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Most valuable Mathematics books

Curious what the most valuable and expensive mathematics books are? Below is a small sample of some of the most expensive books that have sold on

Recent Arrivals in Mathematics


From Linear Algebra and Its Applications to Statistics, 4th Edition, from The Philosophy Of Mathematics to Mathematician's Delight, we can help you find the mathematics books you are looking for. As the world's largest independent marketplace for new, used and rare books, you always get the best in service and value when you buy from, and all of your purchases are backed by our return guarantee.

Top Sellers in Mathematics

    Linear Algebra and Its Applications by David C Lay


    Essential Calculus by James Stewart

    Includes index.

    Elementary Statistics by Mario F Triola

    From SAT scores to job search methods, statistics influences and shapes the world around us. Marty Triola's text continues to be the bestseller because it helps students understand the relationship between statistics and the world, bringing life to the theory and methods. Elementary Statistics raises the bar with every edition by incorporating an unprecedented amount of real and interesting data that will help instructors connect with students today, and help them connect statistics to their daily lives. The Twelfth Edition contains more than 1,800 exercises, 89% of which use real data and 85% of which are new. Hundreds of examples are included, 91% of which use real data and 84% of which are new. New coverage of Ethics in Statistics highlights new guidelines that have been established in industry.

    Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications by Kenneth Rosen

    Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications is intended for one or two term introductory Discrete Mathematics courses taken by students from a wide variety of majors, including Computer Science, Mathematics, and Engineering. This renowned best-selling text, which has been used at over 500 institutions around the world, gives a focused introduction to the primary themes in a Discrete Mathematics course and demonstrates the relevance and practicality of Discrete Mathematics to a wide variety of real-world applications―from Computer Science to Data Networking, to Psychology, to Chemistry, to Engineering, to Linguistics, to Biology, to Business, and many other important fields.McGraw-Hill Education's Connect, is also available as an optional, add on item. Connect is the only integrated learning system that empowers students by continuously adapting to deliver precisely what they need, when they need it, how they need it, so that class time is more effective. Connect allows the professor to assign homework, quizzes, and tests easily and automatically grades and records the scores of the student's work. Problems are randomized to prevent sharing of answers an may also have a "multi-step solution" which helps move the students' learning along if they experience difficulty.

    Elementary Statistics by Allan G Bluman

    ELEMENTARY STATISTICS: A STEP BY STEP APPROACH is for general beginning statistics courses with a basic algebra prerequisite. The book is non-theoretical, explaining concepts intuitively and teaching problem solving through worked examples and step-by-step instructions. This edition places more emphasis on conceptual understanding and understanding results. This edition also features increased emphasis on Excel, MINITAB, and the TI-83 Plus and TI 84-Plus graphing calculators, computing technologies commonly used in such courses.

    Single Variable Calculus by James Stewart

    Includes index.

    Precalculus by James; Redlin, Lothar; Watson, Saleem Stewart

    Includes index.

    Elementary Statistics by Allan Bluman

    Includes bibliographical references and index.

    Calculus by Bruce H Edwards Ron Larson

    From the PublisherNew Features Capstone exercise: The Capstone is a new type of exercise that appears in every section. The exercise synthesizes the main concepts of the section and presents them in one exercise. They often contain computational and non-computational parts. These exercises are excellent to work through in class to present a topic for the first time or in class homework review. The Instructor's Resource Guide offers teaching tips on how one might use the Capstone Exercises in class. Larson Join In Clicker can be found on the Instructor Companion Website. Revised exercises based on actual usage. New exercises abound in the ninth edition of Calculus. Based on analyses of actual student usage data, the exercise sets have been overhauled to improve user understanding. Many exercises were added, some were revised, and some were removed. The results are exercise sets that effectively address user learning needs. Second Order Differential Equations: Added as a new chapter to the multivariable standalone portion of the book and available online, this new chapter delves into second order differential equations. This will greatly help engineering and math majors.Additional Features Graded Homework Exercises: Online homework and tests are evaluated using powerful Maple software to ensure mathematical accuracy. Instructors control point values, weighting grades, and whether or not an item is graded. An electronic gradebook helps instructors manage course information easily and can be exported to other files, such as Excel. CAS Investigation: Many examples throughout the book are accompanied by CAS Investigations. These are collaborative investigations using a computer algebra system (e.g., Maple) to further explore the related example. CAS Investigations are located online and in the Multimedia eBook.

    Calculus by Edwards Larson

    Principles Of Mathematical Analysis by Walter Rudin

    Calculus by James Stewart

    Statistical Inference by Roger L Berger George Casella

    Calculus by Larson

    Calculus, Vol 1 by Tom M Apostol

    Linear Algebra and Its Applications, 3rd Updated Edition by David C Lay

    Calculus by Tom M Apostol

    Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications by Kenneth H Rosen

    Algebra 2 by Ron Larson; Laurie Boswell; Timothy D Kanold; Lee Stiff

    Linear Algebra and Its Applications By Lay, 3e by David C Lay

    Probability and Statistics For Engineering and The Sciences by Jay L Devore

    Principles Of Mathematical Analysis, Third Edition by Walter Rudin

    Statistics, 4th Edition by David; Pisani, Robert; Purves, Roger Freedman

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