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Encyclopaedia of Journalism and Mass Communication, 6 Vols
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Encyclopaedia of Journalism and Mass Communication, 6 Vols

By S. Kumar

Shubhi Publications, 2005. Hardcover. New. Today Journalism & Mass Communication has helped both people and the nation to compete within the global frame work. The role of the Media and the Mass Communication was to gather support from the people and inform them about the philosophy and objectives of the planned development and benefits accruing from them also about their responsibilities involved in the planned effort. Another very important responsibility of the media was to enthuse and involve people by removing ignorance and superstitions, by changing their negative attitudes and motivating them into purposeful action, all through persuasive and two-way communication. The author believes that despite large measure of success in mass communication, one big lesson that emerges out of the Indian scene of communication is to continuously rediscover the new goals and dimensions of mass communication and the media. Printed Pages: 1823. Encyclopaedia of Journalism and Mass Communication, 6 VolsS. Kumar9788182900387


Media and Youth

By Anjali Pahad,Anju Jain

Serials Publications, 2009. Hardcover. New. Media plays a significant role in influencing our attitudes, desires and priorities. Media helps us to broaden outlook on life. We our introduced to new cultures and people across the world through media. Globalized media shape up the minds and actions of young people which have led to deep changes in youth and their consumption patterns. A research study was conducted with the major objective to seek the opinions from yoth regarding influence of globalised media on their consumption pattern. This study was conducted at Baroda, Gujarat. The sample selected for the study were the students of M.S. University, Baroda. A structured questionnaire was prepared and used for the data collection. The study’s findings concluded that majority of the youth had high influence of globalised media on their consumption pattern. Thus because of the cultural flow of globalization the findings drawn from the study have resulted in a probable response of the youth towards the influence of globalised media on their consumption pattern. Printed Pages: 107. Media and YouthAnjali Pahad,Anju Jain9788183873062


Suchana Prodyog ki aur Samajik Sanrachna (in Hindi)

By Neeraj Kumar Roy

Gyan Books Pvt. Ltd., 2011. Hardcover. New. Printed Pages: 294. NA


Censoring the Word
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Censoring the Word

By Julian Petley

Seagull Books, 2007. First edition. Hardcover. New. Since the Enlightenment, freedom of expression has been regarded as one of the hallmarks of Western democratic societies. In the 20th Century, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights laid down the global principle that: ""everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers."" From the Enlightenment, the ideas of Milton, Locke, Mill and Jefferson developed into a classical paradigm of free speech which went largely unquestioned for over two hundred years. The modern globalised world has seen an end to such assumptions. The uproar and violence over both The Satanic Verses and the Danish Jyllands Posten cartoons raised the question of whether freedom of expression - from a global perspective, most specifically an Islamic one - is an outdated legacy of Western Enlightenment or a vital and necessary tradition which must be protected. Increasingly, the dominance of global media organisations and their responsibility to reporting the facts has led to calls for legislation for corporate freedom of expression. And, meanwhile, all pervasive, is the Internet, the new home for individual expression and the new home for the effective dissemination of religious and racial hatred and criminal sexual deviance. Censoring the Word asks if we now live in an age when freedom of expression can no longer be absolute. Printed Pages: 118. Censoring the WordJulian Petley9781905422548



By Mohammed El Nawawy

Viva Books Private Limited, 2007. First edition. Paperback. New. Al-Jazeera, the independent, all Arab television news network based in Qatar, emerged as ambassador to the Arab world in the events following Sept 11, 2001. Arabic for ""the island""Al Jazeera has ""scooped"" the western media conglomerates many times. With its exclusive access to Osama Bin Laden and members of the Taliban, its reputation was burnished quickly through its exposure on CNN. During the 2003 war in Iraq, Al-Jazeera seemed to be everywhere, reporting dramatic stories and images, even as it strived to maintain its independence as an international free press news network. Al jazeera sheds light on the background of the network: how it operates, the programs it broadcasts, its effects on Arab viewers, the reaction of the West and Arab states, the implications for the future of news broadcasting in the Middle East, and its struggle for a free press and public opinion in the Arab world. Contents: We are what we watch • A Major League Channel in a Minor League Country • The Battle for the Arab Mind • Big Voice, Tiny country: Al Jazeera in Qatar • Boxing Rings : Al Jazeera’s Talk shows • Hero or Heretic? Al Jazeera and Arab Governments • Al Jazeera scoops the world • Al Jazeera and the west : The love hate relationship Printed Pages: 256. Al-JazeeraMohammed El Nawawy9788130901343


