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Objective Oriented Analysis and Desingn with UML Patterns

By Dr. Shivani Joshi

S. Chand & Company Ltd, 2014. First edition. Softcover. New. This book Object Oriented Analysis and Design with UML Patterns is designed for undergraduate and postgraduate students of Computer Science and Engineering, Information Technology, and Master of Computer Applications (MCA). Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD) is a language which provides a powerful tool for building flexible and extensible software components. Software development is a team effort, and it is equally important that developers have a language for talking about analysis and designs. It is a language which is able to deal in requirements and high level design without being cluttered by the fine detail of program code. It refers to the application of object oriented modeling to the analysis of systems and designing object oriented systems fulfilling these requirements. The system may be virtually anything including an organization (e.g. a company), a business unit, a software system which exists or one for which the requirements specification are written, a data warehouse or even a hardware system. Printed Pages: 295. NA


Excel 2007: Made Simple

By Satish Jain

BPB Publications, 2008. First edition. Softcover. New. The book begins with the basics of spreadsheet package namely Excel 2007. Chapter 2 discusses the concept of Workbook. The next two chapters explain data entering and date editing techniques used in Excel 2007. Chapter 5 describes the formatting styles. For making worksheet attractive and very easy to comprehend. Chapter 6 deals with range of cells and operators used in formulas for making work easy. Chapter 7 explains different functions available for use in worksheet along with ample number of solved examples. Chapter 8 is based on Charts and Graphics drawn using Excel 2007 Chapter 9 discusses the method to setup worksheet for printing. Chapter 10 explains method to lino and embed worksheet wit other windows based software packages. Features - Easy to understand methodology using simple English - Covers almost all features of Excel 2007 comprehensively - Will also serve as a useful reference book for experienced MS-Excel users - Index is included for quick and easy access to all the topics discussed in the book, thus reducing the reader’s valuable time in searching for a topic. Contents Chapter 1: Getting Started with Excel 2007 Chapter 2: Using Workbooks Chapter 3: Entering Data in Excel 2007 Chapter 4: Editing Data in Excel 2007 Chapter 5: Formatting Worksheet Chapter 6: Working with Range o Cells in Excel 2007 Chapter 7: Using Functions in Excel 2007 Chapter 8: Working with Charts in Excel 2007 Chapter 9: Printing Worksheet Chapter 10: Object Lin king and Embedding Printed Pages: 137. Excel 2007: Made SimpleSatish Jain9788183332309


Beginning ASP.NET Web Pages with Webmatrix

By Imar Spaanjaars,Mike Brind

Wiley India Pvt. Ltd, 2011. Softcover. New. Contents Foreword Introduction 1 Getting Started with WebMatrix 2 Designing Web Pages 3 Designing WebSites 4 Programming Your Site 5 Adding User Interactivity 6 AJAX and jQuery 7 Packages 8 Working with Files and Images 9 Debugging and Error Handling 10 Introduction to Data and Databases 11 A Deeper Dive Into Data Access 12 Security 13 Optimizing Your Site 14 Deploying Your Site Appendix IndexMicrosoft WebMatrix is designed to make developing dynamic ASPNET web sites much easier This complete Wrox guide shows you what it is how it works and how to get the best from it right away It covers all the basic foundations and also introduces HTML CSS and Ajax using jQuery giving beginning programmers a firm foundation for building dynamic web sites Examines how WebMatrix is expected to become the new recommended entry-level tool for developing web sites using ASPNET Arms beginning programmers students and educators with all the information they need to start developing dynamic web sites including design tips and layout advice Explains the Packages Administration tool including how to use the Facebook Social and Web Helper packages Covers working with files images and databases; debugging and error handling; maintaining security; and site optimization In the tried-and-true tradition of Wrox Beginning guides Beginning ASPNET Web Pages with WebMatrix gives novice programmers the knowledge and confidence they need to get going Printed Pages: 432. NA


