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Toluca, Estado de Mexico, Mexico

Independent bookstore.

We are a small company and very thankful for your purchase!.

Buy with confidence! All your purchases are protected.

We can ship worldwide (please contact us for shippment rate)

We ship orders with great Customer Service and it´s our top priority!

All orders are dispatched from Mexico or USA, within 4 business days of ordering.

Our catalogue includes hard-to-find titles.

We guarantee the condition of our books as described, please read description carefully.

Shipping costs are calculated for registered mail from Mexico and all orders will ship via Mexican postal service. Also we can ship with Fedex, DHL or AMZ Logistics, we will advice shipping costs once the courier is defined. There are some books that can be shipped from USA (please read individual conditions)

We only accept payments with Paypal

Buyer is responsible for the shipping costs of the book(s) purchased at the bookstore.

We currently have over 20 books listed online.

We sell new, unopened or sealed books (this condition depends on the manufacturer or the primary distributor). Some manufacturers or distributors may have their books sealed. Otherwise, the books you purchase will always be new, unless otherwise stated in the individual description).

We guarantee the condition of our books as described, please read description carefully.

For any questions or inquires please contact us at E-mail:


Southgate, California, United States

Poor little Rich Girl' Booksamillon

Les Editions de l'Aventure

Puteaux, France

We represent a French publishing house. Our books are novels with comedy, with suspense and suspense/surnatural. Our books are written in French. We participate in some books exhibitions in France. On our website you may read some reports from French and Quebecer newspapers and you may heard some several interviews between our author Dominique Letellier with French radios, from 2005 to 2018.



Book in East, Culture for eyes and ears !