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Adolf Hitler

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    Hitler by Ian Kershaw

    dolf Hitler has left a lasting mark on the twentieth-century, as the dictator of Germany and instigator of a genocidal war, culminating in the ruin of much of Europe and the globe. This innovative best-seller explores the nature and mechanics of Hitler's power, and how he used it. Includes bibliographical references and index.

    The Hidden Hitler by Lothar MacHtan

    The Hidden Hitler is the English language version of the 2001 book Hitlers Geheimnis. Das Doppelleben eines Diktators by German professor and historian Lothar Machtan. The original book was published in Germany by Alexander Fest Verlag, while the English-translated version was published by Basic Books in New York City. The book discusses Adolf Hitler's sexuality. Machtan argues that Hitler was a closeted homosexual.

    The Secret Diaries Of Hitler's Doctor by David Irving

    Written by Bernie Weisz Historian June 8, 2010 Pembroke Pines, Florida e mail: Title of Review: "Satan's" Doctor" David Irving's book, ""The Secret Dairies of Hitler's Doctor" was written in 1983 by David Irving. This is the story of a fat, balding and sloppy doctor named Theodor Morell, Adolf Hitler's personal physician. No doubt a meglomaniac, Morell catered to all of Hitler's medical needs and jealously guarded this title against all rival doctors vying to be Hitler's number one personal physician, particularly Karl Brandt you might want to read Ulf Schmidt's book entitled "Karl Brandt: The Nazi Doctor: Medicine and Power in the Third Reich" and Felix Kersten book called "The Kersten Memoirs 1940 - 1945" to gain additional perspective. With a tremendous ego, Morell actually designed his own dashing uniform with a gold buckle sewn in by his wife so that he could feel part of the Fuhrer's jealous coterie. Nevertheless, Brandt and Kersten mocked him and intrigued against him. Morell was accused of munching "like a pig at a trough" and having no friends was the price of being Hitler's favorite doctor. There is another book that fits nicely into this research written by John H. Waller. Called "The Devil's Doctor: Felix Kersten and the Secret Plot to Turn Himmler Against Hitler" this biography tells the story from Morell's start, whereupon as a licensed medical practitioner with only a dabbler's knowledge in other disciplines, that was enough to satisfiy Hitler to take him on. In 1936, when he arrived at Hitler's Berghof villa to begin serving as his personal physician, Morell was already used to treating the wealthy and famous of Germany. In the next eight years, at Hitler's behest, he would continue to do so. Other notable patients were Prince Phillip of Hesse, Benito Mussolini, Japan's Ambassabor Oshima (who presented him with a Samurai helmet) and even Neville Chamberlain (for flu, in 1938). Irving presents an interesting format of writing this book. He interweaves Morell's diaries and correspondence that were discovered shortly prior to publication of this book with the impressions of Hitler's stenographers, valets, housekeepers, and various other doctors. The reader of this rare book is treated to a careful description of Adolf Hitler's mental and physical health that details the pattern of decline that bizarrely parallels that of the Nazi war machine. My only criticism of this book is that the reader is bored with endless notations of Morrell's meticulous record keeping and detailing of the daily injections of vitamins, glucose, and one or several of the 77 different medicines he administered to Hitler between 1941 to 1945. However, the reader is treated to a wealth of information previously unknown. In Morell's diaries we find proof that Hitler was weakened by dysentery for weeks at the height of the Battle for Russia in the summer of 1941, and again bedridden with hepatitis shortly before the Battle of the Buldge in 1944. We learn too that he was oppressed by the knowledge that he had a heart ailment-rapid progressive coronary sclerosis, which might at any moment write finis to all his schemes for Germany. In commenting about Morell's relationship with Hitler, Irving wrote: "It remains a matter for some wonderment that Hitler should have allowed this obese, middle-aged doctor to dose him with the extraordinary volume and variety of medicines that he did. Hitler's staff were in despair. His perennial housekeeper, Frau Anni Winter, explained: "Once Morell started on him, all sorts of medicines began popping up on Hitler's table. As their number and potency increased at the same rate as the dietary regulations multiplied, the restrictions on certain foods were intensified and his overall food intake declined. It began around the winter of 1937-38 with one little medicine bottle. Over the next seven years there were enough to fill an attache case. Morell administered tablets and dragees, uppers and downers, leeches and bacilli, hot compresses and cold poultices and literally thousands of injections-liters of mysterious fluids that were squirted into his grateful but gullible Fuhrer each year, so often that even Morell sometimes could not find anywhere to slide the needle into his chief's scarred veins". Irving further details that although his fingernails