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Partial Differential Equations

By Miller, Frederic H

New York, NY, U.S.A.: John Wiley & Sons, 1947. 259 pages, Index, blue cloth boards. Boards are clean with lots of scuff, approx. 15 pages have pencil margin notes or underlining, name written on first page. Contents include: Differential Equations of the First Order; Differential Equations of Order Higher Than the First; Partial Differentiation and Space Geometry; Origins of Partial Differential Equations; Linear Equations of First Order; Non-Linear Equations of First Order; Fourier Series; Linear Equations of Second and Higher Orders; Non-Linear Equations of Second Order. . Hard Cover. Very Good/No Jacket. Used.


Experimental Aerodynamics

By Pavian, Henry Christensen

New York, NY, U.S.A.: Pitman Publishing, 1940. 168 pages, index, line drawings, two fold-outs. Frey at spine edges & top and bottom of spine, corner wear, few faint spots to boards, text free of marks. Contents include: Elementary Aerodynamic Principles; Principles of the Wind Tunnel; Wind Tunnel Balance; Simple Experiments in the Wind Tunnel; Visualization of Air Flow Experiments; Experimentation in Related Fields; Experiments with Fans, Blowers, Propellers, and Windmills; Notes on Model Building; Auxiliary Test Equipment; Construction of Small Wind Tunnels; Specific Weight of Air at Various Temperatures, Pressures and Degrees of Humidity.. Hard Cover. Good - Minus/No Jacket. Ex-Library.


Physical Therapy of the Shoulder
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Physical Therapy of the Shoulder

By Donatelli, Robert A. (editor); Albert; Cantu; Cobb; Conaway; Cooper; Davis; Edgelow; Ellenbecker; Elvey; King; Gray; Greenfield; Grimsby; Hall; Johanson; Levit; Mattalino; McCluskey; McMahon; Owens; Ryerson; Syen; Thein; Uhl; Wilkes; Wooden

New York, NY, U.S.A.: Churchill Livingstone, 1997. 499 pages, color illustrations, b/w photos. Covers are clean, light scuff, very slight slant, approx. 25 pages have underlining. Contents include: Throwing Injuries; Differential Soft Tissue Diagnosis; Interrelationship of the Spine to the Shoulder Girdle; Neural Tissue Evaluation and Treatment; Brachial Plexus Lesions; Shoulder in Hemiplegia; Impingement Syndrome; Frozen Shoulder; Etiology and Evaluation of Rotator Cuff; Visceral Pathology Referring Pain to the Shoulder; Manual Therapy Techniques; Strengthening Exercises; Myofascial Treatment; Isokinetic Evaluation and Treatment; Instabilities; Rotator Cuff Repairs; Shoulder Girdle Fractures; Total Shoulder Replacement.. Third Edition. Oversized Soft Cover. Very Good. Used.


Orthopedic Clinics of North America : Arthroscopy of the Upper Extremity, Volume 26, Number 4, October 1995

By Weiss, Arnold-Peter M.D.; Akelman; Andrews; Baumgarten; Berger; Bettinger; Bowers; Cooney; Corso; Culp; Fadale; Flatow; Furie; Gan; Green; Greis; Grondel; Halbrecht; Hawkins; Hulstyn; Jahnke; Leibovic; O'Driscoll; Osterman; Plancher; Richards; Roth

Philadelphia, PA, USA: W.B. Saunders Co., 1995. Pages 597 through 786 quarterly publication of "The Orthopedic Clinics of North America". Clean inside & out. Contents include: Arthroscopic Anatomy of the Shoulder; Evaluation and Treatment of Shoulder Instability; Treatment of Impingement Syndrome; Evaluation and Treatment of the Rotator Cuff; Acromioclavicular Joint; Anatomy of the Elbow; Removal fo Loose Bodies of the Elbow; Treatment for Osteoarthritis of the Elbow; Treatment of Triangular Fibrocartilage Tears; Carpal Instability; Reduction and Internal Fixation of Distal Radius Fractures; Stabilization of Fractured Scaphoid Under Arthroscopic Control; Distal Radioulnar Joint; Diagnostic Imaging and Arthroscopy for Chronic Wrist Pain; Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. . Hard Cover. Very Good/No Jacket. Used.


