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COAZ - Together in Strength - Grabbing the Bull By the Horns

By Trotter, Laurence W.

Wheatmark Inc, 2008. 295 pages, author's inscription on title page.Covers are bright & clean, light edge & corner wear, text free of marks. Trotter's life story. . Signed by Author. Soft Cover. Good. Used.


XVI, the Constitution's Income Tax Amendment Was Not Ratified

By Linne, Burton

American Liberty Information Society, 1985. 71 pages. Few faint smudges to covers, text clean, author's signature on 3rd page. Contents include: The 16th Amendment was not Ratified; Senate Joint Resolution No. 40; Income Tax Senate Concurring Resolution 36 STAT; Evidence Section; Analysis Sheet for Arkansas, California, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Kentucky, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, Washington.. Signed by Author. Oversized Soft Cover. Very Good. Used.


Current International Co_operation : Calcutta University Readership Lectures, 1927

By Hudson, Manley O.

Calcutta Unversity, 1927. 149 pages, blue cloth boards. Very light soil to boards, text unmarked, light corner wear. Contents include: Growth of International Co-Operation Before the War (World War I); Role of the League of Nations in World Society; Role of International Cours in World Society; Current (1927) Development of International Law.. Hard Cover. Good/No Jacket. Used.


Reclaiming Power : How to take back our government from career Politicians

By LaVere, Bill

U.S.A.: WWP, 1994. 215 pages. Covers are clean but for sticker residue on rear, text unmarked, few dents, light scuff. Contents include: An Analysis of Power; Congress - The Most Undemocratic American Institution; The Federal Bureaucracy - Congress's Landfill; A Middle Class Manifesto.. Soft Cover. Very Good. Used.


An American Looks at Karl Marx

By Blake, William J.

USA: Cordon Company, 1939. 746 pages, Socialist Chronology; Index. Margin marks or underlining on approx. 10 pages, sticker residue & name on first page, spine has small pieces of cloth missing, age discoloring to boards. Contents include: Historical Basis; Antecedents of Capitalism; Marx's Theories are So Complex; Money; Capital; The Working Day; Effect of Machinery on the Workers; Law of Profit; Wages, The Price of Labor-Power; Industrial Reserve Army; Tendency of the Rate of Profits to Decline; Social Accumulation of Capital; Theory of Crises; Revisionism; Critique of the Exploitation Theory; Critics of Marxism (British & American); Economic Theories of Capitalist Society; Sources of Marxian Economic Theory; Dialectical Materialism & Historical Materialism; etc.. Hard Cover. Good/No Jacket. Used.


Medicine and the State

By Lynch, Matthew J.; Raphael, Stanley S

Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, 1973. 449 pages, index. Age discoloring to covers, name written on front cover, light corner wear, text unmarked. The most objective, complete and factual study (1973) available on what has happened in countries that have socialized medicine. Book examines and appraises, country by country, political promises and results regarding medical costs and quallity, preventive medicine, doctor-patient relationships, vital health statistics and effects on national economics.. Oversized Soft Cover. Good. Used.


Breaking With Communism : The Intellectual Odyssey of Bertram D. Wolfe

By Wolfe, Bertram D.; Hessen, Robert

Hoover Inst Pr, 1990. 311 pages, index, bibliography, red cloth boards with gilt lettering on spine. Boards are clean, text is unmarked, name label & name written on first page. Dustjacket is bright & clean, front flap creased. Book is a documentary of the second half of Wolfe's life, draws from his papers in the Hoover Institution Archives. This volume, consisting chiefly of Wolfe's letters from 1939 on and supplemented by unpublished speeches and writings, illuminates his struggle to uncover the truth about the history of Soviet Russia and his anguish over renouncing his earlier allegiances not only to Lenin, but to Karl Marx as well. . Hard Cover. Very Good/Very Good. Used.


Total Defense : The Hitler Files : U.S. Total Defense

By Foreman, Clark; Raushenbush, Joan (transloators)

TGS Publishers, 2003. 126 pages, text in English. Small ink mark on front cover, library pocket on reverse of front cover, hi-lighting on 10 pages, initials on front cover, name labels on two pages. Manuscript which makes up this book was discovered in a Texas library. It was written around 1940 and was a collection of German statements, actions and policies based on a study of the strategy and techniques Germany was planning against the Americas and already using successfully in Europe. These strategies were well-known to Nazi-German students of politics and military techniques. . Reprint Edition. Soft Cover. Good. Ex-Library.


