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Sakhalin Island

By Anton Chekhov,Brian Reeve

Bloomsbury Publishing, 2019. First edition. Softcover. New. 13 x 20 cm. In 1890, the thirty-year-old Chekhov, already knowing that he was ill with tuberculosis, undertook an arduous eleven-week journey from Moscow across Siberia to the penal colony on the island of Sakhalin. Now collected here in one volume are the fully annotated translations of his impressions of his trip through Siberia and the account of his three-month sojourn on Sakhalin Island, together with his notes and extracts from his letters to relatives and associates. Highly valuable both as a detailed depiction of the Tsarist system of penal servitude and as an insight into Chekhov`s motivations and objectives for visiting the colony and writing the exposé, Sakhalin Island is a haunting work which had a huge impact both on Chekhov`s career and on Russian society. Printed Pages: 528. NA


Blessed Days with Osho

By Ageh Bharti

Diamond Books, 2012. Softcover. New. 14 x 21 cm. Printed Pages: 306. NA


14 Stories That Inspired Satyajit Ray

By Bhaskar Chattopadhyay (Ed.)

HarperCollins Publishers, 2014. Softcover. New. 13 x 20 cm. Printed Pages: 294. NA


An Unsuitable Boy

By Karan Johar,Poonam Saxena

Penguin Random House India, 2017. Softcover. New. 13 x 20 cm. Printed Pages: 229. NA


Landscapes of Memory: A Holocaust Girlhood Remembered

By Ruth Kluger

Bloomsbury Publishing, 2004. Softcover. New. 13 x 20 cm. Printed Pages: 278. NA


Parwat se Sagar Tak (in Hindi)

By Shailesh Matiyani

Rajpal and Sons, 2000. Hardcover. New. Printed Pages: 136. NA


Mano Ya Na Mano

By Dr Sukhram Khatri

PM Publications, 2015. First edition. Softcover. New. Printed Pages: 139. NA


Science Fun

By Evan Moore

Evan Moor Educational/Viva Books Private Limited, 2004. Softcover. New. Children are naturally fascinated by the world around them. This book utilizes that sense of wonder to help your students or children at home have fun learning science facts. List of Concepts: Review a variety of science facts and concepts: * space * animals * weather * plants * magnetism * human body List of Activities: * name the planets * name that bone * plant or animal? * spider or insect? * word searches * dot-to-dots * riddles * crossword puzzles Features fun, instructive illustrations throughout Printed Pages: 32. NA


Animal Adventures in Africa: An Elephant’s Tail

By Elle Matthews

Unicorn Books/Pustak Mahal, 2010. Softcover. New. The Animal Adventures in Africa children’s book series tells of the exciting adventures of five young animals living in a game reserve somewhere in Africa! There’s Lee O the lion cub, Bongo the baby baboon, Vile the young vulture, Hevi the hippo and Manji the meerkat. Each story in the series has a conservation message, as well as teaching children the principles of honesty, integrity and loyalty. Printed Pages: 47. NA


Dharti Ab Bhi Ghoom Rahi Hai (in Hindi)