Design and Analysis of Algorithm

By Sachin Dev Goyal

Laxmi Publications, 2009. First edition. Softcover. New. The book Design and Analysis of Algorithms has been written in a well organized and systematic manner. This book introduces-How to analyze algorithm?, designing technique of algorithm and helps the student to write useful, complex algorithm. This book covers the syllabus of all the universities which offer the B.Tech/M.Tech (Computer Science and Engineering/Information Technology), B.Sc/M.Sc (Information Technology) and is also useful for MCA student. Salient Features of the Book * This book has been written in a simple and easy language. * Each chapter contains introduction, glossary of terminology and summary. * It contains to-the point material for the benefit of the students. * Adequate number of solved problems for real application are given. * Unsolved problems have been given at the end of each chapter for practice. Printed Pages: 442. Design and Analysis of AlgorithmSachin Dev Goyal9788190856539


Computerised Accounting (Second Edition)

By P.H. Bassett

BPB Publications, 2004. 2nd edition. Softcover. New. Description Most computer studies courses include some form of accounting. In many organizations, much of the time spent by analysis programmers and operators is devoted to the tasks or data related to the accounting system. As well as establishing the links between accounting theory and computerized systems, this book concentrates on modern accounts practices and styles of presentation, and focuses on the `why` of accounting rather than just the `how`. Numerous examples and exercises take the user of this book through many of the standard accounting calculation. A sound understanding of the accounts principles involved in the book should lead the reader in due course to the design and programming of accounting systems. Contents - The Basic concepts of accounting - Book-keeping - Control and audit - Costing - Computers and Accounts Appendix Index Printed Pages: 0. Computerised Accounting (Second Edition)P.H. Bassett9788183331050


ActionScript 3.0 Design Patterns: Object Oriented Programming Techniques

By Chadima Cumaranatunge,William B. Sanders

Shroff Publishers/O`Reilly, 2007. Softcover. New. 17 x 23 cm. Now that ActionScript is reengineered from top to bottom as a true object-oriented programming (OOP) language, reusable design patterns are an ideal way to solve common problems in Flash and Flex applications. If you`re an experienced Flash or Flex developer ready to tackle sophisticated programming techniques with ActionScript 3.0, this hands-on introduction to design patterns is the book you need. ActionScript 3.0 Design Patterns takes you step by step through the process, first by explaining how design patterns provide a clear road map for structuring code that actually makes OOP languages easier to learn and use. You then learn about various types of design patterns and construct small abstract examples before trying your hand at building full-fledged working applications outlined in the book. Topics in ActionScript 3.0 Design Patterns include: Key features of ActionScript 3.0 and why it became an OOP language OOP characteristics, such as classes, abstraction, inheritance, and polymorphism The benefits of using design patterns Creational patterns, including Factory and Singleton patterns Structural patterns, including Decorator, Adapter, and Composite patterns Behavioral patterns, including Command, Observer, Strategy, and State patterns Multiple design patterns, including Model-View-Controller and Symmetric Proxy designs During the course of the book, you`ll work with examples of increasing complexity, such as an e-business application with service options that users can select, an interface for selecting a class of products and individual products in each class, an action game application, a video record and playback application, and many more. Whether you`re coming to Flash and Flex from Java or C++, or have experience with ActionScript 2.0, ActionScript 3.0 Design Patterns will have you constructing truly elegant solutions for your Flash and Flex applications in no time. Printed Pages: 552. ActionScript 3.0 Design Patterns: Object Oriented Programming TechniquesChadima Cumaranatunge,William B. Sanders9788184043747