might not have always have been clean or his needles sterile (the reader must brace himself, as the pictures of Morell in this book show how sloppy and gruesome of a man he appeared!), Morell succeeded where others failed. Morell had pills, potions, lotions, injections and the right words for his Fuhrer's every symptom, condition and complaint. Morell went to what he called "limits of the permissible", and Hitler approved. As a response to his doubters, Morell retorted "What else matters? I give him what he needs." Hitler's reward to Morell was a gigantic villa, and his admitted obsession, money. Another interesting study one might want to read is Doctor Leonard L Heston's "The Medical Casebook of Adolf Hitler: His Illnesses, Doctors and Amphetamine Abuse." There is a very interesting passage in this book that truly gives insight as to how abnormal Adolf Hitler truly was. Morell remarked: "From Hitler's psychopathic constitution and the associated conviction that he always knew better, there developed a marked neuropathic disorder. His intense contemplation of his own bodily functions, and particularly his preoccupation with his gastrointestinal and digestive tracts, were only a token of this. Others were the frequency with which he took his own pulse when I gave him a checkup, and then asked me to confirm it; and his ever-present fear of an imminent death. In the fall of 1944 he repeatedly said that he had only two to three years to live. Of course, he was convinced that he would by then not only have attained final victory but have given the German people such leadership and have consolidated their position so enormously that "others will be able to take up where I leave off". Other significant tokens were his addiction to medication like sleeping pills, all manner of indigestion tablets, injectible amphetimines ("Pervitin"), injectible narcotic pain killers ("Eukodal"-now called "Dilaudid"), bacterial compounds and general purpose "fortifier pills" and injections. Did Morell think Hitler was an addict? Morell noted: "Not that Hitler was your common drug addict: but his neuropathic constitution led to his finding certain drugs, like the strychnine and atrophine contained in the anti-gas pills, and the cocaine in the sinus treatments I gave him particularly pleasurable, and there was a clear indication toward becoming a habitual user of such medicines". It is also interesting to note in Morell's records the multiple documentation of anabolic steroid injections he gave Hitler (in particular, the drug "Testoviron"). Was Hitler's vision of "world conquest and domination" influenced because he was on "the juice"? For the effects of anabolic steroids on the human pwersonality, please read anthony robert's "Anabolic Steroids: Ultimate Research Guide." Morell also remarked: "It might be important to know whether or not massive hormone doses were having an effect on Hitler's physique in the sense of supressing female stigmata". In other words, was Hitler trying to supress a feminine personality and disposition? You might find a detailed examination of this in Ron Rosenbaum's book "Explaining Hitler: The Search for the Origins of His Evil." It is interesting to note in Pierre Galante's book "Operation Valkyrie", Galante's remarks about General Adof Heusinger's impressions of Dr. Morell. Galante wrote that Hitler stated "After you reach 50, you shouldn't ignore your doctor's advice. In my own case, if I didn't have Dr. Morell, would I still be alive?" Galante also informs us the following: "Palmists and astrologers had predicted that Hitler would enjoy a brilliantly successful career that would be interrupted prematurely, which he took to mean that he would meet with an early death. This became an obsession with him, and long before the war he had forbidden the practice of "divination" in Germany; crystal gazers and card readers who persisted in plying their trades were packed off to the concentration camps, along with the communists, intellectuals, homosexuals, and Jews. As for Dr. Morell, General Heusinger (Gen Adolf Heusinger was the operations chief of the German General Staff from 1940-1944) recalled that one day when he complained that he had been feeling tired and worn out, the Fuhrer sent for his miracle doctor immediately. Morell took Heusinger into a bathroom, produced a syringe, and gave Heusinger a shot in the buttocks. "I immediately felt like my blood was boiling. My head was on fire. For several hours, in fact, I felt particularly energetic, but this was followed by a bout of depression that lasted for several days. I took care never to say anything more about my health in front of Hitler, but I had realized how much harm this regime of almost daily injections had done him." Irving takes the reader alongside both Hitler and Morell from the early days of the war, i.e. the invasion of Poland, France, the "Phony War", the "Battle of Britain", "Barbarossa", all the way to the last days of Hitler rudely discharging Morell ungratefully in the bunker in Berlin right before his suicide. Aside from the medical boredom of Hitler's "drugalog", there is a tremendous historical lesson to be gleaned from this book, unavailable prior to this. For the serious student of Adolf Hitler and World War II, this is a "must read", indispensible book! Well worth it!

