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From Locust Hill to History Of the 12th Alabama Infantry Regiment, from Black Worker In the Deep South to Riveting and Rationing In Dixie Alabama Women and The Second World War, we can help you find the alabama books you are looking for. As the world's largest independent marketplace for new, used and rare books, you always get the best in service and value when you buy from, and all of your purchases are backed by our return guarantee.

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    History of the Cullman County Baptist Association (Alabama) by Calvert, S. J

    Cullman AL: Cullman Tribune. Good with no dust jacket. 1934. PhotoCopy; First Impression. Manila Folder or Binder. This a photocopy not an original. A portion of page 29 &30 has been cut out and pages 31-34 is missing. There is a lot of history of the Association and the Churches of the area.(Good Hope, Hopewell, Beech Grove, Bell Springs, Cullman First, Corinth, Duck River, Enon, Flint Creek, First German, Pine Grove) Names of pastors, evangelist,( C.a. Owen, P. M. Jusgrove, C.J. Brown W.H. Guthrie, and many others) Sunday school enrollments, finances. Parts of a Circular letter (sermon) by R. B. Allison is included. Many surnames of people are included which will be important to the historian and genealogist. Rare material.; Photocopy Only; 8vo 8" - 9" tall; 36 pages .



    This is Gardendale The story of the founding and growth of our city Gardendale, Alabama by Jones, Pauline Parker

    Gardendale, Al: Retired Adult Club. Very Good in Very Good dust jacket. 1976. First Edition; First Printing. Hardcover. Beige cover with brown print. Dust Jacket now in Mylar Protective Cover. The story of Gardendale, Alabama. Numerous people and place names. Scarce. ; Photographs; 8vo 8" - 9" tall; 131 pages .



    CONSTITUTIONAL DEVELOPMENT IN ALABAMA, 1798-1901: A Study in Politics, the Negro, and Sectionalism (Volume 37 in the James Sprunt Studies in History and Political Science) by McMillan, Malcolm Cook

    Orig. pub. Chapel Hill 1955. Reprinted 1978. (xvii), ix, 412 pp., index, bibliog., new intro "The reading of this book will add immeasurably to one's understanding of the evolution of American civil government in Alabama," states Rucker Agee in Twenty Alabama Books. Professor McMillan discusses the origin and growth of Alabama's six constitutions. All six constitutional conventions and constitutions are studied in their historical setting, and each is related to the existing public opinion, and to the political, economic, and social history of the state.



    Riveting and Rationing in Dixie Alabama Women and the Second World War by Thomas, Mary Martha

    Tuscaloosa, AL: U of Alabama Press, 1987. First Edition. Hardcover. New. Size=6"x8.75". B/W Photos. (full book description) U of Alabama Press, Tuscaloosa, AL, 1987. 1st Edition NEW, Hard Cover, w/Dust Jacket. Size=6"x8.75", 145pp(Index). B/W Photos. It's NEW!! NO ink names, DJ tears etc. This is a NEW book. ISBN 0817303294 [Alabama; WWII-Home Front; World War II; NEW Book; University Press; Second World War; Woman's Studies] SELLING WORLDWIDE SINCE 1987. WE ALWAYS PACK WITH GREAT CARE!



    ROMANTIC PASSAGES IN SOUTHWESTERN HISTORY. Including Orations, Sketches, and Essays by Meek, Alexander Beaufort

    Orig. pub. New York 1857. Reprinted 1975. Print on Demand Edition 2011. viii, 9-330 pp. This is a collection of essays, largely historical, concerning Alabama and the old Southwest from the beginning of settlement to 1850. As the title indicates, Meek, a lawyer, newspaper editor, and politician, chose the more colorful incidents of Alabama history, but he vouches for the authenticity of the factual material presented. In general the events related pertain to Spanish and French exploration of the Southwest, British possession of the area, the Mexican War, and the Creek Indians. Included among the essays are ones describing the pilgrimage of DeSoto, the massacre at Fort Mims, the battle of Burnt Creek, General Sam Dale and the canoe fight, and biographies of William Weatherford (Red Eagle) and other Creek chieftains and warriors. These tales of adventures, battles, thrilling escapes, massacres, tragic love stories, heroes, and gallant deeds make this an interesting collection.



