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The Rumi Daybook: 365 Poems and Teachings from the Beloved Sufi Master
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The Rumi Daybook: 365 Poems and Teachings from the Beloved Sufi Master

By Kabir & Camille Helminski (Trs)

Shambhala Publications, 2012. Softcover. New. 14 x 19 cm. My heart wandered through the world constantly seeking after my cure, but the sweet and delicious water of life had to break through the granite of my heart. When the words of Rumi enter your heart, something softens, breaks, and is subtly reborn. That he wrote the words seven hundred years ago in a medieval Persian world that bears little resemblance to ours makes their uncanny resonance to us today just that much more remarkable. Here is a treasury of daily wisdom from this most beloved of all the Sufi masters—both his prose and his ecstatic poetry—that you can use to start every day for a year, or that you can dip into for inspiration any time you need to break through the granite of your heart. Printed Pages: 387. NA


The Metropolitan Fever: Selected Poems

By B. K. S. Ray

B.R.Publishing Corporation, 2013. Softcover. New. The poet writes of personal or fictitious experiences, but these are not important in themselves until the reader has realized them in his own consciousness wrote W.H. Auden. In other words a poet owes a lot to his readers in terms of his creative strength and it is this relationship that remains decisive in a poet`s career. Printed Pages: 148. NA


Understanding Brooks

By R.R. Bhardwaj

K.K. Publications, 2001. Hardcover. New. This Book is a small attempt to understand the works of a big critic. By a seasoned and unanimous opinion new Criticism has been the most powerful and dominating movement in the twentieth century literary criticism. Without even a Shade of doubt, cleanth brooks is the central figure of this movement. His towering personality has spanned almost the entire twentieth century. His works like Modern Poetry and the Tradition, The Well Wrought Urn and the twin volumes on William Faulkner are all time Classics in the field of literary criticism. The gist of his critical theory is that the source of all poetry is experience; all poetry has a special structure; and the purpose of all poetry is knowledge. In fact, the book provides rare glimpses of Insight into the critical thinking of cleanth along with the fleeting glances at the other new critics. It also removes so many cobwebs of misunderstanding that had gathered around the position of the Cleanth brooks and the New Criticism. Contents, 1. New Criticism : Formulation of a Strategy 2. Source of Poetry : Experience 3. Form of Poetry : Structure 4. Form of Poetry : Coherence 5. Purpose of Poetry : Knowledge 6. Conclusion : Ever a New Critic Printed Pages: 179. NA


Cascade of Emotions

By Gulneet Bajaj

Indialog Publisher, 2008. Hardcover. New. To bundle the many faceted qualities of Gulneet into words would not do justice to her. Effervescent, Friendly, Warm, Lively ... and now we see the literary side of her too! Complimenting each poem with an individually visualised painting creates a pot pouri of myriad emotions . The poems, written in adolescence, bring out the depth of thought at a young age, which have further matured over time. To read into her thoughts, as she wrote them, is a very moving experience. Born in Burma, her family moved to New Delhi. She schooled at Auckland High, Shimla and later from Jesus and Mary College, New Delhi. A stint at the Indian Institute of Mass Communications further honed her writing and perceptive skills. Her fondness for travel and the good life have made her understand the world and its people from a wider perspective. She has an indepth insight of human emotions which has been brought out artistically through her poems. She has strong belief in God. She draws inspiration from Him and feels He has been her guiding light in life. Printed Pages: 103. Cascade of EmotionsGulneet Bajaj9788184430172



By Jean Arasanayagam

Indialog Publisher, 2003. Hardcover. New. With Fusillade Jean Arasanayagam adds to her already acclaimed list of poetry books. Though the setting of the volume is primarily Sri Lanka, the tone of the poems is universal. Through this Arasanayagam once again renders voice to the thousands of oppressed people around the globe. The poems transport the reader to the island nation scarred by a long civil war where thousands have lost their lives and the world has not even winked an eyelid. The poems, in the collection, also reflect the personal sense of alienation that remains the hallmark of most of Arasanayagam’s works. Writing from a doubly marginalized space, Arasanayagam’s Fusillade poses problems, raises questions, voices protests – a gripping book which brings to fore the anxieties that the modern world tries to grapple with everyday in some way or the other. Printed Pages: 122. FusilladeJean Arasanayagam 9788187981244


