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Ancient Greece

From Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea to Demosthenis Orationes Recognovit Brevique Adnotatione Critica Instruxit Shbutcher, from The Ancient Greeks to A Handbook Of Greek Art, we can help you find the ancient greece books you are looking for. As the world's largest independent marketplace for new, used and rare books, you always get the best in service and value when you buy from, and all of your purchases are backed by our return guarantee.

Top Sellers in Ancient Greece

    Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea by Thomas Cahill

    In the fourth volume of the acclaimed Hinges of History series, Thomas Cahill brings his characteristic wit and style to a fascinating tour of ancient Greece. The Greeks invented everything from Western warfare to mystical prayer, from logic to statecraft. Many of their achievements, particularly in art and philosophy, are widely celebrated; other important innovations and accomplishments, however, are unknown or underappreciated. In Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea, Thomas Cahill explores the legacy, good and bad, of the ancient Greeks. From the origins of Greek culture in the migrations of armed Indo-European tribes into Attica and the Peloponnesian peninsula, to the formation of the city-states, to the birth of Western literature, poetry, drama, philosophy, art, and architecture, Cahill makes the distant past relevant to the present. Greek society is one of the two primeval influences on the Western world: While Jews gave us our value system, the Greeks set the foundation and framework for our intellectual lives. They are responsible for our vocabulary, our logic, and our entire system of categorization. They provided the intellectual tools we bring to bear on problems in philosophy, mathematics, medicine, physics, and the other sciences. Their modes of thinking, considered in classical times to be the pinnacle of human achievement, are largely responsible for the shape that the Christian religion took. But, as Cahill points out, the Greeks left a less appealing bequest as well. They created Western militarism and, in making the warrior the ultimate ideal, perpetrated the assumption that only males could be entrusted with the duties of citizenship. The consequences of their exclusion of women from the political sphere and the social segregation of the sexes continue to reverberate today. Full of surprising, often controversial, insights, Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea is a remarkable intellectual adventure--conducted by the most companionable guide imaginable. Cahill's knowledge of his sources is so intimate that he has made his own fresh translations of the Greek lyric poets for this volume.From the Hardcover edition.

    The Peloponnesian War by Donald Kagan

    For three decades in the fifth century b.c. the ancient world was torn apart bya conflict that was as dramatic, divisive, and destructive as the world wars of the twentieth century: the Peloponnesian War. Donald Kagan, one of the world’s most respected classical, political, and military historians, here presents a new account of this vicious war of Greek against Greek, Athenian against Spartan. The Peloponnesian War is a magisterial work of history written for general readers, offering a fresh examination of a pivotal moment in Western civilization. With a lively, readable narrative that conveys a richly detailed portrait of a vanished world while honoring its timeless relevance, The Peloponnesian War is a chronicle of the rise and fall of a great empire and of a dark time whose lessons still resonate today.

    Ancient Greece by Stanley M Burstein, Walter Donlan, Jennifer Tolbert Roberts Sarah B Pomeroy

    Includes bibliographical references and index.

    The Naked Olympics by Tony Perrottet

    What was it like to attend the ancient Olympic Games?With the summer Olympics' return to Athens, Tony Perrottet delves into the ancient world and lets the Greek Games begin again. The acclaimed author of Pagan Holiday brings attitude, erudition, and humor to the fascinating story of the original Olympic festival, tracking the event day by day to re-create the experience in all its compelling spectacle.Using firsthand reports and little-known sources--including an actual Handbook for a Sports Coach used by the Greeks--The Naked Olympics creates a vivid picture of an extravaganza performed before as many as forty thousand people, featuring contests as timeless as the javelin throw and as exotic as the chariot race.Peeling away the layers of myth, Perrottet lays bare the ancient sporting experience--including the round-the-clock bacchanal inside the tents of the Olympic Village, the all-male nude workouts under the statue of Eros, and history's first corruption scandals involving athletes. Featuring sometimes scandalous cameos by sports enthusiasts Plato, Socrates, and Herodotus, The Naked Olympics offers essential insight into today's Games and an unforgettable guide to the world's first and most influential athletic festival."Just in time for the modern Olympic games to return to Greece this summer for the first time in more than a century, Tony Perrottet offers up a diverting primer on the Olympics of the ancient kind....Well researched; his sources are as solid as sources come. It's also well writen....Perhaps no book of the season will show us so briefly and entertainingly just how complete is our inheritance from the Greeks, vulgarity and all."--The Washington PostFrom the Trade Paperback edition.

    Black Athena by Martin Bernal

    Art and Experience In Classical Greece by Jerome Jordan Pollitt

    Paideia by Werner Jaeger

    The Greek Experience by C M Bowra

    The Struggle For Greece by Herodotus

    Dawn Of the Gods by Jacquetta Hawkes

    Constantine and The Conversion Of Europe by A H M Jones

    The Light Garden Of the Angel King by Peter Levi

    Alexander's Path by Freya Stark

    The Life Of Greece by Will Durant

    The Greek Stones Speak by Paul MacKendrick

    The Greeks Overseas by John Boardman

    Greek Terracottas by T B L Webster

    Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea Why the Greeks Matter by Thomas Cahill

    Greek Sculpture by Rhys Carpenter

    Pericles and Athens by A R Burn

    Greece In the Bronze Age by Emily Vermeule

    Demosthenis Orationes Recognovit Brevique Adnotatione Critica Instruxit W Rennie by Demosthenes

    Demosthenis Orationes Recognovit Brevique Adnotatione Critica Instruxit Shbutcher by Demosthenes

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