    HIGH TIDE A Story of Class and Courage by Bynum, Mike

    Atlanta, GA: Cross Roads Books. 1978. First Edition. Hardcover. Very Good in Very Good dust jacket; DJ is worn at edges. ; Foreword by Steve Sloan. ; B&W Illustrations; 193 pages .



    Blocton The History of an Alabama Coal Mining Town by Adams, Charles Edward

    Cahaba Trace Commission. Very Good in Very Good dust jacket. 2001. First Edition; First Printing. Hardcover. 0971191301 . Red cover with gold lettering. Dust Jacket now in Mylar Protective Cover.The saga begins with two entrepreneurs, Truman Aldrich and Cornelius Cadle, who created the Cahaba Coal Mining Company and pushed a railroad eight miles into the wilderness of Bibb County, Alabama to tap thick veins of coal deep underground. There, they built the town called Blocton. Beside the company town rose West Blocton. The social fabric of the two communities was extraordinary containing a tapestry of nationalities from Italians to Russian Jews, Slavs, and Welsh. Beautiful collectors grade copy of this book. ; Photographs; 8vo 8" - 9" tall; 339 pages .



    The Heritage of Lee County, Alabama by Committee

    Clanton, Al: Heritage Publishing Consultants. Near Fine with No dust jacket as issued. 2000. First Edition; First Impression. Hardcover. 1891647555 . Blue leatherlike binding with gilt print. Looks never read. The county seat is Opelika,[2] and the largest city is Auburn. The county is named for General Robert E. Lee (1807–1870), who served as General in Chief of the Armies of the Confederate States in 1865.[3] Lee County comprises the Auburn-Opelika, AL Metropolitan Statistical Area, which is included in the Columbus-Auburn-Opelika, GA-AL Combined Statistical Area.; Heritage of Alabama series; Vol. 41; Photographs, Maps, Illustrations; 4to 11" - 13" tall; 353 pages .



    THE LIFE OF JOSEPH BISHOP, the Celebrated Old Pioneer in the First Settlements of Middle Tennessee, Embracing His Wonderful Adventures and Narrow Escapes with the Indians, His Animating and Remarkable Hunting Excursions. Interspersed with Racy Anecdotes of Those Early Times. by Gray, John W

    Orig. pub. Nashville 1858. Reprinted 1974. Print on Demand Edition 2010. (xii), 236 pp., frontis., new intro., map One of the most engaging and valuable of the first-hand books of Tennessee historical reminiscences, this narrative recounts the adventures of a pioneer, hunter, Indian fighter, and scout during the time from 1790 to 1820 as told by Joseph Bishop to the author. Written in a very florid style, it nevertheless conveys the flavor of an old pioneer's adventures and character. The late Tennessee State Historian Stanley F. Horn, in a special introduction written for this reprint edition, called it "an impressive reflection of the raw reality of pioneer life in Tennessee," and welcomed the reprint edition which will make it more readily accessible to "the many who will be entertained and enlightened by it."



    Political power in Birmingham, 1871-1921 by Harris, Carl Vernon

    Knoxville, TN: University of Tennessee Press. Very Good in Very Good dust jacket. 1977. First Edition; First Impression. Hardcover. 087049211X . Grey cover with gold lettering. Some yellowing to edges otherwise fine condition. We provide delivery tracking on US orders. The story of Brimingham, not as an industrial center with a rich few, but the political dispursion and concentration not like many industrial cities in this same period. Extensive bibliography and index. ; Twentieth-century America series; Photographs, charts; 318 pages; .