Editing Techniques

By S. Kundra

Anmol Publications Pvt. Ltd., 2005. Hardcover. New. “Editing Techniques” as a paper is being taught at the various diploma, graduate and post graduate levels in Journalism and Media Communication at various universities and institutions. This book is designed as introductory text to the above paper, encompassing vital information on all pertinent aspects. CONTENTS Newspaper organization Principles of Editing Editing in Various Fields Sub-Editing and Printing Editing—Need and Purpose Print and Electronic Media Duties and Responsibilities of Editor Introduction to Typography etc. Printed Pages: 388. Editing TechniquesS. Kundra9788126124503


Social Advertisement: An Analysis

By Anjali Pahad,Anvita Upadhyay

Serials Publications, 2009. Softcover. New. The present study was undertaken to study the opinions of citizens of Sultanpur city regarding the Occurrence, Presentation and content Social Advertisements published in the newspapers and also to conduct the content analysis of social advertisements. The sample for the study consisted of 100 citizens of Sultanpur city and two newspapers respectively. The opinionative was used for the data collection of data. The findings suggested that social advertisements are often published in the newspapers, but cater limited social issues. Focus group discussion was also conducted to fined out the views of both on men and women on the presentation, occurrence and content of the presentation, occurrence and content of the social advertisements in the hindi newspapers. While conducting the FGDs it was found that the low frequency of the social advertisement is a very important reason due to which citizens don’t have a clarity regarding the social advertisements. Participants suggests that if occurrence of the advertisement related to Social issues will be more than only benefits of social advertisement can be analyzed. They are well presented and the messages are easy to understand. However the monotony in presentation style the content the messages should be improved. Printed Pages: 107. Social Advertisement: An AnalysisAnjali Pahad,Anvita Upadhyay9788183872959


History of Journalism

By Aruna Saptrishi

Dominant Publishers & Distributors Pvt Ltd India, 2005. Hardcover. New. Printed Pages: 0. NA


A Textbook of Reporting

By Anirudh Choudhury

Wisdom Press/Dominant Publishers & Distributors Pvt Ltd India, 2011. Hardcover. New. Job of Reporting/ Reporting Skills/ Techniques of Reporting/ Reporting in Practice/ Functional Aspects of Reporting/ Special Reporting/ Reporting, a Tough Task. Printed Pages: 0. NA


Television Programme Production

By Ashok Jailkhani, Maharaj Shah (Authors) & Subhash Sharma, Vibha Malhotra (Trs)

V & S Publishers, 2013. Hardcover. New. 14 x 22 cm. In spite of the fact that India produces the maximum number of films each year, quality books and magazines related to the production of programmes for television channels and even those related to cinema, video, and television are difficult to find. To pave this gap, the two writers have penned down their years of experience and knowledge of Television Films in this book. Television is no longer merely a source of entertainment or income. This book is very informative for readers who are interested in Television Programme Production. In this book, all processes and equipment used in the production of a television programme have been explained with the help of pictures and diagrams. This is definitely a multi-dimensional book in its own right, and will definitely prove to be very helpful to the readers who are interested in knowing more about the subject. The Hindi version of the book has received the prestigious “Bhartendu Harishchander Award 2008” under Media and Mass Communication Category. The awards are given annually by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. Printed Pages: 93. NA


The Special Correspondent

By Dilip Awasthi

Viva Books Private Limited, 2007. First edition. Paperback. New. Rarely have I come across performing teachers who will tell you that you can also do it. My bad luck. This book practically comes as my revenge towards those seniors who love watching sagging young faces so that their one-upmanship remains intact. Ravi Shankar’s sitar possesses the same octaves as any other similar instrument, or Sachin Tendulkar’s willow also conforms to the standard dimensions of the bats available in the market. If they can do it, why can’t you? Agreed that these are people with some extraordinary talent. The moot question however is whether each one of us has had a fair chance to explore our own latent talent. My answer is a big No. The reason is simple. Academics always present us with the mountain view of a molehill. My next question is: does Ravi Shankar consult a musical notation book to play a touching tune or Tendulkar grope through the cricketing copybook to sweet-time his shots? It comes to them fairly naturally and spontaneously. The only difference perhaps is that they have slogged to reach these heights. They have worked hard and risen through the ranks. It takes a while to reach a position and produce your best. This book will make the students of journalism and the budding journalists know and feel how it works outside a classroom situation. This revised and updated edition includes a new chapter ‘Headlining the Story’, covering an important area of news editing. Contents: Heading for the North East West South • Ignition Is On • Off to Work • Struturing the News Stories • The Art of Interviewing • Writing the Story • Headlining the Story • Packaging the Story • Hi-Tech Reporting • Ready Reckoner • Better Words and Expressions • Glossary of Newspaper Terms Printed Pages: 208. Special CorrespondentDilip Awasthi9788130908298