Pullet Surprises

By Greene, Amsel

Fullerton, CA, USA: Sultana Press, 1970. 83 pages, line drawings., author's inscription on title page. Dustjacket has been cut up and is inside the book. Boards have few faint discolored areas, light scuff, text is clean, name & sticker on 2nd page. Amusing look at words & definitions - Holocaust = total expense; Posterity = back portion; Publican = an editor; malleable = o.k. with the P.O.; squalor = cry baby. Contents include: Mistaken Identity; Blurrish; The Power of Suggestion; Noble Effort; Little Learning; The Haphazard; Take-It-For-Granites; Chamelon Words.. Signed by Author. Hard Cover. Very Good/No Jacket. Used.


Beginning Statistics

By Wine, R. Lowell; Russell Lowell Wine

Cambridge, MA, U.S.A.: Winthrop Publishers, 1976. 432 pages, Statistical Tables, Bibliography. Boards are clean, light scuff, name plate on first page, text free of marks, second page has tiny tear near spine. Contents include: Frequency Distributions; Statistical Measures; Discrete Probability; Model Distributions; Sampling Distributions; Estimation and Tests of Hypotheses; Chi-Square Distributions and Their Applications; Distribution-Free Methods; Applications of Student Distributions; Linear Regression; Correlation Analysis.. Hard Cover. Good +/No Jacket. Used.


Digital Communications : Satellite/Earth Station Engineering : Satellite Earth Station Engineering

By Feher, Kamilo; Astrain, S.; Tranter, Dr. William H.; Franks, Dr. Lewis E.; Campanella, Dr. S. Joseph; Schaefer, Dr. Daniel

Englewood Cliffs, NJ, U.S.A.: Prentice Hall, 1983. 469 pages, Index, B/W Photos & Illustrations, glossy pictorial boards. Book is clean inside & out, text free of marks. Contents include: Satellite System Configurations and Link Calculations; Signal Processing and Multiplexing in Terrestrial Interface Subsystems; Baseband Transmission Systems; Power Efficient Modulation Techniques for Linear and Nonlinear Satellite Channels; Spectrally Efficient Modulation Techniques for Satellite Systems; Coding for Error Detection and Correction; Synchronization Subsystems - Analysis and Design; Time-Division Multiple-Access Systems; Regenerative Satellite Systems; etc.. Hard Cover. Very Good/No Jacket. Used.


Principles of Transistor Circuits : Introduction to the Design of Amplifiers, Receivers and Other Circuits

By Amos, S.W

London, U.K.: Iliffe & Sons, 1959. 167 pages, Index, Line Drawings. Book is clean but for name written on first page, text free of marks. Dustjacket is bright, few faint smudges, small tears. First two chapters are devoted to explaining the physical processes occurring in transistors, but subsequently the main emphasis is on the application of these principles to the practical problems of design, and the bulk of the book is concerned with the determination of such quantities as input resistance, stage gain, optimum load, power output, values of coupling capacitors and transformer winding inductances. . Hard Cover. Very Good/Good. Used.


Molecular Transport and Reaction in Zeolites : Design and Application of Shape Selective Catalysts

By Chen, N. Y.; Degnan, Thomas F.; Smith, C. Morris

New York, NY, USA: VCH Publishers, 1994. 309 pages, index, line drawings, glossy pictorial boards. Clean inside & out, very nice copy. Contents include: Zeolite Physical and Chemical Characteristecs and Their Impact on Diffusion; Application of Diffusional Transport Phenomena to Catalysis; Diffusion in Zeolites; Measure of Molecular Transport in Zeolites; Principles of Shape Selectivity; Examples of the Interplay of Diffusion and Reaction in Shape Selective Reactions; Impact of Shape Selective Zeolites in Industrial Applications.. First Printing. Hard Cover. Very Good +/No Jacket. Used.


