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Books, Books, Books!

Lincoln , Nebraska, United States

We sell everything & everything! Specializing in vintage, 1st editions & uncommon books.

Burke's Books

Burke's Books also has a brick-and-mortar store! Visit them in:

Eugene, Oregon, United States

Our bookstore can be visited by appointment. Just give us a call and come see our library of books. (541)342-4991.

Cersia’s Books

Boca Raton, Florida, United States

Cersia's Books is an online book store selling antique, vintage, and modern day books of all genres.

GH vintage books

Bend, Oregon, United States

I am an independent book seller based out of Oregon that has a passion for finding rare first edition books and connecting those finds with other people.

Jane Addams Book Shop

Jane Addams Book Shop also has a brick-and-mortar store! Visit them in:

Champaign, Illinois, United States

We are a locally owned, independent bookstore that has been in business for more than twenty-five years. With more than 70,000 titles in our shop we have a number of very well-stocked sections that span fifteen separate rooms on three floors.

Jen's Books

Jen's Books also has a brick-and-mortar store! Visit them in:

Douglas, Wyoming, United States

A small town used and collectable books, store in an historic bank building. Light clean and well organized.

Leah Beattie Books

Belen, New Mexico, United States

We have a myriad collection of eclectic books and magazines that are vintage, first edition, out of print, rare, collections, not so cool, and very average. Topics and genre vary as do age and condition. We are collectors not experts and have saved many a book from decommission or worse! We are excited to sell on Biblio and get some of these treasures into their new space!


Naas, Kildare, Ireland

My books for sale consist of a wide variety of both fiction and non-fiction books, usually of the more rare or sought after book. Antiquarian, 1st Editions, Angling, Noted Authors/Renowned Writers, Antique Fiction and many more.


Issaquah, Washington, United States

Welcome to Nostalgem!

I started my account to help a dear friend sell books from her parents collection which she estimates is close to 125,000 books!  I created the name Nostalgem as a mesh between two words - nostalgic and gems.  Many of the books that are being sold are old and rare gems of the past (without UPC or ISBN numbers), including first editions and books signed by the author.

I feel it is important to carry on the legacy of my friend's parents and pass these gems onto a new generation for enjoyment.  As such, I am committed to a quality listing on  I personally ensure that photos of the actual book being sold are included with each listing and along with condition notes.  Since I am still learning how to evaluate books, please feel free to contact me if you note a discrepany in a book listing. I want to ensure that each book that is sold will meet (or exceed) the expectations of the buyer.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about an item being sold.  I am happy to help with any questions that you have!

Resource for Art and Music Books

Ivoryton, Connecticut, United States

We specialize in books based in art and music as well as rare antiquarian books and ephemera.

SF Estate Books

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

We specialize in selling large book collections from estate and family libraries.Signed 1st EditionsA significant number of our books are signed by the author. Most of our signed inventory is both 1st edition and 1st printing. US & UK VersionsMany of our books are the UK version and in some cases we have both the UK and US versions of the same book. 1st PrintingsMost of our book are 1st printings in Mylar jackets. A significant number of this inventory is signed by the author.

We are a boutique online bookstore with an emphasis on quality, collectability and customer service.Our founders, Mel & Bob, started collecting books in the 1960's. After losing Bob in 2001, Mel doubled down and began collecting in earnest. Mel passed away in late 2017, but her vision on book collecting and passion for books powers our business.Today we embody the modern spirit of a boutique bookstore by offering our inventory through our online only partners.

Westsider Rare & Used Books Inc.

Westsider Rare & Used Books Inc. also has a brick-and-mortar store! Visit them in:

New York, New York, United States

Rare & Used books on Broadway in New York City. One dollar books all the way up to signed limited first editions and antiquarian.