Rajiv Gandhi's Foreign Policy : A Study in Continuity and Change

By Gupta, Dr. M.G.; M.A., D. Litt

India: M G Publishers, 1987. 329 pages, index, black cloth boards. Book is clean inside & out but for name/address stamped on first page. Dustjacket is clean, mylar wrinkles, small tears, small piece missing at bottom of spine/rear cover. Book provides an excellent study of the power-wielders in India from 1947 to 1986, from J L Nehru to Rajiv Gandhi. Based on solid facts it reads like a piece of fiction. Contents include: Continuity and Change; Rajiv Gandhi, the Man and His Technique; India's Security Environment; War on War; Fighting Apartheid; In Defence of Namibian Freedom; Struggle for a New World Economic Order; Ideological Content of Rajiv Gandhi's Foreign Policy; Towards a Healthy Internationalism; Restructuring India's External Relations.. Hard Cover. Very Good/Good. Used.


Four Overdue Bills From Beyond the Grave : Your Unfair Share Is Coming Due

By North, Gary

Agora Inc, 1995. 98 pages. Clean copy, light scuff to covers. Contents include: The Sleepwalking Stock Market Will Wake Up; The Trigger, the Hammer, and the Spark; The Richest Man in the Lifeboat; Bills are Coming Due; Roosevelt's Bill; Lyndon Johnson's Bill; Richard Nixon's Bill; Khomeini's Bill; A Questionof Lost Leadership; A Course of Action.. Mass Market Paperback. Very Good. Used.


Trials Trials Trials

By Wright, Bruce E

April Media Associates, 1980. 40 pages, staple bound. Text is clean, few faint smudges to covers. Three stories represent three different perspectives on the same event. Each character is an attempt to portray the basic point of view typical of an American socialist, an American liberal, and an American conservative. . Pamphlet. Good. Used.


Mavericks in American Politics : Eight Men Who Forced the Issues of Their Day

By Kearny, Edward N

Madison, WI, USA: Mimir Publishers, 1976. 285 pages, name & subject index, references. Book is clean inside & out. Dustjacket has smudges, small tears, age discoloring, small piece missing at top of spine. Contents include: Samuel Adams; Alexander Hamilton; Charles Sumner; William Jennings Bryan; Huey P. Long; Martin Luther King; George McGovern; George Wallace.. Hard Cover. Very Good/Good. Used.


Progress or Poverty : The U.S. At the Crossroads (Conference on Economic Progress)

By Keyserling Leon H

Washington, D.C., U.S.A: Conference on Economic Progress, 1964. 150 pages, Charts. Few faint smudges/ink marks to covers, edge & corner wear, text free of marks. Contents include: Roots and Offshoots of Poverty; Extent of Poverty in the U.S.; Low Incomes Above the Poverty Level, and Their Impact Upon Poverty Itself; Income Distribution and Poverty; Personal Characteristics of the Poor; Economic Characteristics of the Poor; Main Attack Upon Poverty; Identity of Social, Moral and Economic Objectives; Bad Housing and Poverty; Proposed Policies and Programs; Summary of Location of Poverty Among Groups in the U.S.. Soft Cover. Good. Used.


Industrial and Safety Problems of Nuclear Technology

By Shamos, Morris H.; Roth, Sidney, G.; Aebersold; Balderston; Ballantine; Dean; Dorsett; EAton; Failla; Gorman; Green; Kehoe; Kelley; Korff; Lanahan; Maher; Mayers; Parsegian; Rosenblum; Western; Winsche; Wolf; Wolman

New York, NY, U.S.A.: Harper & Brothers, 1950 368 pages, blue cloth boards. Few very faint smudges to boards, name on first page, text free of marks. Contents include: U.S. Atomic Energy Commission Activities; Radiochemistry and Isotopes; The Radiochemical Laboratory; Hazards, Safety, and Insurance; Panel Discussions.. Hard Cover. Very Good/No Jacket. Used.


New World Order : An Interpretation of the World Situation - Social, Political, Economic, Religious

By Carpenter, Charles T

Placerville, CA, U.S.A: Charles T. Carpenter Publisher 174 pages, hand written date is 1944. Few small faint spots/smudges to covers, note written on title page, pages browning, light scuff. Contents include: Consummation and End of Private Capitalism; Democracy Corrupted by Capitalism; Cause of the Second World War; Peace of the First and Second World Wars; The Falses of Christianity Identified with Capitalism and Facism; Soviet Russia the Spearhead of the New World Order; Approach to Democracy in Soviet Russia; Soviet Russia from the Standpoint of Christianity.. Soft Cover. Good. Used.


