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Baptism Books & Ephemera



    Christian Baptism by Alexander Campbell

    This antiquarian book is in very good condition. The book has been rebound and the cover boards and binding is practically new. The pages inside however are worn, yellowed and tanned. There is considerable markings throughout the pages.The previous owners names are written on the inside of the front cover board, and on the front of the second end page. There is some signs of moisture damage and flecking throughout the pages. This edition is still very readable and a wonderful collector's item. "Christianity has its theory and its practice. Its theory is the Sacred Writings of the Apostles and Evangelists of Jesus Christ; its practice , the life of the Christian. The Christian profession is not now what it once was. It has become secular and sectarian. The members of the church of Christ were formerly called "saints," "elect of God," "a chosen generation," "a royal priesthood," "a peculiar people." Now they are called "Churchmen," "Dissenters," "Romanists," "Protestants," "Episcopalians," "Presbyterians," "Independents," "Baptists," "Methodists," &c. &c. &c. The church was once "a spiritual house," whose members were addressed as "justified," "sanctified," "adopted," and "saved." It was a "holy nation" whose citizens had their citizenship in heaven...." - Introduction from Christian Baptism: With Its Antecedents And Consequents



    The Mystery Of Baptism by Kenneth Stevenson

    This book is in good condition. There is significant wear on the front, back, spine and edges of the cover. The corners are bumped and the previous owners name is written on the inside of the front cover. The pages are yellowed but clear of any markings. "In the autumn of 1976, Trevor Collins, then Vicar of Boston, asked me to write an historical drama about baptism for confirmation class. I have used that drama in various forms over the years in several places as an increasingly important teaching aid. Then in the spring of 1988, Colin James, Bishop of Winchester and Chairman of the Church of England Liturgical Commission, and Alec Graham, Bishop of Newcastle and Chairman of the Doctrine Commission, invited me to prepare a paper for the House of Bishops the various theological issues connected with baptism, including confirmation, personal renewal, and reconciliation...." - Preface from The Mystery Of Baptism: In the Anglican Tradition


    AUD $13.50

    The Biblical Doctrine of Baptism by CHURCH OF SCOTLAND

    St Andrews Press,, 1958.. Hardbound. Very Good in Very Good DJ.


    AUD $11.80

    Documents of the Baptismal Liturgy. by WHITAKER (E. C.)

    S P C K,, 1960.. Hardbound. Good to Very Good.



    Confirmation by L.S. Thornton, C.R

    This book is in good condition. There is minor wear on the front, back, spine and edges of the cover boards. the corners of the cover boards are bumped. The previous owners name is written on the inside of the front cover board and his seal is affixed to the front cover page. The pages are yellowed and tanned but clear of any markings. "This volume does not form part of the series entitled 'The form of the Servant', although I hope that it may be regarded as further illustrating the principles of biblical interpretation there adopted. In the course of the past century there has been amongst Anglicans a periodic discussion of matters connected with baptism and confirmation. During the second half of this period, however, a number of new factors have been contributing to the development of a fresh situation. Amongst these are the growing recognition that both Jewish and more ancient backgrounds are all-important and secondly the recovery of early liturgical texts amongst which The Apostolic Tradition of Hippolytus stands out. My own interest was first aroused by F. Gavin's small, but learned, book on The Jewish antecedents of The Christian Sacraments (1928), which showed a close continuity between Jewish and Christian forms of initiation and which, in that respect, is still highly relevant. For example, it makes clear the strongly Jewish background of the Hippolytan rites, and even a substantial identity of rubrics....." - Foreword from Confirmation: It's Place In The Baptismal Mystery


    AUD $7.00

    Why Do We Baptize Infants? by BRYAN CHAPELL

    Presbyterian & Reformed,, 2006.. Softbound Booklet. NEW.



    The Theology Of The Sacraments And Other Papers by Donald M. Baillie

    This book is in good condition. There is some wear to the front, back and spine of the cover boards. There is some wear to the edges of the cover boards also. There is some bumping to the corners of the cover boards. The previous owners signature is written on the inside of the front cover board, and his seal is affixed to the front end page. The pages are yellowed and tanned. The binding is tight and solid. "Of the pieces here presented only the short essay on the freedom of the will was written by my brother for publication, and thanks are due to the editors of The Scottish Journal of Theology for permission to reprint it. The others were delivered as lectures, and were found among my brother's papers only in the form of lecture notes, fully written out indeed, but written by his own hand with a running pen and quite unrevised. Their style is that of the spoken word, and the contrast between them and the single published essay will at once be apparent. The decision to publish posthumously what an author had himself witheld must always be a delicate and responsible one, but my scruples have been overborne by the many requests reaching me to make available the lectures on the theology of the sacraments which were delivered on the Moore Foundation in the Presbyterian Theological seminary, San Anselmo, California, in 1952...." - Preface from The Theology Of The Sacraments And Other Papers


    AUD $22.90

    The Biblical Doctrine of Initiation. by WHITE (R. E. O.)

    Hodder & Stoughton,, 1960.. Hardbound. Very Good in Good DJ.


    AUD $58.20

    Infant - Baptism by BUDD (HENRY)

    Published by R. B. Seeley and W. Burnside,, 1841.. Hardbound. Good.

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