Programed Introduction to Linguistics : Phonetics and Phonemics

By Buchanan, Cynthia D

Boston, MA, U.S.A.: D.C. Heat & Co., 1965 137 pages. Some markings in text, few ink & other smudges to covers, name written on first page. Contents include: The Linguist and Language; Production of Vocal Sounds; Articulation; Phonetics; Phonemics; Segmental Phonemes of English - Consonants; The Vowel Phonemes of English; Supra-Segmental Phonemes of English; etc.. Oversized Soft Cover. Good. Used.


Audiological Assessment
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Audiological Assessment

By Rose, Darrell E. (editor); Alpiner, Jerome; Berger, Kenneth; Brandy, William; Cody Thane; Fletcher, Samuel; Matkin, Noel; McCandless, Geary; Mindel, Eugene; Millin, Joseph; Olsen, Wayne; Price, Lloyd; Rittmanic, Paul; Shepherd, David; Studebaker, Gerald

Englewood Cliffs, NJ, U.S.A.: Prentice-Hall, 1971 530 pages, Index, B/W Photos & Illustrations. Book is clean inside & out (text free of marks, light scuff at corners & bottom edge. Dustjacket has closed tears, small pieces missing, scratches. Each chapter is the work of an outstanding specialist in his field. Contents include: Sound Generation and Transmission; Anatomy and Physiology of the Auditory System; Otologic Assessment and Treatment; Psychological and Psychiatric Aspects of Profound Hearing Loss; Public School Hearing Conservation; Pure-Tone Audiometry; Speech Audiometry; Pediatric Audiology; Geriatric Patient; Differential Audiology; Mentally Retarded and Mentally Ill; Electroencephalic Audiometry; Industrial and Military Audiology; Hearing Aids.. Half-Leather. Very Good/Fair. Used.


Printing Layout and Design

Albany, NY, U.S.A.: Delmar Pub, 1968. 201 pages, color & b/w illustrations, b/w photos. Scuff & scratches to covers, light edge & corner wear, creased near hinge, owners name on first page. Contents include: Principles of Conventional Layout; Principles of Modern Layout; Type; Color; Special Layout Considerations; Applications.. ISBN: 0-8273-0374-2. Oversized Soft Cover. Good +. Used. Text Books. Catalogs: Text Books.


Bacon's Advancement of Learning, Book One : Book I, Book 1

By Cook, Albert S

Boston, MA, U.S.A.: Ginn & Company Publishers, 1904. 145 pages, Index, blue cloth boards with gilt lettering. Few faint light spots on rear board, scuff at corners & top/bottom of spine, owners name, text has a few pages with margin marks, spine split with cloth webbing showing (all pages firmly attached). Contents include: Rawley's Life of Bacon; Events in Bacon's Life and Times; Opinions Concerning Bacon; Two Prayers of Bacon; Intellectual Powers of King James; Does Science Lead to Atheism?; Man's Mind a Mirror of the World; Add Charity to Knowledge; Three Cautions; Only Slight Learning Dangerous; Charges Made by Politicians; ; Learned Men Good Rulers; Wisdom Superor to Policy; etc.. Hard Cover. Very Good/No Jacket. Used. Text Books. Catalogs: Text Books.


