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Dark Parks Books & Collectibles

Fallon, Nevada, United States

Early english printed books specializing in occult, science, religion and oddities. We also have a strong emphasis on modern first editions of horror, sci-fi, and fantasy.

Low Brow Books

Belleville, Illinois, United States

****I'm not shy! Nor would I be offended if a shopper were to make an offer for a book!! Don't let past bad experiences dictate what you may do HERE! I run a very free & open F0RUM. Plus I realize that not everyone lives in Newport Beach, Dana Point, or Rancho del Rey; times are tight for many of us- this is why I'm forced to sell off my collection. FREEE DOMESTIC SHIPPING !! We will endeavor to keep and have this a mainstay here at LBB as long as the hemorrhaging is kept in check! Low Brow Books welcomes you to browse nearly 300 titles; most of which are occult or occult-related: e.g. psychic studies, witchcraft, occult history & occult fiction just to name a few. If a book takes your fancy, hit me with an email: NO PRICE IS EVER SET IN STONE. If additional images are needed, just holler and I'll forward them on. For you Anglophiles out there, let it be known that in several instances I'm the only domestic seller offering a particular UK edition. Some years ago I made the decision to buy/invest(?) in UK titles (always in addition to their US counterparts) before the post became prohibitively expensive. This is especially true in an area that has not yet been exploited here on Low Brow- "pre-1980 horror anthologies" but hopefully will be soon; as I have dozens & dozens of very nice titles. Check back early and often for price reductions and new listings. For you "repeat visitors", many thanks for your continued patronage; for newcomers - Hey! let's get acquainted and talk books, authors, the state of second hand bookselling. From the prairie provinces.

98% of these listed items have been in my personal collection for years, housed in a non-smoking environment, temperature/humidity controlled and/or micro-environment. If you need more detailed images, don't hesitate! Shout out and I'll forward them on to ya!