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Golden Co-ordinate Geometry

By N.P. Bali

Laxmi Publications Pvt. Ltd, 2014. 2nd edition. Softcover. New. The book `Golden Co-ordinate Geometry` has been designed to meet the requirements of students of Degree and Honours classes of various Universities. It will also be found useful by the students preparing for various competitive examinations. The author has more than four decades of experience of teaching mathematics to graduate classes and has first hand experience of problems and difficulties faced by students. The book has been written with the conviction that a good book needs minimum guidance from the teacher and is self-sufficient for clarity of basic concepts. The author has endeavoured to present the fundamental concepts in a comprehensive and lucid manner. Contents: 1. The Point 2. The Straight Line 3. Two or More Straight Lines 4. Change of Axes 5. The Circle 6. Two or More Circles 7. The Parabola 8. The Ellipse 9. Hyperbola 10. The General Equation of the Second Degree and Tracing of Conics Printed Pages: 514. NA


Vastunisht Ganit 18 Days Wonder (Hindi)

By K.J.S. Khurana,Markanday R.

S. Chand & Company Ltd, 2011. First edition. Softcover. New. Table Of Contents Exams 1. Fundamentals 2 .The Number system & concepts of Divisibility 3. HCF and LCM 4. Decimal Function 5. Simplification 6. Ration & Proportion and Unitary 7. Percentage 8. Profit and Loss-1 9. Profit and Loss-II 10. Time and Work 11. Alligation or Mixture 12. Average 13. Partenership 14. Simple Interest 15. Compund Interet 16. Time and Distance 17. Mensuration 18. Mensuration Test Yourself Printed Pages: 320. NA


Numerical Analysis

By G. Shanker Rao

New Age International (P) Limited, 2013. 5th or later edition. Softcover. New. This book provides an introduction to Numerical Analysis for the students of Mathematics and Engineering. The edition is upgraded in accordance with the syllabus prescribed in most of the Indian Universities. This book offers the following topics: Approximate and Numerical Solutions of Algebraic and Transcendental Equations. Interpolation of Functions, Numerical Differentiation, Numerical Integration, and Numerical Solutions of Ordinary Differential Equations. There is a chapter on Hermite Polynomials. The last three chapters deal with Curve Fitting, Eigen Values, Eigen Vectors and Regression Analysis. Each chapter is supplemented with a number of worked out examples, as well as a number of problems to be solved by the students. This would help in better understanding of the subject. Printed Pages: 346. NA


Integral Calculus, (Revised Edition)

By Dr. P.K. Mittal,Shanti Narayan

S. Chand & Company Ltd, 2014. 5th or later edition. Softcover. New. CONTENTS: 1. Definitions 2. Methods of Integration 3. Integration of Algebraic Rational Functions 4. Integration of Trigonomitric Functions 5. Integration of Irrational Functions 6. Definite Integrals 7. Beta and Gamma Functions 8. Areas of Plane Regions 9. Rectification Lengths of Plane Curves 10. Volumes and Surfaces of Revolution 11. Centre of Gravity. Moment of Inertia SOME MISCELLANEOUS TOPICS : 12. Multiple Integrals 13. Convergence of Improper Integrals 14. Differentiation Under Integral Sign DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS : 15. Differential Equation of First order and First Degree 16. Equations of the first order but not of the first Degree 17. Trajectories of a Family of Curves 18. Linear Equations Printed Pages: 360. NA


Fundamentals of Probability: With Stochastic Processes (Third Edition)

By Saeed Ghahramani

Pearson Education, 2014. 3rd edition. Softcover. New. 18 x 24 cm. Contents 1. Axioms of Probability. 2. Combinatorial Methods. 3. Conditional Probability and Independence. 4. Distribution Functions and Discrete Random Variables. 5. Special Discrete Distributions. 6. Continuous Random Variables. 7. Special Continuous Distributions. 8. Bivariate Distributions. 9. Multivariate Distributions. 10. More Expectations and Variances. 11. Sums of Independent Random Variables and Limit Theorems. 12. Stochastic Processes. 13. Simulation. Answers to Odd-Numbered Exercises. Printed Pages: 622. NA


Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics (Fifth Edition)

By B.V. Ramana,Ralph P. Grimaldi

Pearson Education, 2006. 5th or later edition. Softcover. New. This fifth edition continues to improve on the features that have made it the market leader. The text offers a flexible organization, enabling instructors to adapt the book to their particular courses. The book is both complete and careful, and it continues to maintain its emphasis on algorithms and applications. Excellent exercise sets allow students to perfect skills as they practice. This new edition continues to feature numerous computer science applications-making this the ideal text for preparing students for advanced study. Printed Pages: 1056. NA


Analysis of Transport Phenomena (Second Edition)

By William M. Deen

Oxford University Press, 2015. 5th or later edition. Softcover. New. 16 x 24 cm. Analysis of Transport Phenomenon, Indian Second Edition, provides a unified treatment of momentum, heat and mass transfer, emphasizing the concepts and analytical techniques that apply to these transport processes. The international second edition has been revised to reinforce the progression from simple to complex topics and to better introduce the applied mathematics that is needed both to understand classical results and to model novel systems. A common set of formulation, simplification and solution methods is applied first to heat or mass transfer in stationary media and then to fluid mechanics, convective heat or mass transfer and systems involving various kinds of coupled fluxes. Table of Contents Chapter 1. Diffusive Fluxes and Material Properties Chapter 2. Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer Chapter 3. Formulation and Approximation Chapter 4. Solution Methods Based on Scaling Concepts Chapter 5. Solution Methods for Linear Problems Chapter 6. Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics Chapter 7. Unidirectional and Nearly Unidirectional Flow Chapter 8. Creeping Flow Chapter 9. Laminar Flow at High Reynolds Number Chapter 10. Forced Convection Heat and Mass Transfer in Confined Laminar Flows Chapter 11. Forced Convection Heat and Mass Transfer in Unconfined Laminar Flows Chapter 12. Transport in Buoyancy Driven Flow Chapter 13. Transport in Turbulent Flow Chapter 14. Simultaneous Energy and Mass Transfer and Multicomponent Systems Printed Pages: 604. NA


Introduction to Linear Algebra

By Inder K Rana

Ane Books Pvt. Ltd, 2010. First edition. Softcover. New. There are two aspects of linear algebra: abstract and applied. Both these aspects play important role in diverse branches of mathematics, physics, engineering, economics, and so on. The aim of this book is to present both these aspects of linear algebra. We shall try to show how abstract concepts arise out of applications and physical needs, and how abstract concepts can be applied in various problems. Normally, students are taught matrices and determinants in the first introductory course in linear algebra. We shall assume familiarity with the concept of matrices only. However, we do give a brief introduction of matrices in chapter 2. We will relate the origin and use of these concepts in linear algebra. The book contains a moderate set of exercises. We intend to bring out an interactive e-version of the book in a CDROM. A preview of the same is available on the website Contents 1. From Geometry to Algebra-I: The Euclidean Space R3, 2. Systems of Linear Equations, 3. Linear Independence and Dependence of Vectors, 4. Determinants, 5. Vector Spaces, 6. Linear Transformations, 7. From Geometry to Algebra-II: Inner Product Spaces, 8. Orthogonal Projections and Orthogonal Basis, 9. Isometries and Orthogonal Matrices, 10. Diagonalization and the Spectral Theorem, 11. Applications of Diagonalization, Answers, Index Printed Pages: 288. NA


