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The Speaking Tree: Conversations with Masters

By Times Group Books

New Delhi, India: Times Group Books, 2014. The compilation you have in your hands will acquaint you with a range of personalities: political leaders, spiritual leaders, philanthropists and more. The Best of Speaking Tree: Conversations with Masters is a collection of interviews published in The Speaking Tree broadsheet on Sundays. The interviews feature experiences and thoughts of people who, apart from being dedicated in their calling and excelling in them, have selflessly contributed to the society. These masters are endowed with qualities that have influenced numerous people and shaped their lives in one way or other. So flip through the pages to read on the enriching conversations and to absorb some learnings from the great minds.. First Edition. Hardcover. New/New.


Leadership Conversations: Challenging High-Potential Managers to Become Great Leaders

By Alan S. Berson & Richard G. Stieglitz

New Delhi, India: Times Group Books The transition from management to leadership is considerably harder than most people expect. A big promotion does not just mean using the same skill set at a higher level--new leaders must master a whole new set of skills, with perhaps none more important than the ability to have conversations that lead to high individual, team and organizational performance.Printed Pages: 320.. First Edition. Hardcover. New/New.


In Sweet Company: Conversations with Extraordinary Women About Living a Spiritual Life

By Margaret Wolff

New Delhi, India: Times Group Books, 2011. In Sweet Company is a collection of warm and remarkable conversations with 14 celebrated women, each with a spiritual life that nourishes them and serves as a dependable compass for their decision-making. The book takes readers on a spiritual odyssey into the hearts and minds of some of the most influential women of our time: beloved religious leaders, noted human rights activists, award-winning writers, visionary thinkers, and ground-breaking artists. Each woman shares her thoughts on the spiritual life and relate her own personal journey.Printed Pages: 272.. First Edition. Softcover. New.


10 Conversations You Need to Have with Yourself

By Shmuley Boteach

New Delhi, India: Times Group Books, 2011. 10 Conversations You Need to Have With Yourself shows readers how to use the practice of conversation -- in this case, self-talk -- to deal with their concerns including depression, family problems, anxiety, career questions, and more. In this book, Rabbi Shmuley shows how to turn negative self-talk into positive self-talk regarding such issues as love, self-esteem, life success, and fear of aging. It includes dramatic stories from Boteach's work counseling people in need as well as practical self-improvement sample self-talk scripts. Although Boteach has written previous bestselling titles on family issues and sex, this is his first self-improvement book.Some of the most effective talk therapy is self-talk therapy-learning to connect positively with that internal voice that serves as your own personal GPS to guide you through life. Rabbi Shmuley teaches the reader to reconnect with the inner voice of conscience, the source of personal dreams and values, which has been so drowned out by the noise of a culture that emphasizes form over substance, career over calling, and consumption over conviction. Drawing on Rabbi Shmuley's extensive counseling experience, this book helps you defeat negative self-talk and strengthen your positive inner voices of inspiration, conscience, and deepest self to help you move forward and live your truest life. Filled with dramatic real-life examples and practical exercises, it guides you through the ten most important and life-changing conversations you will ever have.Printed Pages: 240.. First Edition. Softcover. New.


Talking Philosophy: Richard Sorabji in Conversation with Ramin Jahanbegloo
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Talking Philosophy: Richard Sorabji in Conversation with Ramin Jahanbegloo

By Ramin Jahanbegloo

New Delhi, India: Oxford University Press, 2015. In this engaging dialogue that moves effortlessly across interdisciplinary boundaries, Richard Sorabji expounds, with astounding clarity and candidness, on a broad range of issues such as the moral philosophy behind the concepts of just war and 'humanitarian intervention', whether it is possible to be a Stoic today, and whether there is such a thing as a continuous self. He surveys the four leading ancient schools of philosophical thought—Aristotelian, Stoic, Platonist (including Neoplatonist), and Epicurean—and analyses the differences in their approach to various subjects. Talking Philosophy is as much a recollection of Sorabji's childhood and his scholarly life at Oxford as it is a philosophical reflection on issues as varied and complex as whether animals have reason or whether Gandhi could be considered an ethical role model. The seventh book in the series of Ramin Jahanbegloo's interviews of prominent intellectuals, it provides a fascinating glimpse into the life and mind of one of the most outstanding comparative philosophers of our time. Printed Pages: 154.. First Edition. Hardcover. New/New.


