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"Vote Republican?" Poster

By N/A

N/A, 1976. Softcover. Poster, n.d. (ca 1976); 12 1/2 x 15; in black & white; small faint crease lines to tips of corners, else bright and clean; near fine. An uncommon relic from the mid-70s, the poster depicts the iconic image of Nelson Rockefeller giving a heckler the finger juxtaposed in front of the skyline of Albany, NY. The subtitle bellow the image reads: "Vote Republican?" It was most probably created in the Fall of '76 towards the end of Rockefeller's vice-presidency.


Escape From Terror [Theater Insert Movie Poster]

By Palladium Productions / Coogan Films

National Screen Service Corporation, 1955. Softcover. An original unfolded theater insert movie poster for 'Escape from Terror.' Produced by Egon Nielsen; directed by George and Jackie Coogan; 14 x 34; illustrated with sepia snapshots of scenes from the movie; red background lettered in b&w; mounted on foam board; several nicks to edges and a few scratches; overall in very good condition. The movie was first released in English-speaking countries in 1955 and in the US in 1957. The star of the movie was Jackie Coogan - also known as Charlie Chaplin's buddy in "The Kid" and Uncle Fester in "The Adams Family." He was also the first beneficiary of 'The Coogan Act' - a Bill named after him and passed by the California Legislature designed to safeguard child performers' earnings for when they enter adulthood. The plot of the movie revolves around an American (Jackie Coogan) and his girlfriend (Lynn Merrick) who are on the run from the KGB in Denmark. The poster is quite uncommon unfolded since most insert posters were folded twice horizontally right off of the printing press.