Photography in a Nutshell : Its Beginnings and Developments To Date

By Augustus, Vernon

New York, NY, USA: Vantage Press, 1985. 70 pages, Index, Glossary, B/W Photos. Book has no flaws of mention. Dustjacket is bright & clean, lots of scuff, tiny tear at base of front cover. The amateur's guide to simple, foolproof picture taking. Contents include: Cameras, Color, and Extension Tubes and Bellows; Lenses; Emulsions and Printing Paper; Light; Light Exposure Meters and the Principle of Operation; Filters; Flash Equipment and F Numbers; Film Processing and Developing; Printing and Enlarging; Tripods.. ISBN: 0-533-06422-8. First Edition. Hard Cover. Very Good/Good. Used. Crafts, Hobbies. Catalogs: Crafts, Hobbies.


Elementary Japanese For College Students : Vocabularies, Grammar and Notes Part II, Part 2

By Elisseeff, Serge; Reischauer, Edwin O.; Yoshihashi, Takehiko

Cambridge, MA, U.S.A.: Harvard University Press, 1944. 209 pages, Index, one fold out chart. Age discoloring to covers, few faint smudges to covers, tight wraps, text unmarked. Contents include: Vocabularies, Grammar, Notes, Exercises; Conversation Pattern Sentences; Grammar Chart.. Oversized Soft Cover. Very Good. Used. Text Books. Catalogs: Text Books.


Diseases of the Skin Including the Exanthemata : For the Use of General Practitioners and Advanced Students

By Dearborn, Frederick M

New Delhi, India: B. Jain Publishers, 1984. 551 pages, Index, B/W Photos, brown boards with gilt lettering. Light ink mark across both boards, text free of marks. Contents include: Hyperemias and Inflammations; Hemorrhages; Hypertrophies; Atrophies; New Growths; Neuroses; Diseases of the Appendages; Diseases of the Mucous Membranes; Anatomy; Physiology; Symptomatology; Etiology; Diagnosis; Treatment. Hard Cover. Very Good - Minus/No Jacket. Used.


On Reading : In the Year of the Reader

By Strong, Gary E

Sacramento, CA, U.S.A.: California State Library Foundation, 1987 122 pages, clean, crisp copy, dents, light corner wear. Contents include: Reading in a Democracy; Reading to Learn; Reading to Create; Librarians as Readers; Reading for Enjoyment; Reading and Literacy.. Soft Cover. Very Good. Used.


Cleft Palate and Speech

By Morley, Muriel E

Edinburgh, United Kingdom: Churchill Livingstone, 1973 307 pages, Index, B/W Photos & Illustrations. Light edge & corner wear, slant, small faint stain on side edge, two pages have underlining. Contents include: Congenital Clefts of Lip and Palate; Normal Palate and the Palato-Pharyngeal Sphincter; Outline Story of the Development of Cleft Palate Surgery; Problems Associated with Cleft Palate - Feeding, Growth and Speech; Assessment of Speech; Case Histories; etc. . Soft Cover. Good. Used.


Digital Circuits

By Streib, William J

South Holland, IL, USA: Goodheart-Willcox Pub, 1990 408 pages, B/W Photos, Line Drawings, Glossy Pictorial Boards. Clean inside & out, light scuff, dents. An introduction to the devices and circuits used to build computers and other digital equipment. Contents include: Logic Elements; Troubleshooting; Combinational Logic; NAND, NOR, XOR Elements; Design of Logic Circuits; Sequential Logic; Clocked, Master-Slave, & Toggling Flip-flops; Buses; Read-Only Memory; Magnetic Memory; TTL Logic Element; Relay Logic; etc. . Hard Cover. Very Good/No Jacket as Issued. Used.


Sheep Ailments; TV Vet Sheep Book 6th Edition

By Straiton, Eddie

Ipswich, UK: Farming Press Books, 1992 181 pages, Index, Color & B/W Photos, glossy pictorial boards. Clean, inside & out, one corner lightly bumped. Contents include: Metabolic Diseases; Clostridial Diseases; Diseases of Tick Areas; Foot Conditions; Infertility and Abortion; Obstetrics; General Sheep Diseases; Health and Management; etc.. Hard Cover. Very Good/No Jacket. Used.


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