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Oxford Dictionary of English
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Oxford Dictionary of English

By Oxford Dictionaries

Oxford University Press, 2010. 3rd edition. Hardcover. New. 21 x 28 cm. Printed Pages: 2091. NA


Swahili-English Dictionary

By A.C. Madan

Asian Educational Services, 2000. 5th or later edition. Hardcover. New. Printed Pages: 442. NA


Cosmo Dictionary of Dyeing & Calico Printing

By Charles O Neill

Cosmo Publications, 2008. First edition. Hardcover. New. This work is intended by the Author to form a practical handbook of reference upon all the chemical substances and processes in use among dyers and calico printers. While written from a practical point of view, it takes a middle course betw-een the generalities of high science and the technicalities of pure practice. Avoiding, on the one hand, the applications of chemical principles which are not yet clearly perceived, and, on the other, a detailed description of processes which would be either in unintelligible or unnecessary, the Author hopes he has produced a book which may be profitably consulted by all who are either interested or practically engaged in printing and dyeing. The claims which the Author has to be heard upon these subjects rest upon his familiar acquaintance with calico printing, acquired by nine years’ service in very extensive establish-ment, and upon a further professional experience of three years, which has brought him into contact with nearly all styles of dyeing. Printed Pages: 510. Cosmo Dictionary of Dyeing & Calico PrintingCharles O Neill9788130706634


Dictionary of Science

By Hutchinson

Hutchinson/Goyal Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd, 2011. Softcover. New. Dictionary of Science Key science terms in your pocket Up to date, readable, and reliable Essential information in A-Z form: Absolute Zero, Alloy, Alternative Energy, Electrolysis, Food Chain, Inertia, Logic gate, Nuclear fission, X-ray, Zinc, Zygote Printed Pages: 368. Dictionary of ScienceHutchinson9788185288376


Sanskrit-English Dictionary (Etymologically and Philologically Arranged), 2 Vols

By M. Monier-Williams

Indica Books, 2008. Hardcover. New. 22 x 28 cm. Sir M. Monier-Williams` Sanskrit-English Dictionary is beyond any doubt the most consulted dictionary in the world of Sanskrit scholarship. It is structured along etymological lines, the words being arranged under their roots, which helps the stud/ent to relate words to their original bases giving thereby a deeper insight into the structure of the language. Printed Pages: 1980. NA


Oxford Better Spanish
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Oxford Better Spanish

By Oxford Dictionaries

Oxford University Press, 2016. Softcover. New. A new practical guide to practise and embed vocabulary, essential grammar, and spoken language in Spanish, ideal for beginners and for making progress, in the classroom or on holiday. Printed Pages: 0. NA


Illustrated Dictionaries of Art

By Paul Harding

Lotus Press Publishers & Distributors, 2006. Softcover. New. Printed Pages: 192. NA


Illustrated Dictionary of Environmental Studies

By Fredd Micheals

Lotus Press Publishers & Distributors, 2004. Softcover. New. If anyone had to differentiate the closing decades of 20th century from other periods in history, surely acute Environmental consciousness and a concern for Ecology would be one of the most important characteristics of our generation`s perception. Partly as a result of Green groups activities, partly due to the explosion of information about the harm we have already done to the environment, all other issues got thrust into the background. The Scientific Study of Environment is not very old. It draws on Geology and Physics for its theoretical basis, but the application of these principles to practical affairs is difficult and complex. This dictionary brings together the latest in this field of study to the interested reader. He will be in a position to know the usefulness (or otherwise) of dams, polar ice melt, Soil Erosion etc. on a solid, scientific basis and be in position to take an independent stand on the shrill War of words between the Greens and Governments. Printed Pages: 208. NA


