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Books:English Literature:Quackery From ZH BOOKS


[Quackery] Medicines and Doctors’ Advertisement Newspapers Clippings Scrapbook Encompassing More Than a Hundred Years

By Various

Various, 1860. Softcover. Various places and sources, ca 1860s – 1970s. Sheets gathered in a vinyl binder; 8 ½ x 11; pp. [32]; clippings pasted on recto only; most articles uniformly age-toned and with glue bleed-through; about half of them detached but present (it appears only one small clipping missing); glue residue to pages; very good-. A meticulously assembled collection of advertisements for wildly popular potions, pastilles, elixirs, and powders illustrating people’s fascination with patent medicines in the second half of the 19th and all through the 20th centuries. In fact, the scrapbook is divided into two sections – “Medicine Advertisements, Internal and External†and “Doctors and Doctors’ Products Advertisement.†The first part covers quack cures advertised far and wide throughout the country – from the relatively tame vegetable-based “Hood’s Sarsaparilla†and “Raymond’s Compound Wild Tea†to the exotic “Upham’s Email Blanc†– a miraculous French concoction said to turn ugly, scaly, freckled skin into alabaster-white velvet – and the bizarre - sounding “Dr. E. Cooper’s Universal Magnetic Balm!†for healing diphtheria, fever, and ague. There is even a small piece touting the “Tansy Pills†– one of the several available Victorian abortion pills surreptitiously-marketed as treatment for “female complaints†with phrases such as "irregularity," "obstruction," and "delayed period" plainly understood as euphemisms for pregnancy. The second half documents physicians’ ads – many of them apparently in San Francisco but also names in Oakland and Buffalo, NY – with titles such as: “Danger Ahead! Death Watches on your track!...Pearce (Dr. Frederick Pearce of San Francisco) Tells How he Was Cured of His Rupture†and “Free to the Afflicted…Bring This Add.â€