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Mystic, Occult, Magic From Timeless Books


Collected Works of Aleister Crowley With Portraits (Works of Aleister Crowley) Set of 3 Volumes,# I, II, III ( 1, 2, 3)

By Crowley, Aleister

Yoga Publication Society, 1974. Three separate books, red cloth boards with gilt lettering & decorations. All in very good condition, text clean, book # 1 has small nick in side edge of front board. . Reprint Edition. Hard Cover. Very Good/No Jacket. Used.


Awakening Mystical Consciousness
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Awakening Mystical Consciousness

By Goldsmith, Joel S.; Edited By Lorraine Sinkler

Acropolis Books Inc, 1980. 208 pages, index, green boards with gilt lettering. Book is clean inside & out. Contents include: The Atheism of Material Power; Releasing Spiritual Power; Spiritual Power Unveiled; Flesh and Flesh; Our Real Identity; The Word and Words; Concepts or Is?; Attaining Dominion Through I; The Mystic and Healing; Dominion Through Daily Realization; Awakening to the Soul-Faculties; Consciousness Unfolding as the Harmony of Our Experience. . Hard Cover. Very Good/No Jacket. Used.


Masters of Deception : Murder and Intrigue in the World of Occult Politics

By Patton, Guy

Adventures Unlimited Press, 2009. 280 pages. Bright clean covers, top of spine/rear covers in bumped, text unmarked. In this book after two decades of investigating the Priory of Sion, the author unveils his conclusions. The Priory does indeed operate within the milieu of occult politics; a shadowy world in which secret societies throughout the centuries have tried to influence the power of governments and the fate of nations. Contents include: Legacy of the Warrior Monks; Search for Lost Gold; Secret World of the Abbe Sauniere; Hidden Agendas, Occult Dreams; Seeking the Grail; Called to Accunt; Politics & Priory of Sion; Parchments & Publications; Mitterrand's Inner Circle; Gold of Oradour; Inside the Occult Web.. Soft Cover. Good. Used.


Obituary : The "Hodgson Report" on Madame Blavatsky 1885-1960 : Re-examination Discredits the Major Charges Against H.P. Blavatsky

By Waterman, Adlai E.

Theosophical Pub House, 1963. 92 pages, blue cloth boards with silver lettering, two separate fold-out charts/pages. One fold-out is Hodgson's "Plan of Occult Room, with Shrine & Surroundings". Book is clean inside & out but for price inked out on first page & small ink mark, light scuff to boards. Contents include: Blavatsky-Coulomb Correspondence; Shrine Surroundings; Mahatma Letters; Sitting-Room Bookcase Phenomenon; Letter "Traps"; Astral Bell Phenomenon; The Doll, "Christofolo," & Apparitions of Mahatmas; Question of Motive, Integrity.. Hard Cover. Very Good/No Jacket.


STAR KEYS : Living Beyond 2012 In The Age Of The Gods

By Starcke, Walter; Starcke, Eron

Guadalupe Press, 2012. 175 pages. Clean inside & out, very light corner wear. A guide for practicing mysticism and subjective mastery applicable in every aspect of daily living. . Soft Cover. Very Good. Used.


Occult Hypnotism

By Chaney, Robert G

ASTARA, Inc., 1958. 46 pages, staple bound, black-and-white illustrations. Clean but for 3 pages with hi-lighting. Contents include: Odic Energies; Clairvoyance; Astral Projection; Mesmerism; The Vital Fluid; Communications From the Superconscious; How To Experiment in Occult Hypnotism; Activating the Vital Fluid; Hypnotism and Healing; Hypnosis and the Psychic; Modern (1958) Experiments.. Pamphlet. Very Good. Used.


Gnosis and the Law

By Papastavro, Tellis S.

Group Avatar, 1972. 504 pages, Index, black-and-white illustrations, blue cloth boards with gilt lettering. Boards are clean, text is unmarked, few faint smudges on edges light scuff on side edge of front board. Contents include: The Religion of the Ceremonial Ray; The Creation of the World; Cosmic Evolution; The Coming of Sanat Kumara; The Book of Life; The Karmic Board; The Angelic Kingdom; The Four-Footed Kingdom; Cosmic Evil; Jesus the Cosmic Christ; The Decrees; The Ascension Flame; Pure Love; etc.. Hard Cover. Very Good/No Jacket. Used.


Walking Between the Worlds : The Science of Compassion
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Walking Between the Worlds : The Science of Compassion

By Braden, Gregg

Radio Bookstore Press, 1997. 211 pages, Glossary, References. Clean, crisp copy, text unmarked, light edge & corner wear. A step by step guide to the ancient sciences of compassion and blessing; The Essene mysteries of relationship illustrated with case histories and true life accounts. Contents include: Our Power of Feeling; Two Becomes One; Our Second Path; Resonance of Our Seventh Sense; Seven Mysteries of Relationship; Emotion, Compassion and Critical Mass; The Promise of Eternal Life.. Oversized Soft Cover. Very Good. Used.