By Vishnu Prabhakar

Rajpal and Sons, 2012. Hardcover. New. Printed Pages: 160. NA


The God of Small Things

By Arundhati Roy

Penguin Books India, 2002. First edition. Softcover. New. 13 x 21 cm. The God Of Small Things is centered around the Ipe family living in Ayemenem, Kerala, after Independence. Estha and Rahel are the protagonists of Roy’s story. The twins reside with their mother, uncle, and grandparents. The story begins with the arrival of Sophie Mol, the twins’ cousin. She arrives from England with her mom, to spend their Christmas vacation in India. Sophie’s step father died tragically in a car accident, so as soon as she arrives in India she is the center of attention of all the adults at home. Feeling ignored, the twins fix an old boat with the help of their friend Velutha. The twins, Rahel and Esthappen use this boat to frequently traverse the river and visit an old, abandoned house. Velutha belongs to a lower caste, and is an Untouchable, but the Ipe family have known him since childhood, and employ him in their pickle factory. The plot thickens when it is discovered that the twins’ mother Ammu is having a relationship with Velutha. Since this is a socially unacceptable practice, Ammu is locked up in a room. When the twins attempt to speak to her, she angrily tells them that had they not been there she would’ve been free. Feeling hurt, the twins decide to run away to their abandoned house. Sophie learns about the twins’ plan and joins them. As the children traverse the river, the boat capsizes. The twins are able to swim across, but Sophie is carried away by the current. Feeling exhausted, the twins fall asleep in their abandoned house. Unbeknownst to the twins, Velutha is also sleeping there, on the veranda. When the children’s absence is discovered, the family also learns about the discovery of Sophie’s body near the river. The twins’ grandmother immediately reports to the police that Velutha is responsible for raping Ammu and kidnapping the twins. The police find Velutha and subject him to a brutal beating. The God Of Small Things was the recipient of the Booker Prize in 1997. It grabbed the fourth spot on the New York Times Bestseller List. Her debut novel had the highest success for a non-expatriate Indian author. Printed Pages: 339. NA


Naked Voices: Stories and Sketches

By Saadat Hasan Manto (Author) & Rakhshanda Jalil (Tr.)

IndiaInk/Roli Books, 2008. Hardcover. New. Naked Voices, Stories & Sketches is one of the most authentic collection showcasing the best of Saadat Hasan Manto as a great storyteller and an honest commentator of all times. In this collection of sixteen stories and three sketches, Manto brazenly celebrates the warts of a seemingly decent society, as well as its dark underbelly - tired and overworked prostitutes in The Candle`s Tears or Loser All the Way; ruthless as also humane pimps in The Hundred Candle Watt Bulb and Sahay; the utter helplessness of men in the face of a sexual encounter in Naked Voices and Coward; and the madness perpetrated by the Partition as witnessed in By God! and Yazid. In one of the three sketches, which form part of this collection, the author brilliantly reveals himself to the world in a schizophrenic piece titled Saadat Hasan, calling Manto the Writer a liar, a thief and a failure! And in another titled In a Letter to Uncle Sam, Manto superbly couches his anti-imperialistic views in an innocent letter from a poor nephew to a capitalist and prosperous uncle in America. Printed Pages: 141. Naked Voices: Stories and SketchesSaadat Hasan Manto (Author) & Rakhshanda Jalil (Tr.)9788186939420


Artemis Fowl and the Opal Deception
stock photo

Artemis Fowl and the Opal Deception

By Eoin Colfer

Puffin Books/Penguin Books, 2011. Softcover. New. Arch-Criminal Artemis Fowl`S Mind Has Been Wiped. And Now Someone Wants Him Dead. Artemis Fowl is the only boy ever to have discovered an armed and dangerous fairy race living below ground. He just can`t remember any of it. But Artemis needs his memory back – and fast – because a power-crazed pixie is out for revenge, secretly scheming to overthrow the Lower Elements Police. If only Artemis`s one fairy ally, Captain Holly Short, wasn`t on the run. Everyone is depending on him. And with Holly gone, Artemis is depending on a flatulent dwarf. Things are about to explode . . . Printed Pages: 384. NA


Read Now 2 (Reading Comprehension and Language Skills)

By Angus Maciver

Viva Books Private Limited, 2014. Softcover. New. Description: Academic success is built on strong reading skills and higher-order thinking developed at an early age. However, getting children to read can be challenging in this age of electronic distractions. In spite of this, experience shows that children do take to reading when interesting material is available. Adapted for South Asia from the internationally popular First Aid in English readers, favoured by learners worldwide for over three decades, Read Now is a series of graded readers for children of classes 1 to 8. The texts in these books are specially selected to arouse, maintain and satisfy the interest of the children. This interest helps them overcome difficulties in comprehension and the unfamiliarity of syntactic structures. The selection in Read Now includes fables, legends, folk tales, short stories, extracts from classics, select non-fiction texts and a large number of poems. The key areas of learning covered by the series are: · Reading comprehension · Vocabulary · Grammar · Writing · Life skills · General knowledge · Research skills Attractive layout and colourful illustrations enliven the stories, poems, other texts and exercises, making learning lively and enjoyable. Contents: The Greedy Dog • Mother Hen and Mother Duck • Pleasing Everybody • I Wonder • What a Fright! • Wake! Wake! Children, Wake! • Dog Meets Wolf • The Doctor • Only Pretending • At School • The Three Wishes • How Many Crows? • Goldilocks and the Three Bears • Caterpillar • The Talkative Crow • Comfort • The Sun and the Wind • My Shadow • A Strange Baby • My Dog, Spot • The Cat and the Goldfish • The Elves and the Shoemaker • The River • Old Apple-seed John • Two nonsense Poems • Your Dictionary Printed Pages: 104. NA


