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Curious what the most valuable and expensive science & technology books are? Below is a small sample of some of the most expensive books that have sold on

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Science & Technology

From Linear Algebra and Its Applications to Microsoft Office 2003, from The Double Helix to Scientific American - November 1963 - Vol 209 - No 5, we can help you find the science & technology books you are looking for. As the world's largest independent marketplace for new, used and rare books, you always get the best in service and value when you buy from, and all of your purchases are backed by our return guarantee.

Top Sellers in Science & Technology

Science & Technology Books & Ephemera

    The Double Helix by Watson, James D

    "A Touchstone book."

    A Brief History Of Time by Hawking, Stephen W

    A Brief History of Time is a popular science book written by Stephen Hawking and first published by the Bantam Dell Publishing Group in 1988. It became a best-seller and has sold more than 9 million copies. It was also on the London Sunday Times best-seller list for more than four years. There is also a documentary by the same name, directed by Errol Morris and released in 1991. Unlike the book, the documentary is primarily a biography of Stephen Hawking.

    Relativity by Einstein, Albert

    The Nobel Prize-winning scientist's presentation of his landmark theoryAccording to Einstein himself, this book is intended "to give an exact insight into the theory of Relativity to those readers who, from a general scientific and philosophical point of view, are interested in the theory, but who are not conversant with the mathematical apparatus of theoretical physics." When he wrote the book in 1916, Einstein's name was scarcely known outside the physics institutes. Having just completed his masterpiece, The General Theory of Relativity—which provided a brand-new theory of gravity and promised a new perspective on the cosmos as a whole—he set out at once to share his excitement with as wide a public as possible in this popular and accessible book.*First time in Penguin Classics*New introduction by bestselling science author Nigel Calder

    The Tao Of Physics by Capra, Fritjof

    The Tao of Physics: An Exploration of the Parallels Between Modern Physics and Eastern Mysticism is a book by physicist Fritjof Capra, published in 1975 by Shambhala Publications of Berkeley, California. It was a bestseller in the United States, and has been published in 43 editions in 23 languages. The fourth edition in English was published in 2000.

    Biochemistry by Stryer, Lubert

    Molecular Cell Biology by Lodish, Harvey

    Engineering Mathematics by Stroud, K a

    Scientific American - November 1963 - Vol 209 - No 5 by Flanagan, Dennis

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