    HISTORY OF MISSISSIPPI, THE HEART OF THE SOUTH, Vol. IV, (Biographical) by Rowland, Dunbar

    708 pp., index, 125 illus. Biographical information on the following individuals is contained in Volume IV:Abernethy, H.B.; Aby, S.H.; Aderholdt, T.S.; Aldridge, F.M.; Alexander, J.P.; Alexander, G.B.; Alexander, H.N.; All Saints College; Allen, Arthur; Allen, J.F.; Allen, J.T.; Allen, T.D..; Anderson, E.A.; Anderson, R.B.; Andrews, F.H.; Armstrong, T.C.; Arnold, G.L.; Arrington, J.H.; Ashley, W.F.; Aycock, W.J.; Backstrom, J.W.; Bailey, C.K.; Bailey, J.W.; Bailey, P.G.; Baird, R.W.; Ballard, E.E.; Barnett, T.J.; Barr, T.P.; Barron, J.O.; Bartran, D.W.; Baskin, W.E.; Bates, C.L.; Batson, W.C.; Baucum, T.A.; Baylis, R.J.; Beech, T.R.; Bell, J.W.; Bennett, G.R.; Bennett, J.O.; Berry, P.W.; Biggs, W.M.; Birdsong, T.B.; Bishop, R.J.; Bitterman, C.H.; Bledsoe, O.F.,III; Blethen, B.J.; Block, F.J.; Block, Louise B.; Blocker, Milton S.,Sr.; Blount, W.N.; Boland, Alice E.; Boland, W.C.; Boswell, Henry; Bouton, C.E.; Boydstun, R.W.; Boykin, T.H.; Braden, W.H.; Bradford, J.W.; Brand, R.F.; Brand, Thomas; Bratton, T.D.; Breisch, George; Breland, R.L.; Brent, T.E.; Brewer, D.C.; Bridges, J.G.; Broadus, Buren; Broadway, Julia M.; Brock, D.T.; Brough, K.M.; Brown, W.M.; Brunini, J.B.; Brunson, A.W.; Brunson, G.H.; Brush, A.G.; Buie, W.M.; Burch, L.M.; Burson, H.O.; Burton, W.M.; Butler, B.E.; Butler, G.H.; Cable, A.H.; Cadenhead, M.E.; Callahan, Neil; Cameron, C.B.; Candler, E.S.,Jr.; Capers W.B.; Caradine, J.E.; Carmack, F.T.; Carney, K.A.; Carr, J.P.; Carter, A.J.; Casteel, H.H.; Causey, H.F.; Chamberlain, C.T.; Chamberlain, J.F.; Christian, G.W.; Clark, T.A.; Clements, W.H.; Cochran, R.F.; Cole, T.J.; Collette, Allan; Collins, F.B.; Collins, Jeff; Colmer, W.M.; Colson, J.G.; Conner, E.L.; Conner, M.S.; Cook, J.H.; Cook, Vivian; Cook, W.D.; Cooper, I.W.; Corley, W.D.; Covington, R.B.; Cox, C.L.; Cranford, R.H.; Crawford, D.J.; Crawford, J.H.; Crossley, W.A.; Crostwait, O.S.; Crumpton, W.M.; Culley, J.C.; Cunningham, J.A.; Currie, D.T.; Davis, C.M.; Davis, T. Wilmer; Davis, T. Whitman; Dawson, W.J.; Day, J.O.; Day, N.T.; Dean, C.C.; Deavours, Stone; De Loach, R.G.; Denny, W.M.; Denny, W.M.,Jr.; Dent, A.T.; Dent, E.L.; Dent, R.L.; Dickey, L.Z.; Dodson, J.C.; Domergue, C.R.; Donaldson, H.C.; Donaldson, J.S.; Donnell, A.M.; Doolittle, T.I.; Dorroh, J.D.; Dunn, Monroe, Dulaney, J. W.; Durfey, J.R.; Easterling, L.F.; Edwards, William; Eley, R.C.; Ellis, J.E.; Ellison, W.L.; Eubanks, D.M.; Evans, R.B.; Evans, R.F.; Everett, F.E.; Everett, R.L.; Everett, W.M.; Fant, L.G.; Farmer, T.L.; Fatheree, J.D.; Featherston, D.M.; Featherstone, L.R.; Fine, Harry; Finger, J.E