Elizabeth Peters (1927 – )

Elizabeth Peters (a pen-name of Barbara Mertz) has written many books in the mystery genre, featuring strong female protagonists and many archaeological connections.

Her Amelia Peabody series, involving the exploits of an entire family of Egyptologists in the early 1900s, is her most popular work. This prolific author also writes under the name Barbara Michaels, specializing in books that may be found in romance or thriller sections.

As of 2004, this series contains 16 books; the most recent was released in April 2004. The eponymous heroine is an Egyptologist, married with one child. The stories are mostly set in Egypt; the time period covered ranges from the late 1800s to after the First World War.

The Vicky Bliss novels follow the adventures of an American professor of art history who keeps getting involved in international crime. Another Peters novel, The Camelot Caper (1969), while not technically a Vicky Bliss story, features another important character in the series. The novels can be enjoyed in any order, but the stories are highly sequential in nature and are probably better appreciated if read in order of publication.

There is a connection between these books and the Amelia Peabody series, but the references are cryptic and the author isn't telling. The two series are definitely set in the same fictional universe; a fictional tomb discovered by Amelia Peabody and her husband plays an important role in Night Train To Memphis.

Books by Elizabeth Peters