Dictionary of Hindu Gods and Goddesses

By T.R.R. Iyengar

D.K. Printworld (P) Ltd. New Delhi, 2007. 2nd edition. Paperback. New. 15 X 23 cm. The book systematically studies various Hindu gods and goddesses based on Hindu sacred literature. It covers their earliest references and the evolution of their worship, their attributes and forms, and their signific-ance in the Hindu scheme of worship. It also includes references to many animate/inanimate sacred beings/things associated with the deities. The Hindu pantheon of gods and goddesses has evolved over many millennia from a simple worship of elements and phenomena of nature to a complex system of myriad gods and goddesses of differing physical attributes, characteristic features and functions and each with different forms. The present Dictionary is an attempt to provide an in-depth yet comprehensive account of Hindu gods and goddesses referring to all the important religious sources. Based on Hindu sacred literature including the Vedas, epics and the Puranas, the book is a systematic study, in alphabetical order, of various Hindu gods and goddesses covering aspects such as the evolution of their worship and their earliest references in texts, stories of their birth and achievements, their attributes, their significance in the Hindu scheme of worship, their forms of representations, and their relationship with one another. It has references to not only personified beings but also other animate and inanimate ‘sacred’ beings/things, seen in close association with the deities and worshipped by devotees, like Nandi, the bull, the snakes, the banyan and pipal trees, the saligramas and the banalingas. The adornments, vahanas, weapons and places associated with the deities are also elaborately discussed. The Dictionary will be an immensely useful reference work for scholars of ancient Indian mythology and religion as well as general readers willing to know more about Hindu gods and goddesses. Printed Pages: 335. Dictionary of Hindu Gods and GoddessesT.R.R. Iyengar9788124602331


Tibetan-Sanskrit Dictionary, 16 Vols

By J.S. Negi

Central Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies, Sarnath. Hardcover. New. 19 x 25 cm. This dictionary contains about 40,000 Tibetan terms (words, names and technical terms) and more than 150,000 Sanskrit synonyms. The dictionary does not only list for each word the Sanskrit equivalents which occur in Sanskrit texts translated into Tibetan but also in many instances it indicates the context. The sources used by J.S. Negi are 86 texts, eleven dictionaries and ten kosas. The sources comprise many sutras, sastras and Tanteric texts. Non-Buddhist texts have also been consulted as, for instance, the Kavyadarsa, the Unadivrtti and the Candronadivrtti. Printed Pages: 0. NA


English-Pali Dictionary

By A.P. Buddhadatta Mahathera

Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd., 2007. 5th or later edition. Hardcover. New. 15 x 23 cm. Here is a reprint of the English-Pali Dictionary by A.P. Buddhadatta Mahathera published long ago by the Pali Text Society in Roman script. This publication was then considered a notable event in the life of the Society for it was a great improvement on a similar earlier work by Venerable W. Piyatissa whose usefulness was reduced for the English-speaking readers by the Pali words being given in Sinhalese script. This is a consider ably enlarged form of a concise English-Pali Dictionary compiled by the present author during the second World War. The author has coined many new words and has given more than one Pali word for some English verbs which do not exist in the ancient languages like Pali. This dictionary, though not an exhaustive one, has proved much useful to the scholars of the Pali language as it presents well chosen material in a single volume of a manageable size. (by the same author) CONCISE PALI-ENGLISH DICTIONARY - This Concise Pali-English Dictionary has been prepared mainly for use by students in schools and colleges. The author is not only an eminent Elder of the Buddhist Order but one of the leading Pali scholars recognized both in the East and West as an authority on the subject. It is to be observed that the author has kept more or less to the traditional sense of words while not altogether ignoring the meanings given by western scholars in their translations and lexicons. Many errors in the latter sources have also been rectified. But the basic sense adopted is in nearly every instance the traditionally accepted meaning in accord with the commentaries and the glossaries. This perhaps is of special value to beginners as thereby they get introduced to the indigenous tradition, thus providing a useful basis on which to build up a more scientific knowledge as the study advances. Printed Pages: 601. NA


Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English

By Walter Thampson

Goyal Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd, 2011. Softcover. New. Includes : Insults, Oaths, Sexual Slang, Durg Talk, Homosexual NGO, Curses, Euphemism, Racial Slurs, Metaphore and other Inproper Words Printed Pages: 485. NA


Elementary Dictionary: For Elementary Learners

By Longman

Longman/Pearson Education, 2014. First edition. Softcover. New. Features : 1. Easy-to-understand definitions 2. Helpful example sentences which refer directly to the pictures - they reinforce each other 3. Hundreds of lively colourful illustrations 4. Difficult plurals and verb parts are shown in full 5. Table of irregular verbs Printed Pages: 124. NA