.; FitzGerald, Gerald; Fitz-Hugh, Alexander; Flowers, H.J.; Floyd, J.M.; Flynt, E.S.; Flynt, M.L.; Ford, R.D.; Foster, R.H.; Fox, D.B.; Freeman, M.H.; French, J.L.; Garber, I.C.; Gardinier, D.F.; Garnett, R.C.; Geer, C.M.; Geiger, H.A.; Geisenberger, A.H.; Geisenberger, W.A.; George, J.A.; Gerald, Eugene; Gibson, J.E.; Gilbert, V.W.; Gilchrist, F.R.; Gill, W.G.; Gillis, Nannie; Gilmore, E.D.; Gordon, C.A.; Gore, A.A.; Goyer, H.H.; Graham, A.A.; Graves, W.T.; Green, C.T.; Green, W.M.; Griffith, R.W.; Guess, E.B.; Gwin, W.W.; Hall, R.S.; Hamilton, W.F.; Harmon, G.S.; Harmon, N.B.; Harper, S.J.,Jr.; Harris, C.N.; Harris, E.G.; Harrison, W.H.; Hartfield, J.M.; Hassell, Emma H.; Haynes, G.F.; Hayward, C.W.; Helm, Mamie B.; Hemingway, William; Henderson, J.J.; Henderson, J.W.; Henry, J.J.; Henry, Patrick; Henry, Patrick,Jr.; Herbert, J.C.; Herr, F.W.; Hickman, J.S.; Hicks, J.L.; Hight, W.C.; Hill, Bessie M.; Hill, R.S.; Hirsch, A.J.; Hodges, L.C.; Holleman, V.W.; Holmes, D.W.; Holmes, R.M.; Holmes, T.W.; Holmes, W.W.; Hoskins, J.S.; Houston, J.J.; Howard, J.M.; Hoye, H.W.; Huddleleston, C.A.; Huff, Prentice; Hull, C.G.; Humphreys, B.G.; Humphreys, B.G.; Humphreys, D.S.; Humphreys, J.B.; Hurt, W.H., Hyde, C.J.; Ikeler, P.M.; Izard, S.E.; Jaap, C.O.,Jr.; Jack, Guy; Jacobs, C.C.; Jacobs, William; Jayne, R.K.; Jenkins, L.B.P.; Jobe, L.H.; Johnson, J.L.; Johnston, S. W.; Jones, J.C.; Jones, R.C.; Jones, W.S.; Joor, J.S.; Jordan, J.W.; Jordan, J.W.,Jr.; Jordan, R.L.; Katzenmeyer, H.A.; Kelly, R.M.; Kemp, G.R.; Kenna, J.M.; Kenna, W.B.; Kennedy, J.M.; Kennedy, L.T.; Key, D.M.; Kinney, H.H.; Kirkland, W.G.; Knox, I.C.; Koestler, C.H.; Kyle, A.S.; Kyle, J.C.; LaHatte, Cicero; Lake, R.E.; Lambert, J.K.; Landry, L.S.; Lane, J.H.; Lawrence, W.O.; Leake County Agricultural High School; Leathers, W.S.; Lee, Fitzhugh; Lehan, J.P.; Lehman, I.W.; Ligon, E.R.; Lindholm, P.P.; Lindsey, John; Linthicum, D.A.; Livingston, W.H.; Lockwood, W.B.; Loflin, A.A.; Lominick, W.R.; Long, C.P.; Long, S.H.; Loper, O.D.; Love, G.H.; Love, J.S.; Lowrey, W.T.; Lucas, W.B.; Luper, O.C.; Lusk, S.T.; McBryde, W.W.; McCafferty, J.T.; McClendon, A.S.; McClurg, Monroe; McCormich, A.F.; McCormick, J.F.; McCulloch, J.W.; McGowen, J.G.; McInnis; F.S.; McKee, C.V.; McLaurin, H.T.; McLeod, B.W.; McShane, E.R.; Magruder, J.M.; Mahon, H.K.,Jr.; Majure, R.S.; Marks, H.H.; Marshall, Modena, S.; Martin, W.S.; May, J.E.; Mayfield, J.W.; Maynard, G.F.; Meek, W.E.; Metzger, Marion; Middleton, T.A.; Miller, M.V.B.; Miller, M.W.; Miller, W.J.; Millstead, Annie