Conversation Manual (Romanised), (Translated from English to Hindustani, Pukhto, Persian)

By G.T. Plunket

New Delhi, India: Asian Educational Services, 2001. With summaries of the Grammars of these Languages - A collection of 670 useful phrases in English - Hindustani , Persian and Pushtu and vocabulary of nearly 1 , 500 words .This polyglot book is a collection of over 1500 words, and 670 phrases in English, Hindustani, Persian and Pashto. It also contains a summary of the grammars of these languages. The book was written to aid engineers and other officers on the North-West frontier of India. The book gives out the vocabulary and phrases under various headings, some of which are : general orders, seasons and weather, books and office works, military terms, surveying etc. This work is a reprint of the 1875 edition.Printed Pages: 138.. Reprint. Hardcover. New/New. 15 x 22 Cm.


Conservation of Buddhist Monuments in Central India

By R.C. Agrawal

Delhi, India: Sharada Publishing House, 2015. The Buddhist site of Sanchi was discovered by General Taylor in 1818 for the educated world. But the memory of Sanchi as a Buddhist establishment was alive till 1728 when Dost Mohammad founder of Bhopal dynasty admonished his brother Aqil for desecrating a Buddhist statue in Sanchi. This emphasises that the memory of Sanchi did not die but survived. In spite of desertion of the site by the Buddhist monks towards the end of seventeenth century and movement of monks towards western side of Malwa, Sanchi was in know of the people. The authentic description of Sanchi appeared in 1819 and it became known to the western world. From 1818-1851 no substantial investigations were carried out. In 1852, unsystematic excavations were carried out by Alexander Cunningham at Sanchi and other sites (Sonari, Satdhara, Bhojpur-Pipaliya and Andher), but no initiative was taken for the preservation till 1912. Between this period of half a century, more damage was caused to the Sanchi in the name of restoration and other sites suffered. John Marshall initiated conservation at the request of Bhopal state and the results of these operations were published in 1940. The fate of other sites in terms of survey, excavation and conservation remained neglected. In 1991 efforts were made to survey these Buddhist sites again along with Sanchi, which thrived more than fifteen hundred years. The survey of Satdhara and Bhojpur-Pipaliya revealed many facets of these establishments which had remained in oblivion for one and a half century. The present study deals with the survey, excavation and conservation. Much more work needed to be done around these sites. Hope future archaeologists will take it forward what has been done in the last fifteen years.Printed Pages: 180 with 62 colours & 126 b/w illustrations.. First Edition. Hardcover. New/New. 23 x 29 Cm.


Puraratna: Emerging Trends in Archaeology, Art, Anthropology, Conservation and History (In honour of Shri Jagat Pati Joshi), 3 Vols

By C. Margabandhu, A.K. Sharma & R.S. Bisht (Eds)

Delhi, India: Agam Kala Prakashan, 2002. Senior archaeologists and scholars have contributed their recent researchers to this volume in honour of Sri Jagat Pati Joshi, former Director General, Archaeological Survey of India. The 3-volume set has 15 sections prehistory, protohistory, iron age, historical archaeology, medieval archaeology, interpretation, epigraphy, architecture, sculpture, history, literature, preservation and recentdiscoveries.Printed Pages: 1050.. Hardcover. New/New. 23 x 29 Cm.


Recent Trends in Conservation of Art Heritage (Dr O.P. Agarwal Felicitation)

By Shashi Dhawan (Ed.)

Delhi, India: Agam Kala Prakashan, 1996. "Recent Trends in Conservation of Art Heritage" is a humble dedication of the contributors to Dr O.P. Agrawal. There is an increasing awareness in the world today of the need for conservation everywhere, and it is but natural that attention would focus on the conservation and preservation of art heritage that mankind has created and inherited over the ages. The book, the only one of its type, should prove to be of immense interest to art lovers conservation students and conservationists curators of museums all over the world.Printed Pages: 350.. Hardcover. New/New. 23 x 29 Cm.


Conservation of Rock Art (IGNCA Rock Art Series-5)

By Bansi Lal Malla (Ed.)

New Delhi, India: Aryan Books International, 1999. The present publication brought out under the IGNCA's rock art series contains the papers presented during the seminar by the participants who are well known experts on the rock art in India. Preceeded by an introduction giving the background of rock art studies in IGNCA, it includes articles on conservation, preservation and maintenance of rock art sites, conservation techniques and long term planning, analysis of pigments of painted caverns and their preservation, management of two foremost rock art sites in India, and requirements for conserving and managing rock art remains and cultural dimensions of rock art. The publication 'Conservation of Rock Art' although is not a bulky volume, it concentrates, perhaps for the first time in India in recent years on the vital problem of preserving the rock art remains which of course requires much extensive studies and research. Printed Pages: 95 with 9 colour illustrations.. First Edition. Hardcover. New/New. 15 x 22 Cm.