Microsoft Word 2007: Training Guide

By M. Geetha,Satish Jain

BPB Publications, 2007. First edition. Softcover. New. (Visual Approach to Learning MS Word 2007 Package)andFeaturesComplete Guide for Step-by-Step LearningQuick and Easy Reference for Learning MS Word 2007Step-by-Step description of various commandsComprehensively covers all important features of MS Word 2007 in easy to understand mannerContentsStarting MS Word 2007, Open a Document, Creating a Document, Saving a Document, Customize the List ofRecently used files, Printing a Document, Preview a Document, Closing and Quitting Word, Closing a DocumentWindow, Getting Help in MS Word 2007, Show or Hide Screen Tips, What is MS Word processing, Why use Word 2007,andWord Processing Terminologies, MS Word 2007 Interface, Displaying or Hiding Rulers, The Status Bar,Mouse Terminology, Shapes of the Mouse Pointer, Undo and Redo command, Moving around in a document,Typing Text, Apply Correction in Typed Text, Selecting Text with a Mouse, Select Text with a Keyboard,Displaying different views of a document, Moving or Scrolling with Mouse, Moving or Scrolling with Keyboard ,Using Go To Command, Cutting/ Moving Text, Copying Text, Using the Clipboard Task Pane,Deleting items from the Office Clipboard, Using Find and Replace, Replacing Text, Using Spelling Checker,Using Grammar Check, Setting Options for Checking Spelling, Using Thesaurus, Using AutoCorrect Feature,Customize AutoCorrect, Using Word Count Command , Text Formatting, Character Formatting Using FontDialog box, Character Formatting using the Ribbon, Using the Change Case Command,Copying CharacterFormatting, Formatting Paragraphs, Using Paragraph dialog box launcher, Applying Border, Applying Shading,Appling Quick Formatting, Applying a Style, Adding a new style to the Style Gallery, Document Formatting,Setting Document Margins, Setting Paper Size, Inserting Page Break, Inserting Header and Footer,Deleting Header and Footer, Format Page Number, Removing Page Number, Dividing Text into Columns,Editing Columns, Inserting Footnote and endnote, Inserting Symbols, Inserting Equations, CreatingandNew templateCreating a Table, Inserting Rows, Changing Row Height, Inserting Columns, Changing Column Width,Merging and Splitting Cells, Aligning Text in a Table Cell, Convert Text to a Table, Formatting Table Styles,the Contents of a Table, Adding Borders, Performing Calculations in a Table, Settings Tab Stops with the TabsDialog box Print a Document, Cancel Printing, Mail Merge, Creating a Document for Mail-Merge, Starting Mail Merge,Creating Main Document, Specifying Data Source, Saving Data Source, Inserting Fields Names in the Master DocumentSaving the Master Document Printing the Merged Letters, Insert Picture Command, Resizing Graphics , Drawing in Wordand2007, Changing the Appearance of a Drawing, Applying Styles to Objects, Rotate a Drawing, Grouping an Object,Wrap Text Around Images, Create a Text Box, Format a Text Box, Link Text Boxes, Break Links between Text Boxes, Word Artand Printed Pages: 0. Microsoft Word 2007: Training GuideM. Geetha,Satish Jain9788183334075


SharePoint 2010 Deploying Cloud-Based Solutions

By Phillip Wicklund

Dreamtech Press/Wiley India Pvt. Ltd, 2011. Softcover. New. · Introducing SharePoint in the Cloud · Introducing Microsoft SharePoint Online · Office 365 Feature Overview · Planning for SharePoint Online · Administering SharePoint Online · Identity Management and Authentication · Migrating to SharePoint Online · Introduction to Customizing and Developing in SharePoint Online · Introduction to Creating a Private Cloud · Introducing Multitenancy in SharePoint 2010 · Configuring Tenant-Aware Service Applications · Configuring Tenant-Aware Site Collections Printed Pages: 472. NA


DOS 6 and 6.22: An Introduction

By M. Lotia

BPB Publications, 2002. First edition. Softcover. New. A complete guide to Microsoft DOS with computer fundamentals. Covers the latest veraion of the DOS. Essential, Advanced & Hardware related DOS Commands are covered in full Details. Printed Pages: 0. DOS 6 and 6.22: An IntroductionM. Lotia9788176564953


Fuzzy Sets and Fuzzy Logic: Theory and Applications

By Bo Yuan,George J. Klir

Pearson Education. Softcover. New. Table of Content I. THEORY 1. From Classical (Crisp) Sets to Fuzzy Sets: A Grand Paradigm Shift 2. Fuzzy Sets versus Crisp Sets 3. Operations on Fuzzy Sets 4. Fuzzy Arithmetic 5. Fuzzy Relations 6. Fuzzy Relation Equations 7. Possibility Theory 8. Fuzzy Logic 9. Uncertainty-Based Information II. APPLICATIONS 10. Constructing Fuzzy Sets and Operations on Fuzzy Sets 11. Approximate Reasoning 12. Fuzzy Systems 13. Pattern Recognition 14. Fuzzy Databases and Information Retrieval Systems 15. Fuzzy Decision Making 16. Engineering Applications 17. Miscellaneous Applications Appendix A. Neural Networks: An Overview Appendix B. Genetic Algorithms: An Overview Appendix C. Rough Sets versus Fuzzy Sets Appendix D. Proofs of Some Mathematical Theorems Appendix E. Glossary of Key Concepts Appendix F. Glossary of Symbols Printed Pages: 592. NA