Poetry of Meditation on the Sacred: an English Translation of Wali Muhammad Aseer Kishtwari`s Kashmiri Verses

By A.N. Dhar

Peacock/ Atlantic Publishers & Distributors (P) Ltd., 2012. Softcover. New. Well-known as a writer of Urdu and Kashmiri verse alike, Wali Muhammad `Aseer` Kishtwari has carved out a niche for himself as a literary figure in Jammu and Kashmir. He has also made his mark as an English writer of promise with his big volume Focus on Jammu & Kashmir published in 23 that got him an award from the J&K Academy of Art, Culture and Languages in the year 27. Thereafter, as a practising Kashmiri poet, he brought out the volume titled Farsh-e-Gul (Floral Carpet) in the year 21—which is a compilation of his religious verses selected form a much wider corpus. Rich in content, it has a variety of traditional verse-forms in it. This English translation of Aseer Kishtwari’s Kashmiri verses captures the essence of Kashmiri poetry and is largely faithful to the original text. The translations are impeccable and, at the same time, very readable. Brought out as a volume appropriately titled Poetry of Meditation on the Sacred, they bear testimony to A.N. Dhar`s remarkable inwardness and ease as a translator. The volume also provides a useful critical introduction written by him. The book will prove richly rewarding and provide a stimulating experience to all those interested in reading English translation of Kashmiri poetry. Printed Pages: 88. NA


Love`s Existential Song Selected Poems

By B. K. S. Ray

B.R.Publishing Corporation, 2013. Softcover. New. In his Love`s Existential Song Ray reiterates his assertion for existence amid a brutal world where sinister forces are out to destroy love. A poet against injustice and a poet for humanity, Ray leaves no stone unturned to liberate love from a volcano of vulgarity. He is deeply pained by the commercial face of existence and tries to restore love and human values to a spirit of immortality in a fiercely competitive world. Printed Pages: 152. NA


The Last Musha`irah of Delhi

By Mirza Farhatullah Baig (Author), Akhtar Qamber (Tr.)

Orient BlackSwan Pvt. Ltd, 2010. Softcover. New. 14 x 21 cm. The twilight Delhi of the later Mughals, decadent in statesmanship, devastated by marauders, declining in history, still managed to leave behind something more durable than marble and sandstone: a magnificent body of Urdu poetry and prose. It is this facet of the city that Mirza Farhatullah Baig Dehalvi captures in this unique literary work. Drawing upon living memory, manuscripts and other documents, he wrote Dehli ki Akhri Shama’, a fictional account of what purports to be the last great musha’irah held in Delhi under the patronage of Bahadur Shah ‘Zafar’, the last Mughal emperor. The narrative recreates for us the various stages of organizing such an occasion, introduces us to unforgettable people and now-forgotten places, and builds up to the climax—the musha’irah itself—at which all the important Urdu poets of the time are present. The present volume is the first-ever English translation of Farhatullah Baig’s classic, accompanied by a long introduction, textual and other annotations, and extensive glossary. Much more than a work of translation, this is a labour of love and scholarship. Printed Pages: 192. NA