Inspiring Thoughts

By APJ Abdul Kalam

Rajpal and Sons, 2015. Hardcover. New. 13 x 19 cm. In this book, Inspiring Thoughts, the author boosts the morale of the readers in a unique way, which is thought provoking and inspires the readers to act. The author also stirs up the readers to make the correct decisions in the present, which will influence the nation in the future. Kalam directs certain advice towards children, which will help them think higher. This is because he believes that children are the nation’s future, and that ambition in these children will help them take the country to greater heights. In Inspiring Thoughts, he also urges the readers to take the path that hasn’t been tread, explore it, and achieve seemingly impossible goals. Although this book is written for a large audience, it is highly recommended for those who have experienced failures in life as it will help them start again with renewed passion to succeed. The author conveys the message to the readers in the form of personal sayings. Printed Pages: 104. NA


The Other Side of Midnight

By Sidney Sheldon

HarperCollins Publishers India. Softcover. New. One of Sidney Sheldon’s most popular and bestselling titles, repackaged and reissued for a new generation of fans. A gripping, glamorous novel of scorching sensuality and heart-stopping evil. A beautiful French actress whose craving for passion and vengeance takes her from the gutters of Paris to the bedroom of a powerful billionaire; a dynamic Greek tycoon who never forgets an insult, never forgives an injury; and a handsome war hero lured from his wife by another woman. From Paris to Washington, Hollywood to the islands of Greece, The Other Side of Midnight is the story of four star-crossed lives enmeshed in a deadly ritual of passion, intrigue and corruption. Printed Pages: 608. Other Side of MidnightSidney Sheldon9788172234935


Writing Paragraphs

By Jo Allen Moore

Evan Moor Educational/Viva Books, 2004. Softcover. New. This book helps the child to identify-main idea, supporting details; write paragraphs, practice punctuation; use creative thinking; illustrate what is written. Printed Pages: 32. NA


Name Place Animal Thing

By Fingerprint! Publishing

Fingerprint! Publishing, 2015. Softcover. New. Part rant, part reportage. Partly serious and partly funny. Name Place Animal Thing by top film critic Mayank Shekhar is a whacky yet insightful take on desis and popular culture. Covering concerns of a young, urban India, ranging from city, cinema, stardom, and religion to cops, cigarette smoking, social drinking, and social media, each piece has been peppered with Shekhar`s characteristic wit and razor sharp observations to simultaneously inform, amuse, and irritate! If you wish to start a conversation, here`s the book to pick. Printed Pages: 416. NA


Agent Alfie: Sorted!
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Agent Alfie: Sorted!

By Justin Richards

HarperCollins Publishers India, 2010. Softcover. New. A hilarious new series for younger readers, following the misadventures of an ordinary boy at an extraordinary school for young spies… Alfie and his friends are preparing for their SATS exams – because everyone knows that if you don’t have your Special Agent Training Standards you can’t go on to do your GCSEs. And if you didn’t have your General Cerftificate in Surveillance and Espionage then where would you be? The thing is, SATS are hard enough as it is. But when the test papers go missing in the post and are replaced by competitions to win sets of matching saucepans, it just gets ridiculous! Can Alfie and his friends solve the mystery of the missing post? One thing’s for sure: SPUD just have to be behind it, somehow… Printed Pages: 112. Agent Alfie: Sorted!Justin Richards9780007273584


How the Secret Changed My Life: Real People. Real Stories

By Rhonda Byrne

Simon & Schuster, 2016. Hardcover. New. Printed Pages: 272. NA


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