System Simulation and Modeling

By Sankar Sengupta

Pearson Education, 2013. First edition. Softcover. New. Computer simulation is an attempt to model a real-life or hypothetical situation on a computer so that it can be studied to see how the system works. This book provides an excellent coverage on system modeling and simulation with the help of examples and applications taken from diverse areas like computer systems, statistics, manufacturing and insurance. The book presents valuable guidelines on the materials required to build a simulation model, explains the process of evaluating results and helps to take decisions based on the results. Apart from an in-depth discussion on Arena and its step-by-step approach to convert a problem statement into an Arena simulation model, the book also briefly discusses a number of commercially available software on simulation like GPSS, SIMSCRIPT and DYNAMO. CONTENTS: Chapter 1 Introduction to Simulation Chapter 2 Review of Probability and Statistics Chapter 3 Managing the Event Calendar in a Discrete-Event Simulation Model Chapter 4 Modeling Input Data Chapter 5 Generation of Random Numbers Chapter 6 Generation of Random Variates Chapter 7 Generic Features and Introduction to Arena Chapter 8 Applications Chapter 9 Discrete-Continuous Simulation Chapter 10 Verification and Validation of Simulation Models Chapter 11 Introduction to Queuing System Chapter 12 Output Analysis Chapter 13 Agent-Based Simulation Chapter 14 Introduction to simulation-Optimization Hybrid Tool Chapter 15 Review of Popular Simulation Software Printed Pages: 264. NA


Learning CFEngine 3: Automated System Administration for Sites of any Size

By Diego Zamboni

Shroff Publishers/O`Reilly, 2012. Softcover. New. 17 x 22 cm. Get up to speed on CFEngine 3, the open source configuration management software that enables you to automate everything from one-server shops to enterprise computer networks. This hands-on introduction shows you how to use CFEngine 3 to implement and manage and your IT infrastructure in a sustainable, scalable, and efficient manner. Through numerous examples, you’ll learn how to use CFEngine to perform tasks such as user management, software installation, and security. You’ll also learn how to focus on higher-level issues of design, implementation and maintenance, knowing that CFEngine is handling the lower-level details for you automatically. Discover how far you can go with system automation, using CFEngine Become familiar with the software’s principles, components, and policy structure Configure CFEngine step-by-step to perform routine tasks on your system Specify custom machine configuration without making changes by hand Get tricks and patterns that you can use in your own CFEngine policies Maintain separate CFEngine environments for development, testing, production, or other uses Printed Pages: 204. Learning CFEngine 3: Automated System Administration for Sites of any SizeDiego Zamboni9789350238059


Professional Silverlight 4

By Jason Beres,Bill Evjen,Devin Rader

Wiley India Pvt. Ltd, 2010. Softcover. New. • Introduction. • Chapter 1 Introduction to Silverlight. • Chapter 2 Building Applications with Visual Studio. • Chapter 3 Building Applications with Expression Blend 4. • Chapter 4 Working with the Navigation Framework. • Chapter 5 Controlling Layout with Panels. • Chapter 6 Working with Visual Controls. • Chapter 7 Accessing Data. • Chapter 8 WCF RIA Services. • Chapter 9 Out-of-Browser Experiences. • Chapter 10 Networking Applications. • Chapter 11 Building Line of Business Applications. • Chapter 12 Application Architecture. • Chapter 13 DOM Interaction. • Chapter 14 Securing Your Applications. • Chapter 15 Accessing Audio and Video Devices. • Chapter 16 Working with File I/O. • Chapter 17 Using Graphics and Visuals. • Chapter 18 Working with Animations in Silverlight. • Chapter 19 Working with Text. • Chapter 20 Making It Richer with Media. • Chapter 21 Styling and Themes. Appendix A XAML Primer. Appendix B Testing Silverlight Applications. Appendix C Building Facebook Applications with Silverlight. Appendix D Integrating Silverlight into SharePoint 2010. Appendix E Silverlight Control Assemblies. Index. Printed Pages: 840. NA