Feature Writing, Second Edition

By N. Meera Raghavendra Rao

PHI Learning, 2012. 2nd edition. Softcover. New. If we ask the lay readers why they read newspapers, the obvious answer would be to get news. However, what keeps the newspaper endearing and, in a way, enduring are the longer stories about people behind the news, about the humorous everyday experiences we all have, or the closer look at someone and the unexpected surprises we get in the process. In short, we call these features. In this substantially revised book on Feature Writing, the author with her vast experience discusses various aspects of Feature Writing. She focuses on different types of features found in newspapers—Humour and Satire, Brights, Human Interest Features, Travel Features and News Features—and illustrates each of these. In addition, she provides a detailed description of Profiles, Interviews, and Online Features with examples, and gives a clear analysis of Feature Writing Techniques. Intended as a text for students offering courses in Journalism, this book would also be extremely useful for freelance writers, and anyone who has a flair for writing. What is New to THE SECOND Edition Includes two new chapters on Obituary and Tribute, and Sports and new sections such as Blogs and Professionalism in Journalism. Provides more illustrations culled from recent newspapers. Gives explanatory notes on some key words used in the book, and a section on Vocabulary. What the Reviewers Say In this delightful book on FW [Feature Writing], Meera Raghavendra Rao brings home to us that writing a story or a novel is one way of discovering sequence in experience, of stumbling upon cause and effect in the happenings of a writer’s own life. In my view Meera Raghavendra Rao’s book on FW is an exceptionally good and useful book not only for all students of Journalism but also for all writers interested in FW. —V. Sundaram, News Today The author has used instances from her career spanning more than two decades to illustrate various situations in this book. —Deccan Chronicle The book is a rather exhaustive guide on ways to tell a feature story. Among the other pluses is the Indianness permeating the book—most sample articles are home-brewn. —The Hindu, Metroplus Weekend Contents: Foreword • Preface Preface to the First Edition Chapter 1 Introduction to Journalism Chapter 2 Introduction to Features Chapter 3 Feature Writing Techniques Chapter 4 Writing Headlines and Importance of Photographs Chapter 5 Humour, Satire and Brights Chapter 6 Human Interest Features Chapter 7 Travel Features Chapter 8 News Features Chapter 9 Interviews and Profiles Chapter 10 Features Online and Blogs Chapter 11 Writing Features for Rural Page Chapter 12 Obituary and Tribute Features Chapter 13 Sports Features Afterword Further Reading Printed Pages: 212. Feature Writing, Second EditionN. Meera Raghavendra Rao9788120345799


Media Laws and Indian Constitution

By S. Kundra

Anmol Publications Pvt. Ltd., 2005. Hardcover. New. A “Media Laws and Indian Constitution” as a paper is being taught at the various diploma, degree and postgraduate levels in Media Communication and Journalism at various universities and institutions. This book is designed as an introductory text to the above papers, encompassing vital information on all pertinent aspects. CONTENTS Concept of Freedom of Press Indian Constitution Social in Advertising India Media Laws The Press Council of India Press of India and Non-Aligned Countries Freedom of Speech and Expression Media Acts The Press Commissions of India etc Printed Pages: 456. Media Laws and Indian ConstitutionS. Kundra9788126124541


Global Trends in Journalism

By V.K. Joshi

Enkay Publishing House, 2011. Hardcover. New. Printed Pages: 288. Global Trends in JournalismV.K. Joshi9789380995007


People of India-Bihar (Volume II)

By K. S. Singh

Seagull Books, 2008. First edition. Hardcover. New. The Anthropological Survey of India launched the People of India project on 2 October 1985 to generate an anthropological profile of all communities of India, This is the first comprehensive, countrywide ethnographic survey since colonial times. The result is invaluable up-to-date information on all the communities of India, covering a wide range of aspects form food habits, customs and rituals to economy, occupation and the status of women. The data is being published in state-wise volumes. Printed Pages: 552. People of India-Bihar (Volume II)K. S. Singh9788170463030


