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Heart 1932 : Signs of Agni Yoga Series #8 of Series

By Roerich, Helena; Rokotoff, Natalie; Agni Yoga

Agni Yoga Society, 1982. 388 pages, Index. Yellow covers with few faint smudges, text is unmarked,, looks to have had first blank page removed from book. Helena Roerich was a Russina born spiritual teacher who founded the Agni Yoga Society. The heart and only the heart can lead to the most wonderful achievements. For, without heart can someone achieve quality, enthusiasm, devotion, courage? The heart kindles the most beautiful fires, the heart who's invisible strings tie us witht he World. Agni Yoga is the Way to the Heart.. Soft Cover. Good +. Used.


Hinduism and Its Rationalism

By Hariharan, M.

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, 1987. 150 pages. Few smudges to covers, some edgewear, text is unmarked, name written on half title page, embossed ownership stamp on title page. Contents include: Essence of Hinduism; Hinduism - Its Ideals; Three Parts of Hinduism; God & Soul in Hinduism; The World - Its Creation, Evolution; Maya; Ethics; Protect the Cow and the Brahmin; Heterodox Philosophy; Three Schools of Vedanta; Caste System; etc. . Soft Cover. Good. Used.



By Paramananda, Swami

Vedanta Centre, 1961. 84 pages. Boards are clean with light scuff, approx. 23 pages have pencil underlining. Conttents include: Mastery of Self; Man His Own Friend and Foe; Control of Body and Mind; Conquest of Our Lower Nature; How to Conserve Our Energies; Self-Help and Self-Surrender.. Hard Cover. Very Good/No Jacket. Used.


Nothing Ever Happened, Volume Three : Vol. 3

By David Godman

U.S.A.: Avadhuta Foundation, 1998. 454 pages, glossary, index, sources, black and white photos. Book is clean inside & out, very light corner wear. Contents include: Abroad Again; Encounters; Diaries; Guru and Disciple.. Oversized Soft Cover. Very Good. Used.


Third Eye and Kundalini : An Experiential Account of Journey From Dust to Divinity. Vol II, Psycho-analysis and Meditation, Volume 2

By Goel, B.S

Eye Foundation of India, 1989. 331pages, color photos, orange cloth boards, bibliography, glossary. Name written on first page, cloth boards have ink showing through cloth (poor binding process of India), last page has jagged edge at top where it has separate from attachment of rear endpaper, text free of marks, some pages have faint dampness ripple (no water stains). Dustjacket has few faint ink smudges, small tears, sun fade. Contents include: Third Eye and Shiva-Linga; Deva; Death of Earthly Mother; Struggle Between Life and Death and the Search for Getting Out of It; Phase of the Progressive Detachment; Divine Process of Kundalini and its Understanding; Certain Spiritual Practices and the Principles of Spiritual Therapy; Transcending Human Barriers; Second Phase of Dissolution of Mind (Period of Misery); Back to Freedom and Stability; Nearing the other Bank of the Ocean; Peak of Absolute Consciousness; He is in Me, I in Him - He Does Everything; Towards Ashram Life.. Hard Cover. Very Good/Good. Used.


Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

By Iyer, Raghavan

Theosophy Trust Books, 2011. 202 pages, index, glossary. Bright clean covers, text unmarked, light crease to rear cover, light corner wear. Book brings together the many HERMES articles written by Prof. Iyer. In truth, meditation and self-sutdy represent two sides of one human activity, something analogous to the operation of the systolic and diastolic movements of the human heart. Content include: Six Dharshanas; Sankhya Darshana; Yoga Sutra; Samadhi Pada; Sadhana Pada; Vibhuti Pada; Kaivalya Pada; etc.. Soft Cover. Good +. Used.


In the Presence of Truth : Discovering the Being Within Volume I, 1

By Nandatha, GurudevHamsah; Pujam, Vedhyas

Path of Light Productions, 2012. 441 pages. Clean crisp copy with light corner wear. Author gives you the essence of his transformative teaching. "Accept nothing as true except what you yourself experience. Who are you? What is the true purpose of your life." Discover and conquer the fears that have so far determined the course of your life. Contents include: Nature of the True Self; Guru-Disciple Relationship; The Mantra OM; Ego versus Sattva - the Balance; Programmings versus Willpower and Freedom; Freedom from All Karma; Entering the True World of Vibrations; Meditation; Developing Confidence through the Awakening of Consciousness; Essential Questions to Advance on the Path of Light; etc.. Oversized Soft Cover. Very Good. Used.