Esoteric World of Madame Blavatsky : Insights into the Life of a Modern Sphinx
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Esoteric World of Madame Blavatsky : Insights into the Life of a Modern Sphinx

By Caldwell, Daniel H.; Blavatsky, Madame

Quest Books, 2000. 451 pages, index, references, black-and-white illustrations. Small faint spot on front board, text unmarked. Dustjacket is bright and clean, light scratches on front cover. Insightful reminiscences in this book span her life from birth in 1831 to her eulogy in the New York Tribune on May 10, 1891. Contents include: Russia, 1831-1849; Travels around the World and Home to Russia 1849-1865; New York and Chittenden, 1873- 1875; New York and Ithaca - Writing Isis Unvelied; Founding of the Theosophical Society; Marvels in the Lamasery and Departure from New York, 1877 - 1878; London, Bombay, and Allahabad; Sri Lanka and Bombay; Simla, 1880; Bombay and the Vega Phenomenon; India - Reactions of Belief and Skepticism; Adyar and Ootacamund; Lahore and Adyar; France and England, 1884; Germany and Return to India; Belgium and England - Writing The Secret Doctrine, 1886-1888; London - The Esoteric School and Life with HPB, 1888; etc.. Hard Cover. Very Good/Very Good. Used.


Magicians of God : The Amazing Stories of Philippine Faith Healers

By Licauco, Jaime T

National Book Store, 1982. 253 pages, black-and-white photos. Sunfade to spine & covers, scuff, edge & corner wear, thum creases to both covers, text clean, four page corner with light crease. Contents include: Eleuterio Terte - The First Known Psychic Surgeon; Tony Agpaoa - Death of a Legend or the Beginning of One?; Rudy Jimenez; Benjie Balancano, the Healer with Eleven Spirit Guides; Alex Orbito, the Man From Outer Space; The Healing of a Witchcraft Victim; Alex Orbito Answers Common Questions on Faith Healing; Jun labo, The Flamboyant Healer of Baguio; Marcelino Asuigui, Healer from Skyland; Emilio Laporga; Mang Cleto; Adel Cordero; Rustico Villamor; Encounter with Magnetic Healing Energy; The Theoretical Framework; etc.. Soft Cover. Good. Used.


Mysteries and Romances of the World's Greatest Occultists

By Cheiro; Count Louis Hamon

University Books, 1972. 315 pages. Book is clean inside & out. Dustjacket in Brodart, bright & clean, small piece missing at top of spine, light scuff. Contents include: Romance of Cagliostro, Astrologer, Mystic and Magician; Cagliostro Establishes "The Egyptian Rite" in Paris; Doctor Dee - Queen Elizabeth's Favourite Seer and Astrologer; Doctor Dee and His "Familiar Spirit, " Edward Kelley; Elias Ashmole, The Mystic Recluse of Oxford; Pierre Le Clerc; Van Galgebrok, the Dutch Mystic; Paulo Phim; Princess Zisky of Vienna; Madame Gutjen Sund, The Swedish Medium and Rasputin; Strange Experience with Eusapia Palladino of Italy; Mrs. Annie Besant, William Q. Judge, Mrs. Katherine Tingley and Krishnamurti; Sir Oliver Lodge and Camille Flammarion; Hindu Mystics; Strange Calirvoyance of Pope Pius IX; Story of Alchemy; etc.. Hard Cover. Very Good/Good. Used.


Way of Mysticism : An Anthology

By James, Joseph

New York, NY, U.S.A.: Harper & Brothers 274 pages, index. Front board has small spot, light scuff to boards, text free of marks. Part One - God Turns Towards Man - The Unexpected; Still Small Voice; The Hem of His Garment; His Exceeding Brightness. Part Two - Man Turns Towards God - The Obstructive "Me"; Where East and West Unite; Beside the Still Waters; Love's Meeting Place; Work, A Prayer; Every Pilgrim's Progress; Love's Fulfilment.. Hard Cover. Very Good/No Jacket. Used.


Sharing the Quest

By Murray, Muz

Dorset, England: Element Books Ltd, 1986 259 pages, Maps, Line Drawings. Book is clean inside & out, dents. Author reveals the essential esoteric and initiatic secrets of over twenty years of world-wandering spiritual research and experience in many differing traditions. Contents include: Awakening on the Mystical Path; Guru Omni and the Guruverse; Problems on the Path; Way of the Wordly Man; Way of the Wise Man; Contemplation or Meditation?; Never Mind the Mind; Sonharmonic Stilling; Science of Sound; Making the Most of Your Mantra; Evolving Out of Ego; Blue-Rayism, Or Seeing Through Spiritual Silliness; Opening the Inner Eye; On the Souls of Animals; Unknown Journeyings of Jesus; Healing the Sickness of the Soul; Cosmic Communion.. Trade Paper. Very Good. Used.