Optimization: Theory and Practice

By Kannan M. Moudgalya,M.C. Joshi

Narosa Publishing House, 2011. 5th or later edition. Softcover. New. Optimization: Theory and Practice is ideally suited for a first course on Optimization. It gives a detailed mathematical exposition to various optimization techniques. The presentation style retains abstract flavor of the mathematical framework as well as applicability potential of techniques, thereby making the text useful to both scientists and engineers. The topics covered are: Single and multi-dimensional optimization, Linear programming, Nonlinear constrained optimization and Evolutionary algorithms Key Features Development of mathematical foundation • Unified mode of presentation – discussion of a case study, exposition of mathematical techniques, sample problems and description of algorithms and solution analysis • Convergence analysis of computed values through appropriate theorems and graphical and tabulated display – for visual realization • Availability of pseudocodes Table of Contents Mathematical Preliminaries / One-Dimensional Optimization / Unconstrained Nonlinear Optimization-Gradient Based / Linear programming / Constrained Nonlinear Optimization / Evolutionary Methods Printed Pages: 344. NA


Integral Calculus

By Hari Kishan

Atlantic Publishers & Distributors (P) Ltd, 2005. Softcover. New. The present book Integral Calculus is a unique textbook on Integration, aiming at providing a fairly complete account of the basic concepts required to build a strong foundation for a student endeavouring to study this subject. The analytical approach to the major concepts makes the book highly self-contained and comprehensive guide that succeeds in making the concepts easily understandable. These concepts include Integration by Substitution Method, Parts, Trigonometrical Substitutions and Partial Functions; Integration of Hyperbolic Functions, Rational Functions, Irrational Functions and Transcendental Functions; Definite Integrals; Reduction Formulae; Beta and Gamma Functions; Determination of Areas, Lengths, Volumes and Surfaces of Solids of Revolution and many more. All the elementary principles and fundamental concepts have been explained rigorously, leaving no scope for illusion or confusion. The focus throughout the text has been on presenting the subject matter in a well-knit manner and lucid style, so that even a student with average mathematical skill would find it accessible to himself. In addition, the book provides numerous well-graded solved examples, generally set in various university and competitive examinations, which will facilitate easy understanding besides acquainting the students with a variety of questions. It is hoped that the book would be highly useful for the students and teachers of Mathematics. Students aspiring to successfully accomplish engineering and also those preparing for various competitive examinations are likely to find this book of much help.1. Antiderivatives 2. Integration by Substitution Method 3. Integration by Parts 4. Integration by Trigonometrical Substitutions 5. Integration of Hyperbolic Functions 6. Integration of Rational Functions 7. Integration of Irrational Functions 8. Integration by Partial Fractions 9. Integration of Transcendental Functions 1. Definite Integrals 11. Reduction Formulae 12. Beta and Gamma Functions 13. Determination of Areas (Quadrature) 14. Determination of Lengths (Rectification) 15. Determination of Volumes and Surfaces of Solids of Revolution 16. Integration of Functions of Two and Three Variables 17. Change of Order of Integration Printed Pages: 384. NA


Objective Mathematics: For All Competitive Examinations

By A.K. Sharma

Asian Books Pvt. Ltd, 2011. Softcover. New. In all the Engineering Entrance Examinations, Mathematics plays the pivotal role in determining the ranking of the candidates. Some live under the false impression that they have studied the same topics at 10 + 2 level. In fact, in the competitive examinations the questions are complex, ticklish and not at all stereotype. So comprehensive knowledge, incisive approach and speedy techniques are needed to score high. The book is the product of crystallised knowledge gained and chiseled through experience. The questions are typical and graded in terms of difficulties and fully solved in order to eliminate ambiguity. This book “Objective Mathematics: for All Competitive Examinations” as per the requirements of the latest syllabi. Each chapter contains concise definitions and explanations of fundamental principles, and illustrative examples further augment the understanding of concepts. Contents: Preface * UNIT-1: Algebra * UNIT-2: Two Dimensional Geometry) * UNIT-3: Algebra * UNIT-4: Calculus * UNIT-5: Probability * UNIT-6: Vector * UNIT-7: 3D Geometry * UNIT-8: Practice Questions. Printed Pages: 710. NA


