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Four Seasons Gardening in India

By Aruna Ludra

New Delhi, India: Low Price Publications/D.K. Publishers Distributors Pvt. Ltd. Gardening is being pursued in a very unscientific way in India. That is because the Malis still call the shots. The information available in gardening books is relevent to the temperate climates of Europe with no consideration shown to the climates of tropical countries like India. The vacuum existing between the books and the needs of India is too obvious. In between spaces are being filled with heavy botanical information.Gardening is an art of co-relations of vision and of creativity; of seasons and scenes and of spirit and of mind. Gardening in India needs to be rescued from catalogue guidance. Hopefully this book will do that by bridging the gulf.An outstanding publications of tropical plants meant for home gardening. This book follows the plants seasonwise and gives practical tips on whom gardening at the level of the amaeur gardener. Guidance is available on Seasonal plants,Shrubs, Flowering trees, Climbers, Cacti, Succulents and most fascinating of the subjects on Decorative and Ornamental Gardening. Printed Pages: 150 with 16 colour plates.. Hardcover. New/New.


Spices: The Elixir of Life

By Amit Krishna De

New Delhi, India: Low Price Publications/D.K. Publishers Distributors Pvt. Ltd. Printed Pages: 178.. Hardcover. New/New.


Past Lives Quantum Lives: A Journey through Time with Hypnotic Regression/Regressive Hypnosis

By Federica Brambilla

New Delhi, India: Low Price Publications/D.K. Publishers Distributors Pvt. Ltd. `My faith is in Christ: Master of path, truth and life. That first seminar changed my life, widened my spiritual dimension and changed my clinical practice. The people who came into my studio opened me to the contact with the eternal soul, with which we can get in touch through regression. At first, the patients were mostly of Christian religion, then Buddhists also came, believers of other faiths and atheists: they all wanted to get in touch with their souls through a search path that is complementary to the traditional one of care and treatment, to give meaning to the pain and tests that life continuously threw at them. With them I started my journey and, thanks to the desire to share their own experience, I can tell you about our work experience. Thanks to all and... thank you Elena!` Printed Pages: 111.. Softcover. New.


Adhytam Ka Vegyanik Adhyan (in Hindi)

By Surrender Kumar Soni

New Delhi, India: Bharatiya Kala Prakashan, 2018. Printed Pages: 177.. Softcover. New.


Orthogonal Array

By Ramamurthy N & Ravishankar R (Authors)

New Delhi, India: Low Price Publications/D.K. Publishers Distributors Pvt. Ltd. Printed Pages: 178.. Softcover. New.


Invisible Forgotten Sufferers: The Plight of Widows Around The World

By Vijay Dutt

New Delhi, India: Konark Publication/D.K. Publishers Distributors, 2010. Printed Pages: 175.. New.


Clueless in California: America in Bits and Bytes

By B.S. Prakash

New Delhi, India: Konark Publication/D.K. Publishers Distributors, 2009. Printed Pages: 224.. Softcover. New.


Stress to Serenity

By Amar Chandel

New Delhi, India: Konark Publication/D.K. Publishers Distributors, 2014. Stress is the scourge of the 21st country. Almost everyone has it. Victims blame it on the busy, competitive, cut-throat lifestyle but the blame actually lies somewhere else. The fact of the matter is that only about 20 per cent of it is caused by external factors. The other 80 per cent is the result of how we react to persons, places or situations. The key to moving from stress to serenity is observing and modifying one’s own thinking process and responses. Aided with beautiful illustrations, handy exercises, examples and case studies, the book shows you how. Printed Pages: 228.. New.


Demographic Transition: An Asian Perspective

By Rajiv Balakrishnan

New Delhi, India: Konark Publication/D.K. Publishers Distributors, 2011. The volume stitches together a vast canvas that begins with historical demography and moves on to examine ethnographic perspectives, gender, family health and the ageing population of Asia.The volume also highlights gender, family planning and reproductive health issues, and dwells on the tragic consequences for the girl child when family size norms go down even as son preference persists. A compelling presentation of demographic transition in Asia that brings to fore contemporary research in this area. Printed Pages: 592.. New.


