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Bookstores in North Las Vegas, Nevada

logo: Jeremy Winchester's Books

Jeremy Winchester's Books

North Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

I'm just a guy looking to sell some of my collection.

logo: The Reading Hour

The Reading Hour

North Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

When I was a small girl, my father kept a small library of Stephen King and other books. Once I was able to read, maybe in 2nd grade, I started gravitating towards these books and would attempt to read them on my own. It was a lot that was difficult to comprehend, but that is where my love for books and reading began. He also collected a series of books with gilted edges, I knew automatically those were special! The beauty of this has never left me!I want to share this passion with those alike and the world. When I see an old looking book, I feel like I've really found a piece of something special! Do you??There is no specific genre that I am focused on. You will find a slightly broad spectrum of many genres, but in "vintage" or old works or early works. Fictitious & Non Fictitious Historical Works, 18th century, early 1900's, anything dating before 1980 and Anything Suspense/Thriller primarily focused on popular authors of today's earlier work, and getting those works to you!If you have a particular book you are in search of, you may contact me with your request, I would be glad to help you find it! Two sets of eyes are better than one!

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