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Trento: An Art City in the Alps

By Monauni, Fabio

Paperback. 9788868760151 Curco and Genovese 2013. Good condition. .


Orders of the Day

By Winterton, Earl

Hardcover. Cassell and Company Ltd. 1953. Signed by author. Good condition. .


For Lancelot Andrewes: Essays on Style and Order

By Eliot, T. S.

Hardcover. Doubleday, Doran and Company 1929. Good condition. .


Caravaggio a Roma Itinerario: Guida storico-artistica

By Vodret, Rossella

Paperback. 9788836616503 Silvana Editoriale 2010. Good condition. .


The Cambridge Companion to Benjamin Britten

By Cooke, Mervyn

Paperback. 9780521574761 Cambridge University Press 1999. Good condition. .


Achille Incerti: illustratore della Divina Commedia

By Cortese, Albertina

Paperback. 9788890299308. Italian text. 2009. Good condition. .


letture classensi: Letture e lettori di Dante Umanesimo e Rinascrimento

By Furlan, Francesco

Paperback. 9788836616503 Longo Editore Ravenna 2016. As New condition in plastic wrap. .


letture classensi: Dante e l'esilio

By Bartuschat Johanne

Paperback. 9788880638308 Longo Editore Ravenna 2015. As New condition in plastic wrap. .


Guide to Palazzo Doria Pamphilj

Paperback. Arti Doria Pamphilj 2012. Good condition. .


L'amor che move il sole e l'altre stelle

By Muti, Cristina Maz

Paperback. 9788894098808 Ravena 2015. Italian text. Good condition. .


Mr. Gladstone at Oxford, 1890

By Fletcher, C. R. L.

Hardcover. E. P. Dutton and Company 1908. Very Good condition. .


The Palatine Chapel in Palermo

By Vicenzi, Alessandr

Paperback. 9788857003986 Franco Cosimo Panini 2011. Dual Italian and English text. Good condition. .


Sweethearts and Beaux

By Antrim, Minna Thom

Hardcover. Henry Altemus Company 1905. Very Good condition. .


T. S. Eliot: Anti-Semitism and Literary Form
stock photo

T. S. Eliot: Anti-Semitism and Literary Form

By Julius, Anthony

2003. Paperback. 9780500282809 Thames and Hudson 2003. Like New condition. .


Lines on the Horizon: Native American Art from the Weisel Family Collection

By Rob, Matthew A

2014. Paperback. 9780884011446 Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco 2014. Like New condition. .


Eliot's Dark Angel: Intersections of Life and Art
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Eliot's Dark Angel: Intersections of Life and Art

By Schuchard, Ronald

2001. Paperback. 9780195147025 Oxford University Press 1999. Very Good condition. .



By Alighieri, Dante;

Hardcover. Verona 2006. Two volumes in Italian, the first being a photographic reproduction of the original manuscript, and the second being the text with full commentary by Jozsef Pal and Gian Paolo Marchi. This copy is from the library of Stephen Botterill, for .


The Affair in the South Seas

By Irvine, Leigh H.

Hardcover. T. Fisher Unwin, Payot, Upham, and Co. 1901. Signed to Henry Bishop by author. Good condition with some wear from age. .


The Truth of Realism: A Reassessment of the German Novel 1830-1900

By Walker, John

2011. Hardcover. 9781906540906 Legenda, Maney Publishing 2011. Good condition. .


Mayo Ethnobotany - Land, History and Traditional Knowledge in Northwest Mexico
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Mayo Ethnobotany - Land, History and Traditional Knowledge in Northwest Mexico

By Yetman, David

California - Univ. Press of, 2002. Hardcover. Very Good+, shopworn.


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