Jude Deveraux (1947 – )

Jude Deveraux (born September 20, 1947 as Jude Gilliam White) is a American Romance novel author who is well-known for her historical romance.

She began writing in 1976, but prior to that, she was a 5th-grade teacher. She went to Murray State University with degree in Art.

Her married name is Jude Gilliam Montassir. She currently lives in North Carolina, and also has a home in Italy. She had a son, Sam, who sadly died when he was 8.

Her historical romances often have their storyline set around strong women who met up with great men. She also has participated in multiple romance anthologies with collections of shorter stories along with other romance authors.

Earlier books were generally historical romance, but some newer books lean more towards mystery.

Many of her books feature the same family, the Montgomeries, and people have regularly tried to keep track of the Family Tree to see how all the stories are connected.

Books by Jude Deveraux