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China: Threat in South Asia

By Dr Pushpa Adhikari

Lancer Publishers, 2012. Hardcover. New. This book is a result of years of China watching by a scholar who has developed great insight into the minds and methods of ruling elite of China while working as advisor to Radio Beijing. He would prefer rise of Asia with the rise of Chindia but signs are to the contrary. This book will add to the understanding of China in relation to South Asia as it comes from the laptop of a scholar who is sitting in Kathmandu valley and looking at the two Asian Giants separated by Himalayas. Printed Pages: 330. NA


Chinese Made Easy

By Dr. Anita Sharma

Goodwill Publishing House. Softcover. New. Chinese Made Easy` has been compiled keeping in mind the interests of those who want to learn Chinese in an easy and systematic way. This book can be used in institutions as a textbook and it is also suitable for those who want to study Chinese language on their own. The sentences in each text have been arranged in three lines with Chinese characters, Romanisation and English Translation. Printed Pages: 256. NA


E-Learning in China
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E-Learning in China

By Bao Huaying,Chen Geng,ZENG Haijun

Sage Publications, 2014. Hardcover. New. This book presents a review of Chinese experience in e-learning. It outlines the background of e-learning in the country and charts out its development. E-learning has two forms here: the e-learning colleges in 68 regular universities and the open University system led by the Open University of China. The off-campus support systems for e-learning students include public service systems with Chinese characteristics, except for learning centers. This education primarily targets people outside school—adult employees—and provides education services to rural areas, industries, remote areas, and the army. In its current state, this forms the biggest e-learning system in the world. The authors have consulted statistics and reports of the National Bureau of Statistics and the Ministry of Education and have further collected data and information from e-learning colleges and their Web sites of the open university system. E-Learning in China will benefit practitioners, researchers, and management staff involved in e-learning and also serve as a work of reference for learning, research, management, and operation of the e-learning industry. Printed Pages: 396. NA


Challenges to Chinese Foreign Policy:Diplomacy, Globalization, and the Next World Power

By Yufan Hao, C. X. George Wei & Lowell Dittmer (Eds)

KW Publishers, 2013. Hardcover. New. When Beijing hosted the 2008 Summer Olympics, China symbolically demonstrated its role as an emerging world power—a position it is not likely to relinquish anytime soon. China’s growing economy, military reforms, and staggering productivity have contributed to its ascendancy as a major player in international affairs. Other nations are reevaluating their economic and political relationships with China as it grows into a legitimate superpower. As a bastion of communism and a historically insular country, China remains enigmatic. In Challenges to Chinese Foreign Policy: Diplomacy, Globalization, and the Next World Power, editors Yufan Hao, C.X. George Wei, and Lowell Dittmer define the “peacefully rising” position currently articulated by Beijing and its implications for international peace and security. They also describe the world’s evolving perceptions of Chinese foreign relations, as well as Beijing’s diplomatic strategy toward the United States, Europe, Japan, Russia, and other Asian nations. Western scholars have attempted to explain Chinese foreign policy using historical or theoretical evidence, but until this volume, few studies from a Chinese perspective have been published in English. Challenges to Chinese Foreign Policy reveals how Chinese scholars view their nation’s rise to global dominance. Drawing on the knowledge of a wealth of foreign relations experts including scholars native to the region, this volume examines the unique challenges China faces as it adapts to being a world leader, and it analyzes how China’s international relationships are shaping the global landscape of the twenty-first century. Contents 1. Overview: The Evolution of China’s Diplomacy and Foreign Relations in the Era of Reform, 1 976-2005 Part 1 “ China’s Relations with the United States 2. Building a New Conceptial Framework for U.S.-China Relaltions, 3. China’s New Leadership and Strategic Relations with the United States 4. American Nuclear Primacy or Mutually Assured Destruction: The Future of the U.S.-China Strategic Balance of Power Part II: China’s Relations with Other Major Powers 5. The Sino-Russian Strategic Relationship Ghost of the “Strategic Triangle”? 6. The European Union and China: Partnership with Competition, 7. China’s Japan Policy: Beijing’s View of the U.S.-Japan Alliance, Part III: China’s Regional Relations 8. The Korean Peninsula: A Chinese View on the North Korean Nuclear Issue 9. China Dilemma over the North Korean Nuclear Problem 10. Change in South Asia since 9/11 and China’s Policy Options 11. After the Anti-Secession Law: Cross-Strait and U.S.-China Relation 12. Hong Kong and Macao: In between China and West Part IV: Chinese Diplomacy will Chinese Characteristics 13. Between Rhetoric and Pragmatism: Nationalism as a Diving Force of Chinese Foreign Policy 14. Engagement or Sanction? U.S. Economic Diplomacy toward China since the Cold War 15. The Rupture of the Sino-Soviet Alliance: An Assessment of the National Relations 16. A Misty Cold War in the Himalayas: China’s Historical Temperament in International Relaltions 17. An Intercultural Communication Model of International Relations: The Case of China abortion pill buy online link where to buy abortion pill Printed Pages: 384. NA


