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How do I add my listings to a Rare Book Room?

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To qualify for addition to a Rare Book Room, a book must have a minimum price of USD $100.00 and have at least one photo. You will see the option to add to a Rare Book Room on each qualifying listing, both on your internal product listing page and on the customer's view of the book.

Product Listing page

To add items to a Rare Book Room from your product listing page, go to a listing using your bookseller menu inventory search tools and click on Sales Tools. If the listing qualifies you'll see the option to add it to a Rare Book Room. For details about managing your listings manually using internal tools, as opposed to the customer view, click here.

Customer View

For details about searching for your own listings as customers view them, click here. Once you locate a listing you want to add, look for the green "EDIT" button to the right of the listing.  Click there and a drop-down menu will appear with some or all of the following options:

Edit Listing | Delete | Add Photos | Featured Listing | Add To Rare Book Room | Add To Make-an-Offer

When you click on "Add to Rare Book Room", you will be able to choose the room which best fits that listing by subject matter.

Please drop us an email at with any questions about how that works.

I was delighted with my order and your service. The book arrived in time for the occasion that I needed it for. I was thrilled to be able to find an out-of-print copy.

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