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Migration Books & Ephemera


    AUD $14.00

    The Forgotten Children: Fairbridge Farm School and its Betrayal of Australia's Child Migrants by Hill, David

    Sydney: Random House. 2007. Very Good condition. Illustrated with Black and White Photographs. 338 pages . Trade Paperback.


    AUD $12.00

    Number 2 Home A Story of Japanese Pioneers in Australia by Jones, Noreen

    Fremantle: Fremantle Arts Centre Press. 2002. Octavo Size [approx 15.5 x 22.8cm]. Very Good condition - Card Covers. 224 pages An engaging account of the Japanese presence in Australia from the late colonial period until World War Two. . 1st Edition. Softcover.


    AUD $42.95

    Australia's New Wave of Italian Migration: Paradise or Illusion? by Mascitelli, Bruno and Armillei, Riccardo (Edited by)

    North Melbourne: Australian Scholarly Publishing. 2017. MINT - a NEW copy. Illustrated with colour diagrams. 282 pages Much has been said about Italian migration to Australia of the 1950s and 1960s but little is known or understood of the new, young, skilled and educated Italian migrants of the current period. This book, which is a product of more than 24 months of investigation into this recent migratory phenomenon, addresses this deficiency by bringing a broader appreciation to many aspects of Italian temporary and permanent residency to Australia. While addressing the meaning and extent of the growing temporary and permanent migration to Australia from 2004 until late 2015, this book contains a wide range of expertise and opinions that help explain this mostly unexplored topic . New. 1st Edition. Trade Paperback.



    Wings Across The Desert by Ellis David

    Hancock House, 2001-06-13. Paperback. 8.5 5.5 0.375. Hancock House A story of experimental crane migration & release.Wings Across the Desert documents a quest to determine if a flock of cranes could be trained to follow a truck on a long-distance migration and arrive wild enough to survive after release. This fast-moving, and often humorous, odyssey describes the training of tiny crane chicks and then the truck-led convoy of the grown birds on a bone-jarring, backroad migration over the mountains and across the deserts of Arizona. David Ellis' cranes and his team of unshaven, obsessively dedicated craniacs suffer collisions with powerlines, eagle attacks and close calls with an array or trains, trucks and cars. The mood of this true adventure story varies from playful to mournful as the wonder and harshness of nature imprints the journey's outcome. David H. Ellis grew up in eagle country in the Rocky Mountain West and was fascinated by golden eagles from early childhood. His Ph.D. dissertation is a monograph on golden eagle behavior. He has lived in 11 U.S. states and has visited all of them, as well as 50 nations, generally in pursuit of bird (mostly raptor) research. These travels involved work with harpy eagles in Central and South America, bald and golden eagles in Alaska and Canada, and golden eagles in the U.S., Japan, Siberia, and, most of all, Mongolia. His falcon research focused on pallid falcons in Patagonia, saker falcons in Mongolia, and peregrine falcon populations in Arizona. His publications exceed 300 articles, chapters, or books, including three volumes on crane research. A flock of cranes on a long-distance migration. 24 page color photo section, line drawings & maps


    AUD $25.00

    The Complete World of Human Evolution by Stringer, Chris; Andrews, Peter

    London: Thames & Hudson. 2005. Small Quarto Size [approx 20cm x 26cm]. Fine condition in a Near Fine Dustjacket - DJ now protected in purpose-made plastic sleeve. An excellent copy. Illustrated with Colour and Black & White Photographs as well as drawings, diagrams and maps. 240 pages The 20 million-year story of the origins and development of apes and humans and the eventual domination of our species Homo sapiens as well as the evolution of human behavior from the development of two-legged locomotion to tool-use, symbolism and art. . 1st Edition. Hardback.

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