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From Building Stories to Understanding Comics the Invisible Art, from Ranma 1/2 to The Spirit Coloring Book, we can help you find the comic books books you are looking for. As the world's largest independent marketplace for new, used and rare books, you always get the best in service and value when you buy from, and all of your purchases are backed by our return guarantee.

Top Sellers in Comic Books

    Building Stories by Chris Ware

    CHRIS WARE is widely acknowledged as the most gifted and beloved cartoonist of his generation by both his mother and seven-year-old daughter. His Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth won the Guardian First Book Award and was listed as one of the "100 Best Books of the Decade" by  The Times (London) in 2009. An irregular contributor to This American Life and The New Yorker ( where some of the pages of this book first appeared) his original drawings have been exhibited in the Whitney Biennial, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago and in piles behind his work table in Oak Park, Illinois.

    Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud

    Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art is a 215-page non-fiction comic book, written and drawn by Scott McCloud and originally published in 1993. It explores the definition of comics, the historical development of the medium, its fundamental vocabulary, and various ways in which these elements have been used. It discusses theoretical work on comics as an artform and a communications medium. It also uses the comic medium for non-storytelling purposes.

    The Far Side Gallery 2 by Gary Larson

    1986 FarWorks, Inc. All Rights Reserved. The Far Side and the Larson signature are registered trademarks of FarWorks, Inc.

    The Prehistory Of the Far Side by Gary Larson

    The Prehistory of the Far Side gives the reader an inside look at Gary Larsen and his one-panel comic masterpiece, The Far Side. Larsen takes us through the history of this beloved comic from its inception, including early mistakes, bloopers, and some of the more controversial cartoons that didn't quite make publication.

    The Far Side Gallery by Gary Larson

    1984 FarWorks, Inc. All Rights Reserved. The Far Side and the Larson signature are registered trademarks of FarWorks, Inc.

    The Book Of Genesis Illustrated By R Crumb by R Crumb

    Translation by Robert Alter, rev. by R. Crumb.

    The Far Side ® Gallery 5 by Gary Larson

    1995 FarWorks, Inc. All Rights Reserved. The Far Side and the Larson signature are registered trademarks of FarWorks, Inc.

    There's Treasure Everywhere--A Calvin and Hobbes Collection by Bill Watterson

    In the world that Calvin and his tiger Hobbes share, treasures can be found in the most unlikely places, from the outer regions where Spaceman spiff travels to the rocks in the backyard--this curious duo roams their world in search of fortunes (and misfortunes!) to be experienced. Whether Calvin and Hobbes are blasting off on another interplanetary adventure or approaching warp speed on a downhill wagon ride, their capers are repartee consistently charm and refresh their readers' days. On his own, Calvin is prey to the insidious killer bicycle, is the arbiter of the dad poll, is the creator of a legion of snowmen who provide an incisive social commentary, and Hobbes is always there as the perfect companion. Watterson's talent is evidenced by the range of thought provoking emotions the strip encompasses in addition to the laughs it induces: the loyalty and friendship between Calvin and Hobbes , the challenge of being a patient parents, and the sardonic viewpoint of a cynical six-year-old ("I'm a 21st-century kid trapped in a 19th-century family," laments Calvin) combine to make this one of the best-loved strips in cartoon history.

    The Calvin and Hobbes Tenth Anniversary Book by Bill Watterson

    "Watterson re-created the thoughts and feelings of a six-year-old with uncanny accuracy ... Calvin and Hobbes was, simply, the best comic strip." --Charles Solomon, Los Angeles Times Many moons ago, the magic of Calvin and Hobbes first appeared on the funny pages and the world was introduced to a wondrous pair of friends -- a boy and his tiger, who brought new life to the comics page. To celebrate the tenth anniversary of this distinguished partnership, Bill Watterson prepared this special book, sharing his thoughts on cartooning and creating Calvin and Hobbes , illustrated throughout with favorite black-and-white and color cartoons.

    Bloom County Babylon by Berkeley Breathed

    Bloom County Babylon: Five Years of Basic Naughtiness is the fourth collection of the comic strip series Bloom County by Berkeley Breathed. It was published in 1986. It is preceded by Penguin Dreams and Stranger Things and followed by Billy and the Boingers Bootleg. As a large-format anthology, about half of the book consists of abbreviated storylines from previous collections, as well as some strips from Bloom County's first year that do not appear in any other collection.

    Herman by Jim Unger

    "The low, mean wit of Jim Unger makes Herman uncommonly hilarious."-- Chicago Tribune Celebrate Herman 's success with Herman: The Fourth Treasury . Herman is Everyman--he's a doctor, a waiter, a loan applicant, a duck, a Hun, even a she! He's that invariably hapless goof who wears a bow tie on his head and removable feet on his legs. Join the millions who already read Herman and become a new fan with Herman: The Fourth Treasury .

    The Gospel According To Peanuts by Robert L Short

    Uncle Pogo So-So Stories by Walt Kelly

    Heavy Metal by Heavy Metal

    The Dilbert Principle by Scott Adams

    Marvel Zombies by Robert Kirkman

    Wiener Dog Art by Gary Larson

    1990 FarWorks, Inc. All Rights Reserved. The Far Side and the Larson signature are registered trademarks of FarWorks, Inc.

    Ten Ever-Lovin' Blue-Eyed Years With Pogo by Walt Kelly

    Potluck Pogo by Walt Kelly

    Understanding Comics the Invisible Art by Scott McCloud

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