China`s Military Power : A Net Assessment

By G.D. Bakshi

KW Publishers, 2015. Hardcover. New. This book is a structured net assessment of China’s military power by a reputed and well-known Indian military analyst. The growth of Chinese military power has been examined with emphasis on how it primarily affects India. The book analyses how India must respond. It has an exhaustively researched section on how the Chinese PLA has performed in actual combat since 1949, and a detailed analysis of the evolution of China’s military doctrines and strategic Culture. The most dangerous for India is the exponential growth in the Chinese Airpower (PLAAF). China has already changed Asia’s balance of power Contents Foreword 1. Prologue 2. The Rise of Asia: Geo-Political Paradigm Shift 3. Doctrinal Evolution: The Strategic Culture of China 4. Chinese Communist Forces in Action: An Appraisal of the PLA’s Demonstrated Combat Performance 5. PLA Ground Forces: An Indo-Centric Analysis 6. The PLA Air Force (PLAAF): A Net Assessment of Capability 7. The PLA Navy (PLAN): Paradigm Shift in Strategic Direction 8. China’s Strategic Nuclear Force: The Second Artillery Corps 9. China’s Military-Industrial Complex 10. China’s Faultlines: The Internal Security Scenario 11. Alternative Futures: The Chinese Economy 12. Alternative Military Futures: China 13. Policy Parameters: Dealing with a Rising China Bibliography Printed Pages: 392. NA


The War in China

By D. McPherson, M.D.

Lancer Publishers. First edition. Hardcover. New. April 1840 saw the beginning of one of the most important battles of modern warfare – the War in China, fought between the Chinese and the British. Carefully cataloguing the causes and effects of this historic war, the author, D. McPherson of the Madras Army, carefully reconstructs for the readers the intricate details of the whole expedition. Going through even the most minute details this book generates a picturesque narrative that goes on to educate the reader about the war, now lost in the temporal progression of the world. The only available documentation of this great war, The War in China is a must for war enthusiasts over time and space. Printed Pages: 280. NA


Chinese Sounds and Syllables: A Handbook for Indians

By Professor Priyadarsi Mukherji

Lancer Publishers, 2012. Softcover. New. The objective of the handbook is to educate people in India how to correctly read and write the Chinese sounds and syllables. Cross-cultural communication and interactions between the people of India and China have greatly increased in recent years. Yet errors in transliteration and misrepresentations of various types have been noticed in newspaper reports as well as in academic and business circles. Therefore, a proper guideline is being offered so as to assist the Indian readers in pronouncing the Chinese syllables correctly. The handbook contains Chinese sounds and syllables in seven different languages of India. Readers capable of reading seven different scripts of India can acquaint themselves with not only the Chinese sounds but also with daily expressions in Chinese, tourist attractions in China, the correct method of spelling and writing Chinese names, and most importantly to gain historical and geographical knowledge about China. Learners of Chinese as well as professionals in every sphere can benefit out of this handbook. Printed Pages: 96. NA


Chinese Lessons from Other Peoples` Wars

By Andrew Scobell, David Lai, & Roy Kamphausen (Eds)

Lancer Publishers, 2012. Hardcover. New. Why did observers of the PLA want to study what Chinese military analysts might learned about non-Chinese wars? The answer is twofold. First, the PLA has not fought an actual war since 1979. Yet, during the last 3 decades, fundamental changes have taken place on the battlefield and in the conduct of war. Since the PLA has not fought since 1979, it had no experience in the changing face of war, and thus could not follow Mao Zedong’s admonition to “learn by doing”; instead, it must look abroad for ways to discern the new pattern of warfare in the evolving information age. Second, Chinese military analysts have noticeably more freedom in assessing and commenting on the strength and weakness as well as the success and failures of other countries’ wars. Indeed, for political reasons, Chinese military analysts have to emphasize the heroics and triumphs of the PLA’s war experience and downplay setbacks and failures. To date, there is no critical analysis of the PLA’s claimed success or dismissed failure in the Sino-Vietnamese Border War of 1979 by Chinese military analysts. Studying Chinese military analysts’ observation of other people’s wars, therefore, provide us key hints as to what Chinese military analysts consider important aspects of current and future military operational success and failure. The importance of China stems not only from its current international role and its influence on the Asia-Pacific region in particular, but also because China’s impact on global developments will likely continue to grow. This volume provides unique, valuable insights on how the PLA has applied the lessons learned from others’ military actions to its own strategic planning. Printed Pages: 336. NA


Threat from China

By Bharat Verma (Ed.)

Lancer Publishers, 2011. Hardcover. New. The multi-dimensional threat between 2011 and 2014 from China is real. The threat from China has crept to level ‘Orange’ for the past many years and the creeping invasion built over decades displays great features of stealth. First, they invaded and forcibly occupied independent Tibet. Subsequently, to protect their flank in Tibet, the Chinese demand that Arunachal be part of China. Theoretically, even if India hands over conveniently termed Southern Tibet, they will want to occupy whole of Northeast to protect flanks of Arunachal. China primarily feels threatened by existence of the Union of India as it challenges their ambition of being the unilateral power leading Asia. Instead of integration of the citizenry and consolidation of different regions, our shortsighted politicians extend a helping hand to China and Pakistan by dividing Indians internally for vote-bank-politics. Indians continue to live in isolated compartments of their making without inter-linkages with the big picture. This compartmentalized thinking is a cultural defect that ensures absence of connectivity with other multiple lateral tactical pictures. These small pictures if sensibly stitched together create ‘whole’ which helps in formulation of a grand strategy. In this volume, Indian Defence Review with the help of its contributors provides, a fairly integrated picture of the multi-dimensional threat that China poses, and offers many fresh alternatives. Printed Pages: 548. NA