M.; Mincy, S.S.; Minor, L.L.; Mitchell, J.W.; Moak, R.L.; Molpus, R.H.; Montjoy, Gideon,Jr.; Moore, C.S.; Moore, R.D.; Moore, R.G.; Morehead, M.E.; Morehead, R.H.; Morris, S.L.; Moss, O.F.; Mounger, Henry,Sr.; Moyse, M.M.; Mulvihill, M.J.,Sr.; Murphree, Stanley; Murphy, J.A.; Nason, R.E.; Newsom, B.D.; ;Newton, Alice M.; Nichols, J.W.; Niles, J.S.; Noel, E.F.; Oldham, L.E.; OReilly, Patrick; Owen, W.H.; Owens, W.D.; Pace, J.P.; Pack, W.L.,Jr.; Page, W.O.; Pahlen, J.H.; Paslay, B.H.; Patterson, A.T.; Patterson, C.F.; Patterson, T.A.; Pearson, N.C.; Pegram, T.E.; Pepper, A.M.; Perry, J.M.; Pevey, W.H.; Platt, C.C.; Polk, Brown; Potter, C.D.; Potter, M.B.; Povall, R.A.; Powell, L.G.; Price, Bem; Priddy, H.W.; Provine, J.F.; Provine, J.W.; Pugh, R.C.; Quin, J.B.; Ramsay, Clinton H.; Ramsey, T.Y.; Ratliff, D.A.; Ratliff, R.F.; Reeves, W.T.,Sr.; Rhodes, H.L.; Richardson, J.R.; Riddell, J.A.; Risher, C.C.; Ritchie, J.Q.; Robbins, N.V.; Robinson, B.J.; Rodgers, H.H.; Rogers, L.S.; Ros, Vincent; Rule, J.W.; Rush, M.L.; Russell, R.C.; Sanders, J.S.; Sanderson, Jack; Sasser, J.H.; Schauber, A.B.; Scott, A.S.; Scott, F.A.; Sevier, Cameron; Sharp, E.C.; Shaw, G.M.; Shearon, Cassandra V.M.; Shelby, G.B.,Sr.; Sherrod, W.N.; Shoemaker, W.J.; Sims, H.J.; Skewes, J.H.; Smith, A.V.; Smith, J.F.; Smith, L.A.; Smith, P.M.; Spencer, W.C.; Spengler, C.H.; Spiva, Marshall; Steele, S.S.; Stewart, A.D.; Stigler, G.W.; Storment, W.L.; Stringer, J.W.; Strong, Charles; Summer, J.L.; Sylverstein, B.S.; Tabor, J.O.,Jr.; Tate, F.A.; Tatum, W.S.F.; Taylor, J.T.; Terral, S.H.; Thames, H.D.; Thames, W.I.; Thigpen, C.W.; Thomas, C.H.; Thomas, V.W.; Thompson, D.L.; Thompson, R.H.; Thompson, W.E.; Thrasher, F.A.; Tims, A.N.,Jr.; Tisdale, A.D.; Torrey, Mrs. T.H.; Townsend, T.W.; Travis, E.D.; Tucker, H.S.; Tucker, J.W.; Turner, Arthur; Turner, J.K.; Turner, Lila S.; Turner, Myrrha B.; Tyrone, Leon; Underwood, F.J.; Valentine, C.E.; Vaughn, J.E.; Vollor, W.J.; Waite, O.J.; Waldrup, M.W.; Walker, B.M.,Jr.; Walker, J.C.; Walker, Leola M.; Walker, W.W.; Wallace, L.G.; Waller, B.S.; Ward, T.S.; Watkins, Robert H.; Watkins, W.R.; Watson, H.C.; Watson, J.C.; Watson, R.E.; Watson, W.H.; Watts, H.L.; Weaver, J.J.; Webb, H.D.; Weeks, J.A.; Weidmann, Phil; Weil, Rudolph, Weil, Samuel; Welborn, J.G.; Welch, C.E.; Wetmore, W.G.; White, W.A.; Whitfield, R.N.; Whitten, A.L.; Whittington, L.A.; Wicks, A.D.; Wilbourn, R.E.; Wilds, O.K.; Wilkes, B.B.; Wilkins, E.L.; Williams, A.G.; Williams, C.S.; Williams, H.G.; Williams, P.F.; Williams, P.H.; Williams, V.C.; Willing, W.J.; Wills, T.J.; Wilson, G.L.; Wilson, R.J.; Wilson, T.W., Windham, J.C.; Winkler, M.P.; Winstead, T.B.; Winston, E.T.; Wise, L.J.; Womack, W.D.; Wood, E.W.; Wood, J.A.; Wright, C.E.; Wright, C.G.; Yerger, E.M.; Yoste, Harry; Young, D.I.; Young, J.L.; Zeller, J.C.R.S.; .