Advanced Level Mathematics: Mechanics 2

By Douglas Quadling

Cambridge University Press, 2007. Softcover. New. This book is part of a series of textbooks created for the new Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) mathematics syllabus. The authors have worked with CIE to assure that the content matches the syllabus and is pitched at a suitable level. Mechanics 2 corresponds to syllabus unit M2. The syllabus content is arranged in chapters to provide a viable teaching course. Each chapter starts with a list of learning objectives. Mathematical concepts, terminology and notation are explained clearly and carefully. Key results and procedures appear in boxes for easy reference. Stimulating worked examples take a step-by-step approach to problem solving. There are plenty of exercises throughout, as well as revision exercises and practice exam papers – all written by experienced examiners. Contents Introduction 1. The motion of projectiles 2. Moments 3. Centre of mass 4. Rigid objects in equilibrium 5. Elastic strings and springs Revision exercise 1 6. Motion round a circle 7. Geometrical methods 8. Centres of mass of special shapes 9. Linear motion with variable forces 10. Strategies for solving problems Revision exercise 2 Practice examinations Answers Index Formulae Printed Pages: 208. NA


Practice with Mathematics (Class XII)

By Tewani Ghanshyam

Cengage Learning India, 2013. First edition. Softcover. New. This book has been written to complement the curriculum and pedagogy set forth by NCERT for class XI and XII students. Designed along the delineated syllabus, this series of books adopts a very fundamentals backed, practice oriented approach to learning and offers students an opportunity to review and reinforce their class learnings. Spanning the prescribed syllabus, each book in this series is organized into well-defined chapters on the lines of the NCERT books. A special feature of this series of books is the inclusion of questionsand exercises on the lines of the questions asked in board examination. Answers to all these questions or exercises are also included. This makes this series of books a ready reference for all those who are preparing for competitive examinations alongside their regular class study. Printed Pages: 834. NA


Business Mathematics

By G.R. Veena

New Age International (P) Limited, 2008. 5th or later edition. Softcover. New. Salient features Broadly covers Business Mathematics syllabus of first B.B.M./B.Com./B.B.A. course. Also it can be a reference material for C.A. and I.C.W.A. course Provides an introduction to various basic mathematical techniques and the situations where these could be usefully employed The language is simple and the material is self explanatory with a large number of illustrations Assists the reader in gaining proficiency to solve diverse variety of problems A special capsule containing a gist and list of formulae at the end of each chapter titled `REMEMBER!` Printed Pages: 490. NA


A Text Book of Mechanics

By Prof. H.S. Shukla

Manglam Publications, 2007. Hardcover. New. We are extremely glad to put in the hands of the students the Edition of A Text Book of Mechanics,` according to new syllabus of B.A., B.Sc. the direction of U.G.C. It also the fullfills requirements of various competitive examinations of P.C.S. and I.A.S. standards. This realization has motivated us to reorganise the Material with care and caution which has resulted in extends utility of the book. Table of Contents 1. Forces in three Diamensions 2. Motion in three Dimensions 3. Moments and Product of Inertia and Principal Axes 4. General Equations of Motion and D`Alembert`s Principle 5. Motion about at Fixed Axis Printed Pages: 250. NA


Essence of Business Mathematics

By R.K. Rajput

Discovery Publishing House Pvt. Ltd., 2008. Hardcover. New. This book ""Essence of Business Mathematics"" has been written to provide a comprehensive and updated Foundation course in Mathematics and its varied applications in management, Commerce and economic? This book has been written from studies point of view, so that they can easily understand various Mathematical concepts, techniques and tool needed for their course. Each new concept and technique is properly supported by suitable solved examples. In solving the questions Cave has been taken to explain each step so that students can follow the subject matter themself without even Consulting others. I believe that the book should serve specific need of the students appearing in B.Com. (Hons.), B.A. (Eco. Hons.), M.Com., (M.A.) (Eco.) B.B.A., B.C.A., M.B.A. and other competitive examinations. Contents, Preface 1. Progressions 2. Determinants 3. Permutations and Combinations 4. Matrix 5. Binomial Theorem Printed Pages: 354. Essence of Business MathematicsR.K. Rajput9788183563390