    Hitler, 1889-1936 by Ian Kershaw

    Ian Kershaw's HITLER allows us to come closer than ever before to a serious understanding of the man and of the catastrophic sequence of events which allowed a bizarre misfit to climb from a Viennese dosshouse to leadership of one of Europe's most sophisticated countries. With extraordinary skill and vividness, drawing on a huge range of sources, Kershaw recreates the world which first thwarted and then nurtured the young Hitler. As his seemingly pitiful fantasy of being Germany's saviour attracted more and more support, Kershaw brilliantly conveys why so many Germans adored Hitler, connived with him or felt powerless to resist him.

    My New Order by Adolf Hitler

    Hitler's War by David Irving

    The War Path - Hitlers Germany 1933 - 1939 by David Irving

    Inside the Third Reich by Albert Speer

    Napoleon and Hitler by Desmond Seward

    Der Fuehrer by Konrad Heiden

    The Death Of Adolf Hitler by Lev Bezymenski

    The Life and Death Of Adolf Hitler by Robert Payne

    The Bunker by James P O'donnell

    Hitler a Study In Tyranny by Alan Bullock

    The Young Hitler I Knew by August Kubizek

    Erik Jan Hanussen by Mel Gordon

    Wall Street and The Rise Of Hitler by Antony C Sutton

    I Was Hitler's Doctor by Kurt Krueger

    Who Financed Hitler by James and Pool, Suzanne Pool

    Inside Hitler's Headquarters, 1939-45 by Walter Warlimont

    Hitler by Joachim C Fest

    A bestseller in its original German edition and subsequently translated into more than a dozen languages, Joachim Fest's Hitler as become a classic portrait of a man, a nation, and an era. Fest tells and interprets the extraordinary story of a man's and a nation's rise from impotence to absolute power, as Germany and Hitler, from shared premises, entered into their covenant. He shows Hitler exploiting the resentments of the shaken, post-World War I social order and seeing through all that was hollow behind the appearance of power, at home and abroad. Fest reveals the singularly penetrating politician, hypnotizing Germans and outsiders alike with the scope of his projects and the theatricality of their presentation. Fest also, perhaps most importantly, brilliantly uncovers the destructive personality who aimed at and achieved devastation on an unprecedented scale. As history and as biography, this is a towering achievement, a compelling story told in a way only a German could tell it, "dispassionately, but from the inside." (Time)

    Adolf Hitler by John Toland

    John Toland, the author of fifteen works of history and fiction, including Infamy: World War II and Its Aftermath , received the Pulitzer Prize for his magisterial Rising Sun: The Decline of the Japanese Empire, 1936–1945 . Mr. Toland died in 2004.