    Document Assessing the Value of a Plantation by SLAVERY

    Alabama, 1855. unbound. Two-page legal document, 12.25 x 8 inches, [Mayan County], Alabama, no date, circa 1855. A preliminary draft (but complete in itself) assessing the value of a plantation. In small part: "Henry, son of Malinda is worth about $250.00 and Bob, son of Malinda is worth about $150.00 and Alfred, a man at that time diseased and incapable of work of an ordinary hand perhaps worth about $ all 8 negroes..." Much more interesting content. Usual folds; otherwise in very good condition.




    Orig. pub. Selma, AL, 1879. Reprinted 1978. Print on Demand Edition 2017. xviii, 218 pp., new intro., new index This reprint edition of the first comprehensive history of Selma, Alabama, contains a new introduction to the work and its author and a new index. The history traces the development of the community "from one or two loghouses in 1815 to a populous and wealthy city in 1879." Selma was a center of commerce, the iron industry, and the slave trade and rendered important service to the Confederacy. Chapters concerning municipal government, railroads and manufacturing, churches and Sabbath schools, social organizations, Blacks, and biographical sketches of the founding and leading citizens of Selma are included. As founder and editor of the weekly newspaper, the Selma Sentinel, and mayor of the city from 1873 to 1875, Hardy had a full set of municipal records when he began his work. Most of those records have subsequently been lost or destroyed and his book preserves early incidents in the life of the town that would otherwise have been forgotten.



    ANNIE LAURIE'S PEOPLE ... : A Hundred Years of Duty and Service in Greenville, Alabama, Book I Military Matters by Frazer, William

    Montgomery: Uchee Publications. Good+ in Very Good dust jacket. 2006. Hardcover. Includes CD in rear pocket. Top quarter inch of rear endpaper waterstained, causing cockling to the top half inch of the pages from about halfway through the book to the end. Pink stain to the outside of the DJ at the rear, along the joint. ; 8vo 8" - 9" tall; 169 pages .



    Light in the Valley History of Dawson Memorial Baptist Church by Atchison, Ray M.; Atchison, Doris Teague

    Dawson Memorial Baptist Church. Near Fine in Near Fine dust jacket. 1999. First Edition; First Printing. Hardcover. The colorful history of this Baptist Church in Birmingham Alabama that grew from 7 members to over 7,000. Many photographs, surnames, maps, etc. Dust Jacket now in Mylar Protective Cover. Beautiful scarce collectors grade copy of this book. .


    AUD $50.00

    Alabama Railroads by Cline, Wayne

    Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press. 1997. Quarto Size [approx 24cm x 30.5cm]. Near Fine copy in Very Good dustjacket. Dustjacket is now protected in our purpose-made plastic sleeve. A nice copy. Illustrated with Black & White Photographs and Maps. 314 pages . 1st Edition. Hardback.



    Map and Directory of Information Greater Tuscaloosa Alabama by No Author Listed

    Boston, MA: Map Corp. of America. Very Good with no dust jacket. First Impression. Map. Fold out map of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Circa 1960's. ; 8vo 8" - 9" tall .