Mathematics for Engineers, Vol. I

By Rakesh Dube

Narosa Publishing House, 2010. Softcover. New. This text book, reflects many years of teaching experience of the author, provides a clear, concise and authoritative treatment of the topics and is designed to meet the requirements of undergraduate students in the engineering and science disciplines. Enriched by many specially designed numerical examples and exercises which test the degree of understanding achieved, this book will be of value to all engineering and science students. This book (volumes I & II) covers the complete syllabi of engineering mathematics in various universities. Key Features • Clear and concise presentation of the theory and problem solving techniques • 596 solved examples and 1088 unsolved problems • Answers and hints for problems given to Motivate students Table of Contents Preface / Algebra of Matrices / Rank of a Matrix and Linear Equations / Characteristic Roots and Characteristic Vectors of a Matrix / Successive Differentiation / Expansion of Functions / Partial Differentiation / Expansion of Functions for Two Variables, Approximation, Maxima and Minima / Jacobians / Asymptotes / Curve Tracing / Multiple Integrals / Gamma, Beta Functions and Dirichlet’s Integrals / Applications of Multiple Integrals / Differentiation of Vectors / Integration of Vectors / Differential Operators: Gradient, Divergence and Curl / Line, Surface and Volume Integrals / Green’s, Stoke’s and Gauss’s Theorems / Differential Equations and their Formation / Differential Equations of the First Order and First Degree / Linear Differential Equations with Constant Coefficients / Homogeneous Linear Equations Or Euler-Cauchy’s Equations / Ordinary Simultaneous Differential Equations / Linear Equations of Second Order / Applications of Differential Equations / Integration in Series / Bessel’s Equation and its Solutions / Legendre’s Equation and its Solutions / Index. Printed Pages: 840. NA


Foundations of Discrete Mathematics

By K.D. Joshi

New Age International (P) Limited, 2009. First edition. Softcover. New. This book is meant to be more than just a text in discrete mathematics. It is a forerunner of another book Applied Discrete Structures by the same author. The ultimate goal of the two books are to make a strong case for the inclusion of discrete mathematics in the undergraduate curricula of mathematics by creating a sequence of courses in discrete mathematics parallel to the traditional sequence of calculus-based courses. The present book covers the foundations of discrete mathematics in seven chapters. It lays a heavy emphasis on motivation and attempts clarity without sacrificing rigour. A list of typical problems is given in the first chapter. These problems are used throughout the book to motivate various concepts. A review of logic is included to gear the reader into a proper frame of mind. The basic counting techniques are covered in Chapters 2 and 7. Those in Chapter 2 are elementary. But they are intentionally covered in a formal manner so as to acquaint the reader with the traditional definition-theorem-proof pattern of mathematics. Chapters 3 introduces abstraction and shows how the focal point of todays mathematics is not numbers but sets carrying suitable structures. Chapter 4 deals with Boolean algebras and their applications. Chapters 5 and 6 deal with more traditional topics in algebra, viz., groups, rings, fields, vector spaces and matrices. The presentation is elementary and presupposes no mathematical maturity on the part of the reader. Instead, comments are inserted liberally to increase his maturity. Each chapter has four sections. Each section is followed by exercises (of various degrees of difficulty) and by Notes and Guide to Literature. Answers to the exercises are provided at the end of the book. Printed Pages: 764. NA


Partial Differential Equations with Complex Variable and Integral Transforms

By R.K. Pandey

Anmol Publications Pvt. Ltd., 2008. Hardcover. New. Printed Pages: 316. NA



By K.R. Gupta

Atlantic Publishers & Distributors (P) Ltd, 2014. Hardcover. New. Printed Pages: 784. NA


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