Healthcare Communications and Services For Mother and Child

By Satyajeet Nanda

New Delhi, India: Konark Publication/D.K. Publishers Distributors, 2012. While communication components reflect the demand side of existing health care, the service components represent the supply side of the same. In spite of the fact that communication and service share a proportional relationship, the actual mechanism behind the process is hardly understood in its totality. This book endeavours to disentangle the complex web of the supply-demand framework involving communication and service and management components of health care with special focus on the mother and child. It has looked at the effects on mother and child particularly when there is a resource crunch, where services are not easily available due to poor access to service centres, unavailability of well equipped/trained service providers and a host of other reasons. Added to these factors are the cross-cultural (communication) gaps in the form of culture-induced hesitations like the collective shyness of women to visit male gynaecs that contribute towards the greater 'culture of poverty'. As this book provides a holistic picture of mother and child health in India across communication, management and service aspects, it is useful for a large number of readers, users and stakeholders. It not only provides a conceptual framework for systems related studies but also warrants researchers and program managers to conduct further disaggregate investigations at micro and macro level; and helps policy makers, program managers and community level workers to design and implement focussed interventions. Printed Pages: 214.. New.


Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai and Ward Administration

By David Anthony Pinto

New Delhi, India: Konark Publication/D.K. Publishers Distributors, 2008. Printed Pages: 668.. New.


Human Trafficking Dimensions, Challenges and Responses

By P.M. Nair

New Delhi, India: Konark Publication/D.K. Publishers Distributors, 2010. Printed Pages: 316.. New.


India's Security Environment: Proceedings of Select Seminars Held

By Asia Centre Bangalore

New Delhi, India: Konark Publication/D.K. Publishers Distributors, 2013. Printed Pages: 388.. New.


Kundan Jewellery

By Parag Vyas

New Delhi, India: Konark Publication/D.K. Publishers Distributors, 2000. Jewellery has universal appeal. An omnipresent device of ornamentation, it has made its presence felt across time and space. Kundan is the most famous Indian style of jewellery. It has made a comeback in a new avatar and is constantly being experimented with.Practitioner and connoisseurs of jewellery often encounter a paradoxical situation, seeking useful information which they know is there but is not available in public domain. This book focuses on this sore spot and casts light on those hidden dimensions revealing its beauty and intricacies. It takes a methodical approach to design neckpieces where virtually limitless designs can be created by changing a few key parameters. Progression from semantic units to the complete articles can be followed in a step by step, simple to understand manner.Not only does this document contains a systematic catalogue of various forms used in jewellery but also propounds Interesting ways to create new forms from the existing designs. Richly illustrated and replete with photographs, it illuminates the subject from a technical and practical point of view.This authoritative work is useful for scholars, practitioners and designers alike. Body of this work starts with identification of smallest semantic units, structural details of kundan and progresses to formation of form clusters. Printed Pages: 99.. New.


Muuttoliike Uudenmaan läänissä esi-industirialistisen kauden Lopulla

By Antti Rosenberg

Finland: Bookstore Tiedekirja, 1966. Teoksessa on kuvattu Uudenmaan läänin osalta niitä olosuhteita, joissa muuttoliike ennen suurteollisuuden syntyä kehkeytyi sekä niitä ilmenemismuotoja, joita väestöliike tällöin sai. Tutkimus kattaa vuosien 1821-1880 välisen ajanjakson. Printed Pages: 310.. New.


Kirkko Taide Viestintä

By Toim. Sari Dhima

Finland: Bookstore Tiedekirja, 2005. Markku Heikkilän 60-vuotispäivän kunniaksi julkaistun juhlakirjan artikkelit liittyvät hänen tutkimus- ja opetusaloihinsa, kirkko-oikeuteen, kirkkoarkkitehtuuriin ja -taiteeseen sekä uskonnolliseen viestintään. Niitä on tarkasteltu usean eri tieteenalan näkökulmista. Kirjoittajat ovat alansa suomalaisia ja ulkomaisia asiantuntijoita. Kirjan lopussa on Markku Heikkilän julkaisujen bibliografia. Printed Pages: 355.. New.