Sino-American Detente and Its Policy Implications : Praeger Special Studies Student Editions

By Hsiao, Gene T. (editor); Cohen, Jerome; Karnow, Stanley; Uhalley, Stephen; Stoessinger, John G.; Feeney, William; Ginsburgs, George; Lee, Chong-Sik; Landon, Kenneth; Barnds, William; Wilson, Dick; Barnett, Robert; Witunski, Michael

New York, NY, U.S.A.: Praeger Publishers, 1974 319 pages. Clean inside & out, text free of marks, sun fade, creased spine, some corner wear. Contents include: U.S. as an Asian-Pacific Power; Changing Strategic Balance in Asia; American News Media and China; China and the United Nations; Participation of the PRC in the United Nations; Moscow's Reaction to Nixon's Jaunt to Peking; Sino-Japanese Rappochement; Impact of the Sino-American Detente on Korea, Indochina; China & America - Limited Partners in the Indian Subcontinent; Reactions of the NATO Allies; A Future for Taiwan; etc.. Trade Paper. Good +. Used.


City of Sacred Apes : A Capital Rhymed Review

By Hancock, Kilvert

New York, NY, U.S.A.: Exposition Press, 1957 64 pages, author's signature on half title page. Five pages have margin marks, name plate on front endpaper. Dustjacket has age discoloring, small tears, tiny pieces missing. An original collection of verse, concerned with important current issues. Poems of Hancock comprise and arresting view of the world in terms of the social and political relations necessary to maintain a culture. Author is distressed by the continuing inroads of government into the private lives of individuals. . Signed by Author. First Edition. Hard Cover. Very Good/Good. Used.


Democratizing the Global Economy: The Battle Against the Work Bank and the International Monetary Fund
stock photo

Democratizing the Global Economy: The Battle Against the Work Bank and the International Monetary Fund

By Danaher, Kevin (editor); Smith, Margot; Allen, Terry; Coen, Rachel; Starhawk; Njehu, Njoki; Albert, Michael; Starr, Alli; Castro, Fidel; Weissman, Robert; Chomsky, Noam; Ambrose, Soren; Bond, Patrick; Horta, Korinna; Cray, Charlie; Moberg, David; Bullard

Monroe, ME, USA: Common Courage Pr, 2001. 221 pages, Index, Resources. Clean, crisp copy. Contents include: Granny Goes to Washington, and Goes to Jail; D.C. Police Broke the Law to Keep Order; How the A16 Protests Were Organized; Power of the People; We Either Unite or We Die; Letter to Congress; Zimbabwe's Crisis Justifies World Bank/IMF; World Bank Policies Destroy Forests; Silencing Joseph Stiglitz; Baby Steps to a Global Revolution?; Structural Adjustment Is Hitting the U.S. Too; Boycotting World Bank Bonds; An Alternative to the Debt Crisis?; Twelve Ways to Democratize the U.S. Political System; etc.. ISBN: 1-56751-208-9. Soft Cover. Very Good. Used. Political Thought. Catalogs: Political Thought.


Masters of Political Thought : Machiavelli to Bentham, Volume Two, 2

By Jones, W.T

Boston, MA, U.S.A.: Houghton Mifflin, 1968. 388 pages, Index. Few faint smudges to covers, two tiny specks on rear cover, light edge & corner wear, text free of marks. Contents include: Niccolo Machiavelli; Jean Bodin; Thomas Hobbes; John Locke; Charles Louis De Sedondat, Baron De Montesquieu; Jean Jacques Rousseau; Edmund Burke; Jeremy Bentham.. Soft Cover. Very Good. Used. Political Thought. Catalogs: Political Thought.


This Hemisphere of Liberty : A Philosophy of the Americas

By Novak, Michael

Washington, D.C., U.S.A.: AEI Press, 1990. 153 pages, Index, black cloth boards, gilt lettering. Owners name on title page, 18 pages have margin notes or underlining. Dustjacket is bright & clean, closed tear at base of front cover, tiny tears at spine, light scuff. Contents include: Reconstituting a Social Order; Priority of Community, Priority of Persons; Virtue of Enterprise; Structures of Virtue, Structures of Sin; Economic Development From the Bottom Up; Wealth and Virtue; Moral, Cultural, and Political Responsibilities; Economic Preconditions of Democracy; Thomas Aquinas, The First Whig.. ISBN: 0-8447-3735-6. Hard Cover. Very Good/Fine. Used. Political Thought. Catalogs: Political Thought.


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