    Black Worker in the Deep South: A Personal Account by Hudson, Hosea

    International Pub., 1972. Stated first edition. Introduction by the Rev. Ralph David Abernathy. An account of labor organizing by African Americans in the South. Unread copy with spotting to edges, shelfwear to cover. 130 pp.. First Edition. Soft Cover. Very Good. Book.



    THE HISTORY OF GEORGIA, Volumes I & II by Jones, Charles Colcock Jr

    Orig. pub. Boston 1883. Reprinted 1965, 1966, 1969. Print on Demand Edition 2016. the set This is the "classic" work on the history of Georgia through the Revolutionary War by Charles Colcock Jones Jr., one of the most versatile and prolific historical writers of all time. He was the first native-born Georgian to write a history of his state. In his U.S. IANA, Wright Howes called this a "most scholarly history of the colonial and revolutionary period of this state." The history received accolades from fellow historians for "its style and extensive use of original sources." Volume One deals with the aboriginal and colonial times while Volume Two covers the revolutionary period. Georgia was founded by James Oglethorpe, a young philanthropist who was inspired to find a refuge for "unfortunate individuals, confined for debt, of respectable connections and guilty of no crime." In granting the charter for the colony in 1732, the King was motivated by the anxiety of the Carolinians to establish a buffer to the south to serve as a shield against incursions of the Spanish in Florida as well as Indian attacks. The trustees believed that the soil and climate in Georgia were favorable to the production of raw silk and success in this would save vast sums which were spent annually in the purchase of foreign silks. Due to the make up of the original settlers, the trustees also put restrictions on how land could be held, sold, or inherited and originally did not allow slavery in the colony. Volume One deals with descriptions of the Indian population, early Spanish exploration, the granting of the Royal Charter to Oglethorpe and his colonization of Savannah, early settlements including those of the Sulzburgers, the work of the Wesleys in Georgia, and the Rev. George Whitfield and his Bethesda Orphan House. Much detail is given to Oglethorpe's work between 1737 and 1748 to build Frederica, a fort and town, as well as other posts in the St. Simons Island area to protect the southern boundary against Spanish raids. Volume Two deals extensively with the Revolutionary War period: the events leading up to the war; battles in the southern part of the colonies; the siege of Savannah; and the final independence of the state. While a history of Georgia, there is much information in both volumes about South Carolina and its relationships with Georgia, particularly as the two fought together during the Revolution. Persons interested in the history of Alabama and Mississippi will find these volumes of interest as many of the early settlers in the Indian country west of the Chattahoochee River (present-day Alabama and Mississippi) migrated from Georgia. In fact, Jones called Alabama "the daughter of Mississippi and the granddaughter of Georgia."



    County Map of Florida by MITCHELL, Samuel Augustus Jr

    Philadelphia: Mitchell, Samuel Augustus Jr., 1867. unbound. very good. Map. Steel engraving with original hand coloring. Image measures 11" x 13.25". Nicely detailed map of Florida divided into counties showing towns, major routes and geographical features. Includes a large inset town plan of Mobile, Alabama. Minor chipping to corners. S. Augustus Mitchell Jr. continued his father's successful mapmaking and publishing business, and was one of the most prolific and renowned 19th century American publishers.



    MISSISSIPPI AS A PROVINCE, TERRITORY AND STATE with Biographical Sketches of Eminent Citizens by Claiborne, J.F.H

    Orig. pub. Jackson 1880. Reprinted 1978. Print on Demand Edition 2011. vi, xxiii, 591 pp., illus., new intro., new index This classic work by "the Father of Mississippi History" is considered by the Mississippi Historical Society to be the best of the early histories. Claiborne, a congressman, newspaper editor, and member of a family which played an important part in the affairs of the state, used as sources original manuscripts, newspapers, books, government records, personal reminiscences of prominent men, and his own personal observations. Contents include a narrative history of Mississippi from the earliest European explorations of the area and the establishment of the earliest settlements, through the creation of the Territory in 1797 and admission into the Union as a state in 1817. Mississippi Indians, including the Choctaw, Chickasaw, Biloxi, Natchez, Cherokee, Creek, and Yazoo tribes receive considerable mention. Biographies of prominent early Mississippians are an important feature of the work, and a revised introduction and new name and subject index are included in this reprint edition.



