E L Doctorow (1931 – )

Edgar Lawrence Doctorow (born January 6, 1931, New York, New York) is a writer who has written several critically aclaimed novels that blend history and social criticism.

As of 2004, Doctorow is the current Glucksman Chair in American Letters at New York University.

After graduating from Kenyon College in the class of 1953, he was senior editor for New American Library in the early 1960s and for Dial Press from 1964 to 1969..

One of his short stories, "Walter John Harmon," about the cult of the cuckolding religious leader Walter John Harmon, appeared in The New Yorker, May 12, 2003.

Known for being politically outspoken, Doctorow was assailed for delivering a commencement address critical of President George W. Bush at Hofstra University on May 23, 2004.

Books by E L Doctorow