Mass Media and Communication in Global Scanario

By Ratnesh Dwivedi

Kalpaz Publications/Gyan Books Pvt Ltd., 2013. Hardcover. New. The idea behind putting these research papers and research articles in this book is to give various aspects of communication, a platform where from readers may go through them at one go. The book deals with the research articles and papers dedicated to core areas of Journalism and Mass Communication. The papers and articles compiled in this book touches the need of students, academicians and reserachers on most challenging areas and topics. In the collection of these papers author has discussed about Community Radio, FM Radiio, Communication Science, Organizational Communication, Media Accountability, Language Discourse, Higher Educatiion, Television Studies, Traditional and Digital Media, Disaster Management and Media, Wikileaks and Social Media, Terrorism and Television and many other challenging subjects of media studies. The book is an attempt to see the problems and opportunities in different areas of Journalism and Mass Communication and carriers its readers in to deeper side of subjects which ara raised in the chapters by giving relevant examples and references. The book is useful source on many topics of communication and Journalism which readers will find at one place. The language of the book is academic but simple and illustrates many critical issues with flow and without flaw. Printed Pages: 280. NA


Visual Journalism

By Rajesh Pandey

Adhyayan Publishers & Distributors, 2009. Hardcover. New. Visual Journalism is the practice of strategically combining words and Images to convey information. It covers the professions of photojournalism, reporting, writing, and graphic design, is a challenge to teach and a challenge to perform. Combining words in the form of text and audio, images in the form of still and moving messages, informational graphics, and graphic design for print and interactive multimedia presentations for the Web is a great challenge. It is a challenge for anyone to Learn well all the tasks necessary for new media design and production within specific courses of Study and even throughout the Career of a mass communicator. The present book offers instructors and students an opportunity to understand advances in the field of Visual journalism. It is hoed that the insight and the erudition of the text serves well for all. Printed Pages: 280. Visual JournalismRajesh Pandey9788184351453


Media Law and Ethics

By Mukul Sahay

Wisdom Press/Dominant Publishers & Distributors Pvt Ltd India, 2011. Hardcover. New. Freedom for Media and Press/ Conventional Codes for Media/ General Rules for Media/ Ethical Rules for Media/ Ethical Code for the Editor/ Laws for Media and Press/ Media Ethics and Morality in Practice/ Morality in Application/ Duty towards Society/ Government’s Role in Media Ethics. Printed Pages: 0. NA


The The Mass Communication

By Arvind Kumar (ed.)

Anmol Publications Pvt. Ltd., 1999. Hardcover. New. Mass Communication is a social process and countless ways in which human beings keep in touch with one another. This may be verbal, non-verbal, written and audio-visual etc. The Mass Communication is compilation of well-researched articles on major crucial topics viz. Mass Communication; What Communication Means in Developing Countries; Sociological Approach to Communication; Theories of Communication; Nature and Scope of Communication; A Decade of Communication Research: Some Reflections for the Future; Communication Research related to Women and Children; Communication Channels (Organisation Communication); The Communications Revolution; Women and Children in the Era of Communication Revolution; The spectrum of Communication; Effective Communication; Inter-Personal Communication; Extension Communication; Political Communication: Election Campaign and Its Implications; Communication Methods in Extension; Audio-Visual Aids in Extension Communication; Non-Official Media: Diverse Voices; Communicating Numerical Data; Communication and Social Action; Communication in Social Development: Issues and Perspectives; Traditional Media for Effective Communication and Promising Future etc. Policy planners and administrators besides working journalists, media and communication professionals and students and scholars will find this of utmost use. Printed Pages: 482. The Mass CommunicationArvind Kumar (ed.)9788126102846


Newspaper Marketing in India: A Focus on Language Press
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Newspaper Marketing in India: A Focus on Language Press

By NVR Jyoti Kumar

Anmol Publications Pvt. Ltd., 2003. Hardcover. New. Before Independence the Indian newspaper in general has a missionary role and saw itself as a powerful instrument in social reformation and freedom struggle. As of now, newspaper making in India is a multicrore business. The print medium, in recent years, has been making news rather than just reporting news. A newspaper business, after all, is to sell news to readers, then sell those readers to advertisers. The media mix in India is changing rapidly to the point that may newspapers are finding themselves an endangered species. The marketing warfare in the segment of Indian language dailies is no less riveting, and in some cases more mind-blowing. Inter and intramedia competition is one reason which is forcing newspapers to change and to react creatively. However, most of the books available on Newspapers Marketing are from the West. In this pioneering work, treatment of the subject is not too academic and is marked by a logical flow of topics. Current and real-world examples help the students and scholars of journalism, mass communication, advertising and marketing, besides media business practitioners. The study`s special focus is on the period since 1874, the time marketing started arriving to the Telugu newspaper scene. Printed Pages: 439. Newspaper Marketing in India: A Focus on Language PressNVR Jyoti Kumar9788126115563


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