Arabic Dictionary and Phrasebook: English-Arabic, Arabic-English

By Jane Wightwick ,Mahmoud Gaafar

Jaico Publishing House, 2007. First edition. Softcover. New. As the national language of nearly 20 countries in Africa and Asia, including Egypt, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia, Arabic is the lingua franca of the Middle East. — 4,000 total entries — Uses a standard Arabic recognized throughout the Middle East — Incorporates the Arabic script and its romanized transliteration — Basic Arabic grammar — Practical cultural information — Perfect for travelers, businesspersons and foreign aid workers Printed Pages: 224. NA


Konkani-English Pocket Dictionary

By Dacho Furtado

Asian Educational Services, 1999. 5th or later edition. Hardcover. New. Printed Pages: 208. NA


Concise Dictionary of Science

By Editorial Board

V & S Publishers. Softcover. New. We see application of science everywhere. Whether we are aware or not, science application plays a big part in our daily lives. While you are reading this page, an important element of optical science is in use. Electricity, for example, is one of the most important science discoveries ever made. As we walk in the public, we see almost everyone carrying a cellular phone. This is an application of electronics & communications technology. To remain healthy, we use medicines, which is a specialised form of biology. It is only the knowledge of science which enables us to understand the life processes around us. V&S Publishers has brought for you dictionaries of terms in science, physics, chemistry and biology to make science simpler for you. The terms have been arranged alphabetically for quick reference. Suitable explanations of terms that have come into public domain recently also find mention. The standard of explanation has been kept at a level of understanding expected from an average secondary and senior secondary student. Illustrations and examples, at appropriate places, have been given. Readers who have not made a special study of any science subject will have also be able to grasp the definitions. Important scientific charts, tables, constants, conversion tables, etc., have been included as appendices to make this dictionary more useful. A glossary of Nobel Prize winners and their contributions is an added attraction. Printed Pages: 392. NA


Dictionary of Psychology (Fourth Revised Edition)

By J.Atkinson. E.Berne,R.S. Woodworth

Hutchinson/Goyal Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd, 2011. 4th edition. Softcover. New. Dictionary of Psychology is a valuable reference for students, practicing professionals and general reader. It gives most up-to-date definitions of all fields of Psychology and its related disciplines. There are many illustrations, graphs, diagrams and formulae. Printed Pages: 0. Dictionary of Psychology (Fourth Revised Edition)J.Atkinson. E.Berne,R.S. Woodworth9788183073660


International Webster`s Student Dictionary (New Enlarged Edition)

By Webster

New Age International (P) Limited, 2010. 5th or later edition. Softcover. New. STUDENT DICTIONARY * Over 85,000 Entries, 970 illustrations, maps, charts and tables * Thousands of illustrative quotations * Clear understandable Pronunciation Guide * Hundreds of synonym lists * The complete quick-reference Dictionary. Printed Pages: 0. NA


Concise Dictionary of Commerce: A Perfect Reference for IAS & Civil Services aspirants; students appearing for CA/CPT, MBA and readers of all age groups

By V & S Publishers

V & S Publishers, 2014. Softcover. New. 14 x 21 cm. This Dictionary of Commerce provides clear and concise definitions and key concepts from the field of commerce and business. This dictionary will become the standard reference for students, researchers, academics and other practitioners. New terms that have come into frequent use are also included in this dictionary. In order to enhance the readers` knowledge and bring about more relevance, many examples and graphs have been used along with the definitions of the terms. With entries ranging from long explanations of major topics to short definitions of key terms, this major reference tool gives the user: o Authoritative coverage of the terms from the whole of commercial field o Arranged alphabetically A-Z o 5,000 entries o Comprehensive collection of terms & phrases used by commerce and business experts, consultants, and students of finance and commerce. Important national commercial and trade data from India; and a list showing the Nobel Prize winners in Economics from 1969 to 2012 along with their contribution have been included as appendices. This Dictionary of Commerce would be found useful for students of commerce, business and management courses at all levels; business professionals including lawyers, bankers, accountants, advertising agents, and insurance brokers; the general reader looking for clarification of everyday business terms. Printed Pages: 349. NA


Vishv Muhavra Kosh

By Dr Ganga Sahai Sharma

Vishv Vijay Pvt. Ltd., 2009. 5th or later edition. Softcover. New. 14 x 22 cm. Printed Pages: 251. Vishv Muhavra KoshDr Ganga Sahai Sharma9788185679242


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