Light Fountain

By Chidananda, Sri Swami (PRISM

India: Divine Life Society, 1991. 196 pages, soft cover (stiff covers) with dustjacket attached. Covers are clean, text is unmarked, tiny split at top of front/spine dustjacket. Book presents an impartial study of Swamiji's personallity from a consideration of some of the salient incidents of his interesting life- past and present as well. Contents include: The Apostle of Prayer; Being and Doing; Secret of the Intense Activity; Lessons on Life; Real Renunciation; The Rugged Path; Ever-alert Vigilance and Vichara; Precept and Practical Living; Ascetisism and Common-snese; The World As He Beholds It; This I Bequeath; Pointers on the Pathway; etc.. Soft Cover. Very Good/Good. Used.


Luminous Eye

By Navaratnam, Ratna Ma; Dr. N. Mahalingam (editor)

International Society for the Investigation of Ancient Civilizations, 1989. 213 pages plus index, soft cover with dustjacket, bound in India with string binding. Book and covers are clean inside & out but for note on half title page, base of spine has small piece missing. Dustjacket is bright though sun fade to spine, light scuff, small tears, few faint smudges to rear cover & spine. Contents include: Luminous Insights; The Dynamics of the Triple Eye; Symbolism of the Eye of Siva; Efficacy of Gayatri; Illumined Upanisad Seers; Radiant Internal Landscapes; Thus Speak the Knowers; The Effulgence of Divine Will; Siva Oli in Tirumantiram; Truth Realization; All-seeing Eye of Siva; Sivagni - Re-discovery of the Inner Light; Olineri - the Lighted Path of Knowledge; The Luminous Gaze; Luminous Eye; Symphony of Love and Light. First Edition. Soft Cover. Good/Good. Used.



By Aiyer, K. Narayanaswami (translator)

India: Adyar Library and Research Centre, 2001. 486 pages, index, text in English. Text free of marks, boards are clean, two pages have small light spot, two top corners are lightly bumped. Dustjacket in Brodart, bright, few faint tiny ink smudges, tiny tears at top of spine. Contents include: Story of Suuka; Mumuksu Prakarana; Utpatti Prakarana; Sthitt Prakarana; Upasanti Prakarana; Nirvana Prakarana.. Hard Cover. Very Good/Good. Used.


Rejoice : The Scriptures Are Fulfilled : The Phoenix Has Come!

By Gale-Kumar, Kristina

Cardinal Enterprises, 1991. 284 pages. Covers are bright & clean but for old price sticker on rear cover, some edge & corner wear, Sai Baba Center stamped on title page, text free of marks. The sequel to The Phoenix Returns. Contents include: Buddhist and American Indian Prophecies; Maya - Veil and Usher of the Lord; The Queen Mother of the West; Jesus, Islam and India; Tara Saviouress - The Queen Mother of the West has Come; Armageddon - The War Within and Without; The Pentecost - A Purification by Fire; The World Uniter; The Search Bears Fruit; Triple Incarnation; Restoring the Balance Through Wonders and Wisdom; Triune Path - Works, Worship and Wisdom; Five-Point Mission of Our Lord; The Promise is Fulfilled. . Soft Cover. Good. Used.


Letters from Sri Ramanasramam Volumes I & II (in One book) 1 & 2

By Nagamma, Suri

India: T.N. Venkataraman, 1985. 481 pages, Bibliography, Index. Two volumes in one book. Boards are clean, text free of marks, cloth webbing showing at front & rear endpapers (all pages firmly attached), bow to front board, small ink mark on bottom edge (not remainder mark). Dustjacket has wrinkles, small tears, few faint smudges. Contents include: Marriages; In Service of the Sage; Atma Seva; Wordly Troubles; Echamma's Demise; Leopards and Snakes; Moksha; Worship of the Cow; Baby Cheetahs; Anger; Disease; Uma; That which IS, is only One; Samadhi; Dreams - Delusions; Life on the Hill - Some Incidents; Swami is Everywhere; Golden Jubilee Festivities & Celebrations; Who is Famana?; Divine Force; Maya (illusion); Birth; Self; Attitude of Silence; On Being the Master; Existence after Realization; Holy Beacon; Equality; Educated People; Nature's Splendor, etc (241 in both volumes). Hard Cover. Good/Good. Used.


