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Old Friend Bookbinding & Repair

Slidell, Louisiana, United States

Old Friends Books specializes in first edition offerings of non-fiction subjects, including: history, biographies, auto-biographies, food, and religion. Our library also includes a limited number of works that might be later printings, works of fiction, or that we find uniquely interesting.We believe that books can serve different purposes through out their life. Some provide a utilitarian service, often as a source of reference. Other's teach us about the past, and even warn against an uncertain future. Many take us on thrilling adventures, remind us of a warm embrace, motivate us to take great actions, simply inform, or allow us time for spiritual reflection.Books are conceived, written, edited, printed, published, marketed, sold, and purchased, by human-beings who believe that experiencing the world of literature is a good thing. For those that love the feel of a solid, well written book. Who stand in awe of the book-binder's craft. Who can remember not only the subject or story; but also the warmth, texture, and smell of a favorite book. If books bring back fond memories, or spark excitement upon meeting, then truly they must be like Old Friends!