    Selma by Mikell, Robert Mosley

    Charlotte, NC: Citadel Press. Very Good+ with no dust jacket. 1965. First Edition; First Impression. Hardcover. White Cover with red lettering. A researched account of the Selma, Alabama Civil Rights March with many photos. Photos of Malcom X, Robert Shelton the Grand Wizard of the KKK, and many others. Former owners name and inscription in front. Robert Mosley Mikell of Montgomery, Alabama is the author of two books on the so-called "civil rights" movement. Mikell writes from a pro-White perspective. Mikell is a graduate of Auburn University. In his book Selma Mikell documents illicit sexual relations between Blacks and Whites during the Selma march. Many of the incidents were witnessed by local law enforcement. Very clean otherwise. Scarce if not rare. ; Photos; 8vo 8" - 9" tall; 276 pages .



    THE PAPERS OF MICHAEL TUOMEY by Dean, Lewis S., ed

    An original publication, 2001. xxviii, 364 pp., bibliog., index Lewis S. Dean, a geologist and member of the Alabama Historical Association, has edited this collection of letters and papers of Michael Tuomey (1805-1857), an able geologist who contributed significantly to scientific knowledge in the Old South, in particular the two states of South Carolina and Alabama. Tuomey served as "State Geological Surveyor" in South Carolina and State Geologist in Alabama. But, his scientific investigations were largely self-motivated with a minimum of state support. His efforts and the results of his work in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Tennessee, and Alabama were recognized by contemporaries and subsequent workers. The genesis for this work was a collection of forty-seven letters related to the life and career of Tuomey given to the University of Alabama Museum of Natural History in 1994. To complement this collection, other published writings and manuscript material were selected. The material spans the years 1839 to 1931. Selected published journal and newspaper articles, letters, and legislative reports fill gaps in the available manuscript material. In all, some 220 documents were compiled for this volume.



    History Department of Alabama Veterans of Foreign Wars of The United States 50th Aniversary 1899-1949 Veterans of Foreign Wars of The United States by Brown-Walker-Evans

    Montgomery, AL: The Paragon Press. Good+ with no dust jacket. 1949. First Edition; First Impression. Hardcover. Brown cover with gilt title and emblem of 50th aniversary. Some foxing to front free end paper, rest of pages are clean. NO MARKINGS. Slight sun damage to spine. Tight binding! ; 8vo 8" - 9" tall; 235 pages .



    HISTORY OF ALABAMA AND INCIDENTALLY OF GEORGIA AND MISSISSIPPI FROM THE EARLIEST PERIOD. With Annals of Alabama, 1819-1900, by Thomas McAdory Owen by Pickett, Albert James

    Orig. pub. Birmingham 1900. Reprinted 1975, 1988. Print on Demand Edition 2013. 773 pp., illus., index Pickett's history, one of the most valuable works on the history of the Southern country, is an account of the territory of Alabama prior to its admission as a state with later chapters containing many biographical sketches of men prominent in the later developments of the commonwealth. The Annals by Owen, historical facts in outline fashion, continue that history from statehood in 1819 to 1900. Alabama was settled by the Spanish, French, and British during the colonial period. These early settlers immediately encountered native Indians and one of the strengths of this work is its treatment of the Indians of Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana including the Mobilians, Chatots, Thomez, Tensas, Chocktaws, Chickasaws, Cherokees, and others. Chapters deal with the French and Spanish in Alabama and Mississippi; the establishment of the Louisiana Territory; the Jesuit presence in Louisiana; conflicts between the European rivals and conflicts between the settlers and the Indians; the French and Indian War; Alabama in the Revolutionary War; the Yazoo Land Sales; establishment of the Alabama Territory; and ultimately statehood. The Annals takes the volume to the end of the 19th century.

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