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Why won't my payment process?

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There are a number of possibilities for why a credit card transaction won't process properly in the checkout process.

Our credit card processing service does not specify the cause for declined charges, in most cases. We recommend contacting your credit card provider by telephone for further information. 

Here are some of the more common reasons for declined payments on

Credit card or debit card is declined due to insufficient funds available in the bank account or credit line.

AVS Address Mismatch
The address you have entered as the billing address during checkout, does not match the address that the bank or credit card issuer has on file. The address you enter must be identical to the way it appears on your card statement.

Card Number Mismatch
Try re-entering the credit card number.  You may have mistyped a portion of the credit card number.

Duplicate Transaction
The transaction submission button may have been pressed too many times, or the first transaction went through successfully and you may have clicked the "Back" button in your browser prematurely. If you are in question as to whether the first transaction went through properly, then email customer support at .

CCV Mismatch
The  Credit Card Verification number (either 3 or 4 digits, located on the front or back of your credit or debit card, depending on the card type) may have been entered incorrectly, or not at all. Please check this number and ensure that it has been entered appropriately. The number is usually the last 3 digits under your signature on Mastercard and Visa cards, and the 4 digits on the front right-hand side of American Express cards.

If you have any other problems or questions processing payment to for orders, please do not hesitate to contact us at .

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