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Most valuable Photography books

Curious what the most valuable and expensive photography books are? Below is a small sample of some of the most expensive books that have sold on

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From The Americans to Ghosts Along the Mississippi, from Portfolios Of Ansel Adams to Photographs Of the Southwest, we can help you find the photography books you are looking for. As the world's largest independent marketplace for new, used and rare books, you always get the best in service and value when you buy from, and all of your purchases are backed by our return guarantee.

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Photography Books & Ephemera

    Portfolios Of Ansel Adams by Adams, Ansel

    Ninety prints from the seven limited-edition portfolios of the noted photographer testify to Adams's sustained talent and continuing 

    The Americans by Frank, Robert

    "Robert Frank he sucked a sad poem out of America onto film, taking rank among the tragic poets of the world. To Robert Frank I now give this message. You got eyes." -- Jack Kerouac, from the preface

    The Focal Encyclopedia Of Photography

    CONTENTS: Advances in photographic technology -- Advancement of digital photography & related technologies -- Technical evolution of photography in the 19th century -- Introduction to photographic equipment, processes & definitions of the 19th century -- Introduction to the biographies of selected innovators of photographic technology -- Selected photographs from the 19th century -- Evolution of the photographic lens in the 19th century -- Photography in the 20th century -- Photography, fine art photography and the visual arts: 1900-2001 -- Photography & society in the 20th century -- Photography & desire : fashion, glamour & photography -- Photography programs in the 20th century museums, galleries & collections -- Photographic higher education in the United States -- Photographic workshops: a changing educational practice -- Magazines : Photographer’s press in the United States & Great Britain during the transition decade of the 1960s -- Histories, theories, and criticisms -- African Americans as photographers & photographic subjects --Biographies of selected photographers from the 20th century -- Photography’s dependence on equipment -- Profiles of selected photographic film & digital companies -- Overviews of selected applications of photography -- Applications of advertising photography -- Catalogue photography -- Commercial photography -- Food photography -- Illustration photography -- Still-life photography -- Architectural photography -- Corporate photography -- Dance & theater photography -- Theatrical photography -- Freelance photography -- Identification photography -- Industrial photography -- Landscape photography -- Narrative, documentary & editorial photography -- Orb photography -- Panoramic photography -- Photojournalism -- Postcard photography -- Portraiture -- School photography -- Snapshot photography -- Sports photography -- Stock photography -- Wedding photography -- Digital, a maturing technology -- Digital archiving -- Imaging systems -- Solid state imaging sensors -- Standards & imaging materials -- Digital camera testing -- Image formation -- Colorimetry -- Color spaces, color encodings & color image encodings -- Color management -- Color management in the future -- Digital camera RAW -- Digital image processing -- Metadata & digital photography -- Spectral imaging -- Creative applications of digital photography, scan-o-gram -- Glossary of digital terminology -- A different set of questions for a new age -- Academic & pedagogical issues: the impact of digital imaging on photographic education -- Ethical Photojournalism: Its authenticity & impact -- Future of publishing -- 100 years from now -- Perception, evidence, truth & seeing -- Photo marketplace & contemporary image makers -- Photographic studio of the 21st century -- Photographic virtual reality -- Potlatch, auction, & the in-between: digital art & digital audiences -- Pressure to stay current -- Science as art -- Aided eye -- Acoustic holography -- Aerial photography -- Anthropological photography -- Archeological photography -- Astrophotography -- Autoradiography -- Ballistics photography -- Biological photography -- Botanical photography -- Cave photography -- Chronophotography -- Darkfield illumination -- Dental photography -- Electron imaging -- Electron microscopy -- Endoscopic photography-- False color photography -- Fluorescence photography -- Forensic photography -- Geological photography -- High-speed cinematography -- High speed still photography -- Hologram -- Holographic interferometry -- Holography -- Hypersensitization -- Imaging manipulation : science fact or fiction -- Infrared photography -- Kirilian photography -- Medical diagnostic imaging -- Medical photography -- Military photography -- Multispectral imaging -- Nature photography -- Night-time & twilight photography -- Nuclear track recording -- Ophthalmic photography -- Photogrammetry -- Photomacrography & close-up photography -- Photomicrography -- Police photography -- Pseudocolor -- Remote sensing -- Schlieren & shadowgraph photography -- Scientific visualization -- Space photography -- Streak & strip photography -- Technical photography -- Time lapse photography -- Underwater photography -- Human visual system -- 20th century photographic materials & process essentials -- Silver halide materials: general emulsion properties -- Black &white films & papers -- Chemistry of developers & development processes -- From exposure to print : essentials of silver halide photography required for long-lasting high quality prints -- Color photography -- Silver dye-bleach photography -- Photographic optics -- Additional lens types -- Some other filter types -- Photometry, radiometry & measurement -- Color theory -- Color measurement -- 20th century photographic lighting -- Camera defined -- History of the 20th century camera -- Enlargers -- Projection.

    Henri Cartier-Bresson by Cartier-Bresson, Henri

    "A Bulfinch Press book." Translation of: Henri Cartier Bresson, photographie. Includes bibliographical references (p. 338-343) and index.

    The Versatile Photographer by Gordon, Larry Dale

    Margaret Bourke-White by Goldberg, Vicki

    Hollywood Portraits by Hicks, Roger, and Nisperos, Christopher

    Man Ray by Ray, Man

    Shooting For Stock by Schaub, George

    Diane Arbus by Arbus, Diane

    Walker Evans by Evans, Walker

    Witness To Our Time by Eisenstaedt, Alfred

    Ansel Adams by Adams, Ansel

    The Family Of Man by Steichen, Edward

    A Life In Photography by Steichen, Edward

    Pageant Of the Pioneers by Jackson, Clarence S

    Photographs Of the Southwest by Adams, Ansel

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