Christmas and Solstice : Traditional and Mystical Celebrations

By Gullo, Jean; Hodson, Geoffrey; Bendit, Phoebe; Kellogg, Stephen; Olcott, Colonel; Hayes, Marie; Arundale, George; Zuni Indians; LaChapelle, Dolores; Collins, Mabel; Tennyson, Alfred; ; Hunter, Barbara; Phillips, Candi; Kuhn, Alvin

Pahrump, NV, USA: Theosophical Order of Service, 1987. 153 pages, b/w illustrations, Scarce. Text free of marks, few faint ink smudges covers, some edge & corner wear. Contents include: Christmas of the Soul; Christmas of the Angels; Christmas Music; Christmas in July; Invisible Santa; Toys of Dionysius; Luminarias; Solstice in Our Lives; Creative Silences; Tree Pilgrimages; Yggdrasill, the Universal Tree; Creatures of God; Legend of the Black Madonna; Religion As a Method; Star of Bethlehem; Ring Out, Wild Bells; etc.. Soft Cover. Very Good - Minus. Used.


After Dark on Dartmoor : Collected Legends and Tales

By Pegg, John

Kent, England: Self Published, 1987 63 pages, B/W Photos & Illustrations. Clean, crisp copy, light scuff/rub. A guide to the Magic of the Moor - the Devil, Ghosts, Witches, Pixies and other stories. . Soft Cover. Very Good. Used.


Saffron Robe

By Rampa, Lobsang

London: Corgi, 1972 221 pages, bright clean covers, small light stain on side edge, name on reverse of front cover, approx. tex pages have underlining or margin marks. The personal story of Lobsang Rampa's boyhood at the great lamasery of Potala.. Mass Market Paperback. Good. Used.


Handbook for Light Workers
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Handbook for Light Workers

By Cousins, David

Dartmouth, UK: Barton House Pub, 1993 416 pages, Index, Clean, tight & bright, 2 pages have margin mark. Contents include: Earth changes, personal karma and soulmates; How to communicate with your guides and how to raise your vibrational pattern; How the changes taking place between now and the year 2008 will affect our lives on Earth; Extraterrestrials; Energy pirates; Light and dark on planet Earth; Reality; Star Gateways; etc.. Trade Paper. Very Good. Used.


Messages From Michael : The Electrifying True Story of Our First Contact with the Supernatural
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Messages From Michael : The Electrifying True Story of Our First Contact with the Supernatural

By Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn

New York, NY, U.S.A.: Berkley Books, 1983. 284 pages, line drawings. Clean, tight and bright, dents. The first communications with the spiritual essences known as Michael which were spelled out on a Ouija board. Contents include: The nature of the soul; The levels within the soul cycles; Overleaves-goals, modes, attitudes, centers; Understanding and overleaves; The higher planes; Burning karmic ribbons; Monads; Overviews of past lives; etc.. ISBN: 0-425-10437-0. Mass Market Paperback. Very Good +. Used. Mystic, Occult, Magic. Catalogs: Mystic, Occult, Magic.


Vision of the Nazarene
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Vision of the Nazarene

By Scott, Cyril; Set Down by the Author of "The Initiate"

San Jacinto, CA, USA: Institute of Esoteric Philosophy, 1955. 112 pages, red cloth boards. Clean inside & out but for gift note written on title page, front board has slight bow. Contents include: Parable of the Robe and the River; Priests and Dignitaries; Dogmas; Sects and Sectarians; Idolatry; Faith, Testimony and Understanding; Prayer and Worship; Holy Sacrament; Orthodox and the Unorthodox; Sinners and the Saving of Sinners; Governments and Rulers; Real Charity; Killing and Those Who Kill; Mourners and Death; Malefactors and Punishments; Warring Nations; Peaceful Policy; Love and Marriage; Healers and the Healing Arts; Re-Birth; My Life-Story; Secret Teachings; Bridge That was Never Built; Mine Enemies; Workings & Combating of Mine Adversaries; Sciences and Cults; New Dispensation; Return of the Christ; Day of Reckoning.. Hard Cover. Very Good/No Jacket. Used.


Real World of Fairies, The

By Van Gelder, Dora

Wheaton, IL, U.S.A.: Theosophical Publishing House, 1984. 120 pages, clean, tight & bright, dents, store name written on 1st page, dent in bottom edge of rear cover. A true, first person account of the fairy world.. ISBN: 0-8356-0497-7. Trade Paper. Very Good. Used. Mystic, Occult, Magic. Catalogs: Mystic, Occult, Magic.