    Hitler and Stalin by Alan Bullock

    Making Of Adolf Hitler by Janet Davidson

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    Hitler A Study in Tyranny by Alan Bullock

    Pelican, London, 1988. Later Edition. Softcover. Fine Condition. Size: Octavo (standard book size). 848 pp. Binding is tight, spine fully intact. All edges clean, neat and free of foxing. Quantity Available: 1. Shipped Weight: Under 1 kilo. Category: History; 1930s; #80811; Military & Warfare::Hitler and Naziism. ISBN: 0140205640. ISBN/EAN: 9780140205640. Pictures of this item not already displayed here available upon request. Inventory No: 31600. . 9780140205640



    The Life and Death of Adolf Hitler by Payne, Robert

    New York, Washington: Praeger Publishers. Very Good in Very Good dust jacket. 1973. Second Printing. Cloth. A second printing in Very Good condition with soiled striping to the red cloth boards, mild edgewear and page edge soiling in an alike dust-jacket that is scuffed with some creasing and tearing around the edges; .



    Hitler A Study in Tyranny by Bullock, Alan

    Harper Perennial. Very Good. 1991. Reprint. Paperback. 9780060920203 . 7.80 X 5.28 X 1.34 inches .



    Hitler, a Study in Tyranny by Bullock, Alan

    New York: Harper & Row, Publishers, 1964. Completely revised edition. Trade Paperback. Good +. 8vo, 5 x 8, 848 pages, illustrated. Cover is nominally worn; sewn binding is tight, with good quality paper (nominal yellowing). Intermittent underlining and marginal notation (e.g., check marks) throughout, all in pencil.



    The German Dictatorship: The Origins, Structure and Effects of National Socialism by Bracher, Karl Dietrich

    Harmondsworth: Penguin University Books, 1973. Paperback. near Very Good. First printing of this trade paperback edition. Pp 685. Translated from the German by Jean Steinberg with an introduction by Peter Gay. Previous owner's initials neatly in ink on the half-title else a clean, unmarked copy in printed wrappers. Light spotting to the book block edges and tanning to the text paper. Wrappers a little rubbed at the edges.


    AUD $22.00

    The Meaning of Hitler by Haffner, Sebastian

    London: The Folio Society. 2013. Octavo Size [approx 15.5 x 22.8cm]. Fine condition in Near Fine slipcase. Excellent condition. Illustrated with Black and White Photographs. Translated by Ewald Osers. Introduced by Mark Roseman. xv, 160 pages First published in 1979. . 2nd Printing. Hardback.



    The Life And Death Of Adolf Hitler by Robert Payne

    Military Biographical: Praeger Publishers, Inc., 1973. 623 pgs., photos. Jacket has wear, edge tears and chips.. Hard Cover. Good/Good Minus. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall.



    The Hidden Hitler by Lothar Machtan

    great book



    Hitler and the Beer Hall Putsch by Gordon, Harold J. Jr

    Princeton, NJ: Princeton U.P., 1972. First Edition. Hardcover. Fine/Very Good. Size=6.5"x9.5". 15 B/W Photos & 2 Maps. (full book description) Princeton U.P., Princeton, NJ, 1972. 1st Edition Fine/VG+, Hard Cover, w/Dust Jacket. Size=6.5"x9.5", 666pgs(Index). 15 B/W Photos & 2 Maps. DJ faded on rear cover along top edge area, 1/32" to 1/8" high and very faintly so along rear fore-edge, o.w. clean, tight and bright. No ink names, tears, chips, etc. Price unclipped. ISBN 0691100004 [National Socialism; German History; Nazi History; University Press; Beer hall Putsch; Adolf Hitler] SELLING WORLDWIDE SINCE 1987. WE ALWAYS PACK WITH GREAT CARE!



    The Life and Death of Adolf Hitler by Robert Payne

    Military Biographical: Praeger Publishers, Inc., 1973. 623 pgs., photos & illustrations. Protected in mylar.. Hard Cover. Very Good/Very Good. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall.