Indian Poetics

By J.T. Deshpande

Popular Prakashan Pvt. Ltd. Softcover. New. Printed Pages: 0. NA


My World Within

By Kapil Sibal

IndiaInk/Roli Books, 2012. Softcover. New. `How do poems grow?They grow out of your life`Robert Penn Warren. Replete with wit,satire,humour and a passionate awareness of the ever-changing world, Kapil Sibal`s collection of poetry is a testimony to Warren`s belief. With varied themes ranging from love, desire, friendship, world economy, terrorism and international affairs, the poems take us on a path to discover a universe that is so perfect in its imperfection. The emotions and thoughts central to Kapil Sibal`s life weave a rhythmic story of his world within `Hamlet personifies Doubt - Honest, eloquent doubt. A lawyer-politician cannot afford to be that soliloquizing Prince. But within the agonising Denmarks of betrayal, intrigue and worse, Kapil Sibal has found-made- a poetic space where he can ask if he is meant to be or not to be, himself.` Gopalkrishna Gandhi If poetry is only emotions and feelings, it affects our minds for a short while. If it is only intellect and wisdom it doesn`t touch our hearts. Kapil Sibal`s poetry is a synthesis of emotions and intellect. His poems are felt thoughts` Javed Akhtar Printed Pages: 172. My World WithinKapil Sibal9788186939635


W.B. Yeats: His Poetry and Politics

By M.P. Sinha

Atlantic Publishers & Distributors (P) Ltd., 2003. Hardcover. New. Although politics is supposed to be something dirty that will contaminate the otherwise pure stream of poetry, all great poets right from the days of Homer have dealt with political events covertly or overtly. Born in the second half of the nineteenth century when Irish nationalism was reaching its peak, Yeats, under the influence of his father and the Irish leader John Butt, became a nationalist. His nationalism and direct involvement in politics deepened under the influence of the Fenian Leader John O’Leary. No doubt, Yeats’s poetry shows the influence of Spenser, Blake, Shelley, French symbolism and Western and Indian philosophy, it was the Irish politics that shaped his thought and poetry to the greatest extent. W.B. Yeats: His Poetry and Politics traces Yeats’s growth as a poet in the politics of his time. The conclusion is: although poetry remained his main objective it was not the goal; autonomous in existence it was a means to achieve Unity of Culture and Unity of Being. The book will be immense value for students, researchers and teachers of modern English poetry. Contents : Introduction 1. The Background 2. The Celtic Twilight 3. After Parnell 4. Towards Aristocracy 5. Easter and After 6. Senate and Tower 7. Swift and Fascism 8. On the Boiler Conclusion Selected Bibliography Printed Pages: 200. NA


Kuch Main Bhi Kahoon

By Subbu

Shroff Publishers & Distributers Pvt. Ltd., 2012. Hardcover. New. 14 x 21 cm. PROLIFIC, ARTISTIC, CHARISMATIC..... Words That Best Describe A Man Who Poetically Infuses Life Into The Written Word. Capturing The Pulse Of Every Emotion Creating Infinite Moments Of Inspiration. Conjoining Mysticism And Reality With Imagination. This Is Then Subbu..... The Enigmatic. Subbu Lives In Mumbai With His Wife & Sons. After Having Made His Place In Advertising World. He Moves To Write A New Chapter. Poetry Was Always A Part Of His Life. So Much So It Landed Him His First Job. With Songs Sung By Many Noted Singers, Poetry Published In Many Newspaper And Magazines. With Accolades And Awards To His Credit ""Kuch Main Bhi Kahoon"" Is A Collection Of Poetry Handpicked By Him Personally. Printed Pages: 250. Kuch Main Bhi KahoonSubbu9789350232910


Alarm of Silence

By Manik Munde

Rupa Publications India Pvt. Ltd., 2013. Softcover. New. of silence begins beyond the boundaries of words. There is great power and wisdom in growing to the point where silence becomes our friend. It is in silence that we best listen and a great many of life`s secrets can only be learnt in silence. Silence is a source of great strength. It is the ultimate technique of communication for those who realize. Silence, when it filters into someone, becomes his spiritual persona. Alarm of Silence is a collection of poetry that speaks of the various shades of life. It talks of the mysteries of life and death, triumph and defeat, heaven and hell. Salvation, the poet says, is the final aim of life. Birth and death are mere repetitions. The poet is alarmed by the destruction spreading through this trembling world, where men torment men for pleasure. With its evocative language and imagery, Manik Munde’s poetry will resonate deeply with readers and leave a lasting impression on their minds. Printed Pages: 128. NA


