.