Java Puzzlers: Traps Pitfalls and Corner Cases

By Joshua Bloch,Neal Gafter

Pearson Education, 2016. First edition. Softcover. New. Table of Content Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 Expressive Puzzlers Chapter 3 Puzzlers with Character Chapter 4 Loopy Puzzlers Chapter 5 Exceptional Puzzlers Chapter 6 Classy Puzzlers Chapter 7 Library Puzzlers Chapter 8 Advanced Puzzlers (online) Appendix-A Catalog of Traps and Pitfalls Appendix-B Notes on the Illusions (online) Printed Pages: 256. NA


CompTIA A+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide, Seventh Edition (Exams 220-701 & 220-702)
stock photo

CompTIA A+ Certification All-in-One Exam Guide, Seventh Edition (Exams 220-701 & 220-702)

By Mike Meyers

Tata McGraw-Hill Education Pvt. Ltd., 2010. 5th or later edition. Softcover. New. Get complete coverage of the latest release of the CompTIA A+ exams inside this fully revised and updated resource. Written by the leading authority on CompTIA A+ certification and training, this expert guide covers CompTIA A+ exams 220-701 and 220-702. You`ll find learning objectives at the beginning of each chapter, exam tips, practice exam questions, in-depth explanations, and more than 1,000 photographs and illustrations. Designed to help you pass the CompTIA A+ exams with ease, this definitive volume also serves as an essential on-the-job IT reference. Covers all exam objectives, including how to: * Work with CPUs, RAM, motherboards, power supplies, and other PC components * Install, partition, and format hard drives * Install, upgrade, and troubleshoot WIndows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Vista * Troubleshoot PCs and implement security measures * Install video and multimedia cards * Work with portable PCs, PDAs, smartphones, and wireless technologies * Manage printers and connect to networks and the Internet * Understand safety and environmental issues * Establish good communication skills and adhere to privacy policies The CD-ROM features: * Practice exams for 701 & 702 * 600+ chapter review questions * New video introduction to CompTIA A+ * One-hour video training segment * Mike`s favorite PC tools and utilities * Searchable e-book Printed Pages: 1388. NA


Photoshop Elements 9 in easy steps
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Photoshop Elements 9 in easy steps

By In Easy Steps

McGraw Hill Education, 2011. First edition. Softcover. New. The No.1 selling image editing software goes from strength to strength and Photoshop Elements 9 in easy steps covers its impressively enhanced range of tools and functions to edit, display and share images in some truly stunning and original ways. This book covers many features including creating photo effects and styles; joining the world of social networking by sharing your images on Facebook, and Auto-Analyzer that automatically tags your best photos. Photoshop Elements 9 in easy steps demonstrates both, the fun and the functionality of image editing. It reveals exciting new features that puts Photoshop Elements into a league of its own. Useful for both PC and Mac users. TABLE OF CONTENTS: 1. Introducing Elements 2. Organizing Images 3. First Digital Steps 4. Quick Wins 5. Beyond the Basics 6. Selecting Areas 7. Layers 8. Text and Drawing Tools 9. Artistic Effects 10. Sharing and Creating 11. Printing Images Printed Pages: 192. NA


Advance Java Technology

By M.T. Savaliya

Dreamtech Press/Wiley India, 2011. Softcover. New. Advance Java Technology is the one-time reference book, written from the programmer`s point of view, containing hundreds of examples and covering nearly every aspect of advance Java, such as Swing, JDBC, Network Programming, RMI, Naming Service, Serialization, Internationalization, Servlets, JSP, and JSTL. It will help you to master the entire spectrum of advanced Java by exploring and implementing various concepts of the Java EE technologies. Learning Elements Work with the javax.swing package to design better graphical user interface Learn about the JDBC APIs and how to establish connection with the database Design server socket Java applications and learn about network programming in Java Learn various advance Java concepts, such as RMI, Naming Service, Object Serialization, and Internationalization Introduce to the Java EE platform Work with Servlets to design Web applications Implement Event handling and filters in the Java Web applications Design JSP pages and use the JSTL tags, such as core, XML, and SQL tags Printed Pages: 600. NA


