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Earth Rites : Vol. 1 & 2, TWO Volumes : Herbal Remedies, Vol. 1 & Rituals, Vol. 2

By Mestel, Sherry

Self Published, 1978. Vol. 1 has 82 pages, Vol. 2 is 121 pages. Few faint smudges to covers, text is clean, some corner wear. Vol. 1 lists ailments alphabetically (for use with herbal remedies). Vol. 2 lists rituals from Amulets to wands; etc.. Soft Cover. Good. Used.



By Barthes, Roland

New York, NY, USA: Hill and Wang, 1987 159 pages. Clean inside & out, one page corner folded, small thumb crease in front cover. Contents include: The World of Wrestling; Romans in Films; Blind and Dumb Criticism; Poor and the Proletariat; Nofels and Children; Face of Garbo; Brain of Einstein; Ornamental Cookery; Striptease; The Lost Continent; Plastic; Great Family of Man; Lady of the Camellias; Myth Today.. Soft Cover. Very Good. Used.


Reclaiming the Gods : Magic, Sex, Death and Football
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Reclaiming the Gods : Magic, Sex, Death and Football

By Mann, Nicholas R

London, U.K.: Green Magic, 2002 155 pages, index, bibliography. Contents include: Guide to the Underworld; Judge; God of Wisdom; God of Fertility; Protector of Animals and Guardian of Nature; Lover; Shape-Shifter; God of the Tree; The Destroyer and the Destroyed; Trickster; God of Magic; Dual Character of the God; Good and Evil; The Devil; God of Games; Whole Image of the God; Wheel of the Year; Return of the Gods; etc.. Soft Cover. As New.