Glimpses of Urdu Poetry

By K.C. Kanda

Lotus Press Publishers & Distributors, 2007. First edition. Softcover. New. The book contains a rich fare of the best of Urdu poetry in its three major forms: Ghazal, Nazm, and rubai. The poems are first given in calligraphic Urdu, which, on the opposite page is translated into English, and transliterated, Roman Script. This should be of special help to the non-Urdu knowing readers. It should also give them a feel and flavour of the Urdu text, and whet their appetite for learning the language. The book contains 115 Ghazals, 30 Nazms and 40 Rubais. It also contains a sprinkling of humorous Urdu poetry. In these days of limited leisure ad fast-moving life, such a compendious volume should come as a whiff of cool breeze in a crowded room. It is hoped that the book will receive a warm welcome from the lovers of poetry. Table of Contents: Introduction 1. Ghazals 2. Nazms 3. Humorous Poetry 4. Rubaiyaat Printed Pages: 418. NA


Love`s Ripening: Rumi on the Heart`s Journey
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Love`s Ripening: Rumi on the Heart`s Journey

By Kabir Helminski & Ahmad Rezwani (Trs)

Shambhala Publications, 2008. Softcover. New. 12 x 18 cm. Love is the meaning of our existence, the raw material of transformation, the glorious way of access to Divine intimacy. This teaching infuses the lyric verse of Rumi (1207–1273), the greatest of the Sufi poets. The poems in this collection, taken from among the master’s many volumes of work, focus on one of his greatest themes: how love grows and matures for those on the spiritual path. Kabir Helminski and Ahmad Rezwani have crafted a translation that remains faithful to the original Persian while giving eloquent expression to the joy of Rumi’s astonishing encounter with the Divine. Printed Pages: 198. NA


Lokpriya Shayar Aur Unki Shayari-Firaq Gorakhpuri (In Hindi)

By Prakash Pandit

Rajpal & Sons, 2015. Softcover. New. Printed Pages: 128. NA


Mental Health Through Poetry

By Dr Gurmukh Singh

Unicorn Books/Pustak Mahal, 2012. Softcover. New. Printed Pages: 191. NA


Open Secret: Versions of Rumi
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Open Secret: Versions of Rumi

By John Moyne & Coleman Barks (Trs)

Shambhala Publicaions, 1984. Softcover. New. 13 x 21 cm. These quatrains and odes reveal a most human and accessible side of the great poet and mystic. They are the personal records of one man`s encounter with the Divine. Printed Pages: 96. NA


Sisters at the Well

By Uma Parameswaran

Indialog Publisher, 2002. Hardcover. New. Sisters at the Well, A collection of poems by award-winning author Uma Parameswaran, starts with three powerful poems on the Air India crash of 1985. As in Trishanku, her earlier collection, these different voices capture the experiences of Indo-Canadians, and resonate with the speakers` diasporic memory and contemporary realities. Collectively, the poems address various phases of immigrant experience - from nostalgia for the land left behind and wonder at the new environment, through the realities of racial discrimination, pressures of settlement, struggle to strike roots, and to the final affirmation that, ""Home is where your feet are, and may your heart be there too."" As one of the voices says with diasporic fervor, ""I shall bring Ganga to our land, our Assiniboine, and the flute player shall dance on the waters of La Salle."" The title characterizes the author`s propensity to express Canadian experiences in Indian images. This collection also includes a section of earlier poems, and a brief section on some of her works in progress. Printed Pages: 120. Sisters at the WellUma Parameswaran9788187981145


Servered Cord

By Rabindra K Swain

Indialog Publisher, 2003. Softcover. New. Rabindra K Swain`s Severed Cord is a poignant collection of poems, which deals with the emotions underlying every aspect of life. These poems, many of them dealing with relationships touch the readers` heart. Printed Pages: 72. Servered CordRabindra K Swain9788187981268


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