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Na Janm Na Mirtyu (in Hindi)

By Shri Chandraprabh

Pustak Mahal, 2003. Softcover. New. Printed Pages: 125. Na Janm Na Mirtyu (in Hindi)Shri Chandraprabh9788122308426


The Philosophy of Tulsidas

By Ramdat Bharadwaj

Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt. Ltd, 1979. First edition. Hardcover. New. 15 x 23 cm. Printed Pages: 372. NA


The Pedagogical Concern: An Analysis of the Sanskrit Vicarasagara of Vasudeva Brahmendra Sarasvati

By S. Bhuvaneshwari

D.K. Printworld (P) Ltd., 2015. First edition. Hardcover. New. This book is a critical study of the Sanskrit trans-creation of Vicharasagara — by Vasudeva Brahmendra Sarasvati — of Nishcaladasa in one of the dialects of Hindi and its tippani by Pitambar, again in the same dialect, imparting a unique teaching technique of Advaita to different types of aspirants. The book thus unfolds the teaching of Advaita depending on the need of different types of seekers — uttama, madhyama and kanishtha adhikaris. The volume focuses on two layers of concerns: first, of the appropriate modifications made by the trans-creator using simple Sanskrit and second, in the dialogue between the guru and the different adhikaris. This critical study introduces us to: (i) the life and works of Nishcaladasa, Pitambar and Vasudeva Brahmendra; (ii) emergence of adhikari-based pedagogy system; and (iii) the employment of pedagogical tools by the guru, depending upon the character and needs of the seeker. The related questions and discussions found in different tarangas of Vicarasagara are pooled in and presented in a cohesive manner to arrive at the core of Nishcaladasa’s work. It also delves deep into topics such as meditation and its efficacy as a means to gradual liberation, and the nature of liberation. The book, therefore, introduces the well-defined concepts of Vedanta in a simple pedagogical way as a dialogue between the preceptor and the student, helping even a layman to understand the nuances of Advaita, otherwise a hard subject to digest and grasp.Preface Abbreviations 1. Introduction (Upodghata) 2. On the Nature of Aspirant (Adhikarisvarupaprakarana) 3. On the Nature of Knowledge (Jnanasvarupaprakarana) 4. On Impediments to Knowledge and Their Remedies (Jnanapratibandhanivrittishca) 5. On the Nature of Meditation (Upasanasvarupaprakarana) 6. On the Nature of Liberation (Mokshasvarupaprakarana) Conclusion Appendices Bibliography Printed Pages: 356. NA


Tattvopaplavasinghah (in Hindi)

By Kashinath Nyaupane,Ambika Dutt Sharma

D.K. Printworld (P) Ltd., 2015. First edition. Hardcover. New. Printed Pages: 258. NA


Written Communication in English

By S. Freeman

Orient Blackswan, 1977. Softcover. New. A two-year course for higher secondary students that trains them in writing in English for a wide variety of purposes, whether they intend taking up a job or pursuing their studies. Printed Pages: 224. NA