    Erik Jan Hanussen: Hitler's Jewish Clairvoyant -by Mel Gordon ( Adolf Hitler and Nazism and the Occult ) by Gordon, Mel ( Erik Jan Hanussen related)

    Los Angeles, California: Los Angeles, CA: Feral House, 2001, 1st Edition, First Printing, 2001. ---------hard cover, about 6.25 x 9.25 inches, a Near Fine copy in a Near Fine dustjacket, looks close to new, 273 pages, b&w illustrations/photos, ---" Erik Jan Hanussen made a name for himself as Europe’s most audacious and controversial soothsayer. Billing himself as “The Man Who Knows All,” he performed in cabarets and music halls, attracting the attention of everyone from Sigmund Freud and Thomas Mann to Marlene Dietrich and Peter Lorre. His exceptional paranormal abilities–along with his stage specialty of hypnotizing women to orgasm–garnered ardent admirers and equally ardent denouncements, religious and otherwise. In March 1932, when Adolf Hitler’s political future seemed doomed, Hanussen predicted a resurgence of the Nazi Party. The prediction proved a psychic salve for Hitler, and Hanussen became an influential confidant of the superstitious fuhrer. But what Hitler didn’t know initially was that Hanussen was not the Dane he claimed to be but a Jew from Moravia whose given name was Herschel Steinschneider ."---, any image directly beside this listing is the actual book and not a generic photo. First Edition. Hard Cover. Near Fine (see description)/Near Fine (see description). Illus. by Photo Cover.


    AUD $22.00

    Hitler's Last Day - Minute by Minute by Mayo, Jonathan & Craigie, Emma

    London: Short Books. 2015. Large octavo size [16x24cm approx]. Very Good condition in Very Good Dustjacket. DJ protected in our purpose-made plastic sleeve. A nice copy. Illustrated with Black & White Photographs and Drawings. 335 pages . 1st Edition. Hardback.



    Adolf Hitler: The Definitive Biography by John Toland

    1992-04-06. New. Ships with Tracking Number! INTERNATIONAL WORLDWIDE Shipping available. Buy with confidence, excellent customer service!



    Inside The Third Reich: Memoirs by Albert Speer

    Macmillan, 1970. 4th printing. Hardcover. Very Good Condition/No Dust Jacket. Illustrator: photos. Size: Octavo (standard book size). 596 pp. Binding is tight, covers and spine fully intact, but spine is faded/sunned. Edges browned slightly. General shelfwear to covers edges and corners. Illustrator: photos. Quantity Available: 1. Shipped Weight: Under 1 kilo. Category: Military & Warfare; #67106; History. Pictures of this item not already displayed here available upon request. Inventory No: AC029988I. .



    Hitler: Profiles in Power by Ian Kershaw

    2000-08-03. New. Ships with Tracking Number! INTERNATIONAL WORLDWIDE Shipping available. Buy with confidence, excellent customer service!



    Hitler: A Study in Tyranny by Bullock, Alan

    New York And Evanston: Harper & Row, Publishers. Very Good in Very Good dust jacket. 1962. Revised Edition. Cloth. A Revised edition in Very Good condition with bumping to the corners of the edgeworn boards in an alike dust-jacket that is scuffed, soiled and frayed around the trim; An authoritative account of Adolf Hitler .



    Explaining Hitler: The Search for the Orgins of his Evil by Rosenbaum, Ron

    London: HarperPerennial,. Hardback. 444p. Hint of rubbing. Clean and neat. Very good copy in very good dw. . Hardcover. 1999.



    The War Path: Hitler's Germany 1933-1939 by Irving, David

    New York: Viking Press, 1978. Clean pages with no markings in the text. The only library marking in or on the book or dust jacket is a card envelope on the half title page. The dust jacket has some light soiling, a few tiny edge tears and light fading on the spine area. Illustrated. . Book Club Edition. Hard Cover. Good/Good. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall. Ex-Library.



    The Life and Death of Adolf Hitler by Payne, Robert

    Dorset Press. PAPERBACK. 1566198402 **Has lots of writing/highlighting** Meets the good condition guidelines. Has wear. Five star seller - Buy with confidence! . Good.



    Inside the Third Reich by Speer, Albert

    Hardcover. 705 pp. Macmillan and Company, New York (1970). First Edition thus. First Book Club Edition. First Printing thus. Bright, clean, square, unmarked copy appears mostly unread. Cloth boards and corners straight and square. Semigloss DJ has light chipping to corners and spine ends. Fine/Near Fine. More photos on request. Shipped in a box within a box, in bubble wrap, with a tracking number. Heavier book, will require slightly higher shipping charge.

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