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Erotic Fiction

From Master Of Falcon-Hurst to The Limerick, from The Covent Garden Ladies to Paradoxia, we can help you find the erotic fiction books you are looking for. As the world's largest independent marketplace for new, used and rare books, you always get the best in service and value when you buy from, and all of your purchases are backed by our return guarantee.

Top Sellers in Erotic Fiction

    Master Of Falcon-Hurst by Kyle Onstott

    DANA REINHARDT is the author of  A Brief Chapter in My Impossible Life, Harmless, How to Build a House, The Things a Brother Knows,  and  The Summer I Learned to Fly . She lives in San Francisco with her husband and two daughters.

    Decameron by Giovanni Boccaccio

    In the summer of 1348, as the Black Death ravages their city, ten young Florentines take refuge in the countryside. They amuse themselves by each telling a story a day for the ten days they are destined to remain there - a hundred stories of love, adventure and surprising twists of fate. Less preoccupied with abstract concepts of morality or religion than earthly values, the tales range from the bawdy Peronella hiding her lover in a tub to Ser Cepperallo, who, despite his unholy effrontery, becomes a Saint. The result is a towering monument of European literature and a masterpiece of imaginative narrative.

    Hunters Of Gor by John Norman

    Former Earthman Tarl Cabot is now a powerful Tarnsman of the brutal and caste-bound planet of Gor, also known as Counter-earth. He embarks on an adventure in the dangerous and mysterious wilderness of Gor, pitting his warrior’s skills against treacherous outlaws, bandits and fighters. Three different women are working to bring change to Tarl’s far-from-peaceful life on Gor: Talena, his onetime queen and first love; Elizabeth, his brave fighting partner; and the Amazonian Verna, chief of the fierce and wild panther women. As Tarl journeys through the wilderness, the fates of these three remarkable women are finally decided.

    Playboy by Hugh M Hefner

    Playboy is an American men's magazine, founded in Chicago, Illinois in 1953, by Hugh Hefner and his associates, and funded in part by a $1,000 loan from Hefner's mother. The magazine has grown into Playboy Enterprises, Inc. , with a presence in nearly every medium. Playboy is one of the world's best known brands. In addition to the flagship magazine in the United States, special nation-specific versions of Playboy are published worldwide.

    Naked Lunch by William Burroughs

    Naked Lunch (sometimes referred to as The Naked Lunch) is a novel by William S. Burroughs originally published in 1959. The book was originally published with the title The Naked Lunch in Paris in 1959 by Olympia Press. An American edition by Grove Press followed soon after in 1962. The American edition was titled Naked Lunch and was substantially different from the Olympia Press edition, because it was based on an earlier 1958 manuscript in Allen Ginsberg's possession.

    Black Spring by Henry Miller

    The Mustee by Lance Horner

    Drum by Kyle Onstott

    Droll Stories by Honore De Balzac

    The Black Sun by Kyle Onstott and Lance Horner

    Sexology by Hugo Gernsback

    Heir To Falconhurst by Lance Horner

    Crazy Cock by Henry Miller

    Cows by Matthew Stokoe

    Frederique by Don Brennus Alera

    Raiders Of Gor by John Norman

    Penthouse by Bob Guccione

    The Crusader by John Cleve

    The Undergrowth Of Literature by Gillian Freeman

    Let's Make Mary by Jack Hanley

    Fear Of Flying by Erica Jong

    Erica Jong is the author of nineteen books of poetry, fiction, and memoir, including Fear of Flying , which has more than 18 million copies in print worldwide. Her most recent essays have appeared in The New York Times Book Review , and she is a frequent guest on television talk shows. Currently working on a novel featuring Isadora Wing—the heroine of Fear of Flying —as a woman of a certain age, Erica and her lawyer husband live in New York City and Connecticut. Her daughter, Molly Jong-Fast, is also an author. Erica Jong left a Ph.D. program at Columbia to write her ground-breaking novel Fear of Flying , published in 1973. Jong is the author of numerous award-winning books of poetry and novels including Fanny , How to Save Your Own Life , Parachutes and Kisses , Any Woman’s Blues , and the forthcoming Sappho’s Leap . She is also the author of the memoir Fear of Fifty . She lives in New York City and Connecticut.

    The Mahound by Lance Horner

    Leg Show by Dian Hanson Editor

    The Mistress and The Slave by Anonymous

    The Limerick by G Legman

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