Kirkkokuri murroksen kynnyksellä

By Pekka Halmesmaa

Finland: Bookstore Tiedekirja, 1976. Printed Pages: 335.. New.


Kiistellyt tiet Terveyteen: Parantamisen monimuotoisuus Globaalihistoriassa

By Toim. Markku Hokkanen

Finland: Bookstore Tiedekirja, 2017. Terveys ja sairauksien hoitaminen ovat olleet keskeisiä kysymyksiä kautta ihmiskunnan historian. Ne ovat usein kietoutuneet käsityksiin tiedosta, vallasta, politiikasta ja moraalista. Parantamisesta ovat kamppailleet miehet ja naiset, papisto ja lääkärit, eliitti ja rahvas, alkuperäiskansat ja kolonialistit.Kiistellyt tiet terveyteen -teoksen tutkimusartikkelit käsittelevät parantamisen asemaa eri aikoina eri puolilla maailmaa. Tekijät tarkastelevat, mihin parantamismuotojen suosio perustuu, miten uusia lääkintäkeinoja on omaksuttu kulttuurirajojen yli ja miten eri parantamismuotoja on pyritty kieltämään. Lajissaan ensimmäinen suomalainen artikkelikokoelma edustaa uusinta tutkimusta terveyshistorian alalla. Teos sopii oppikirjaksi historian, etnologian, antropologian, yhteiskuntatieteiden ja terveystieteiden aloille sekä kaikille globaaleista terveyskysymyksistä kiinnostuneille lukijoille. Printed Pages: 355.. New.


Futura 3/2012

By Päätoimittaja Osmo Kuusi

Finland: Bookstore Tiedekirja, 2012. Sis. mm.: Anu Järvensivu & Tuomo Alasoini, Pelaajasukupolvi mosaiikkityössä; Toni Ahlqvist, Ihminen, yhteiskunta ja evolutionaarinen tulevaisuus: kolme näkökulmaa Mika Mannermaan ajatteluun; Osmo Kuusi, Ihmistyvä teknologia tai teknologisoituva ihminen ? Kerstin Cuhlsin ennakointeja ubiikkiyhteiskunnasta; Olli Hietanen & Osmo Kuusi, Systeemiajattelu ja simplismi ubiikkiyhteiskunnan ominaisuuksina; Osmo Kuusi, Akvaarioelämää vai tietosuojaa? Aleksi Neuvonen & Roope Ritvos, Edustuksellisen demokratian kukoistus vai poliittisen vallan rapautuminen? Juho Ruotsalainen & Sirkka Heinonen, Transformaatioiden ubiikkiyhteiskunta; Janne Tapper, Virtuaalinen vs. konkreettinen ? luonnos ubiikkiyhteiskunnan poliittisuudesta. Printed Pages: 112.. New.


Kulttuurintutkimus 4/2015

By Päätoim. Marja Tuominen

Finland: Bookstore Tiedekirja Sisältää mm. artikkelit: Nina Sääskilahti, Kodittomuus ja kuuluminen Reino Rinteen jälleenrakennuskauden teksteissä; Elina Arminen, Vankileirejä ja Bossin pukuja. Heidi Köngäksen Dora, Dora ja Lapin sodan kulttuuripoetiikka; Mervi Löfgren, "Uuden ajan uljas tahti". A. E. Järvisen manifesti kulttuurilehti Kaltiossa; Outi Autti, Muutos elinympäristössä. Historiattomuuden kokemuksesta ympäristösuhteen jälleenrakentumiseen; Tiina Harjumaa & Johanna Tuovinen, "Vaikka mihin mettän korpeen ja polun mutkaan pantu ne ihmiset". Varejoki taipuu uudeksi asuinalueeksi Petsamon siirtolaisille; Anniina Koivurova, Murheen ja toivon kuvat. Jälleenrakennuksen arki lasten piirustuksissa; Nina Sääskilahti, Muistamisen onnesta ja kärsimyksestä. Printed Pages: 76.. New.


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