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Social Achievement Motivation Needs, Values and Work Organisation (Mativation and Human Development Series-I)

By Prayag Mehta (Author & Gen. Ed.)

New Delhi, India: Concept Publishing Company Pvt. Ltd., 1994. The present work is based on various studies and programmes conducted during the past 20 years. It has been divided into four parts. Part one reports on the formulation of the concept of social achievement motivation and other needs and development of and other needs and development of measuring instrument and scoring system. Part Two contains case studies of two work organizations. Part Three deals with the importance of historical experience and conditions of work in understanding psychological needs, values and organizational behaviour. It also reports some suggested interventions at the work place for promoting human development. Part Four gives the scoring manual, practice stories and the TAT pictures. The book is based on original research with theoretical and practical implications. It also contains and instrument for measuring motivation and scoring related categories, which would be useful in conducting further research. The book would be of interest to scholars in a variety of fields such as psychology, management, education etc., as well as to practitioners, managers and development workers. Printed Pages: 277.. Hardcover. New/New.