A In-I Akbari : Set of 3 Books, 1, 2, 3

By Abu L-Fazl Allami; Jarrett, H.S. (translator)

New Delhi, India: Classical Publishing Co., 1996. Three separate books, dustjackets in Brodart, text in English. Volume #2 has the most wear (bottom edge & corners of front board). Very minimal soil, few tape marks where dustjacket was taped to endpapers (not an ex-library), few small tears to pages. An encyclopaedia of Hindu philosophy, science literature and customs, with the life of the Author and Akbar's wise sayings. Abu'l Fazl belongs to that genre of great writers - Herodotus, Xenophon Pliny, Tacitus, Firdausi and Al-Biruni-who posses the unique gift of resuscitating the glories of a bygone and vanished age in all it's spelndour. . Hard Cover. Good/Good. Used.


Dharma Paths
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Dharma Paths

By Rinpoche, Khenpo Karthar, Ven

Ithaca, NY, U.S.A.: Snow Lion Pubns, 1992. 283 pages, Glossary, black-and-white illustrations. Clean, crisp copy. First Teaching of Buddha; Refuge and Lay Precepts; Taming the Mind; Entering the Path of the Bodhisattvas; Six Perfections; Stages of the Path; The Three Vehicles. . Oversized Soft Cover. Very Good. Used.


Srimad Devi Bhagavatam; Srimad Devi Bhagawatam, Part I & II, Part 1 & 2

By Vijnanananda, Swami (Translator)

New Delhi, India: Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers, 2001 1192 pages, black cloth boards with gilt lettering & decoration. Few faint spots on boards, text free of marks, light smudge on side edge. Dustjacket is bright & clean, mylar wrinkles & mylar starting to peel on bottom edge, tiny tears. . Hard Cover. Very Good/Fine. Used.


Meher Baba's Word & His Three Bridges

By Stevens, Don E.; Moore, Norah; Weichberger, Laurent

London, U.K.: Companion Books, 2003 234 pages. Clean, crisp copy. Contents include: Saturday Morning; Saturday Afternoon; Sunday Morning; Sunday Afternoon. "My job is to tell you what Baba told me about his manifesting; the Path of Love; the balance of head & heart and Don's "almost perfect balance between the two;" the gradual narrowing of the Path of Love; the role of his words; and the reason for all the Discourses on Meditation.".... Soft Cover. Very Good. Used.


Unknown Guru, The

By Parampanthi, Swami

Delhi, India: B.R. Publishing Corp., 1994. 328 pages. Clean, crisp copy, light edge & corner wear. Parampanthi had his religious and formal eductaion under Swami Muktananda Paramhansa. Contents include: Modern Hedonism and Narcissism; Sacred Scriptures; Truth and the Paradox of Faith; Rebellion of the Buddha; Buddhism in China and Japan; Judaism and Suffering; Nature of Reality; Eternal Drama of Man and God; Man's Wondrous Journey to God; Mystery of Good and Evil; Hinduism: A Universal Religion; etc.. ISBN: 81-7018-815-6. Soft Cover. Very Good. Used. Eastern Philosophy. Catalogs: Eastern Philosophy.


Book of Tea
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Book of Tea

By Kakuzo, Okakura

Rutland, VT, U.S.A.: Charles E. Tuttle Co., 1977. 133 pages, References, B/W Illustrations in presentation sleeve. Book has no flaws of mention. Sleeve has tiny split near spine. Slipcase is clean but has light scuff at edges, sun fade. Contents include: Cup of Humanity; Schools of Tea; Taoism and Zennism; Tea-room; Art Appreciatin; Flowers; Tea-masters; Biographical Sketch. ISBN: 0-8048-0069-3. Hard Cover. Very Good/Very Good. Used. Eastern Philosophy. Catalogs: Eastern Philosophy.


Spiritual Talks By the First Disciples of Sri Ramakrishna

By The First Disciples of Sri Ramakrishna

Calcutta, India: Advaita Ashrama, 1975. 379 pages, Index. Clean inside & out, age discoloring & sun fade to boards, slight slant. Spiritual talks by: The Holy Mother; Swami Brahmananda; Swami Premananda; Swami Turiyananda; Swami Shivananda; Swami Saradananda.. Hard Cover. Very Good/No Jacket. 4 ½" X 6½". Used.


Sayings of Paramahansa Yogananda
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Sayings of Paramahansa Yogananda

By Yogananda, Paramahansa; Self-Realization Fellowship Editorial Staff

Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A.: Self-Realization Fellowship, 1994. 126 pages, Glossary, Index. Clean, tight & bright, very minimal wear. Shining from every page are Yogananda's compassionate understanding of humanity and his boundless love for God. This collection of informal counsel provides intimate glimpses into the mind of one of the great spiritual figures of our time. . ISBN: 0-87612-116-4. Soft Cover. Very Good. Used. Eastern Philosophy. Catalogs: Eastern Philosophy.


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