Professional Java EE Design Patterns

By Alex Theedom,Murat Yener

Wiley India Pvt. Ltd, 2015. Softcover. New. Professional Java EE Design Patterns is the perfect companion for anyone who wants to work more effectively with Java EE, and the only resource that covers both the theory and application of design patterns in solving real-world problems. The authors guide readers through both the fundamental and advanced features of Java EE 7, presenting patterns throughout and demonstrating how they are used in day-to-day problem solving. As the most popular programming language in community-driven enterprise software, Java EE provides an API and runtime environment that is a superset of Java SE. Printed Pages: 256. NA


Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Nanoscience, 3 Vols

By Thomas George

Anmol Publications Pvt. Ltd., 2006. Hardcover. New. Nanoscience and nanotechnology are recent advancement in the field of science and technology. Nanoscience is not just micro technology on a smaller scale; it is much more than a mere improvement on previous forms of technology. Nanoscience is a completely new production process in a molecular world, opening up possibilities far beyond what we have known before. Researches in nanotechnology have great impact on existing knowledge. And a revolution is expected in all fields of science-medicine, physics, chemistry, biotechnology etc. in near future. Encyclopaedic dictionary of Nanoscience (in three volumes) compiles major relevant terms pertaining to the nanoscience/nanotechnology. The description and definitions are drawn from different authoritative sources to make it a dependable reference tool. Printed Pages: 888. Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Nanoscience, 3 VolsThomas George9788126127337


Joomla! 1.5x Customization: Make Your Site Adapt to Your Needs, Create and customize a professional Joomla! site that suits your business requirements

By Daniel Chapman

Shroff Publishers/Packt, 2009. Softcover. New. 17 x 22 cm. Setting up a basic Joomla! Web site is easy; what comes next is hard and expensive – making the site do exactly what and look exactly how you want. With this book in hand, it is easy to adapt your site to bring your vision fully to life. This book will help you to separate your site from the crowd of other Joomla! sites without having to invest in developers. It will guide you through how to customize different parts and aspects of your site and will also show you how to turn your site into a profitable business via these customizations. You will be able to build a successful, professional web site that will adapt to all your business needs. You will be taken beyond the basics of Joomla!, and given an insight into the techniques and tools used by the professionals to rapidly develop unique, custom sites. This will enable you to develop your own professional-quality Joomla! site without assistance, saving you time and money. You will learn how modules, plugins, components, and templates are constructed, and how to make changes in them, giving you the confidence to make more elaborate changes to your site. On top of this will be a look at common problems Joomla! site developers face and how best to deal with them. You will also learn techniques for building a business with Joomla!, as you step through building a subscription-based web business. Towards the end, you will look at marketing and monetizing this business fully to maximize your return. What you will learn from this book Identify and use the right tools to speed up site development Set goals and a mission for your site to guide development Pick the right extensions for your site Plan and implement advanced configurations for extensions Modify extension functionality to suit your needs Modify extension and template appearance to suit your needs Diagnose and fix common problems on Joomla! sites Market your site, via SEO, Social Marketing, and Traditional Marketing Monetize your site to make the maximum return Build a subscription site step by step Approach Filled with plenty of examples and careful explanations, this step-by-step guide teaches you to build a subscription-based business site with Joomla!. This site will evolve chapter by chapter as you apply the techniques and theory that you are learning to it. You will start by looking at the environment in which you develop, setting yourself up with the right tools to develop a professional site as effectively and efficiently as possible. Then you will move on to setting the purpose of our site, and why it is important to have a clear purpose and goals for your site before you ever even install Joomla!. You will begin to look through choosing, installing and customizing extensions, and proceed to work on your sample subscription site as a practical example of the information covered in each chapter. Finally you will look at how to market and monetize your site to ensure the maximum success for your site. Who this book is written for This book is written for people with basic knowledge of Joomla! who want to expand their skills and move from simply assembling extensions and installing a template to truly customizing their own site. Readers are expected to have functional knowledge of Joomla! and a very basic understanding of terms such as FTP, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, even if they have no real knowledge of the workings behind these terms. This book does not cover topics such as installing Joomla! and extensions, or creating content. The ideal reader is one who wishes to build a successful business web site using Joomla! and is interested in making as well as saving money by applying professional tools and techniques to the development, monetization, and marketing of their site. Non-business focussed site owners can still benefit greatly from the book, h Printed Pages: 294. NA


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